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Обложка книги S. O. S. Lune S. O. S. Lune

 Автор: Clarke Arthur C

 Серия: S.O.S. Lune, Anticipation

Обложки нет Salarys

 Автор: Lem ław


Salarys (polsk.: Solaris) — fantastyčny raman Stanisłava Lema, prysviečany ŭzajemaadnosinam ludziej budučyni i razumnaha akijana na płaniecie Salarys.

U ramanie apisvajecca historyja bieznadziejnaj sproby čałaviectva ŭstalavać kantakt z inšapłanietnaj formaj žyccia na dalokaj płaniecie. Płanieta Salarys, płanieta nasielena «akijanam» — adzinkavym arhanizmam, jaki pakryvaje ŭsiu pavierchniu płaniety.

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Обложка книги Sargasso of Space Sargasso of Space

 Автор: Norton Andre

 Серия: Solar Queen

The first novel in "Solar Queen" series, followed by Plague Ship, Postmarked the Stars and others.

The novel follows Dane Thorson, a newbie apprentice cargo master on board of a Free Trader spaceship Solar Queen, and his adventures on a recently discovered planet.

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Обложка книги Saturn Saturn

 Автор: Bova Ben

 Серия: Grand Tour, Droga przez Układ Słoneczny

Second in size only to Jupiter, bigger than a thousand Earths but light enough to float in water, home of cushing gravity and delicate, seemingly impossible rings, it dazzles and attracts us: Saturn.

Earth groans under the rule of fundamentalist political regimes. Crisis after crisis has given authoritarians the upper hand. Freedom and opportunity exist in space, for those with the nerve and skill to run the risks.

Now the governments of Earth are encouraging many of their most incorrigible dissidents to join a great ark on a one-way expedition, twice Jupiter’s distance from the Sun, to Saturn, the ringed planet that baffled Galileo and has fascinated astronomers ever since.

But humans will be human, on Earth or in the heavens — so amid the idealism permeating Space Habitat Goddard are many individuals with long-term schemes, each awaiting the right moment. And hidden from them is the greatest secret of all, the real purpose of this expedition, known to only a few…

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Romāns, kurā aptvertais laikposms sniedzas tālu uz abām pusēm no mūsdienām, veltīts atšķirīgu civilizāciju saprašanas un līdzāspastāvēšanas problēmai, kas ir nopietns pārbaudījums gan atsevišķu cilvēku, gan visas sabiedrības morāles principiem.


Владимир Михайлов СТОРОЖ БРАТУ МОЕМУ Фантастический роман Издательство «Лиесма* • Рига 1976

No krievu valodas tulkojis P. Zirnītis P. Zirnīša pēcvārds Mākslinieks A. Ļipins

Izdota saskaņā ar Latvijas PSR Zinātņu akadēmijas Redakciju un izdevumu padomes lēmumu

Tulkojums latviešu valodā, pēcvārds l/.dcvnicciba «Zinātne», 1981

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Обложка книги Scout force Scout force

 Автор: Smith Rodney L

 Серия: Kelly Blake

Обложка книги Screamer Screamer

 Автор: Halstead Jason

 Серия: Vitalis

Обложка книги Searcher Searcher

 Автор: Andrew Saxon

 Серия: Annihilation

Обложка книги Searcher Searcher

 Автор: Andrew Saxon

 Серия: Annihilation

The Eight Legs invade with ships as large as medium sized planets and their numbers are in the billions. No intelligent life has ever survived their attention and the Royal Family senses them coming soon. The Realm has learned the invader’s ships will not appear on any of their sensors and all of the Stars Realm’s weapons will be useless against the unique material used to construct their ships. The Realm appears to be doomed but Cassandra has had a vision of one of her decedents who will lead them against this ruthless enemy. She has seen him and knows that he is a Searcher.

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Обложка книги Secrets Secrets

 Автор: Graham Jo, Scott Melissa

 Серия: Atlantis, Legacy

Old secrets, new truths…

It is the aftermath of battle. Scattered and struggling to regroup, Colonel Sheppard’s team face their darkest days yet in the war against the Wraith Queen, Death.

Continuing her perilous masquerade as Queen Steelflower, Teyla Emmagan’s friendship with Guide grows stronger. With his help she must journey into the Wraith’s distant past to uncover the shocking truth about their origin — and the key to Queen Death’s defeat.

Meanwhile, Rodney McKay has a different battle to fight as he struggles to regain his humanity in the face of the atrocity the Wraith have committed against him. With his life hanging in the balance, will Rodney be forced to do the unthinkable in order to survive…?

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Tulkojis Rafaels Blums Mākslinieks Normunds Zvirbulis

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Обложка книги Shadow of Freedom Shadow of Freedom

 Автор: Weber David

 Серия: Honor Harrington Series

Обложка книги Shadow of the Scorpion Shadow of the Scorpion

 Автор: Asher Neal

 Серия: Polity

Raised to adulthood during the end of the war between the human Polity and a vicious alien race, the Prador, Ian Cormac is haunted by childhood memories of a sinister scorpion-shaped war drone and the burden of losses he doesn't remember. Cormac signs up with Earth Central Security and is sent out to help restore and maintain order on worlds devastated by the war. There he discovers that though the Prador remain as murderous as ever, they are not anywhere near as treacherous or dangerous as some of his fellow humans, some closer to him than he would like. Amidst the ruins left by wartime genocides, Cormac will discover in himself a cold capacity for violence and learn some horrible truths about his own past while trying to stay alive on his course of vengeance.

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Обложки нет Shadow Run

 Автор: Ellis A C

Обложка книги Shattered Spear Shattered Spear

 Автор: Campbell Jack

 Серия: The Lost Fleet: The Lost Stars

The Syndicate Worlds continue to splinter as more star systems pledge allegiance to President Gwen Iceni, General Artur Drakon, and the new government they’re establishing at Midway. But the toxic legacy of Syndicate rule continues to undermine their efforts as the rebels encounter difficulty trusting one another and believing their new leaders’ promises of freedom from tyranny.

Before Iceni and Drakon can put their house in order, they must deal with an even greater threat. An enigma warship has appeared and vanished near a Syndic colony. If the aliens are capable of jumping into other human-occupied star systems, then billions of people could be vulnerable to a hostile invasion fleet anywhere they choose to…

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Обложка книги Shipstar Shipstar

 Автор: Niven Larry, Benford Gregory

 Серия: Bowl of Heaven

Обложка книги Shiva Option Shiva Option

 Автор: Weber David, White Steve

 Серия: , Starfire

DEFEAT WAS NOT AN OPTION. The war wasn't going well. The mind-numbingly alien Arachnids were an enemy whose like no civilized race had ever confronted. Like some carnivorous cancer, the "Bugs" had overrun planet after planet . . . and they regarded any competing sentient species as only one more protein source. They couldn't be reasoned with, or even talked to, because no one had the least idea of how to communicate with a telepathic species with no recognizable language . . . and whose response to any communication attempt was a missile salvo. No one knew how large their civilization-if it could be called a "civilization"-actually was, or how it was organized, but the huge fleets they threw against their opponents suggested that it was enormous. The Grand Alliance of Humans, Orions, Ophiuchi, and Gorm, united in desperate self-defense, have been driven to the wall. Billions of their civilians have been slaughtered. Their most powerful offensive operation has ended in shattering defeat and the deaths of their most experienced and revered military commanders. The edge in technology with which they began the war is eroding out from under them and whatever they do, the Bugs just keep coming. But the warriors of the Grand Alliance know what stands behind them and they will surrender no more civilians to the oncoming juggernaut. They will die first . . . and they will also reactivate General Directive 18, however horrible it may be. Because when the only possible outcomes are victory or racial extermination, only one option is acceptable. The Shiva Option

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Обложка книги Siege of Titan Siege of Titan

 Автор: Thomas Michael G

 Серия: Star Crusades

Обложка книги Sigma Draconis Sigma Draconis

 Автор: Arnason Eleanor

Un’epoca lontana, Un Mondo profondamente diverso dal nostro tranne che per un particolare: le Donne devono lottare per la salvezza loro e del pianeta. È una razza che sembra schiava di abitudini Sessuali molto particolari… Da Eleanor ARNASON, che è stratadefinita la "Ursula Le Guin" degli anni novanta.

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Обложка книги Skylark DuQuesne Skylark DuQuesne

 Автор: Smith Edward E

 Серия: Skylark

Seaton and DuQuesne are mortal enemies who must now fight on the same side for the good of humanity. Seaton is on constant alert for Duquesne’s double-cross.

Skylark DuQuesne was the final novel in the epic Skylark series by E. E. Smith. Written as Smith’s last novel in 1965 and published shortly before his death, it expands on the characterizations of the earlier novels (written 1919 – about 1938) but with some discrepancies (some of which may relate to unwritten background developments). The most significant point is that Dr. Marc DuQuesne, the major villain of the three previous novels, is shown to have matured, reformed, and offered a chance at what amounted at pardon for his prior crimes against the heroes.

Skylark DuQuesne was first serialized in IF Worlds of Science Fiction beginning in June 1965 before being published in 1966 by Pyramid Books.

Nominated for Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1966.

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