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Обложка книги A barlovento A barlovento

 Автор: Banks Iain M

Fue uno de los incidentes menos gloriosos de una antigua guerra.

Provocó la destrucción de dos soles y de los miles de millones de vidas que sustentaban.

Ahora, ochocientos años después, la luz del primero de estos antiguos errores ha llegado al orbital de la Cultura Masaq. La luz del segundo podría no llegar a hacerlo.

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Обложка книги A Case of Conscience A Case of Conscience

 Автор: Blish James


A Case of Conscience is a science fiction novel by James Blish, first published in 1958. It is the story of a Jesuit who investigates an alien race that has no religion; they are completely without any concept of God, an afterlife, or the idea of sin; and the species evolves through several forms through the course of its life cycle. The story was originally published as a novella in 1953, and later extended to novel-length, of which the first part is the original novella. The novel is the first part of Blish's thematic “After Such Knowledge” trilogy, followed by Black Easter/The Day After Judgment and Dr Mirabilis.

The story is unusual in several respects. Few science fiction stories of the time attempted religious themes, and still fewer did this with Catholicism. Some of the first part is taken up with the Jesuit's attempt to solve a puzzle, a long description of scandalous intrigue between various pseudonymous characters. As he is about to leave for Earth, he realizes the puzzle is soluble. The puzzle is contained within the pages of Finnegans Wake, by James Joyce.

Many reacted negatively to the story, but surprisingly few educated Catholics were among them. One even sent James Blish a copy of the actual Church guidelines for dealing with extraterrestrials. These are not detailed, but merely suggest overall strategy based on whether the beings have souls or not, and if they have them, whether they are fallen like humans, or exist in a state of grace.

Won Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1959.

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Обложка книги A Circus of Hells A Circus of Hells

 Автор: Anderson Poul

 Серия: Dominic Flandry

Bribed to explore a supposedly barren moon, Lt. Flandry finds it swarming with a hideous race of killers, controlled by a deranged computer brain!

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Обложка книги A Deepness in the Sky A Deepness in the Sky

 Автор: Vinge Vernor Steffen

 Серия: Zones of Thought

A Deepness in the Sky is a science fiction novel by Vernor Vinge. Published in 1999, the novel is a loose prequel (set twenty thousand years earlier) to his earlier novel A Fire Upon the Deep (1992). The title is coined by one of the story’s main characters in a debate, in a reference to the hibernating habits of his species and to the vastness of space.

Nebula Award nominee, 1999; Hugo, Campbell, and Prometheus Awards winner, 2000; Clarke and Locus SF Awards nominee, 2000.

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Обложка книги A Fundação e a Terra A Fundação e a Terra

 Автор: Asimov Isaac

 Серия: Fundação

Golan Trevize, Conselheiro da Primeira Fundação, vê-se diante de uma tarefa assustadora: decidir qual será o futuro da Galáxia. Rejeitando a possibilidade de um Império Galáctico baseado na tecnologia da Primeira Fundação e também a de um Império baseado nos poderes mentais da Segunda Fundação, Trevize escolhe Gaia. O planeta Gaia é um superorganismo, um aglomerado de seres que encontra sua força na unidade mental. Se toda a Humanidade se fundir com Gaia, o resultado será um suprassuperorganismo dedicado ao bem comum, uma entidade que Trevize chama de Galáxia Viva.

Qual, porém, a razão pela qual Trevize foi levado a optar por Gaia em vez de uma das Fundações? Estará relacionada de alguma forma à história do planeta de origem da raça humana, que os antigos chamavam de Terra? Trevize não descansará enquanto não conhecer a resposta. Descobrindo que todas as informações a respeito da Terra desapareceram misteriosamente da Biblioteca Galáctica de Trantor, parte de Gaia em busca do planeta “perdido”. Enquanto ele e seus companheiros, o historiador Janov Pelorat e a linda mulher de Gaia chamada Bliss, viajam de planeta em planeta, enfrentam uma odisseia da qual depende o destino do Império… e da própria Humanidade.

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Обложка книги A Grand Tour A Grand Tour

 Автор: Drake David, Weber David

 Серия: More than Honor

This appendix sketches in some of the salient points of the galaxy into which Honor was born… and which she, willingly or not, was to play a major part in changing forever.

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Обложка книги A Just Determination A Just Determination

 Автор: Hemry John G

 Серия: Paul Sinclair

Обложка книги A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows

 Автор: Anderson Poul

 Серия: Dominic Flandry

Dominic Flandry, troubleshooter for the decaying Terran Empire, returns to the spaceways and becomes tangled up in the well-laid plans of his lifelong enemy, Aycharaych.

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Обложка книги A Martian Odyssey A Martian Odyssey

 Автор: Weinbaum Stanley G

Обложка книги A nagy keresztes hadjárat A nagy keresztes hadjárat

 Автор: Anderson Poul

Idegen űrhajó száll le Angliában a keresztes háborúk idején azzal a céllal, hogy a Föld lakosságát kiirtsák, a használhatóbbakat rabszolgasorba vessék, s a bolygót lakhatóvá tegyék egyre terjeszkedő fajuk számára.

Mivel e világon középkori állapotokat találnak, gyanútlanul és hatalmuk tudatában gondatlanul viselkednek, és ez a vesztüket okozza.

A keresztesek vezére válogatott lovagjaival rajtaüt az űrhajón, s a váratlan támadást siker koronázza. Az idegeneket kardélre hányják, csak egy foglyot hagynak életben, akit megfelelő módszerekkel kényszerítenek rá, hogy beavassa őket az űrhajó működésébe…

És megindul a nagy keresztes hadjárat.

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Обложка книги A Plague of Demons A Plague of Demons

 Автор: Laumer Keith


When John Bravais was sent on a secret mission to observe a war in North Africa he found out more than it was safe for him to know—even after he had secretly been surgically transformed so that he was as strong as a Bolo tank, and nearly as tough: Wolf-like aliens, invisible to the ordinary eye, were harvesting the brains of the fallen fighters! Bravais might have become the Ultimate Warrior, but still he was only one man against A Plague of Demons.

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Обложка книги A Rising Thunder A Rising Thunder

 Автор: Weber David

 Серия: Honor Harrington

The war between the People’s Republic of Haven and the Star Kingdom is finally won and peace established, but grave danger looms — for there is a plan well on its way to completion designed to enslave the entire human species. Behind that plan lies the shadowy organization known as the Mesan Alignment.

Task number one for Honor is to defend against another devastating Mesan strike — a strike that may well spell the doom of the Star Kingdom in one fell blow. It is time to shut down and secure the wormhole network that is the source of the Star Kingdom’s wealth and power — but also its greatest vulnerability. Yet this is an act that the ancient and corrupt Earth-based Solarian League inevitably will take as a declaration of war.

The thunder of battle rolls as the Solarian League directs its massive power against the Star Kingdom. And once again, Honor Harrington is thrust into a desperate battle that she must win if she is to survive to take the fight to the real enemy of galactic freedom — the insidious puppetmasters of war who lurk behind the Mesan Alignment!

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Обложка книги A rose grows in weeds A rose grows in weeds

 Автор: Andrew Saxon

 Серия: Annihilation

Обложка книги A rose grows in weeds A rose grows in weeds

 Автор: Andrew Saxon

 Серия: Annihilation

The New Stars Realm has finally found peace among its members and the worlds are flourishing. However, the danger of the Plant Creatures lies in the future of the Realm and it has been decided not to wait for the world destroyers to come to their front door. The Stars Realm will confront the creatures in their own galaxy and attempt to defeat the millions of huge ships.

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Обложка книги A Second Chance at Eden A Second Chance at Eden

 Автор: Hamilton Peter F

 Серия: Night's Dawn

The stories assembled for this collection are set in the universe of Night’s Dawn trilogy. Now, they form a series of snapshot glimpses into the history of the Confederation leading up to the time of Joshua Calvert and Quinn Dexter. It wasn’t always so.

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Обложка книги A Stone in Heaven A Stone in Heaven

 Автор: Anderson Poul

 Серия: Dominic Flandry

In A Stone in Heaven, Dominic Flandry finds friendship, maybe even love, after many years of being totally alone.

After A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, Flandry’s life stood in ruins. His Emperor, unbeknownst to him at the time, was dead; his sons were incompetent. His love was dead; his son was dead; he didn’t believe in his job any longer, and he’d taken out his biggest adversary.

So, what was left? This book shows the answer: plenty.

The younger son of Hans Molitor now holds the throne in his incompetent grasp, and worse, does not like Flandry. So, although Flandry is now a Vice-Admiral and commands much respect, he isn’t thrown too many assignments. On the other hand, he is able to make his own schedule, so when Miriam Abrams, daughter of mentor Max Abrams (his superior in Ensign Flandry), manages to get to him to point out a major problem on Ramnau, he leaves.

Once again, he finds intrigue and lots of it, problems, and pain. But unlike A Knight of Ghost and Shadows, Flandry this time finds more while he’s solving the mystery. He and Abrams reach an understanding, and more or less pair off by the end of the book. He also helps solve her problem, take out a would-be Emperor candidate, and rehabilitate his image with Emperor Gerhardt (the younger son of Hans Molitor) in the process, so it’s definitely not a wasted trip.

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Обложки нет A Tale from the Dark Side

 Автор: Strayton George

 Серия: Star Wars

Обложки нет A Tale from the Dark Side

 Автор: Strayton George

 Серия: Star Wars

Нумерация в серии «Звездные войны» по Вукипедии http://ru.starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Список_литературы_в_хронологическом_порядке

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Обложка книги A truth of Valor A truth of Valor

 Автор: Huff Tanya

 Серия: Confederation

Обложка книги Abaddon's Gate Abaddon's Gate


 Серия: The Expanse

For generations, the solar system—Mars, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt—was humanity’s great frontier. Until now. The alien artefact working through its program under the clouds of Venus has emerged to build a massive structure outside the orbit of Uranus: a gate that leads into a starless dark.

Jim Holden and the crew of the Rocinante are part of a vast flotilla of scientific and military ships going out to examine the artefact. But behind the scenes, a complex plot is unfolding, with the destruction of Holden at its core. As the emissaries of the human race try to find whether the gate is an opportunity or a threat, the greatest danger is the one they brought with them.

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