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Обложки нет C de cadáver

 Автор: Grafton Sue

Kinsey Millhone acepta ayudar y proteger a Bobby Callahan, un reservado joven que conoció en el gimnasio. Él está convencido de que, tras el accidente que le dejó amnésico y con el cuerpo zurcido de cicatrices, alguien quiere matarle, aunque nadie le cree. Pero tres días después Bobby aparece muerto. Y ahora a Kinsey le toca encontrar al asesino.

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Обложки нет C is for Corpse

 Автор: Grafton Sue

From Publishers Weekly

The corpse in private eye Kinsey Millhone's third adventure ("A" Is for Alibi and "B" Is for Burglar is that of Bobby Callahan, a young man she first meets while both are working out in a local gym. Bobby is convinced the car crash he'd been injured in was really an attempt on his life and, fearful of another assault, persuades Kinsey to investigate. A few days later, Bobby is indeed killed, and Kinsey stays on the case. She is befriended by Bobby's wealthy mother, his opportunistic stepfather and druggie, anoretic stepsister. She learns Bobby was having an affair with a friend of his mother's whose first husband had been killed in a suspicious burglary, and whose second is county pathologist. While the almost hard-boiled Kinsey ferrets out the ugly secrets behind Bobby's death, she's also trying to save her elderly landlord from the schemes of the scam-operating senior lady he's smitten with. Kinsey Millhone is nobody's fool; she's also sensitive, funny and very likable. Writing with a light, sure touch, Grafton has produced a fast-moving California story about quirky, believable people.

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Обложки нет Cadillac Jukebox

 Автор: Burke James Lee

Обложка книги Cadres noirs Cadres noirs

 Автор: ître Pierre

Alain Delambre est un cadre de cinquante-sept ans anéanti par quatre années de chômage sans espoir.

Ancien DRH, il accepte des petits jobs démoralisants. À son sentiment de faillite personnelle s’ajoute bientôt l’humiliation de se faire botter le cul pour cinq cents euros par mois…

Aussi quand un employeur, divine surprise, accepte enfin d’étudier sa candidature, Alain Delambre est prêt à tout, à emprunter de l’argent, à se disqualifier aux yeux de sa femme, de ses filles et même à participer à l’ultime épreuve de recrutement : un jeu de rôle sous la forme d’une prise d’otages.

Alain Delambre s’engage corps et âme dans cette lutte pour regagner sa dignité.

S’il se rendait soudain compte que les dés sont pipés, sa fureur serait sans limite.

Et le jeu de rôle pourrait alors tourner au jeu de massacre.

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Обложка книги Cages and Those Who Hold the Keys Cages and Those Who Hold the Keys

 Автор: Braunbeck Gary A

In the Midnight Museum - Bram Stoker Award-nominated for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction, 2005 Martin Tyler is a 44-year-old janitor whose life has come to a sputtering halt; he has no friends, no family, and no promise of better days ahead. In the grip of blackest depression, he attempts to take his own life, only to find himself waking up in a local mental health facility where he has been placed for observation. But something more has happened to Martin than just a failed suicide attempt; certain doors of perception have been unlocked in his mind, allowing him to see fantastic creatures that lurk outside on the streets of Cedar Hill - creatures only he can perceive. Over the next 48 hours, Martin will discover what these creatures are, who controls them, and why he must enter The Midnight Museum, a place with no doors or windows, but many entrances and exits; a place just outside the perception of everyday life; a place where Martin will discover how and why he inadvertently holds the fate of the world in his hands. The Ballad of Road Mama and Daddy BlissIn the novella The Ballad of Road Mama and Daddy Bliss, a man assigned community service duty with the city morgue after a DUI arrest is offered a simple deal: transport an old woman's body back to her hometown, and his record will be wiped clean. But this is no typical old woman, and -- as he soon discovers -- he is taking her to a town that is on no map. The old woman's identity, as well as the reasons behind the town's secret existence, will be revealed to him over the course of a few nightmarish hours between midnight and dawn -- the time when The Road demands its sacrifices.Kiss of the MudmanInternational Horror Guild Award for Long Fiction, 2007 A haunting story behind the lyrics of a rock song from the 70s. It is a story of music, stardom, death, and the combination of notes that brings dirty destruction to the Cedar Hill halfway house. Along the way, a visit from the "ulcerations" of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Entwistle and Keith Moon, Kurt Cobain, and Billie Holiday enlighten the legend of just why the greatest guitar player that ever lived was a woman. Music fans will love it, and Braunbeck's fans should not miss it. It has all the things that make his work special: the pain, the despair, and the fear, all combined but with each one allowed its own moment in the sun, each one getting its own time with your nerves before they all come crashing down, leaving you with just enough energy to turn the page.TessellationsA haunted, young actress returns home after the death of her father to discover that her brother has seemingly gone insane. Over the course of one unnerving night she first witnesses — and then becomes a part of — a Halloween nightmare that, piece by piece, physically brings back the past, rips a hole in her consensual reality, and allows demons, monsters, and even a miracle or two to shamble into this world and transform it into the darkest of fairy tales...The Sisterhood of Plain-Faced Women'The Sisterhood of Plain-Faced Women' is the story of Amanda, who gains beauty but at a terrible price as her new physical attributes are torn from other people, the tale never less than compelling and with a heartfelt moral at its core.

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Обложки нет California Fire And Life

 Автор: Winslow Don

Обложка книги California Girl California Girl

 Автор: Parker T Jefferson

A different world then,

a different world now…

California in the 1960s, and the winds of change are raging. Orange groves uprooted for tract houses, people flooding into Orange County, strange new ideas in the air about war, music, sex, and drugs, and new influences, ranging from Richard Nixon to Timothy Leary.

For the Becker brothers, however, the past is always present – and it comes crashing back full force when the body of the lovely and mysterious Janelle Vonn is discovered in an abandoned orange-packing plant. The Beckers and the Vonns have a history, beginning years ago in high school with a rumble between the brothers of each clan.

But boys grow up. Now one Becker brother is a cop on his first homicide case. One's a minister yearning to perform just one miracle. One is a reporter drunk with ambition. And all three are about to collide with the changing world of 1968 as each brother, in his own unique way, tries to find Janelle's killer.

As suspects multiply and secrets are exposed, the three Becker brothers are drawn further into the case, deeper into the past, and closer to danger.

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Обложки нет Call Me, I'm Dying

 Автор: Guthrie Allan

Обложка книги Callejón Fleshmarket Callejón Fleshmarket

 Автор: Rankin Ian

En un barrio de viviendas protegidas de Edimburgo aparece asesinado un sin papeles. ¿Se trata de una agresión racista o de algo muy distinto? Es un caso que, sin duda, interesa a Rebus, que se encuentra en ese momento rodeado de problemas: han cerrado su antigua comisaría y sus jefes querrían que se retirara. Pero Rebus es más terco que nadie. Durante las indagaciones visita un centro de detención para inmigrantes, trata con el sórdido mundo del hampa de Edimburgo y probablemente acabe enamorándose. Siobhan, por otra parte, tiene sus propios problemas. Una joven de dieciocho años ha desaparecido de casa y ella se siente obligada a ayudar a los padres, lo que implica acercarse más de lo debido a un violador convicto. Está además involucrada en otro caso, el de los dos esqueletos de mujer y de niño enterrados bajo el suelo de cemento de un sótano en el callejón Fleshmarket, un asunto que alguien quiere que salte a los medios, pero ¿quién y por qué? ¿Existe alguna relación entre este caso y el del barrio de pisos baratos de Knoxland? Callejón Fleshmarket indaga el proceso interno de una sociedad que ha perdido sus buenas costumbres y se ve inmersa en lo peor de la naturaleza humana: la codicia, la desconfianza, la violencia y la explotación.

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Обложка книги Callejón sin salida Callejón sin salida

 Автор: Johansen Iris

Ella no estaba dispuesta a ser una víctima…

A pesar del cariño y los cuidados de Eve y Joe, Jane no ha tenido una infancia como las demás. Siempre ha sido más inteligente y madura que muchos de los adultos que la rodean. Por eso, cuando comienzan los sueños, reacciona con cautela. Sabe que las pesadillas la conectan con alguien que vivió hace mucho tiempo, una joven que sufrió y murió pero que de alguna manera sigue viva en ella. Y pronto descubre que no es la única, que existe otra persona que vive obsesionada con aquellos remotos sucesos: un cazador de mujeres para el que Jane representa la presa definitiva. Ni la policía, ni sus queridos padres adoptivos, pueden protegerla. Quizá ni siquiera Trevor, el misterioso extraño que se cuela en su vida en el momento más peligroso, provocando en ella sentimientos a los que creía ser inmune.

… Pero se había convertido en el cebo perfecto.

Brillante como un científico, seductor como una estrella de cine, y letal como el más curtido mercenario, Trevor ha empeñado toda su vida en la captura de un hombre que destrozó sus sueños y que siembra el terror allí donde va. Hasta el momento, el asesino ha ido siempre un paso por delante suyo, pero ahora Trevor ha encontrado la presa perfecta. Un cebo al que el cazador no puede dar la espalda, pero que amenaza con trastocar el bien trazado plan. Porque Jane es una muchacha excepcional, alguien a quien Trevor no puede limitarse a utilizar. Alguien con quien siente, al igual que el asesino, una extraña conexión que se remonta a un pasado lejano. Pero para profundizar en ella y explorar sus sentimientos en el futuro, primero tiene que conseguir que Jane sobreviva al presente…

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Обложка книги Callie’s Last Dance Callie’s Last Dance

 Автор: Locke John

With Lou Kelly dead, the powerful people behind Sensory Resources are scrambling to find a new Agency Director. So far they can only agree on one thing: it can’t be Donovan Creed. Unfortunately for them, he’s the only game in town.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Willow Breeland, the world’s most ambitious eighteen-year-old, hatches a plan to gain control of mob boss Carmine Porello’s strip club. But her plan depends on gaining the trust and support of Callie Carpenter’s live-in lover, Gwen Peters, and Donovan Creed’s daughter, Maybe Taylor.

Against this backdrop, Donovan and his top assassin, Callie Carpenter, have fallen in love. But if things don’t work out for them as a couple, they’ve already privately chosen their next conquest: a breathtakingly beautiful private detective named Dani Ripper, who seems to find both killers equally fascinating.

Callie’s Last Dance is vintage Locke. Enjoy the ride!

Preliminary Reviewer Comments:

“From the very first page of Callie’s Last Dance I got the same feelings I always get when reading a John Locke novel: I’m on a wild ride with my best friend, we’re going to have a wonderful time together, and there’s no place on earth I’d rather be!”

“The extended cold shower I had to take after reading a particular section of Callie’s Last Dance saved me enough electricity to pay for the book!”

“Callie’s Last Dance is a treasure trove of laughter, shock, and good times. So much to love, here is yet another John Locke book you won’t be able to put down. Long-time readers will be thrilled to finally meet the members of Lou Kelly’s Geek Squad.”

“Everyone at my office knows when John Locke brings out a new book. Not because I tell them, but because I call in sick so I can devour it from cover to cover in one sitting. Callie’s Last Dance is no exception. Either call in sick or stay up all night reading it.”

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Обложка книги Caminos Cruzados Caminos Cruzados

 Автор: Gamboa Erlantz

Un matrimonio de un pueblecito mexicano aparece brutalmente asesinado en su propia casa. Nadie puede hacerse a la idea de que estas cosas que suceden normalmente en la capital hayan acabado pasando en la tranquila población y menos que nadie el encargado de la investigación policial, Carvajal. Es entonces cuando aparece la agente de la policial federal, Marcia de Valcarcel, que informa a Carvajal de que el crimen se corresponde con el modus operandi de un asesino en serie al que hace bastante que persigue y al que ha apodado Calígula.

Por otro lado, en un pueblo cercano aparece una anciana con el cuello roto y con la caja fuerte donde guardaba sus joyas desvalijada. En esta ocasión es el teniente Arturo Palacios quien irá detrás del asesino «mataviejitas».

Las historias de las dos investigaciones se van entretejiendo con agilidad en la novela que resultó ganadora del Premio Internacional de Novela Negra L'H Confidencial 2010. En palabras del jurado «destaca el buen ritmo narrativo y la buena dosificación de ingredientes de la historia, que convierten Caminos cruzados en una novela ágil y con unos hilos argumentales bien trabados, que aseguran el interés de la historia hasta la última página».

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Обложка книги Camp Chaos Camp Chaos

 Автор: Fox Anne

 Серия: The Unit

Who is behind Camp Chaos?

When Katheryn Hanko is recruited from the FBI to join a secret, elite law enforcement unit, she must give up her identity and die to the world, becoming a person with no true name. But she brings to the unit her integrity, honor, and determination to make the world a better place. Confronted with cases that other law enforcement agencies can’t solve, as part of a team of seven she must draw upon her skills and those she acquires to become one with them in a fight against the worst of the worst among us.

But when she and her recruiter, Spud fall in love with each other, can they both maintain their focus on the unit’s missions? Solving the mission given to them will pit Spud and his new recruit, along with the rest of the team, against an unexpected adversary. If the team cannot find and stop the group known as Camp Chaos, it could lead to the overthrow of the nation’s government as fear takes control and an unknown person seeks to rise to power.

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Обложка книги Campo De Sangre Campo De Sangre

 Автор: Mina Denise

Paddy Meehan, una joven de 18 años, trabaja como botones en un periódico de Glasgow y sueña con llegar a ser periodista. Un día, a la redacción llega la historia de la muerte de un niño a manos de dos chavales de diez y once años, pero Paddy ve pistas que indican que detrás de los dos chicos hay un adulto. Pronto se dará cuenta de que sus investigaciones pueden llevarla a un suicidio profesional, una crisis personal y, además, ponerla en grave peligro.

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Обложка книги Canal Dreams Canal Dreams

 Автор: Banks Iain

Hisako Onoda, world famous cellist, refuses to fly. And so she travels through the Panama Canal as a passenger on a tanker bound for Europe. But Panama is a country whose politics are as volatile as the local freedom fighters. When Hisako's ship is captured, it is not long before the atmosphere is as flammable as an oxy-acetylene torch, and the tension as sharp as the spike on her cello…

'Apocalyptic is the first word that springs to mind to describe this violent and powerful novel in which Banks once again demonstrates his extraordinary dark powers of imagination… impressive' The Times

'Brilliantly crafted' Scotsman

'Currents of dark wit swirl through Banks' writing, enriching its buoyancy… and, like Graham Greene, he can readily open the reader's senses to the «foreignness» of places' Scotland on Sunday

'Extraordinary, brilliant, bloody' Fay Weldon

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Обложки нет Capital Crimes

 Автор: Woods Stuart

Someone is out to kill the nation's high-level politicos in this electrifying new thriller in the bestselling Will Lee series.

Will Lee, the courageous and uncompromising senator from Georgia, is back – now as President of the United States, in this fifth book of the New York Times bestselling series. When a prominent conservative politician is killed inside his lakeside cabin, authorities have no suspect in sight. Then two more seemingly isolated deaths-achieved by very different means-are feared to be linked to the same murderer. With the help of his CIA director wife, Kate Rule Lee, Will is thrust in the middle of the deadly game to catch the most clever and professional of killers before he can strike again.

From a quiet D.C. suburb to the corridors of power to a deserted island hideaway in Maine, Will, Kate, and the FBI track their man and set a trap with extreme caution and care-and await the most dangerous kind of quarry, a killer with a cause to die for.

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Обложка книги Capital Crimes Capital Crimes

 Автор: Kellerman Faye, Kellerman Jonathan

Internationally bestselling husband and wife Jonathan and Faye Kellerman team up for a powerful one-two punch with Capital Crimes, a gripping pair of original crime thrillers.


Some of progressive state representative Davida Grayson's views have made her unpopular. Although her foes are numerous no one suspects that any buttons Davida might push could evoke deadly force.

But now Davida lies brutally murdered in her office, and Berkeley homicide detectives Will Barnes and Amanda Isis must unravel Davida's complex, before the killer pulls off a repeat performance.


Baker Southerby, the son of musicians, was a child prodigy performer. But something Baker won't talk about leads him to quit the honky-tonk circuit, become a Nashville cop, and never look back. His partner, Lamar Van Gundy, is a would-be studio bassist from up North who never quite made the cut in Music City, so instead earned himself a detective's badge. Now both men are members of Nashville PD's elite Murder Squad, with a solid record for solves. But when they catch a homicide that's high-profile even for a city where musical celebrity is routine, their skills are tested: Jack Jeffries, a rock legend who cast aside personal demons and emerged from retirement to perform at a charity benefit, has been discovered in a ditch near the Cumberland River, his throat slashed.

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Обложка книги Capital Offense Capital Offense

 Автор: Antrim Kathleen


Is the first lady trying to overthrow the president? Award-winning writer Kathleen Antrim's fictional response to this shocking premise is at the heart of her chillingly convincing political thriller, CAPITAL OFFENSE. Combining hot fiction with today's headlines, her debut novel is the gripping tale of Carolyn Alden Lane, who sacrifices her career and personal happiness in order to guide her husband's rise through the political ranks to the highest office in the land. The pay-off?

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Обложка книги Capitol Betrayal Capitol Betrayal

 Автор: Bernhardt William

William Bernhardt's bestselling novels explore politics, power, ambition, crime, and the law. Now he scales new heights of suspense as, in one harrowing day, lawyer and former senator Ben Kincaid enters the eye of an international storm, a crisis with consequences beyond calculation.

Kincaid is in a meeting with the president in the Oval Office when Washington suddenly explodes into chaos. Facing an imminent threat to the White House, Kincaid is whisked, along with the president and his advisors, to the underground PEOC – Presidential Emergency Operations Center – built to withstand a nuclear blast, but vulnerable to another kind of attack.

Inside the bunker, defense specialists realize that a malevolent foreign dictator has hacked into the U.S. nuclear defense system and now has a finger on the trigger of America's most dangerous weapons. The dictator's message is clear: Heed his demands or suffer unfathomable destruction.

Forced to make critical, split-second decisions, the president seems to be falling apart under the pressure. The vice president wants to strip him of his powers – a move that could have a disastrous impact on national defense. But even during this time of upheaval, in order for the president to be removed, there must be a trial. With the clock winding down, Kincaid has precious little time to defend the president.

While Kincaid faces the trial of his life, legendary CIA agent Seamus McKay races through the clogged streets of Washington, searching for a hidden command center – guarded by murderous fanatics – that now controls U.S. ballistic missiles.

Two sides of one unforgettable story, McKay and Kincaid home in on their targets. One uses a gun – and any weapon he can get his hands on; the other employs his intuition and the law. And in William Bernhardt's spectacular thriller, as both move closer and closer to uncovering a world-shattering plot, the ultimate act of betrayal is launched from the heart of America's capitol itself.

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Обложка книги Capitol murder Capitol murder

 Автор: Margolin Philip

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