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Обложка книги Tails of the Apocalypse Tails of the Apocalypse

 Автор: Savile Steven, Robertson Edward W, Adams David, Gould Deirdre, Bunker Michael, Bruns David, Fallon Harlow C, Bolz Stefan, Ellis Jennifer, Pourteau Chris, Garner Hank, Cole Nick, Giorgi Elena E, Barselow Todd

$1.00 from every copy sold benefits Pets for Vets (http://www.petsforvets.com)

Nobility. Self-Sacrifice. Unconditional Love. These are the qualities of the heroic animals in this collection.

The Walking Dead meets The Incredible Journey in 14 amazing tales by today’s most talented independent authors. Seven stories set in all-new dystopian landscapes. Seven stories set in the bestselling post-apocalyptic worlds of David Adams’s Symphony of War, Michael Bunker’s Pennsylvania, Nick Cole’s Wasteland Saga, Hank Garner’s Weston Files, E.E. Giorgi’s Mayake Chronicles, Deirdre Gould’s After the Cure, and Edward W. Robertson’s Breakers.

When the world ends, the humans who survive will learn an old lesson anew—that friendship with animals can make the difference between a lonely death among the debris and a life well lived, with hope for the future.

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Обложка книги Takedown Takedown

 Автор: OBrien John

 Серия: A New world

The Dice Are Cast…

Death Watches and Waits

The sanctuary walls were breached and through them poured screaming hordes of night runners. About to be overrun, the survivors formed a last stand against the thousands that threatened to end their existence. Inexplicably, the night runners, who were on the verge of taking one of the last vestiges of humanity, departed, carrying the limp body of Lynn with them.

Communications with the compound failed as Jack was out searching for additional survivors, leaving him unaware of what was happening at home. A tragedy sends him rushing back where he learns about the attack and Lynn being taken. Not knowing if she’s alive or dead, he sets off in search for her.

A mysterious image is sent setting forth a confrontation with Sandra, the female night runner responsible for the attack on the sanctuary. Is Lynn alive or is this some elaborate trap? Jack will put everything on the line in order to find out.

When logical reasoning fails…

Insanity must be expected

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Обложка книги Taken Taken

 Автор: OBrien John

 Серия: A New world

Dark clouds gather

A storm is breaking…

With the sanctuary built, there is a respite from the nightly night runner assaults. Jack Walker and the group of survivors have bought themselves a little breathing room. Or have they?

A peaceful daytime outing turns into yet another nightmare sweeping Robert and Bri up with it. The world has changed. Another danger has emerged. Ferocious packs of night runners still prowl at night and Jack must now locate and rescue his kids. With vengeance on his mind, he heads into the heart of an armed camp. Night runners own the night and encircle the encampment. Jack must thread his way through this ring of fire to bring his kids to safety. Will his actions bring safety or invite more harm? With Night runners behind and armed men in front, Jack's skills are pushed to the limit.

Mistakes were made.

Payment is coming….

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Обложка книги Teeth Teeth

 Автор: Robertson Michael

Josh is a fourteen year-old boy living in a world where the global economic recession has led to money being devalued.

Three days ago, his parents went out for supplies. They left Josh and his older brother, Archie, behind.

They haven’t returned.

Their dad always told them to get to their Nan’s if there was ever any trouble. A gang of looters has ransacked their house and set it on fire—the boys decide their current situation is definitely trouble.

Setting out into the streets of London, the boys quickly learn what a world looks like when capitalism has failed.

It isn’t pretty.

What the reviewers say:

This is a slice of terror that takes you into the grim, distributing, dystopian world of Crash

Where to begin. Hmmmmmm……… GRAB this now.

It’s got lots of teeth that bite in and keep you reading, really interesting storyline, great characters and a promise of more to come, what more can one ask for?

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Обложка книги The Aftermath The Aftermath

 Автор: Florman Samuel C

Обложка книги The Book of Joan The Book of Joan

 Автор: Yuknavitch Lidia

The 25 Most Anticipated Books by Women for 2017, Elle Magazine

The 32 Most Exciting Books Coming Out in 2017, BuzzFeed

50 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2017, Nylon Magazine

33 New Books to Read in 2017, The Huffington Post

Most Anticipated, The Great 2017 Book Preview, The Millions

The bestselling author of The Small Backs of Children offers a vision of our near-extinction and a heroine—a reimagined Joan of Arc—poised to save a world ravaged by war, violence, and greed, and forever change history, in this provocative new novel.

In the near future, world wars have transformed the earth into a battleground. Fleeing the unending violence and the planet’s now-radioactive surface, humans have regrouped to a mysterious platform known as CIEL, hovering over their erstwhile home. The changed world has turned evolution on its head: the surviving humans have become sexless, hairless, pale-white creatures floating in isolation, inscribing stories upon their skin.

Out of the ranks of the endless wars rises Jean de Men, a charismatic and bloodthirsty cult leader who turns CIEL into a quasi-corporate police state. A group of rebels unite to dismantle his iron rule—galvanized by the heroic song of Joan, a child-warrior who possesses a mysterious force that lives within her and communes with the earth. When de Men and his armies turn Joan into a martyr, the consequences are astonishing. And no one—not the rebels, Jean de Men, or even Joan herself—can foresee the way her story and unique gift will forge the destiny of an entire world for generations.

A riveting tale of destruction and love found in the direst of places—even at the extreme end of post-human experience—Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Book of Joan raises questions about what it means to be human, the fluidity of sex and gender, and the role of art as a means for survival.


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Обложка книги The Children of Men The Children of Men

 Автор: James P D


In her 12th book, the British author of the two series featuring Adam Dalgleish and Cordelia Gray (Devices and Desires and An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, respectively) poses a premise that chills and darkens its setting in the year 2021. Near the end of the 20th century, for reasons beyond the grasp of modern science, human sperm count went to zero. The last birth occurred in 1995, and in the space of a generation humanity has lost its future. In England, under the rule of an increasingly despotic Warden, the infirm are encouraged to commit group suicide, criminals are exiled and abandoned and immigrants are subjected to semi-legalized slavery. Divorced, middle-aged Oxford history professor Theo Faron, an emotionally constrained man of means and intelligence who is the Warden's cousin, plods through an ordered, bleak existence. But a chance involvement with a group of dissidents moves him onto unexpected paths, leading him, in the novel's compelling second half, toward risk, commitment and the joys and anguish of love. In this convincingly detailed world—where kittens are (illegally) christened, sex has lost its allure and the arts have been abandoned—James concretely explores an unthinkable prospect. Readers should persevere through the slow start, for the rewards of this story, including its reminder of the transforming power of hope, are many and lasting. 125,000 first printing; BOMC main selection. Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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Обложка книги The Chrysalids The Chrysalids

 Автор: Wyndham John

The Chyrsalids is set in the future after a devastating global nuclear war. David, the young hero of the novel, lives in a tight-knit community of religious and genetic fundamentalists, always on the alert for any deviation from the norm of God’s creation. Abnormal plants are publicly burned, with much singing of hymns. Abnormal humans (who are not really human) are also condemned to destruction—unless they succeed in fleeing to the Fringes, that Wild Country where, as the authorities say, nothing is reliable and the devil does his work. David grows up ringed by admonitions: KEEP PURE THE STOCK OF THE LORD; WATCH THOU FOR THE MUTANT.

At first he does not question. Then, however, he realizes that the he too is out of the ordinary, in possession of a power that could doom him to death or introduce him to a new, hitherto unimagined world of freedom.

The Chrysalids is a perfectly conceived and constructed work form the classic era of science fiction, a Voltairean philosophical tale that has as much resonance in our own day, when religious and scientific dogmatism are both on the march, as when it was written during the cold war.


“One of the most thoughtful post-apocalypse novels ever written. Wyndham was a true English visionary, a William Blake with a science doctorate.”

— David Mitchell

“Sometimes you just need a bit of soft-core sci-fi, and Wyndham’s 1950’s classic, newly back in print, fully delivers.”

Thicket Magazine

“It is quite simply a page-turner, maintaining suspense to the very end and vividly conjuring the circumstances of a crippled and menacing world, and of the fear and sense of betrayal that pervade it. The ending, a salvation of an extremely dubious sort, leaves the reader pondering how truly ephemeral our version of civilization is…”

The Boston Globe

“[Wyndham] was responsible for a series of eerily terrifying tales of destroyed civilisations; created several of the twentieth century's most imaginative monsters; and wrote a handful of novels that are rightly regarded as modern classics.”

The Observer (London)

“Science fiction always tells you more about the present than the future. John Wyndham's classroom favourite might be set in some desolate landscape still to come, but it is rooted in the concerns of the mid-1950s. Published in 1955, it's a novel driven by the twin anxieties of the cold war and the atomic bomb… Fifty years on, when our enemy has changed and our fear of nuclear catastrophe has subsided, his analysis of our tribal instinct is as pertinent as ever.”

The Guardian (London)

“[A]bsolutely and completely brilliant…The Chrysalids is a top-notch piece of sci-fi that should be enjoyed for generations yet to come.”

The Ottawa Citizen

“John Wyndham’s novel The Chrysalids is a famous example of 1950s Cold War science fiction, but its portrait of a community driven to authoritarian madness by its overwhelming fear of difference - in this case, of genetic mutations in the aftermath of nuclear war—finds its echoes in every society.”

The Scotsman

“The Chrysalids comes heart-wrenchingly close to being John Wyndham's most powerful and profound work.”

— SFReview.net

Re-Birth (The Chrysalids) was one of the first science fiction novels I read as a youth, and several times tempted me to take a piggy census. Returning to it now, more than 30 years later, I find that I remember vast parts of it with perfect clarity… a book to kindle the joy of reading science fiction.”

— SciFi.com

“A remarkably tender story of a post-nuclear childhood… It has, of course, always seemed a classic to most of its three generations of readers…It has become part of a canon of good books.”

The Guardian, September 15, 2000

Perfect timing, astringent humour… One of the few authors whose compulsive readability is a compliment to the intelligence Spectator Remains fresh and disturbing in an entirely unexpected way Guardian

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Обложка книги The City of Devi The City of Devi

 Автор: Suri Manil

From the author of The Death of Vishnu, “a big, pyrotechnic… ambitious… ingenious” (Wall Street Journal) novel.

Mumbai has emptied under the threat of imminent nuclear annihilation; gangs of marauding Hindu and Muslim thugs rove the desolate streets; yet Sarita can think of only one thing: buying the last pomegranate that remains in perhaps the entire city. She is convinced that the fruit holds the key to reuniting her with her physicist husband, Karun, who has been mysteriously missing for more than a fortnight.

Searching for his own lover in the midst of this turmoil is Jaz—cocky, handsome, and glib. “The Jazter,” as he calls himself, is Muslim, but his true religion has steadfastly been sex with men. Dodging danger at every step, both he and Sarita are inexorably drawn to Devi ma, the patron goddess who has reputedly appeared in person to save her city. What they find will alter their lives more fundamentally than any apocalypse to come.

A wickedly comedic and fearlessly provocative portrayal of individuals balancing on the sharp edge of fate, The City of Devi brilliantly upends assumptions of politics, religion, and sex, and offers a terrifying yet exuberant glimpse of the end of the world.

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Обложка книги The Darkest Path The Darkest Path

 Автор: Hirsch Jeff

USA TODAY bestselling author Jeff Hirsch once again creates a futuristic world with stunning, dramatic realism.

A civil war rages between the Glorious Path—a militant religion based on the teachings of a former US soldier—and what’s left of the US government. Fifteen-year-old Callum Roe and his younger brother, James, were captured and forced to convert six years ago. Cal has been working in the Path’s dog kennels, and is very close to becoming one of the Path’s deadliest secret agents. Then Cal befriends a stray dog named Bear and kills a commander who wants to train him to be a vicious attack dog. This sends Cal and Bear on the run, and sets in motion a series of incredible events that will test Cal’s loyalties and end in a fierce battle that the fate of the entire country rests on.

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Обложка книги The Dawn: The Bombs Fall The Dawn: The Bombs Fall

 Автор: Muckley Michelle

 Серия: The Dawn

Zachary Christian is Delta Tower resident 8652. He has been stuck inside his tower since the bombs destroyed the world he knew. The reason for the war is still a mystery, but ever since that day the world stands still, trapped by the nuclear winter and the Guardians who patrol the exits. Zachary should feel lucky to be alive, but he is haunted by past mistakes which he never got a chance to put right.

The only way out is the New Omega Lottery. The prize is a place in Omega, a giant glass tower in the centre of their barren world where the new government, The Conservators, rule. Nobody from Delta has ever won. But when Zachary meets Emily he knows she is not from Delta. Convinced there must be another way out, he vows that he will find it. But he doesn’t realise that The Conservators have already found him.

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Обложка книги The Day After Oblivion The Day After Oblivion

 Автор: Washburn Tim


In the United States, the Department of Defense and the NSA computer networks have been hacked. A nuclear-armed CIA drone has lost all flight control. North Korea… Iran… Russia… and soon the gates of Hell will open.


Humanity’s most terrifying nightmare has become reality. Bombs are detonated, missiles are launched, counterstrikes are ordered, and within minutes, untold thousands of megatons have left countless millions dead or dying. Devastation of biblical proportions has fallen over the land… and the USA has been hit the hardest.


The death toll is incalculable. Following the devastation, there is no law, no power, no communication. But there are survivors. And now the real battle begins, on the ground, hand to hand, person to person. Can those who remain survive long enough to rebuild a world… or will it just take a little longer for them to die?

“Leaves you breathless.”

—Marc Cameron, bestselling author of National Security and Day Zero

“Like a nuclear reactor, this story heats up fast!”

—Anderson Harp, author of Retribution and Born of War (on Powerless)
About the Author

Tim Washburn graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Journalism and currently lives in Edmond, Oklahoma.

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Обложка книги The Demise of Humanity The Demise of Humanity

 Автор: Miller Jayme L

 Серия: The Demise of Humanity

The world came to an abrupt pause and what came next forever changed the world. My parents, gone. My friends, gone. Everyone gone, except were they really, gone? Day’s ticked by moving forward but when the sun descended, and darkness crept in; something dangerous, hungry and terrifyingly manic arose. I wanted to hide away but a strong pulling sensation left me no choice. I was needed and to survive I would have to face my fears. I would have to leave the old me behind and enter a world full of unknowns. Through pain and darkness, I emerged and became something new. Would I be able to save them before it was too late? Before they met their demise…

I woke with a start and felt pain and agony spread through my body like nothing I’ve ever felt. My body was burning from the inside. A fire flowed through me like a raging river. The fire racing through every vein in my body. My heart was a bomb. Only this bomb was set on repeat, exploding over and over. My entire body was being blown to pieces. The pain was unreal and worse than any nightmare I could have imagined. A steady stream of blood drained out of my nose, eyes and ears. I coughed, and blood exited my mouth. I knew this wasn’t good. I was dying, slowly and painfully death had come for me. Then for the briefest moment in time, came complete darkness and paralysis. I felt nothing. I was nothing. I longed for these moments. I didn’t know where I was or how long it had been. I only knew I was alone and longed for an ending…

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Обложка книги The Doomsday Bunker The Doomsday Bunker

 Автор: Johnstone William W, Johnstone J A

From the bestselling authors of Black Friday, Tyranny, and Stand Your Ground comes a shattering novel of the last days of civilization—and the final battle for humanity…


Six weeks ago, former US Marine Patrick Larkin purchased shares in a massive high-tech, state of the art underground missile silo for his family. It was a decision based on easing his wildest, most unimaginable nuclear fears. But then reality strikes with devastating suddenness, razing cities in a searing flash across the nation, all of it witnessed by terrified Americans on TV and the Internet. No one knows who pulled the trigger. No one knows if the last day on Earth will ever end. But Larkin and his family are the lucky ones—or so they think…

Holed up in their fortified sanctuary, with a maximum capacity of three hundred people, the bunker is pushed to its limits—and so are the people locked inside. Tensions rise. Panic erupts. Outside, armed marauders surround the bunker—and they want in. Larkin has to convince the others they must work together as a team to survive. And they must kill without mercy to stay alive…


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Обложка книги The End The End

 Автор: Hopf G Michael

 Серия: The New World

For Gordon Van Zandt life once was one of duty and loyalty to his country, so when 9/11 happened he dropped out of college and joined the Marine Corps. This youthful idealism vanished one fateful day in a war torn city in Iraq. Ten years later, he is still struggling with the ghosts of his past but must now face a new reality thrust on him and his family. North America, Europe and the Far East have all suffered a devastating Super-EMP attack that has caused catastrophic damage to the power grids and all electrical devices. With nothing working from cars to phones and with the total collapse of the economic infrastructure, Gordon must fight for the limited and fast dwindling resources. He knows survival requires action and cooperation with his neighbors. As daily life continues to break down so does all sense of civility within his community. With each passing day Gordon makes choices that would seem extreme in today’s world but necessary in this new world.

About the Author

G. Michael Hopf is a former U.S. Marine and bodyguard. For years he has studied and researched the effects of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack on the United States. From his research he was shocked by the level of devastation that would befall the country. He wanted to bring awareness to this real threat by creating the world of Gordon Van Zandt in “The End” where this type of weapon is unleashed and a fight for survival ensues. He lives with his family in San Diego, CA.

Feel free to contact the author with any questions or comments at geoff@gmichaelhopf.com

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Обложка книги The End Is Nigh The End Is Nigh

 Автор: Marshall M J

 Серия: The End Is Nigh

Kill or be killed. Take or be taken. These are the only choices now.

One time politician Elizabeth Clarke has put her career on hold to start a family. A decision which ultimately saved her life. On a day when she should have been attending parliament. Instead, she was at home doing the ironing with her sleeping daughter upstairs. That was when the warnings came. There wasn’t much time to prepare.

An attack on the country and possibly the world has forever changed the landscape of their lives. Unequipped and uninformed Lizzy must learn the hard way what it is she needs to do in order to survive.

Without power or protection, the family of two begin their journey across a lawless Britain to find her loved ones. If they are still alive.

(Some swearing, some sex, some violence.)

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Обложка книги The Fall The Fall

 Автор: Ford Devon C

 Серия: Burning Skies

The first in the multi-author, post-apocalyptic blockbuster series.

Cal’s ‘honeymoon’ didn’t start off quite how he’d planned. For starters, he was heading somewhere he didn’t actually want to go. And secondly, he was going alone and unmarried. He had no idea that his first visit to New York City would also land him in the middle of a domestic terror attack, forcing him to flee Manhattan in a desperate bid to survive.

This was no ordinary terror attack.

The Movement, in a misguided attempt to seize political control of the USA, unwittingly invited the destruction of their homeland, and as the bombs start to fall, the shock and loss of life reverberates around the world.

Cal, along with a small group he met in NYC, desperately flees inland away from the targeted coastal cities, but chaos follows them around every corner.

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Обложка книги The Final Day The Final Day

 Автор: Forstchen William R

 Серия: John Matherson

The highly-anticipated follow-up to William R. Forstchen’s New York Times bestsellers, One Second After and One Year After, The Final Day immerses readers once more in the story of our nation’s struggle to rebuild itself after an electromagnetic pulse wipes out all electricity and plunges the country into darkness, starvation, and terror.

After defeating the designs of the alleged federal government, John Matherson and his community have returned their attention to restoring the technologies and social order that existed prior to the EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) attack. Then the government announces that it’s ceding large portions of the country to China and Mexico. The Constitution is no longer in effect, and what’s left of the U.S. Army has been deployed to suppress rebellion in the remaining states.

The man sent to confront John is General Bob Scales, John’s old commanding officer and closest friend from prewar days. Will General Scales follow orders, or might he be the crucial turning point in the quest for an America that is again united? As the dubious Federal government increasingly curtails liberty and trades away sovereignty, it might just get exactly what it fears: revolution.

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Обложка книги The Final Expedition The Final Expedition

 Автор: Smith Alexander

Max Carter, a young dotcom millionaire, is a space tourist enjoying his stay on the International Space Station. His euphoria rapidly turns to horror as he witnesses the surface of the Earth devastated by nuclear strikes. Stranded on the station, Carter together with the five multinational crewmembers of Expedition 79 are faced with a seemingly hopeless situation. The crew must overcome challenges of dwindling supplies, a disastrous collision with space debris, a fire on board, a crewman with murderous intentions and keeping their very sanity in the face of overwhelming adversity.

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Обложка книги The Final Winter The Final Winter

 Автор: Wright Iain Rob

 Серия: The Final Winter

Critically acclaimed début novel of bestselling author, Iain Rob Wright. #1 Bestseller in Horror Fiction and Apocalyptic Fiction with hundreds of 5 star reviews.


It’s snowing…


Over every inch of the Earth…

But that’s just the start…


When grieving alcoholic Harry Jobson starts his latest beer, he expects to end the night face-down in vomit like he does every night—but that was before the strange snowstorm started. Instead, he finds himself trapped inside his local pub, The Trumpet, with an odd group of strangers. Recent news reports claim that the snow is falling in every country of the world. But that’s impossible…


The truth is too frightening to admit, but when the body of a mangled boy crashes through the window, Harry is forced to sober up and take charge. Something sinister lurks outside in the snow, and those inside are keeping terrible secrets.

Iain Rob Wright’s debut novel is a masterclass of fear and suspense, sure to please horror fans everywhere. If you love the dark, mysterious tales of Stephen King or the claustrophobic terror of Brian Keene, you will love The Final Winter.


Seven additional short stories set during the events of The Final Winter, plus one additional stand-alone tale: THE PEELING OF SAMUEL LLOYD COLLINS


“Iain Rob Wright is sick and twisted.”

– David Moody, author of Autumn and the Hater series

“Iain Rob Wright scares the hell out of me.”

– J. A. Konrath, author of Origins and Afraid

“A Master of the genre.”

– Matt Shaw, author of the Black Cover books.

“Cuddle up to this novel and it might rip your throat out. A fun, thrilling read!”

– David T. Wilbanks - Co-author of Dead Earth: The Vengeance Road

“One of the BEST horror books I have read in YEARS!”

– Eric S. Brown, author of Last Stand in a Dead Land

“Iain Rob Wright brings true excitement to the horror genre, with wholly original stories and characters to route for.”

– Ryan C. Thomas, author of Hissers, Rating’s Game, and Origin of Pain

“Iain Rob Wright is a champion of the genre, an author who could build tension, atmosphere, and genuine dread out of a delicate snowflake.”

– Aaron Dries, award-winning author of House of Sighs
Categories for The Final Winter

• haunted houses and ghost novels

• apocalyptic fiction

• supernatural books

• survival horror

• snow horror

• spooky horror novels

About the Author

Published author, Iain Rob Wright, was born in 1984 and lives in Redditch, a small town in the United Kingdom. He is the author of several novels, including the highly acclaimed, The Final Winter, and the deeply disturbing thriller, ASBO.

You can find him on Facebook or visit his website at iainrobwright.com

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