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Обложки нет H is for Homicide

 Автор: Grafton Sue

Kinsey Millhone, twice-divorced ex-cop, ever dauntless, ever vulnerable ("A" is for Alibi, etc., etc.), now investigating claims for California Fidelity, is assigned a seemingly routine claim from the files of deceased co-worker Parnell Perkins – robbed and shot dead. The case leads Kinsey to elusive, beautiful Bibianna Diaz and to a late-night restaurant meal interrupted by an attempt to kidnap Bibianna that ends with the shooting death of Chago Maldonado – killed by Bibianna's escort Jimmy Tate – an ex-cop and old pal of Kinsey's. Tate lands in the hospital; Bibianna and Kinsey in jail – to be greeted on release by Chago's brother and Bibianna's ex-lover, Raymond – a tense hood racked by the involuntary spasms of Tourette's Syndrome and by his obsession to marry a frightened Bibianna, who thought she'd escaped him. His plan to take her back to his Los Angeles barrio apartment is reinforced by gun-toting henchman Luis. Bibianna clings to new-found friend Kinsey, who goes along, knowing she's onto a mega-insurance scam and, possibly, Parnell's killer. Days later it's all over – a densely textured adventure heavy with unflagging menace lightened by wisps of humor; a three-dimensional villain; a surprise twist, and a heroine to have in your comer. First-class work from an author whose range grows steadily deeper and richer.

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Обложка книги Habitat Zero Habitat Zero

 Автор: Cartwright Christopher

 Серия: Sam Reilly

In the Pacific Ocean a Silicon Valley magnate vacationing on his luxury motor yacht Carpe Diem stumbles across a floating island of pumice.

Two weeks later, their motor yacht returns to its home port in San Diego on autopilot — but when it arrives, nobody gets off.

Sam Reilly and his team are called in to investigate what happened on board Carpe Diem. But what at first appears to be a simple boating accident soon turns into a deadly game of international intrigue — sending America and Russia racing toward each other on an unavoidable collision course.

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Обложка книги Hack:Moscow Hack:Moscow

 Автор: Len W

“W. Len is a gifted writer… I predict he’ll go far.”

— Patrick McGrath, award-winning author of Constance: A Novel

“Len’s writing style is utterly delightful… wonderfully paced and easy to read while still being somehow lyrical.”

— Chloe Halston, Amazon Top 1000 reviewer, on W. Len’s House of Secrets: A Bletchley Park Novella

One day, I will reset the world… After being orphaned at a young age, Andrei, a teenage prodigy, falls in with an older pair of hackers. In spite of what they do for a living, he’s content with the surrogate family he creates for himself. However, this cozy arrangement is disrupted when the trio takes on a new assignment, one more dangerous than they expect. As the lies grow and tangle up their relationships, the naive assumptions Andrei has about life are upended. To survive Moscow and protect those he cares about, he has to grow up fast and learn to fight for himself.

In the Young Adult book Hack: Moscow (23,000 words), W. Len has created a coming of age cyber-thriller with a literary twist.

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Обложка книги Hades Hades

 Автор: Andrews Russell

 Серия: Westwood

Обложка книги Hades Nebula Hades Nebula

 Автор: í Carlos

Tras sobrevivir a la devastadora pandemia que ha asolado el mundo y con la esperanza de ahondar en el misterio del Necrosum, el pequeño grupo de supervivientes de Carranque llega finalmente a la Alhambra de Granada, donde el aparato militar ha instalado uno de los últimos bastiones de resistencia de la Humanidad. Sin embargo, una vez allí descubrirán que las cosas no son cómo les habían prometido y los protagonistas deberán afrontar una realidad aún peor que todo lo que habían conocido hasta entonces.

El autor se sirve de los muertos vivientes para describir situaciones de extrema dureza y dramatismo, explorando la complejidad del ser humano cuando se encuentra cara a cara con el terror en un mundo manifiestamente hostil, y lanzando al lector, en definitiva, a una montaña rusa de sensaciones que desemboca en la conclusión final.

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Обложка книги Hail Warning Hail Warning

 Автор: Arquette Brett

 Серия: Hail

Having just stunned those in Washington with Operation Hail Storm, Marshall Hail and his crew move forward with their next mission, using assets from two ships, the Hail Nucleus and the Hail Proton. His team has been provided the latest intelligence for a new operation that seems impossible, but then, Hail has a knack for doing the impossible. Welcome to another techno-thriller filled with more espionage, twists and turns, drones, weapons, and terrorism than you can shoot a railgun at. Will Hail and Kara finally hook up? What happened to the crazy jet pilot? Will Hail kill Kornev? Who is the next unfortunate terrorist on the list? It’s all inside… now get reading before the third book, Hail Strike, hits the bookshelves!

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Обложка книги Haiti Noir Haiti Noir

 Автор: Danticat Edwidge, Sylvain Patrick, Fievre M J, Victor Gary, Mars Kettly, Trouillot Evelyne, Bell Madison Smartt, Zoboi Ibi Aanu, Large Josaphat-Robert, Cerat Marie Lily, Dalembert Louis-Philippe, Victor Marvin, Ulysse Katia D, Pinede Nadine, Lahens Yanick, Theodore-Pharel Marie Ketsia, Kurlansky Mark, Saint-Eloi Rodney


An anthology of stories

Featuring brand-new stories by: Edwidge Danticat, Rodney Saint-Eloi, Madison Smartt Bell, Gary Victor, M.J. Fièvre, Marvin Victor, Yanick Lahens, Louis-Philipe Dalembert, Kettly Mars, Marie Ketsia Theodore-Pharel, Evelyne Trouillot, Katia Ulysse, Ibi Aanu Zoboi, Nadine Pinede, and others.

Haiti has a tragic history and continues to be one of the most destitute places on the planet, especially in the aftermath of the earthquake. Here, however, Danticat reveals that even while the subject matter remains dark, the caliber of Haitian writing is of the highest order.

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Обложка книги Haka Haka

 Автор: érey Caryl

 Серия: Folio Policier

D'origine maorie, Jack Fitzgerald est entré dans la police après que sa fille et sa femme ont mystérieusement disparu sur une île de Nouvelle-Zélande. Pas la moindre trace. Juste la voiture vide et le souvenir d'un geste de la main, d'un sourire radieux…

Vingt-cinq ans ont passé. Jack est devenu un solitaire rapide à la détente, un incorruptible « en désespoir stationnaire ». La découverte sur une plage du cadavre d'une jeune fille au sexe scalpé ravive l'enfer des hypothèses exacerbées par le chagrin. Aidé par une brillante criminologue, Jack, devant les meurtres qui s'accumulent, mènera l'enquête jusqu'au chaos final…

Écrivain, voyageur, Caryl Férey est né en 1967. Il écrit pour la musique, le théâtre et la radio. La publication de Utu, deuxième volet publié en Série Noire d’une série romanesque consacrée aux Maoris de Nouvelle-Zélande, l’a révélé comme l’un des espoirs confirmés du thriller français.

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Обложка книги Halfhead Halfhead

 Автор: MacBride Stuart B

Terrifying serial killer thriller set in the gritty Glasgow of the near future, from the bestselling author of the Logan McRae series.

Glasgow, not too far in the future. A new punishment has been devised for the perpetrators of serious crimes – one that not only reduces the prison population but also benefits society at large. The process is known as halfheading: the offender's lower jaw is removed and they are lobotomized. They are then put to work as cleaners in municipal areas like hospitals, where they serve as a warning to all that crime doesn't pay. But for one halfhead, it seems the lobotomy hasn't quite succeeded. Six years after her surgery, Dr Fiona Westfield 'wakes up' surrounded by the butchered remains of a man she has just brutally killed. As her mind slowly begins to return, she sets out on a quest for vengeance. William Hunter, Assistant Section Director of the 'Network' – a military wing of the police – attends the crime scene left behind by the newly awakened halfhead. Sherman House is a run-down concrete housing development full of undesirables and Hunter and his team quickly find themselves in a firefight with the locals. With the help of old comrades and a new friend in the form of prickly but attractive Detective Sergeant Josephine Cameron, Will gets on the trail of the killer. But before long the investigation leads back to a terrible tragedy in his own past, as well as to a terrifying conspiracy to sow violence and misery among Glasgow's most vulnerable citizens.

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Обложка книги Half-Past Dawn Half-Past Dawn

 Автор: Doetsch Richard

Обложка книги Hand of God Hand of God

 Автор: Kerr Philip

 Серия: Scott Manson

The beautiful game just got ugly.

In Athens, where London City is set to play Olympiacos in the Champion’s League, the temperature is high, and tempers even higher. Greece is rioting and manager Scott Manson is keeping his team on a tight leash. There must be no drinking, no nightlife and no women. After the game, they are to get back to London refreshed and ready for a crucial match at home stadium Silvertown Docks.

But Scott didn’t plan for death on the pitch. When City’s star striker collapses mid-match, it shocks the nation. Is it a heart attack? Or something more sinister? As the Greek authorities mount a murder investigation, Scott Manson must find the truth — and fast — to get his team home in time.

The second Scott Manson thriller from bestselling crimewriter Philip Kerr.

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Обложка книги Handling The Undead Handling The Undead

 Автор: Lindqvist John Ajdive

Something very peculiar is happening in Stockholm. There's a heatwave on and people cannot turn their lights out or switch their appliances off. Then the terrible news breaks. In the city morgue, the dead are waking up…What do they want? What everybody wants: to come home. "Handling the Undead" is a story about our greatest fear and about a love that defies death. Following his success with "Let the Right One In", this novel too has been a bestseller in his native Sweden.

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Обложка книги Hanging Hill Hanging Hill

 Автор: Hayder Mo


What if you found yourself divorced and penniless? With no skills and a teenage daughter to support? What if the only way to survive was to do things you never thought possible?

These are questions Sally has never really thought about before. Married to a successful businessman, she’s always been a bit of a dreamer. Until now.

Her sister Zoe is her polar opposite. A detective inspector working out of Bath Central, she loves her job, and oozes self-confidence. No one would guess that she hides a crippling secret that dates back twenty years, and which – if exposed – may destroy her.

Then Sally’s daughter gets into difficulties, and Sally finds she needs cash – lots of it – fast. With no one to help her, she is forced into a criminal world of extreme pornography and illegal drugs; a world in which teenage girls can go missing.

Two sisters intent on survival. Until one does something so terrifying that there’s no way back …

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Обложка книги Hannibal Hannibal

 Автор: Harris Thomas

 Серия: Hannibal Lecter (fr)

Sept ans ont passé depuis Le Silence des agneaux. Depuis, Hannibal Lecter vit sous nom d'emprunt à Florence, en Italie, où le faux docteur, vrai serial killer, mène la grande vie. Sur ses traces, Clarice Sterling, agent modèle du FBI. Mais elle n'est pas la seule à le pister : Mason Verger, une des premières victimes d'Hannibal Lecter, attend sa vengeance. La lutte peut-elle être égale entre cet homme cloué à son lit d'hôpital, accroché à son respirateur artificiel, qui tente de tirer parti de toutes les potentialités d'Internet pour mener sa traque, et le redoutable Lecter ?

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Обложки нет Hannibal Rising

 Автор: Harris Thomas

Amazon.com Review

Discover the origins of one of the most feared villains of all time in Thomas Harris's Hannibal Rising, a novel that promises to reveal the "evolution of Hannibal Lecter's evil." Thomas Harris first introduced readers to Hannibal Lecter in Red Dragon, a tale wrapped around FBI agent Will Graham (the man who hunted Lecter down) and his ability to "get inside the mind of the killer." Graham consults Dr. Lecter (the man who nearly killed him) on the case, and the legend of the nefarious Dr. Lecter was born. Harris's masterful and mesmerizing follow up, The Silence of the Lambs wowed fans, but it was Jonathan Demme's terrifying, Oscar-winning (Best Actor, Actress, Director, Picture and Adapted Screenplay) film, and Anthony Hopkins's extraordinary (and arguably over the top) performance that made "Hannibal the Cannibal" a household name. Hannibal, the third book in the Lecter saga made Lecter the prey and seemingly wrapped up the tale of the cannibalistic psychiatrist, but never revealed the source of the doctor's…gifts. Fans have been waiting decades to find out how the good doctor became "death's prodigy," making Hannibal Rising one of the most anticipated books of 2006 (and movies of 2007).

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Обложка книги Harbour Harbour

 Автор: Lindqvist John Ajvide

It was a beautiful winter's day. Anders, his wife and their feisty six-year-old, Maja, set out across the ice of the Swedish archipelago to visit the lighthouse on Gavasten. There was no one around, so they let her go on ahead. And she disappeared, seemingly into thin air, and was never found. Two years later, Anders is a broken alcoholic, his life ruined. He returns to the archipelago, the home of his childhood and his family. But all he finds are Maja's toys and through the haze of memory, loss and alcohol, he realizes that someone or something is trying to communicate with him. Soon enough, his return sets in motion a series of horrifying events which exposes a mysterious and troubling relationship between the inhabitants of the remote island and the sea.

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Обложка книги Hard Candy Hard Candy

 Автор: Vachss Andrew

"Vachss is a contemporary master." – Atlanta Journal Constitution

"His writing has the power of a rogue elephant." – Cleveland Plain-Dealer

"A confection from Hell- a poison pill laced with acid and wrapped in razor-edged concertina wire." – Courier-Post (Philadelphia)

"Jolting…eerily seductive." – Washington Times

"Each [Burke book] is as savage as Celine. And there it is, a three sentence throwaway paragraph, as pure as Euclid. I'm a sucker for such Elegance." – Newsday

"It's wonderful. The words do leap off the page. The principal character is an original. The style is as clean as a haiku." – Washington Post

"Andrew Vachss is unique among modern writers; no one else comes close to the raw power and intellectual ambiguity that he manifests so elegantly, so coldly." – Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MI)


Now a paid assassin, Burke is on a collision course with a man named Train, who runs a "safehouse" for kids. But when Burke learns that his suspicions about Train are right (the safehouse keeps kids in harm's way), he becomes his own gun-for-hire.

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Обложка книги Hard Evidence Hard Evidence

 Автор: Lescroart John

This crackling, authentically drawn courtroom drama finds San Francisco's assistant D.A. Dismas Hardy immersed in not one but two murder trials when he discovers the severed hand of a billionaire inside the belly of a dying shark later represents the murder suspect.

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Обложка книги Hard Evidence Hard Evidence

 Автор: Pearson Mark

Jackie Malone has been murdered. Her body lies in a pool of blood in the north London flat where she worked as a prostitute. Deep knife wounds have been gouged into her corpse and her hands and feet are tied with coat hanger wire. For Detective Inspector Jack Delaney this is no ordinary case. He was a friend of Jackie's and she left desperate messages on his answer phone just hours before she was killed. Despite no immediate leads and no obvious suspects, the fear in her voice tells him that this was not a random act of violence.Just as Delaney begins his investigation, a young girl is reported missing, feared abducted, and he is immediately tasked with finding her. Delaney knows he must act quickly if there is any chance of finding her alive, but he is also determined to track down Jackie's killer before the trail goes cold. However, his tough and uncompromising attitude has made him some powerful enemies on the force, and Delaney soon finds that this case may provide the perfect opportunity for them to dispose of him, once and for all.

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Обложка книги Hard Landing Hard Landing

 Автор: Heitman Lynne

On a cold afternoon on the North Shore of Massachusetts, the body of Ellen Shepard is found hanging by the neck in the attic of her home. She leaves no family. She leaves no note. And she leaves vacant her position as the general manager of the notoriously brutal Majestic Airlines operation at Boston’s Logan Airport. The police rule her death a suicide. The company calls it a “tragic loss to the Majestic family.” But the people who worked for her call it what it is-one more victim lost to the devastating secret buried in Logan’s past, and meant to stay there.

Alex Shanahan loves the airline business. At 34 years old, she has no husband, no children, no long-term relationships-not even a dog. She has her job, which over her career has taken her from airport to airport and city to city. She lives among boxes she no longer bothers to unpack and pursues the assignments no one else will take, the ones she considers to be the best opportunities. Taking charge of the Boston operation after Ellen Shepard’s suicide is the perfect challenge for Alex.

From the moment she sets foot at Logan, Alex is pulled into the intrigue of her predecessor’s death. She is welcomed by an obscene depiction of Ellen’s dead body twisting at the end of a rope. It’s a greeting from some of her new employees, a warning that secrets can kill, and a threat that once she knows them it will already be too late.

But Alex wants to know the truth. She follows a trail of corruption and betrayal from the ramp at Logan to the airline’s executive suites. What she uncovers could bring down the airline and destroy the lives and careers of everyone involved. It could also cost Alex her life.

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