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Обложка книги Arthur & George Arthur & George

 Автор: Barnes Julian


 Жанр: Проза, Современная проза

The Booker Prize (nominee)

The Richard and Judy Best Read of the Year (nominee)

Arthur and George grow up worlds and miles apart in late 19th century Britain: Arthur in shabby-genteel Catholic Edinburgh, George in the vicarage of a small Staffordshire village. Arthur is to become one of the most famous men of his age, George a Birmingham solicitor, is happy in hardworking obscurity. But as the new century begins, they are brought together by a sequence of events that made sensational headlines at the time as The Great Wyrley Outrages. With a mixture of intense research and vivid imagination, Julian Barnes brings into sharp focus not just this long-forgotten case but the inner workings of the two men and the wider psychology of the age. Arthur George is a novel in which the events of a hundred years ago constantly set off contemporary echoes. It is a novel about low crime and high spirituality; guilt and innocence; identity, nationality and race; and thwarted passion. Arthur George explores what we think, what we believe, and what we know.

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Обложка книги Burning Down George Orwell's House Burning Down George Orwell's House

 Автор: Ervin Andrew

 Жанр: Проза, Современная проза

A darkly comic debut novel about advertising, truth, single malt, Scottish hospitality — or lack thereof — and George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Ray Welter, who was until recently a highflying advertising executive in Chicago, has left the world of newspeak behind. He decamps to the isolated Scottish Isle of Jura in order to spend a few months in the cottage where George Orwell wrote most of his seminal novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. Ray is miserable, and quite prepared to make his troubles go away with the help of copious quantities of excellent scotch.

But a few of the local islanders take a decidedly shallow view of a foreigner coming to visit in order to sort himself out, and Ray quickly finds himself having to deal with not only his own issues but also a community whose eccentricities are at times amusing and at others downright dangerous. Also, the locals believe — or claim to believe — that there’s a werewolf about, and against his better judgment, Ray’s misadventures build to the night of a traditional, boozy werewolf hunt on the Isle of Jura on the summer solstice.

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Обложки нет Cross of St George

 Автор: Kent Alexander

 Серия: Bolitho

 Жанр: Приключения, Морские приключения

In the bitter February of 1813, with convoys from Canada and the Caribbean falling victim to American privateers, Sir Richard Bolitho returns to Halifax to pursue a war he knows cannot be won, but which neither Britain nor the United States can afford to lose. After nearly thirty years of almost continuous conflict with the old enemy, France, England and her Admiral desire only peace. But peace will not be found in the icy Canadian waters, where a young, angry nation asserts its identity, and men who share a common heritage die in close and bloody action. Nor is there peace for those who follow the Cross of St George: not for the embittered Adam, mourning his lover and his ship, nor for Rear-Admiral Valentine Keen, who remains strangely indifferent to responsibility. Nor will there be peace from those who use this struggle between nations as an instrument of personal revenge

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Обложка книги George Dandin ou le Mari confondu George Dandin ou le Mari confondu

 Автор: ère Jean-Baptiste

 Жанр: Поэзия, Драматургия, Драматургия

GEORGE DANDIN ou LE MARI CONFONDU est une comédie en trois actes et en prose que Molière écrivit à la prière de Louis XIV pour qu'elle pût être jouée à l'occasion des fêtes données en 1668 pour célébrer la victoire de la France et le Traité d'Aix-la-Chapelle. En fait, Molière a simplement transposé une de ses farces de campagne, «La Jalousie du barbouillé». Intermède musical de J.B. Lully.

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Обложка книги George Orwell Diaries George Orwell Diaries

 Автор: Orwell George

 Жанр: Документальная литература, Биографии и Мемуары

This groundbreaking volume, never before published in the United States, at last introduces the interior life of George Orwell, the writer who defined twentieth-century political thought. Written as individual books throughout his career, the eleven surviving diaries collected here record Orwell’s youthful travels among miners and itinerant laborers, the fearsome rise of totalitarianism, the horrific drama of World War II, and the feverish composition of his great masterpieces Animal Farm and 1984 (which have now sold more copies than any two books by any other twentieth-century author). Personal entries cover the tragic death of his first wife and Orwell’s own decline as he battled tuberculosis. Exhibiting great brilliance of prose and composition, these treasured dispatches, edited by the world’s leading Orwell scholar, exhibit “the seeds of famous passages to come” (New Statesman) and amount to a volume as penetrating as the autobiography he would never write. 30 illustrations

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Обложка книги George Passant George Passant

 Автор: Snow Charles Percy

 Серия: Strangers & Brothers

 Жанр: Проза, Проза

In the first of the Strangers and Brothers series Lewis Eliot tells the story of George Passant, a Midland solicitor's managing clerk and idealist who tries to bring freedom to a group of people in the years 1925 to 1933.

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Обложка книги Last Stand: George Bird Grinnell, the Battle to Save the Buffalo, and the Birth of the New West Last Stand: George Bird Grinnell, the Battle to Save the Buffalo, and the Birth of the New West

 Автор: Punke Michael

 Жанр: Приключения, Природа и животные

In the last three decades of the nineteenth century, an American buffalo herd once numbering 30 million animals was reduced to twelve. It was the era of Manifest Destiny, a Gilded Age that treated the West as nothing more than a treasure chest of resources to be dug up or shot down. The buffalo in this world was a commodity, hounded by legions of swashbucklers and unemployed veterans seeking to make their fortunes. Supporting these hide hunters, even buying their ammunition, was the U.S. Army, which considered the eradication of the buffalo essential to victory in its ongoing war on Native Americans.Into that maelstrom rode young George Bird Grinnell. A scientist and a journalist, a hunter and a conservationist, Grinnell would lead the battle to save the buffalo from extinction. Fighting in the pages of magazines, in Washington's halls of power, and in the frozen valleys of Yellowstone, Grinnell and his allies sought to preserve an icon from the grinding appetite of Robber Baron America. Grinnell shared his adventures with some of the greatest and most infamous characters of the American Westfrom John James Audubon and Buffalo Bill to George Armstrong Custer and Theodore Roosevelt (Grinnell's friend and ally). A strikingly contemporary story, the saga of Grinnell and the buffalo was the first national battle over the environment. In Grinnell's legacy is the birth of the conservation movement as a potent political force.

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Обложка книги Letters of Lt.-Col. George Brenton Laurie Letters of Lt.-Col. George Brenton Laurie

 Автор: Laurie George Brenton

 Жанр: Документальная литература, Биографии и Мемуары, Проза, О войне

A collection of letters from Lt Col Laurie to his wife whilst serving in France in WWI before being killed in action in March 1915.

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Обложки нет Sir George And The Dragon

 Автор: Weber David

 Жанр: Фантастика, Научная Фантастика

Обложка книги The Fourth Vocation of George Gustaf The Fourth Vocation of George Gustaf

 Автор: Brin David

 Жанр: Фантастика, Научная Фантастика

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