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Обложка книги Obiettivo Longtunnel Obiettivo Longtunnel

 Автор: Foster Alan Dean

 Серия: Cosmo, Pip e Flinx

L'agente Flinx e il fedele minidrago Pip, chissà come, hanno la strana abitudine di trovarsi in mezzo a pericoli di ogni tipo, situazioni disperate o colossali intrighi da un angolo all'altro del Commonwealth Galattico; così, quando s'imbattono in una giovane donna che giace priva di sensi sulla riva di un fiume nella fitta giungla di Alaspin, Flinx non è molto sorpreso. E non si stupisce neppure di apprendere che la donna, Clarity Held, è in realtà una brillante scienziata, rapita chissà per quali motivi da un remoto avamposto sull'inospitale pianeta Longtunnel. Non c'è nulla di male nel prestare qualche attenzione a Clarity, anche se stavolta Flinx non ha nessuna intenzione di occuparsi del caso, perché ha finalmente deciso di pensare un po' a se stesso ed alla propria vita… ma Clarity è davvero attraente e poi il mistero che la circonda presenta dei lati interessanti... Tuttavia, mentre Flinx è alle prese con questo dilemma imprevisto, i rapitori di Clarity si rivelano per quello che in realtà sono: un gruppo di fanatici assassini che tramano in segreto e sarebbero disposti a tutto pur di arrestare le avanzate ricerche in corso sul remoto Longtunnel. Già, perché è questo pianeta, singolare e misterioso per più di una ragione, il vero cuore dell'enigma… Flinx a questo punto conosce benissimo i rischi che dovrà affrontare, ma ancora una volta è deciso ad andare fino in fondo.

L'ultima travolgente avventura di Flinx e del minidrago Pip nel fantastico universo del Commonwealth Galattico.

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Обложка книги Odd Girl Out Odd Girl Out

 Автор: Zahn Timothy

 Серия: Quadrail

In this noir thriller set on the interstellar Quadrail, former government agent Frank Compton can't catch a break. After a successful mission against the Modhri, the coral polyp-based group mind that is attempting to take over the galaxy, Frank arrives at his New York apartment. A young woman is waiting for him, pointing a gun at his face. She tells him that someone on New Tigris is holding her ten-year-old sister. Compton takes her gun and orders her out, only to be rousted out of bed and accused of her brutal murder.

After Frank's ally Bruce McMicking posts his bail, Frank travels to New Tigris with his assistant, Bayta, and locates the sister, who is part of a key resistance group that is fighting the Modhri throughout the galaxy. Compton must get the girl to a hidden refuge planet via the Quadrail to ensure the continued efforts of the resistance. But can he do it before the Modhri gets to her first?

Compelling characters, hard-boiled sleuthing, and non-stop action make this a hard SF thriller that will grab the reader and not let go until the last page.

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Обложка книги Odważny Odważny

 Автор: Campbell Jack

 Серия: Zaginiona flota

Beznadziejna wojna pomiędzy Sojuszem a Światami Syndykatu trwa już od stu lat. Losy tego konfliktu odmienić miało odnalezienie kapitana Johna „Black Jacka” Geary’ego. Czy legendarny dowódca, wybudzony po dziesięcioleciach hibernacji, zdoła ocalić flotę Sojuszu przed bezlitosnym wrogiem? Po serii krwawych starć Sojusz utracił większość zapasów i znaczną część sprawności bojowej. Geary, pomimo dręczących go niepokojów, musi zatrzymać się w systemie Baldura, aby zdobyć potrzebne surowce w tamtejszych kopalniach. Jaki będzie jego następny ruch? Syndycy zaczynają rozgryzać strategię komodora i uciekająca flota z każdym skokiem traci przewagę nad wrogiem. W miarę zagłębiania się w raporty wywiadu Geary odkrywa kolejną prawdę: w tej wojnie nie chodzi tylko o starcie dwóch systemów wartości. Na planszy znajduje się także trzeci — kto wie — czy nie znacznie niebezpieczniejszy gracz, którego celem jest unicestwienie rodzaju ludzkiego…

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Обложка книги Odyssey Odyssey

 Автор: Макдевитт Джек

 Серия: Космоархеологи

Priscilla "Hutch" Hutchinson's fifth adventure opens with the former starship pilot deskbound at the Academy (the twenty-third-century equivalent of NASA), which is facing catastrophic cuts to the space program. In a media campaign led by Hutch's old friend, acerbic newspaper editor Gregory MacAllister, pundits and politicians alike argue that the program's money would be better spent on the earthbound threats of global warming and disease. Perhaps not coincidentally, humans everywhere from Earth to Ophiuchi begin witnessing repeated visitations from "moonriders" (apparently alien spherical spacecraft), and they prompt an Academy investigative mission. To humor Hutch and grab a good story, MacAllister joins a spacebound team including a celebrated pilot and a senator's daughter. When the moonriders apparently redirect a few asteroids to destroy an orbiting hotel and narrowly bypass Earth, suspicions begin to emerge that the moonriders--and certain members of the Academy--may not be what they seem to be. McDevitt's energetic, character-driven prose serves double duty by exploring Earth's future political climate and forecasting the potential dangers awaiting humanity among the stars.

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Обложка книги Ogień nad otchłanią Ogień nad otchłanią

 Автор: Vinge Vernor

 Серия: Queng Ho (pl)

Grupa archeologów zaczyna badać tajemnicze archiwum. Mimo woli uaktywniają oni Plagę — siłę zdolną zniszczyć tysiące systemów gwiezdnych. Statek archeologów trafia na planetę zamieszkaną przez dziwną rasę wilkopodobnych stworzeń, prymitywnych, spiskujących i toczących nieustające wojny. Broni przeciw Pladze poszukują przedstawiciele wielu obdarzonych inteligencją gatunków. Przypadkowo zostaje odnaleziony mechanizm obronny przeciw Pladze. Czy antidotum wynalezione przez archeologów okaże się skuteczne w każdej sytuacji?

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Обложка книги Omega Omega

 Автор: Макдевитт Джек

 Серия: Космоархеологи

Having mastered the big, sprawling adventure stories called space opera in books like Chindi, McDevitt extends the form in this feel-good SF novel that earns its hopeful conclusion. Priscilla «Hutch» Hutchens, heroine of several of McDevitt's previous novels, has had a full career as a space pilot and is now administrator of the government agency in charge of space research. Like most people, she's only mildly concerned with the long-range threat of the omega clouds, masses of energy floating through the universe that detect and pulverize artificial structures (and the intelligent creatures that live in them). After all, the cloud headed for Earth is 900 years away. This situation changes when a charmingly innocent young alien race is discovered just a few months before a cloud will obliterate it. Hutch has to juggle resources to save the cute creatures, at the same concealing the human intervention in order not to disrupt the alien civilization's development. The cloud's implacable threat keeps the action tightly focused, though the story shifts viewpoint frequently to show crowds of people committing themselves to different aspects of the mission. Part of the rescue effort involves spaceships and gadgets, but the most serious part depends on human intelligence and passion. McDevitt is very good at imagining strange challenges-and at picturing humans coping when things don't work out as planned. His characters succeed in imposing their compassion on the void.

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Обложка книги Omega Squad: Odds Omega Squad: Odds

 Автор: Traviss Karen

 Серия: Republic Commando

The story “Omega Squad: Odds” by Karen Traviss first appeared in Star Wars Insider Issue #87, in 2006.

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Обложка книги Omega Squad: Targets Omega Squad: Targets

 Автор: Traviss Karen

 Серия: Republic Commando

The story “Omega Squad: Odds” by Karen Traviss first appeared in Star Wars Insider Issue #81, in 2005.

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Обложка книги On Patrol On Patrol

 Автор: Lem Stanislaw

 Серия: Pirx the Pilot

Pilot Pirx is an astronaut, a fresh-faced physical powerhouse, but no genius. His superiors send him on the most dangerous missions, either because he is expendable, or because they trust his bumbling ability to survive in almost any habitat or dilemma. Follow Pirx now through a world of hyper-technology and super-psychology from his early days as a hopelessly inept cadet soloing with a pair of sex-crazed horseflies… to a farside moon station built by bickering madmen… to a chase through space after a deadly sphere of light… to an encounter with a mossy old robot whose programming has slipped.

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Обложка книги Once a Hero Once a Hero

 Автор: Moon Elizabeth

 Серия: Serrano Legacy

When Esmay Suiza found herself in the middle of a space battle, the senior surviving officer, she had no choice but to take command and win. She didn’t want to be a hero, but Once A Hero....

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Обложка книги Orbitsville Orbitsville

 Автор: Shaw Bob

 Серия: Orbitsville

When the young son of Elizabeth Lindstrom, the autocratic president of Starflight, falls to his death, Vance Garamond, a flickerwing commander, is the obvious target for Elizabeth’s grief and anger. She is not a forgiving employer and Garamond has no choice but to flee.

But fleeing Elizabeth’s wrath means leaving the Solar System behind for ever and hiding somewhere in deep space.

Pursued remorselessly by Earth’s space fleet, the ‘somewhere’ that Garamond discovers in an unimaginably vast, alien-built, spherical structure which could just change the destiny of the human race.

Orbitsville ranks alongside Larry Niven’s Ringworld and Arthur C. Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama as one of the great imaginative constructs of SF. Deftly written, it powerfully conveys the immensity of space and the infinite possibilities it offers.

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Обложка книги Orbitsville Departure Orbitsville Departure

 Автор: Shaw Bob

 Серия: Orbitsville

A sequel to Orbitsville.

Alien beings, Ultrans, built an enormous sphere, millions of times the size of Earth, which contains its own sun as a trap for sentient beings of the universe. The artificial world attracts the world’s population to such an extent that soon Earth is a half-deserted historical curiosity. Scientist Garry Dallen learns of the Ultrans’ plans second before Orbitsville and its population are whisked millions of light years into outer space.

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Обложка книги Orbitsville Judgement Orbitsville Judgement

 Автор: Shaw Bob

Orbitsville—scene of two of Bob Shaw’s novels—is a vast hollow world completely enclosing its sun and habitable across its entire inner surface. At the end of “Orbitsville Departure”, the whole world was shifted to an alternate universe and this book tells what happens next.

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Обложка книги Origin Origin

 Автор: Baxter Stephen

 Серия: Manifold

This is the third installment in Stephen Baxter’s Manifold trilogy. It sees Manifold regular Reid Malenfant and others once again dealing with possibilities of primate evolution in all forms and grappling with the Fermi Paradox. This time an artifact in the sky transports a select few individuals including Malenfant’s wife to a new red moon which has appeared in place of the moon we know. Blaming himself, Malenfant launches a one man mission to find his wife and solve the Fermi Paradox once and for all.

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Обложка книги Orion Among the Stars Orion Among the Stars

 Автор: Bova Ben

 Серия: Orion

More than human and less that a god, John O’Ryan is Orion, made by the Creators who rule outside of time. His purpose is to do their bidding. Now, Orion has becomee a key piece in a cosmic game between two of the Creators—Anya, the goddess he loves, and Aten, the god who toys with his destiny.

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Обложка книги Orion tra le stelle Orion tra le stelle

 Автор: Bova Ben

 Серия: Urania, Orion (it)

`ORION — il semidio la cui sorte è crudelmente manipolatadai Signori del cosmo — viene scagliato in un futuro lontanissimo denso di insidie: in quel particolare segmento dello spazio-tempo è infatti in corso una ferocissima guerra spaziale fra le razze di discendenza terrestre e le più feroci creature dei mondi alieni. Al comando di una guarnigione di terrestri pronti a tutto, John O’Ryan alias ORION comincia la sua ltta disperata. Resta un solo interrogativo: a chi gioverà questa ennesima guerra?

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Обложки нет Orphans of the Helix

 Автор: Симмонс Дэн

 Серия: Hyperion Cantos

Обложка книги Os Robinsons do Cosmos Os Robinsons do Cosmos

 Автор: Carsac Francis


Após uma colisão interplanetária, um pequeno pedaço da Terra (exatamente um pequeno pedaço da França) se translada de nosso globo e se crava sobre um planeta desconhecido com seus habitantes, seus animais, suas casas, seus campos, suas árvores… E certamente, a vida contínua. Mas é necessário explorar este novo mundo, batizado Tellus; os descobrimentos mais assombrosos esperam os Robinsons do Cosmos. Há seres que pensam sobre Tellus que têm práticas, uma língua, cujo espírito funciona como o nosso, mas cujo aspecto é incrível. Há também monstros de pesadelo, lembrando os mastodontes pré-históricos. É este descobrimento progressivo de um novo universo, ao mesmo tempo que o estabelecimento de uma civilização nova que diz de uma maneira pasionante Francis Carsac. Sua novela é um certamente dos melhores livros de «Ciência ficção» escritos por um Francês e publicados na França. Pela amplitude da concepção, a sutileza, e inclusive a poesia, pode competir com as admiráveis obras do grande escritor inglês R.S. Lewis, cujos não se tem não esquecido o famoso Silêncio da Terra parecido nesta coleção.

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