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Обложка книги Fallen Into Darkness Fallen Into Darkness

 Автор: Cesaro Roman

After much of humanity is destroyed in a massive collision, fellow survivors manage to band together and fight for survival. How will these survivors react when they discover society has been drug down into the dark ages and is full of chaos and disorder? Will the few that remain return humanity to what was once greatness? Fallen into Darkness is a harrowing tale of survival, struggle, and morality in a post-apocalyptic world.

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Обложка книги Fallout Fallout

 Автор: Druga Jacqueline

 Серия: Burning Skies

The second in the multi-author, post-apocalyptic blockbuster series.

Detention camps, curfews, food shortages, and a deadly virus… and that’s only the beginning.

America is in turmoil. The running of the country has been completely taken over. Thousands of people have been detained, many still suffering the effects of the bombings, and with no release in sight.

When local farmer, Joe, finds his town overrun with foreign soldiers, he immediately begins to stockpile his produce, preparing for what might come. Workers arrive to take over the running of his farm, but he eventually discovers something more sinister at play.

On the other side of the country, Cal is facing his own problems and must make a difficult decision that could put his life in danger.

There are whispers of a resistance in the air, but what will the cost be?

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Обложка книги Famished Famished

 Автор: Hammond Lauren R

There is no United States. There is no world. An asteroid has destroyed what the human race knew as earth and The Great Famine has wiped out most of the surviving human population. For the few remaining survivors, food is scarce—precious—a luxury. A luxury that most humans can't find.

Seventeen year old Georgina Carver is fortunate. She's survived the destruction. She eats three times a day while the rest of humanity is plagued by The Great Famine. And she's safe, hidden away in an underground colony with her family and several other families of survivors.

All of that changes the day she's randomly selected to be a gatherer. Georgina must leave her safe yet simple world and venture out into a world unknown. A vast, dangerous, destroyed world that could literally eat her alive.

After Georgina is severely injured, her life begins to fall apart. She can't remember how she got home or what happened to her while she was on the new earth. The boy she is crushing on avoids her and she keeps having visions that involve an unknown person with violet eyes.

As Georgina begins to unravel the truth, it doesn't take her long to figure out that maybe her safe yet simple life isn't that safe at all.

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Обложка книги Fear the Dead: A Zombie Apocalypse Book Fear the Dead: A Zombie Apocalypse Book

 Автор: Lewis Jack

 Серия: Fear the Dead

Kyle Vauss wanders alone across the ruins of England trying to block out his past. If he can't, he'll never be able to shut out the memory of his wife getting torn to shreds by the infected. Fifteen years ago the world fell apart. By day the zombie infected swarm the streets, and at night the stalkers come out of their nests to kill. Mankind is on the brink of extinction. When a teenager called Justin tricks Kyle into taking him along, Kyle has to learn to trust others, and himself, again. He doesn't want to face his past, but there are some things that you can't turn away from. A gripping story of survival that zombie apocalypse fans will love.

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Обложка книги Fight Like a Man Fight Like a Man

 Автор: Akers L L

 Серия: SHTF

As a prepper, Grayson Rowan was prepared for almost anything; anything other than being totally alone when the sh*t hits the fan.

While he sat back and watched the United States rattle swords with Korea, play chicken with Russia, and strong-arm China, he felt sure if the lights went out, that he and his family would be ready and safe—whether it was due to a natural disaster or a man-made event. They had everything they needed at their homestead.

What he wasn’t prepared for, was his family not being home if it ever happened.

Olivia Rowan is with her sisters, Gabby and Emma, on a girls-only trip to Myrtle Beach. When chaos erupts and there’s no gas, their journey home is a nightmare, filled with predators and danger—and apparently, Olivia hadn’t learned a thing her husband tried to teach her.

When your neighbors run out of food and water, and turn on each other, what will you do?

Jake, a country boy mechanic, never believed in TEOTWAWKI, but he’d heard his brother-in-law preach about it many times. He knew what to do; but he didn’t prepare. He lazily left it all up to Grayson—he was the prepper after all. When catastrophe strikes, will he continue to keep his head stuck in the sand while his clueless neighbors destroy each other, and his wife is stuck out on the road; or will he stand up and fight like a man?

And if you’re alone? Bug in or Bug out?

Graysie Rowan, a freshman at University, just wants to go home. When no word comes from the government, and the state capital is overrun with looters, chaos and mayhem, the college administration puts the students on lock-down. But her dad, Grayson, had prepared her for this. Now, if she can only remember what it was he said to do…

If they want to survive this post-apocalyptic event, they’ll all have to learn to fight like a man.

The end came not with boots on the ground, nuclear weapons or an EMP. It snuck in with a quiet clatter at the back door and flipped the switch, covering the states in darkness and sending this family on three divergent paths that ultimately lead home. When they collide in this surreal and gripping family drama, it won’t be without bullets and bloodshed.

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Обложка книги Fighting Rough Fighting Rough

 Автор: Westfield Ryan

 Серия: The EMP

Who could you trust if society fell?

Winter is in full force. Freezing temperatures and heavy snow present new threats. But there’s more to surviving than just weathering the elements.

Out alone, James spots a man he recognizes from the compound. Does it mean they’re being hunted down? Or is it mere coincidence?

Max knows his group is a target. There are people who want them dead merely for revenge. Others want their radios, their guns, and their supplies. He thought they were hidden, but he should have known better.

John and Cynthia were hoping that Max’s group would give them the security they’ve been craving. Now, with certain danger approaching, do they make a final stand with their new group? Or do they strike out on their own through the treacherous conditions?

Fighting Rough is book 5 of The EMP, a post-apocalyptic survival thriller series. It deals with real people fighting for their survival every inch of the way.

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Обложка книги Final Chaos Final Chaos

 Автор: Westfield Ryan

 Серия: Surviving

When society falls, how hard will you fight?

They expected the solar flare, not the EMP. Now the lights are off and chaos is brewing. It’s only a matter of time before violence erupts.

Jim owns a small electronics repair store in Rochester, NY. He quickly realizes the reality of the situation. He grabs his emergency kit, planning to get across town to his wife. But finding her among the chaos proves almost impossible. And if he does get to her, where will they find shelter?

Rob’s been Jim’s friend since grade school. He’s the kind of guy who’s always between jobs but has a big heart. When the lights go out, he doesn’t know whether to believe Jim or not. After all, he’s got a job interview that he needs to get to. What will it take to convince him this is serious?

Jessica’s an independent young woman. In the short term, she knows she can take care of herself. But as the chaos grows, will she be able to learn to work with others in order to survive?

Final Chaos is book 1 of Surviving, a post-apocalyptic survival thriller series. It deals with real people fighting for their lives every inch of the way.

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Обложка книги Final Panic Final Panic

 Автор: Westfield Ryan

 Серия: Surviving

When society begins to unravel, there’s no putting it back together.

Jim and the others have made it to the lake house. They have some supplies, and they’re still alive. But that doesn’t mean they’re safe.

Rationing the food is necessary, and the meager portions are beginning to take their toll. Imagining hunger and fatigue is one thing, but living it is another. Can they survive like this long term?

What happens now that the hoards are fleeing the cities, looking for shelter? The lake appealed to Jim, and that means it will appeal to others. How many will invade, and how hard will they fight?

Jim knows they need to strengthen their defenses, to deal with the coming onslaught, but they’re getting weaker and more desperate by the day as it is. What will it take to save them?

Final Panic is book 2 of Surviving, a post-apocalyptic survival thriller series. It deals with real people fighting for their lives every inch of the way.

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Обложка книги Finding Shelter Finding Shelter

 Автор: Westfield Ryan

 Серия: The EMP


With a child on the way, Max makes the toughest decision he’s ever made. He leaves home. And now he doesn’t know if he’ll make it back.

Without proper medical care, Mandy hopes that she’ll deliver her baby without complications.

When her daughter goes missing, Georgia must leave camp once again. She has the courage and determination to find her, but she doesn’t even know which direction to head in.

Finding Shelter is book 8 of The EMP, a post-apocalyptic survival thriller series. It deals with real people fighting for their survival every inch of the way.

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Обложка книги Fire Hides Everywhere Fire Hides Everywhere

 Автор: Feeld Julian

Fire Hides Everywhere is a speculative fiction novel exploring a question central to identity: do we exist beyond our subject positions? Following an apocalypse in which all except those just born or about to die disappeared, Julian Feeld’s novel sets out to explore the eternal Buddhist question: “Who is born? Who dies?” As the young are left to define their ‘selves’ untethered, an old man begins to enlist them as placeholders for those no longer present. When he suffers a violent stroke and loses his capacities as a caregiver, he continues to operate structurally in the lives of the young people left to fend for themselves, begging the question: do structures live on beyond the lives of those inhabiting them?

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Обложка книги Fire in the Ashes Fire in the Ashes

 Автор: Johnstone William Wallace

 Серия: The Ashes

Destroyed by the fires of nuclear holocaust, our once great nation is in shambles. Life as we know it is no more. But among the survivors stands Ben Raines, retired soldier, mercenary, and the only man alive trained to lead the Resistance into a visionary new America.

But the Rebels’ greatest adversary—our own government—forces Raines and his army into bloody guerilla combat—and an unavoidable civil war. Now, as brother turns against brother, an even greater peril is thrown into the pot: a new, indestructible breed of post-apocalyptic enemies who threaten to wrest control of the new world and sink it into a hell on earth.

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Обложка книги First Activation First Activation

 Автор: Wearmouth Darren A, Wearmouth Marcus P

 Серия: Activation

HARRY and his brother JACK are on an airline flight, headed for a wild weekend—a ritual they have enjoyed every May since leaving the army. The trip takes a terrifying turn when they land in New York—this year’s destination—to find that JFK airport is almost deserted and that the few ground crew they can spot have all been brutally slaughtered. Is it a terrorist attack? Or something even more menacing? When a security guard appears and offers to help the passengers, but promptly shoots the first person off the plane and then kills himself, Harry realises that there is something very, very wrong in New York City.

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Обложка книги First Winter First Winter

 Автор: Jones Nathan

 Серия: Nuclear Winter

The Nuclear Winter series continues the story of the five book Best Laid Plans series, with First Winter beginning soon after the end of the fifth book, Determination.

The people of Aspen Hill have managed to survive every challenge that’s come their way since the US ran out of fuel practically overnight. Having fled their home, they’re now struggling to rebuild their town in a new location and make the preparations they need before the onset of nuclear winter.

Trev Smith has assumed command of the town’s defenders, and is struggling to be a good leader while trying to help his friend Deb Rutledge get over her traumatic past as a prisoner of Gold Bloc soldiers. His cousin Lewis Halsson believes he has preparations for the winter well in hand, and is now looking to the future for ways to bring prosperity for his family and hopefully the whole town. And their friend Matt Larson has taken over as Mayor, facing the daunting task of leading the town just as it faces its greatest challenge. On top of that Matt also worries for his wife Sam, who’ll soon be giving birth to their first child without the aid of modern medical equipment or doctors trained in obstetrics.

None of them can truly predict how bad their first nuclear winter will be, but they know how bad last winter was even though it was relatively mild. For a town cut off from outside aid and forced to provide everything for itself, conditions had been brutal. This winter would be unimaginably worse, not only much colder and with more snowfall but also lasting far longer. They’d have to work every moment to prepare, rely on friends and loved ones for support, look for help wherever they could find it, and hope for good fortune.

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Обложка книги Floor 21 Floor 21

 Автор: Luthor Jason

 Серия: Floor 21

As humanity lives out the remainder of its existence at the top of an isolated apartment tower, young Jackie dares to question Tower Authority and their ban on traveling into the tower's depths. Intelligent and unyielding, Jackie ventures into the shadows of the floors below. But will her strong will and refusal to be quiet—in a society whose greatest pride is hiding the past—bring understanding of how humanity became trapped in the tower she has always called home, or will it simply be her undoing?

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Обложка книги Fuel Fuel

 Автор: Jones Nathan

 Серия: Best Laid Plans

Trevor Smith has a pretty good idea of the razor’s edge modern society walks, with the vast majority of people completely dependent on reliable sources of electricity and gas, and everything shipped to them at the last possible instant. When a major attack cripples the US’s oil refining capabilities and destroys a significant portion of US fuel reserves, the nation practically runs out of gas overnight. It’s time to see if the preparations he and his cousin Lewis Halsson have made in their hometown of Aspen Hill are enough to carry them through the disaster.

His friend Matt Larson isn’t quite so fortunate, caught unprepared and unaware of the grim reality of the situation when a society completely dependent on fuel runs out. He finds himself struggling to adjust as everything falls apart around him, fleeing one step ahead of the chaos to reach Aspen Hill. Now he must depend on his own strength and ingenuity and the help of family and friends to see him through.

Yet even Matt can consider himself lucky compared to most. The vast majority of people living in the nation’s cities are on the move, fleeing population centers in all directions with no food and nowhere to go as starvation looms. Meanwhile emergency services scramble to stay ahead of the disaster with insufficient resources, faced with the impossible prospect of aiding tens or even hundreds of millions of desperate refugees.

A number of those refugees are making their way to Aspen Hill, which presents a crisis of its own for a town that has nothing to spare and is struggling to care for its citizens.

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