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Обложка книги Rabid Rabid

 Автор: Bouchard J W

Taylor and Carl Mitchell are brothers who have taken wildly divergent paths in life. But when a mysterious virus transforms most of the Earth’s population into bloodthirsty lunatics, they must learn to trust each other and work together in a dangerous new world where the slightest misstep could lead to the ultimate consequence.

The brothers must face their innermost fears and confront loss as they try to survive the long journey home. But will anyone be there waiting for them?

Sometimes there isn’t a happy ending.

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Обложка книги Reaper's Legacy Reaper's Legacy

 Автор: Lebbon Tim

 Серия: Toxic City

Heroes and monsters clash with government forces in an apocalyptic London.

Two years after London is struck by a devastating terrorist attack, it is cut off from the world, protected by a large force of soldiers (known as Choppers), while those in the rest of Britain believe that their ex-capital is now a toxic, uninhabited wasteland.

Jack and his friends know that the truth is very different. The handful of survivors in London are developing strange, fantastic powers. Evolving. Meanwhile, the Choppers treat the ruined city as their own experimental playground. Jack’s own developing powers are startling and frightening, though he is determined to save his father, the brutal man with a horrific power who calls himself Reaper. Jack must also find their friend Lucy-Anne, who went north to find her brother.

What Lucy-Anne discovers is terrifying-people evolving into monstrous things and the knowledge that a nuclear bomb has been set to destroy what’s left of London. And the clock is ticking.

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Обложка книги Redemption Redemption

 Автор: Hayes Ever N

 Серия: 2020

Forty-nine states are no more. Nearly two years after Qi Jia’s annihilating chemical attacks, only a few thousand Americans remain—most of them living under the cover of Hawaii’s Shield. The Shield is impenetrable. Supplies are limited but sufficient. The survivors have everything they need, and there is no reason to leave the islands.

Until a threat emerges from within. Until the survivors make a discovery they cannot ignore. Until a friend becomes an enemy and forces some who risked their lives coming here… to consider risking them again to go back.

Stay or go? That is the question.

The answer depends on what you have to lose.

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Обложка книги Refuse Refuse

 Автор: Bunker Michael

 Серия: The Silo Archipelago

Leah is a picker. It’s her job to sift through the refuse and waste of the silo and sort it for recycling. On her own time, Leah loves to make homemade paper and she lives to write stories. She just happens to be living in an underground silo full of mysteries and questions, in a dystopian world that has been destroyed by mankind… and the two things she loves to do most are both illegal.

REFUSE is a short story of about 10k words (about 60 pages) that takes place in the world of Hugh Howey’s bestselling WOOL saga. It is the first of a three part series that will make up The Silo Archipelago. The completed The Silo Archipelago omnibus edition is available in one single volume, both as an e-book, and in a print edition. Written with Hugh’s permission, Refuse examines the issues of control, tyranny, and censorship through the lens of history. Throughout time, dissident writers have used paper and words as weapons of war against both governments and really bad ideas. REFUSE, in the spirit of A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch and The Gulag Archipelago, examines what would happen if there were literary dissidents in the silos of Hugh Howey’s WOOL.

The entire The Silo Archipelago series has now been combined into a single Omnibus edition, here: amzn.to/11kDzml


“Bunker’s onto something here, I think. He’s found a niche that remains unexplored in the silo, both in Howey’s silos and in the other fan-fiction stories that have followed—he’s zooming in, nice and tight, on the hearts and minds of the overlooked authors of the uprisings. The picker community that he’s created—that is, the ranks of people who recycle the silo’s trash, and from it pluck paper material to write their manifestos on—is a fascinating place, dark but full of unfettered hope. REFUSE is a killer first entry in a series that I can’t wait to follow further.”

~ Jason Gurley, Amazon.com Bestselling author of the GREATFALL series.
From the Author

The Silo Archipelago is a bestselling serialized short novel, set in the world of Hugh Howey’s WOOL (by Mr. Howey’s permission,) and originally written and released in three parts. The three parts have now been combined into a single print (and e-book) omnibus version entitled THE SILO ARCHIPELAGO which is now available.

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Обложка книги Reset Reset

 Автор: Druga Jacqueline

 Серия: Salvation

The population pushes ten billion people. The future is bleak. Scientists have determined that if the population continues at its current rate of acceleration, global resources will be depleted in a generation.

Earth’s sixth extinction does not include the human race. Something needs to be done.

In an attempt to control and decrease population, a mutated form of the measles is released. As a precaution, an assurance plan is placed in motion.

A sampling of mankind is hidden away in a protective bunker, placed in stasis where they will sleep through the entire event. They are set to awaken one year later to a perfectly balanced world.

Not all goes as planned.

Sadly, only a few survive the stasis process.

Nora Lane and Jason Rudolph are two of those who survive. When they wake, like the other survivors, neither of them remember how they got there and why.

All they know is they must get out.

A countdown clock on the door winds down to something.

They are ill-prepared for what they will face when that door opens.

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Обложка книги Resistance Resistance

 Автор: Stephenson Richard

 Серия: New America

Eighteen months after the Collapse of 2027, the former United States is divided. On one side is the evil and tyrannical Unified American Empire, controlled by President Simon Sterling, the man responsible for the death of the last legitimate president, Malcolm Powers. On the other side, President Howard Beck controls the Pacific States of America, the last hope for democracy and freedom. The two adversaries become embroiled in a bitter game of deception, betrayal, and espionage while battling an even more imposing menace that could easily destroy the very nation they are both desperately fighting to control.

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Обложка книги Resistance: An Extinction Cycle Novella Resistance: An Extinction Cycle Novella

 Автор: Maxwell D C

At an isolated military academy in the mountains of Colorado, Grace Walker and a small group of cadets fight to survive when the Hemorrhage Virus reaches the campus.

Grace, the daughter of a Marine sniper who taught her how to protect herself knows the secrets of the emergency shelter at the Edgar Military Academy. She’s suspected for a long time that it was built as a bunker for someone other than the cadets. She’s about to get some answers to her questions.

Six cadets, ranging in age from fifteen to eighteen, take refuge in the shelter with Grace. Senior cadet, Luke Matthews’ uncle, Dr. Mike Matthews, works at the CDC. He promised to send someone to rescue Luke, his younger sister, Megan, and any other cadets in the shelter. Until rescue arrives the seven of them fight the infected and rescue other survivors who hid in the buildings on campus the night of the attack.

Surrounded by the infected, and cut off from the rest of the country, they’re unaware that the infection has nearly wiped out humanity.

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Обложка книги Return Return

 Автор: OBrien John

 Серия: A New world

Safety is the dream.

Nightmare is the reality. A nightmare where danger lurks around every corner.

Jack Walker, journeyed half way around the world and completed his daring rescue. He must now return home, traversing a world filled with endless hordes of night runners; the genetically altered, ferocious species that now inhabit the dark recesses left over from the demise of mankind and now dominate the planet. The only things more dominate are the billions of corpses left to rot where they died.

It is through this world that Jack must use his special forces training to lead a small group of survivors back home to where there is the faint hope of sanctuary. His training is pushed to the limits as he is confronted with situation after situation coming face to face with the night runners. He must walk that delicate, fine edge between action and keeping his kids out of harm's way; between taking risks and turning away as he continues his quest for survival.

Never having walked away from risky situations, Jack must now carefully weigh his decisions as the stakes are much higher. His kids' very safety hangs in the balance, along with the safety of the few remaining survivors. This gripping, action-packed tale tells Jack's story of survival in a post-apocalyptic world filled with peril.

Safety is the dream.

Nightmare is the reality. Those who have survived remember a time when the dream was the reality. But now, the world has moved on.

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Обложка книги Revelation Revelation

 Автор: West Kyle

 Серия: The Wasteland Chronicles

Alex and friends return to a Wasteland in turmoil. The Raiders are scattered, the Exiles hunted, and the feuding Vegas gangs plot one another’s destruction. Makara, head of the New Angels, has the difficult task of convincing disparate groups to work together before Emperor Augustus and his legions arrive.

But while humanity fights amongst itself, the Great Blight prepares its final onslaught — and at the center of it all, there is a secret that could spell the end of the invasion. It is a revelation only Alex can discover — and it might cost him everything.

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