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Обложка книги Healer's Choice Healer's Choice

 Автор: Strong Jory

 Серия: Ghostland

The author of Spider-Touched and Ghostland continues her tale of a postapocalyptic world where the afterlife has come to life...

Born into a world of violence and paid-for sex, Rebekka longs for a family of her own and dreams of freeing those trapped in the shapeshifter brothels of the red zone. A witch's prophecy claims she'll one day use her gift to heal the Weres made outcast by their mixed human-animal forms.

But Rebekka knows that everything comes at a cost. A plea to save five children sends her into the arms of Aryck, a Jaguar enforcer—and into territory controlled by pure Weres. It's a place where humans and outcasts aren't welcomed, where plague threatens and the fate of the Weres hangs in the balance. And where the choices Rebekka and Aryck make are paid for with their hearts...if not their souls.

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Обложка книги Healing Healing

 Автор: Druga Jacqueline

 Серия: The Flu

A deadly flu pandemic has decimated humanity. Now, the remaining twenty percent of the population must rise from the ashes to rebuild.

The losses are great and no one is immune to the residual heartache that lingers in the air of the barren cities.

Life goes on.

Mick Owens, struggling to come to terms with his own grief, takes his surviving young sons away from their hometown and the memories it holds. But their short trip to clear their minds turns ugly when the world outside of Lodi Ohio isn’t what they expected and they become separated.

In a world without communication and power, a land without law and order, Mick desperately follows the trail in search of his missing sons. But in his attempts to find them, he discovers that even in a barren world, the danger of extinction still exists as another threat, one even bigger than the flu, is on the horizon.

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Обложка книги Hell Divers Hell Divers

 Автор: Smith Nicholas Sansbury

 Серия: Hell Divers

Centuries after World War III, humanity lives on massive airships circling the globe. Enter the Hell Divers—men and women who scavenge the surface for parts that keep their homes in the air. But there’s something down there—something that threatens the fragile future of humanity.

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Обложка книги Highrise Hell Highrise Hell

 Автор: Robertson Michael

 Серия: Crash

Crash II: Highrise Hell — A post-apocalyptic / dystopian thriller.


21st century society has been rendered obsolete and London has fallen into the hands of violent gangs.

George had begun to question his membership in the gang of murderers and rapists but now that blood coats his hands, he can feel his humanity slipping away.

All he wants to do is leave, but the leader of the gang is his psychotic brother-in-law and the only one who knows where George’s pregnant sister is being kept. With just a few weeks left until she gives birth, George knows that leaving the gang now would mean condemning her and the child to the life he wants to escape.

Not sure if his sister even is still alive but more than aware of the truck full of innocent women suffering as the behaviour of the gang plummets to new levels of depravity, George questions just how far he can let it go—or who he should try to save—before he walks away.

With time running out, George needs to make a decision between his family and his conscience.

Whichever decision he makes, someone will suffer.

What the reviewers say:

A scary look into what could happen to this World

Once I started I couldn’t put it down

This is one of the best post apocalyptic books I have read and I look forward to the next volume.

I read this book in one sitting—couldn’t put it down. This guy really has a way with words, I will be looking up some more of his writing next! Highly recommend!

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Обложка книги Host Host

 Автор: Hunter Faith

 Серия: Thorn St Croix

In a post-apocalyptic ice age, neomage Thorn St. Croix was nearly driven insane by her powers. She lived as a fugitive, disguised as a human and married to a human man, channeling her gifts for war into stone-magery. When she was discovered, her friends and neighbors accepted her, but warily. Not so the mage who arrives from the Council of Seraphs, who could be her greatest ally-or her most dangerous foe. And when it's revealed that her long-gone sister, Rose, is still alive, Thorn must make a choice-and risk her own life in the process.

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