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Обложка книги Darkness and Dawn Darkness and Dawn

 Автор: England George Allan

 Серия: , Darkness and Dawn

England’s trilogy, Darkness and Dawn (published in 1912, 1913 and 1914 as The Vacant World, Beyond the Great Oblivion and Afterglow) tells the story of 2 modern people who awake a thousand years after the earth was devastated by a meteor. They work to rebuild civilization. Richard A. Lupoff has noted that Darkness and Dawn contains "an unfortunate element of racism" (the villains who menace the heroes are descended from African-Americans).

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Обложка книги Day One Day One

 Автор: Lane Summer

 Серия: The Zero Trilogy


- Reedley Exponent

The apocalypse took everything from Elle: her family, her world and now… her friends. After escaping the ravaged streets of Los Angeles, Elle finds herself stranded alone in California when her friends are kidnapped by a new and dangerous enemy. Determined to rescue them from a horrible fate, Elle begins her trek across the unforgiving desert, into the mountains, and into Slaver Territory.

All is not what it seems. Death lurks around every corner. Enemies are everywhere.

With the help of a new and brave companion, Elle fights against all odds, clinging to hope and life.

Day Zero is behind her. Day One is before her.

The end of the world is just beginning.

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Обложка книги Day Zero Day Zero

 Автор: Lane Summer

 Серия: The Zero Trilogy

Elle is a survivor.

Since the collapse of modern society, she’s been living in the remains of downtown Hollywood, California, foraging for food and fighting for her life.

And then everything changes.

After she is forced out of her home, she heads north. What she finds is a group of bunker survivors, unlikely comrades, and the hope of a safe haven. Together, they journey toward the dregs of civilization, facing starvation, imprisonment and death.

They are alone, but they are ready.

Day Zero begins today.

A novella, the first installment in The Zero Trilogy, a novella series complementing the international bestselling Collapse Series.

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Обложка книги Daybreak Zero Daybreak Zero

 Автор: Barnes John

 Серия: Daybreak

What began as a technothriller continues as high adventure in the newly savage ruins of civilization.

In late 2024, Daybreak, a movement of post-apocalyptic eco-saboteurs, smashed modern civilization to its knees. In the losing, hopeless struggle against Daybreak, Heather O’Grainne played a major role. That story was told in Directive 51.

Now Heather’s story continues in Daybreak Zero. In the summer of 2025, she leads a tiny organization of scientists, spies, scouts, entrepreneurs, engineers, dreamers, and daredevils based in Pueblo, Colorado. Both of the almost-warring governments of the United States have charged them with an all but impossible mission: find a way to put the world back together.

But Daybreak’s triumph has flung the world back centuries in technology, politics, and culture. Pro-Daybreak Tribals openly celebrate ending the world as we know it. Army regiments have to fight their way in and out of Pennsylvania. The Earth’s environment is saturated with plastic-devouring biotes and electronics-corroding nanoswarm. A leftover Daybreak device drops atom bombs from the moon on any outpost of the old civilization it can spot.

Confined to her base in Pueblo to give birth to her first child, Heather recruits and monitors a coterie of tech wizards, tough guys, and modern-day frontier scouts: a handful of heroes to patrol a continent.

All the news is bad: Tribals have overrun Indiana and Illinois; the last working aircraft carrier sits helplessly out in the Indian Ocean, not daring to come closer to land; the crash of one of the last working airplanes kills a vital industrialist; Tribals try to force appeasement on the Provi government while the Temper government faces a rebellion of religious fanatics; seventeen states are lost to the Tribals as California drifts into secession andhereditary monarchy, and everywhere, Provis and Tempers lurch toward civil war.

Heather’s agents have exceptional courage, initiative, skill, intelligence, and daring, but can they be enough? For the sake of everything from her newborn son to her dying nation, can she forge them into a the weapon that can at last win the world back from the overwhelming, malevolent force of Daybreak? Her success or failure may change everything for the next thousand years, beginning from Daybreak Zero.

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Обложка книги Daybreak—2250 A.D. Daybreak—2250 A.D.

 Автор: Norton Andre

Two centuries after an atomic war on earth, a silver-haired mutant sets out on a dangerous search for a lost city of the ruined civilization.

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Обложка книги DayZ: В последний путь (СИ) DayZ: В последний путь (СИ)

 Автор: Акулов Андрей


DayZ, о котором вы мечтаете. Графон? Лаги? Все зависит лишь от мощности вашего процессора в голове: чем сильнее работает воображение, тем больше удовольствия вы получаете. Так что выкручивайте настройки на максы и вперед — в Черноруссию!

Фанфик по DayZ.

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Обложка книги Defending Camp Defending Camp

 Автор: Westfield Ryan

 Серия: The EMP

How hard could you fight?

Max’s recent radio communications weigh heavily on him. He has to decide if he’s going to venture out from the camp into the outside world. Learning what’s happening outside the hunting grounds could prove invaluable. But a dangerous journey into the unknown could be his last.

Georgia has finally recovered from her injuries. She quickly takes charge. She knows it’s not long before the next fight. They need to do everything they can to get ready. But what if the next threat arrives too early?

Art doesn’t recognize the man he’s become. He’s a soldier on the wrong side of it all. He does what he’s told. But is there anything he won’t do? He knows the consequences for disobeying direct orders. Will his conscience catch up with him?

Defending Camp is book 6 of The EMP, a post-apocalyptic survival thriller series. It deals with real people fighting for their survival every inch of the way.

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Обложка книги Degrees of Freedom Degrees of Freedom

 Автор: Morden Simon

 Серия: Samuil Petrovitch

Winner of the 2012 Philip K. Dick Award


Michael is an AI of incalculable complexity trapped under the remains of Oshicora tower. Petrovitch will free him one day, he just has to trust Michael will still be sane by the time he does.

Maddy and Petrovitch have trust issues. She’s left him, but Petrovitch is pretty sure she still loves him.

Sonja Oshicora loves Petrovitch too. But she’s playing a complicated game and it’s not clear that she means to save him from what’s coming.

The CIA wants to save the world. Well, just America, but they’ll call it what they like.

The New Machine Jihad is calling. But Petrovitch killed it. Didn’t he?

And the Armageddonists tried to kill pretty much everyone by blowing the world up. Now, they want to do it again.

Once again, all roads lead back to Petrovitch. Everyone wants something from him, but all he wants is to be free…

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Обложка книги Depth Depth

 Автор: Rosen Lev AC

In a post-apocalyptic flooded New York City, a private investigator’s routine surveillance case leads to a treasure everyone wants to find—and someone is willing to kill for.

Depth combines hardboiled mystery and dystopian science fiction in a future where the rising ocean levels have left New York twenty-one stories under water and cut off from the rest of the United States. But the city survives, and Simone Pierce is one of its best private investigators. Her latest case, running surveillance on a potentially unfaithful husband, was supposed to be easy. Then her target is murdered, and the search for his killer points Simone towards a secret from the past that can’t possibly be real—but that won’t stop the city’s most powerful men and women from trying to acquire it for themselves, with Simone caught in the middle.


“Heinlein meets Hammett in this whip-smart whodunnit set amid the billowing fog and rising waters of a future New York.”

(Chuck Greaves, award-winning author of Hush Money)

“I have long admired Lev Rosen's strange, genre-bending work—his riff on the detective story is elegant, surprising, and, yes, deep.”

(Dan Chaon, National Book Award finalist, author of Await Your Reply)
About the Author

Lev AC Rosen is the author of the critically acclaimed All Men Of Genius (Tor, 2011), which was an Amazon Best of the Month, on over a dozen best of the year lists, and has been nominated for multiple awards. Locus Magazine described it as “mixing genres with fearless panache.” His work has been featured in Esopus Magazine and on various blogs including Tor.com. He lives in Manhattan.

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Обложка книги Desolation Desolation

 Автор: Banner M L

 Серия: Stone Age

The greatest solar event in history turned off the world’s power and destroyed much of its technology. The sun’s barrage continues today effectively bringing humanity back to a new Stone Age. This is a time of desolation, where every day is a desperate fight for survival. Food and water are disappearing, and many will kill to take these from you.

* * *

On a beach in Mexico, a small town in Wyoming, and a rural ranch in Illinois, epic battles between good and evil will be fought.

Meanwhile, a 150 year old secret may lead a lucky few to a place that holds the promise of a new future, unless the sun sets on humanity first.

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Обложка книги Determination Determination

 Автор: Jones Nathan

 Серия: Best Laid Plans

The people of Aspen Hill have been forced to flee into the mountains. They’ve left their town to be occupied by the Gold Bloc forces, who’ve come to surround the remnants of the US military holed up in the Utah Rockies and end the war once and for all. Lewis Halsson leads the town’s defenders as they struggle to keep the enemy from following them to their mountain refuge. And, if he can manage it, he aims to bring the war to those who’ve threatened his loved ones and stolen his home, in any way he can.

Trevor Smith and Matt Larson lead the volunteers sent down to fight alongside Sergeant Ethan Davis along Highway 31. Not so far from their loved ones back home, but an impossible distance to cover as they brace for the attacks heading their way.

The Gold Bloc forces have already shown they are without mercy, killing or capturing any US citizen they find. The US military, the people of Aspen Hill, and all the civilians who’ve gathered in the mountains for protection have nowhere left to run. They must hold their ground here and win, or fail and watch their country be taken by the enemy, with a horrible fate awaiting any who survive the fighting.

They must win.

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Обложка книги Devastation Point Devastation Point

 Автор: Kirk Paul R

When the hyper-aggressive H5N1 plague spread, the world collapsed. Billions around the world died in a few months’ time and technology and infrastructure disintegrated. Among the survivors, a rare gene in the human DNA emerged as resistant to the onslaught. Devastation Point takes an in-depth look at how one man, trained by America’s best, responds to a world altered by the pandemic destruction.

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Обложка книги Directive 51 Directive 51

 Автор: Barnes John

 Серия: Daybreak

View our feature on John Barnes’s Directive 51.

The first book in a new post-apocalyptic trilogy from “a master of the genre”

Heather O’Grainne is the Assistant Secretary in the Office of Future Threat Assessment, investigating rumors surrounding something called “Daybreak.” The group is diverse and radical, and its members have only one thing in common-their hatred for the “Big System” and their desire to take it down.

Now, seemingly random events simultaneously occurring around the world are in fact connected as part of Daybreak’s plan to destroy modern civilization-a plan that will eliminate America’s top government personnel, leaving the nation no choice but to implement its emergency contingency program… Directive 51.

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Обложка книги Down with the Fallen Down with the Fallen

 Автор: Greene Jordon, Lothian Jack, Alexander Toby, čić M B, Sawant Rohit, Johnson Mary Victoria, Raye J C, Megargee Jeremy, Stone S E, Brown Marvin, Clem Jessica, Slav Irina, Kaztro Hekter, Kirby Garrett R, Norris Gregory L, Stabile Christine


One day the world as we know it will end.

Will it become a place of stark divisions where the lower class’s best hope is a quick death, or a world infested with the undead? Maybe the end will come quietly at our own hands, or as a crack in the Earth’s very surface, or at the hand of an alien race hell-bent on our destruction? Will a hero be there to save us or will they be the end of us?

Do you really want to know?

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Обложка книги Driver 8 Driver 8

 Автор: Hopf G Michael

 Серия: Driver 8

Nineteen years have past since a nuclear world war wiped out the United States, leaving nothing but charred and ruined cities.

Out of the ashes, small pockets of survivors banded together to forge new societies in the few areas not ravaged by the nuclear holocaust.

One community has not only risen but thrived. Known as The Collective, they pride themselves on an orderly system of government with a functioning infrastructure. The citizenry owe their success to their founder The Number One, who presides over them with an iron fist.

Life in The Collective centers on contribution and purpose. All are assigned responsibilities and if one cannot fulfill them, they are cast out.

The most coveted but dangerous responsibility is that of a driver.

Drivers ride the lonely and barren roads scavenging and exploring the outer reaches. Over the years only one has emerged as a legend and his name is Driver 8.

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Обложка книги Drop by Drop Drop by Drop

 Автор: Llywelyn Morgan

 Серия: Step by Step

From Morgan Llywelyn, the bestselling author of Lion of Ireland and the Irish Century series, comes Drop By Drop her first near-future science fiction thriller

Unbound Worlds—The Best Sci Fi and Fantasy Books of June 2018

In this first book in the Step By Step trilogy, global catastrophe occurs as all plastic mysteriously liquefies. All the small components making many technologies possible—navigation systems, communications, medical equipment—fail.

In Sycamore River, citizens find their lives disrupted as everything they’ve depended on melts around them, with sometimes fatal results. All they can rely upon is themselves.

And this is only the beginning…

At the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

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Обложка книги Dunes over Danvar Dunes over Danvar

 Автор: Bunker Michael

Out in the wastes north of Springston the rush for riches and fame is on. The word is out that the legendary city of Danvar has been found, and every diver, brigand, and pirate with a sarfer is racing to find it. But out in the dunes there’s only one inarguable fact… The sand don’t care, and it never did.

Can people change?

Two men who meet in the dunes over the lost city of Danvar have to find out if there can ever be such a thing as friendship, honor, and sacrifice in a world full of sand divers, pirates, brigands, and thieves.

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Обложка книги DZA (Дневник Зомби Апокалипсиса) DZA (Дневник Зомби Апокалипсиса)

 Автор: Божок Андрей Андреевич

Прошло уже около недели, как он остался совершенно один. Звуки сирен и душераздирающие крики на улице стихли два или три дня назад. Егор, сидя за столом, доедая последнюю порцию холодных макарон, которая уже немного попахивала, понимал, что скоро ему придётся выйти из своего убежища и от этой мысли его пробирала дрожь. Закинув грязную тарелку в раковину, к остальной немытой посуде, он отправился в комнату, где плюхнувшись на кровать, в очередной раз стал вспоминать свой последний день нормальной, обыденной жизни…

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