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Обложка книги Babel-17 Babel-17

 Автор: Delany Samuel

La guerra galattica fra l’Alleanza terrestre e gli Invasori dura ormai da molti anni, e nessuno sta vincendo. Quando però l’Alleanza si trova a dover fronteggiare un’arma temibile e sconosciuta, una lingua capace di provocare attentati e sabotaggi, l’unica via di salvezza può consistere in una contromossa inaspettata: affidare a una poetessa, Rydra Wong, il compito di risolvere l’enigma di Babel-17 e di porre fine ai suoi effetti micidiali. Sarà solo l’inizio di una incredibile avventura fra le stelle, sotto la minaccia di una lingua che può uccidere e fra i pericoli di un universo forse troppo vasto per l’uomo, in un romanzo magistrale che è valso al suo autore un prestigioso premio Nebula.

Vincitore del premio Nebula per il miglior romanzo in 1966.

Nominato per il premio Hugo per il miglior romanzo in 1967.

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Обложка книги Barrayar Barrayar

 Автор: Bujold Lois McMaster

 Серия: Barrayar, Barrayar (de)

Quando l’imperatore muore, lasciando come unico erede al trono il nipote di cinque anni, il pianeta Barrayar rischia di piombare nel caos. L’unica speranza di pace è affidata ad Aral Vokosigan, che ha i titoli per diventare Lord Reggente, ma le fazioni in lotta sono disposte a tutto pur di assicurarsi il potere. E proprio a causa di un attentato ordito per assassinare Aral, sua moglie Cordelia e il bambino che lei porta in grembo subiscono accidentalmente gli effetti di un gas teratogeno. È un duro colpo per i Vorkosigan, ma Cordelia non si arrende e, grazie a un utero artificiale, dà infine alla luce un piccolo, che sarà chiamato Miles…

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Обложка книги Battle of the Ring Battle of the Ring

 Автор: Gunnarsson Thorarinn

 Серия: Starwolves

The Starwolves are back in another action-packed adventure. The superbeings confront a Company death machine of vast lethal scale, designed solely to destroy them. Now they must fight a living engine of hate.

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Обложка книги Battle Station Battle Station

 Автор: Larson B V

 Серия: Star force

Обложка книги Between the Strokes of Night Between the Strokes of Night

 Автор: Sheffield Charles

After the Nuclear Spasm in the 21st century, Homo sapiens was extinct, save for a tiny remnant scattered in small, primitive space colonies. At first Solar Humanity had only one goal: survival. But when the battle for existence was won, humankind began moving outward in slow, multi-generation space ships, and as then millennia passed, planet-based civilizations emerged in many star systems. In the year 27,698 A.D, to these new worlds come the Immortals, beings with strange ties to ancient Earth, who seem to live forever, who can travel light years in days — and who use their strange powers to control the existence of ordinary mortals. On the planet Pentecost, a small group sets out to find and challenge the Immortals. But in the search they themselves are changed: as Immortals, they discover a new threat, not just to themselves, but to the galaxy itself.

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Обложка книги Bezlitosny Bezlitosny

 Автор: Campbell Jack

 Серия: Zaginiona flota

John „Black Jack” Geary. Legenda. Najwyższa karta, którą flota Sojuszu może wystawić w śmiertelnej grze o przetrwanie. Poprowadził swoje okręty przez przestrzeń Syndykatu wygrywając w bitwach i wymykając się gigantycznej nagonce. Wiedza, którą współcześni oficerowie zatracili w dziesiątkach lat brutalnej, kosmicznej rzezi, dała mu przewagę.

Ale „Black Jack” jest już zmęczony. Stawka rośnie. Pojawia się lęk przed błędem i zagładą w chwili, gdy flota jest już niemal u celu. Okrętom brakuje paliwa, amunicji i żywności – coraz trudniej jest walczyć.

Kurs na Heradao, więzienny system Syndykatu! Stawką jest życie 2 tysięcy towarzyszy broni. O ile jeszcze żyją.

Pancerniki, krążowniki liniowe, ciężkie, lekkie, niszczyciele — kolejno, dywizjonami, wchodzą w Nadprzestrzeń. Prosto w paszczę lwa. Stało się…

Do domu jest już tak blisko. I tak daleko.

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Обложка книги Bill, a galaktika hőse Bill, a galaktika hőse

 Автор: Harrison Harry

 Серия: Bill, a galaktika hőse

„Ne akarj ember lenni, Bill! Te is tudod, hogy úgysem fog menni. Te hős vagy, Bill, egy igazi galaktikus hős. És ha nem érted a tréfát, miért álltál katonának?”

Bill belép a Galaktikus Birodalom hatalmas haderejébe, s Heliorba utazik, ebbe az acéllabirintusba, a Sötét Űrkor központjába.

S ahogy ő mondogatja: „A háború maga a pokol” — ám egy embernek a lelki üdvét is fel kell áldoznia, hogy a Birodalmat szolgálja.

A galaxisban háború dühöng a chingerek és az emberek között. Bill véletlenül leleplez egy chinger kémet, s az azt követő csatában vitézül harcol. Kitüntetésre terjesztik fel, melyet Heliorban kell átvennie, a Birodalom fővárosában. Ám városnézés közben ellopják a térképét, és menthetetlenül eltéved a labirintusban. Amikor hónapok múltán sikerül eljutnia egy katonai bázisra, bilincsbe verik dezertálásért, és egy pokoli bolygóra viszik kényszermunkára…

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Обложка книги Birth Of Fire Birth Of Fire

 Автор: Pournelle Jerry

Editorial Reviews

Ingram Birth Of Fire is the story of Garrett Pittston, wrongly convicted of murder. Pittston faces a choice: life in prison, or near-slavery on Mars. Under the appalling conditions imposed by those who run the mines from Earth, Pittston and his fellow workers start a revolution to wrest their freedom from the penal colony. Display advertising in science fiction publications. Previously published by Pocket Books.

Customer Reviews

Avg. Customer Review:

One of the Best Mars Colonization Novels Ever, November 7, 2001 Reviewer:

I had not read any of Jerry Pournelle's other books, when I picked this up years ago. It is an amazingly good yarn dealing with the now cliched notion of the colonization of Mars. The lead protagonist Garrett is given the option to stay in jail in overcrowded earth or get shipped out to Mars on a work detail.

He opts for the latter and gets involved in a revolution to free Mars from the oppressive multinational corporations back on earth. I read this book at least thrice! Great writing. The author moves the action at a good pace. The book felt very believable.

Good story - classic Pournelle, August 3, 2001 Reviewer:

After I read 'Janissaries' I had a 'Pournelle reading frenzy' and this is one of the novels I bought as well.

I like it, it's quite classic. Boy gets to mars 'cause he doesn't have much of a future back home. When arriving on Mars it seems he won't have much of a future there either. But the locals help him out and suddenly he finds himself caught up in a revolution… classic, not the most complex plot ever, but a good read never the less. A juvenile in the Heinlein tradition, August 30, 2000 Reviewer:

Garrett Pittson is a youth without a future in a Washington slum. After a fight between gangs he is convicted to exile and slave labour on Mars. There he is picked up by the Marsmen, emigrants and former convicts turned settlers outside the cities and mines governed by companies - and lands in the midst of a revolution in growing. Allegiance to new-won friends and love to a settler's daughter makes him join the revolution and together with the revolution the Project - using nukes to make volcanoes spew out enough water and gases to strengthen Mars atmosphere sufficiently for humans to live without space suits on Mars. Some fight scenes of the Falkenberg quality. All in all a lot like Heinlein's juveniles - in atmosphere as well as in message. solid but unexceptional Pournelle, May 24, 2000 Reviewer:

A Birth of Fire is an entertaining read with all of the Pournelle elements you would expect. The character of the young protagonist is developed nicely. The plot is solid and moves along well; helped by some interesting military tactics. The Martian setting is very well developed.

However, the book doesn't have the same spark as most other Pournelle novels. The biggest disappointment is that only the main character is developed enough to make the reader care about his fate. We never really learn enough about the thoughts and motivations of the girl who is one of the two supporting characters to become caught up in her story. The Martian colonial society also has a few small but nagging inconsistancies.

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Обложка книги Black Genesis Black Genesis

 Автор: Hubbard Ron

 Серия: Mission Earth

The fantastic Mission Earth saga continues with Black Genesis, as the aliens implement their insidious plan to infiltrate Earth society. Every volume of the Mission Earth series has been a New York Times bestseller and a Literary Guild Alternate Selection. Get in on the profits b y cashing in on Mission Earth-Mania!

Nominated for Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1987.

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Обложка книги Black Jack Black Jack

 Автор: Campbell Jack

 Серия: Die verschollene Flotte

Er starb im Krieg — so glauben alle. In Wahrheit lag er 100 Jahre im Kälteschlaf. Nun feiert man ihn wegen seiner Kriegsverdienste als lebende Legende. Er erhält das Kommando über eine Flotte, die im feindlichen Territorium gestrandet ist. Sein Auftrag: möglichst alle Schiffe lebend nach Hause bringen. Die Realität: Unzählige Feinde auf dem Weg. Und eine Meuterei in den eigenen Reihen, die ihn 40 Schiffe kostet…

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Обложка книги Blood Ties Blood Ties

 Автор: Whitelaw Sonny, Christensen Elizabeth

 Серия: Atlantis

Creatures of the night…

When a series of gruesome murders are uncovered around the world, the trail leads back to the SGC — and far beyond…

Recalled to Stargate Command, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Colonel John Sheppard, and Dr. Rodney McKay are shown shocking video footage — a Wraith attack, taking place on Earth. While McKay, Teyla, and Ronon investigate the disturbing possibility that humans may harbor Wraith DNA, Colonel Sheppard is teamed with SG-1’s Dr. Daniel Jackson. Together, they follow the murderers’ trail from Colorado Springs to the war-torn streets of Iraq, and there, uncover a terrifying truth…

As an ancient cult prepares to unleash its deadly plot against humankind, Sheppard’s survival depends on his questioning of everything believed about the Wraith…

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Обложка книги Blue Mars Blue Mars

 Автор: Robinson Kim Stanley

 Серия: Mars

Red Mars, the kickoff to Robinson's epic Mars trilogy, won the Nebula for best SF novel of 1992; its follow-up, Green Mars, won the parallel Hugo for 1994. The conclusion to the saga is not unlike the terrain of Robinson’s Red Planet: fertile and fully developed in some spots, vast and arid in others but, ultimately, it’s an impressive achievement. Using the last 200 years of American history as his template for Martian history, Robinson projects his tale of Mars’s colonization from the 21st century, in which settlers successfully revolt against Earth, into the next century, when various interests on Mars work out their differences on issues ranging from government to the terraforming of the planet and immigration. Sax Russell, Maya Toitovna and others reprise their roles from the first two novels, but the dominant “personality” is the planet itself, which Robinson describes in exhaustive naturalistic detail. Characters look repeatedly for sermons in its stones and are nearly overwhelmed by textbook abstracts on the biological and geological minutiae of their environment. Not until the closing chapters, when they begin confronting their mortality, does the human dimension of the story balance out its awesome ecological extrapolations. Robinson's achievement here is on a par with Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles and Herbert’s Dune, even if his clinical detachment may leave some readers wondering whether there really is life on Mars. (Piblishers Weekly)

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Обложки нет Boża klepsydra

 Автор: McDevitt Jack

 Серия: Boża maszyneria

Jack McDevitt to autor wielu bestsellereów science fiction. Jego styl wyróżnia się lekkością narracji, przygodową akcją i poważnym podejściem do zagadnień naukowych. Niniejsza książka stanowi luźną kontynuację wydanej przed kilku laty powieści „Boża maszyneria”. Cały cykl składa się jeszcze z tomów: „Chindi”, „Omega” i „Odyssey”. Fabuła książki skupia się wokół nadrzędnego celu jaki przyświeca każdemu naukowcowi, czyli dotarciu do prawdy, poszerzeniu limitów ludzkiej wiedzy. Jak dużo jesteśmy w stanie poświecić dla odkrycia, z którym nie zetknął się do tej pory żaden człowiek? Nasz czas? Naszą reputację? Naszą karierę? A może nawet życie?

Na kilka tygodni przed spodziewanym zniszczeniem planety Deepsix w wyniku kolizji z gazowa planetą-gigantem, badacze odkrywają ruiny na powierzchni globu, które mogą oznaczać, że istnieje tam cywilizacja. Akademia nakazuje naukowcom z przelatujących w pobliżu statków, żeby ci wylądowali na powierzchni planety i przeprowadzili niezbędne analizy artefaktów. Dodatkowo do grupy naukowców dołącza popularny z powodu swojego ciętego języka i wyrazistych poglądów znany w całej galaktyce publicysta, który nigdy wcześniej nie opuścił Ziemi. Kiedy lądowniki ekspedycji zostają zniszczone, na skutek trzęsienia ziemi spowodowanego zbliżaniem się gazowego giganta, ekipa musi znaleśc sposób na opuszczenie planety zanim dojdzie do kolizji.

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Обложка книги Bouclier périlleux Bouclier périlleux

 Автор: Campbell Jack

 Серия: La Dentelle du Cygne, La flotte perdue: Étoiles perdues

 L’autorité des Mondes syndiqués s’effondre lentement depuis la victoire de l’Alliance. Partout éclatent sécessions et guerres civiles. Que deviendront ces « étoiles perdues » ?

De haute lutte, Midway a conquis son indépendance et s’est soustrait à la dictature syndic. Mais à quoi bon si c’est pour retomber sous sa férule faute d’une flotte spatiale digne de ce nom ? Ou pour succomber à une nouvelle agression des Énigmas ? Car voici que surgissent aux confins du système stellaire les vaisseaux du CECH Boyens, le vieil adversaire, ainsi que ceux des extraterrestres belliqueux. Et, même si Black Jack Geary, retour d’expédition dans l’espace inexploré, a plus d’un tour dans son sac pour venir à bout de ces menaces-là, il reste l’ennemi dans l’ombre, l’ennemi infiltré, celui qui vous sourit en face et vous poignarde dans le dos.

Des siècles de conditionnement dictatorial ne s’effacent pas d’un trait. La présidente Gwen Iceni et le général Drakon vont pourtant devoir apprendre à se faire confiance alors que le danger rôde autour d’eux.

Tandis que « Par-delà la frontière » prolonge la série de « La flotte perdue », Jack Campbell a ouvert un troisième champ de romans imbriqués, celui des « Étoiles perdues ». Bouclier périlleux fait suite a L’Honneur terni.

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Обложка книги Boundary Boundary

 Автор: Flint Eric

 Серия: Boundary

Обложка книги Brass Man Brass Man

 Автор: Asher Neal

 Серия: Agent Cormac

Next novel in the 'Gridlinked' sequence, with the resurrection of the terrifying Mr Crane, a massive android kiling machine… and one with a grudge.

The knight errant Anderson is hunting a dragon on the primitive Out-Polity world of Cull, little knowing that far away a man — more technology than human flesh — has resurrected a brass killing machine to assist in a similar hunt that encompasses star systems.

When agent Cormac learns that his old enemy still lives, he sets out in pursuit aboard the attack ship Jack Ketch… whilst scientist Mika begins discovering the horrifying truth about that ancient technology ostensibly produced by the alien Jain, who died out five million years ago. The people of Cull must struggle desperately to survive on a planet roamed by ferocious insectile monsters, while they build the industrial base that will enable them to reach their forefathers' starship still orbiting far above them.

An entity calling itself Dragon assists them, but its motives are questionable having created genetic by-blows of humans and the hideous local autochthons, before growing bored with that game. And now Cull, for millennia geologically inactive, suffers earthquakes…

Meanwhile the brass killing machine, Mr Crane, seeks to escape a bloody past he can neither forget nor truly remember. So mindlessly he will continues his search for sanity, which he might find in an instant or not for a thousand years.

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Обложка книги Brightness Reef Brightness Reef

 Автор: Brin David

 Серия: Uplift

Millennia ago the Five Galaxies decreed the planet Jijo off limits. But in the last thousand years six races have begun resettling Jijo, embracing a pre-industrial life to hide their existence from the Galactics. Overcoming their differences, the Six have built a society based on mutual tolerance for one another and respect for the planet they live on. But that has all changed with an event the Six have feared for hundreds of years: the arrival of an outside ship. David Brin has returned to his popular Uplift universe in this, the first book of a new trilogy.

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Обложка книги Burden of Proof Burden of Proof

 Автор: Hemry John G

 Серия: Paul Sinclair


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