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Обложки нет W-51

 Автор: Ришелье

Роман в жанре фэнтези. Параллельные Миры и группа немецких разведчиков 1940 года в поисках полезных ископаемых и убежища от местных жителей...

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Обложка книги Wasteland of flint Wasteland of flint

 Автор: Harlan Thomas

 Серия: In the Time of the Sixth Sun

Обложка книги Weapons of choice Weapons of choice

 Автор: Birmingham John

 Серия: Axis of Time

Обложка книги Weaver Weaver

 Автор: Baxter Stephen

 Серия: Time's tapestry

Обложка книги West and East West and East

 Автор: Turtledove Harry

 Серия: The War that came early, War That Came Early

Обложка книги Wielki król Wielki król

 Автор: Anderson Poul

 Серия: Patrol czasu

Обложка книги Winter in Eden Winter in Eden

 Автор: Harrison Harry

 Серия: Eden

A new ice age threatens Earth. Facing extinction, the dinosaurs must employ their mastery of biology to swiftly reconquer human territory. Desperately, Kerrick launches an arduous quest to rally a final defense for humankind. With his beloved wife and young son, he heads north to the land of the whale hunters, east into the enemy’s stronghold, and south to a fateful reckoning with destiny.

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Обложка книги With Fate Conspire With Fate Conspire

 Автор: Brennan Marie

 Серия: Onyx Court

Marie Brennan returns to the Onyx Court, a fairy city hidden below Queen Victoria’s London. Now the Onyx Court faces its greatest challenge.

Seven years ago, Eliza’s childhood sweetheart vanished from the streets of Whitechapel. No one believed her when she told them that he was stolen away by the faeries.

But she hasn’t given up the search. It will lead her across London and into the hidden palace that gives refuge to faeries in the mortal world. That refuge is now crumbling, broken by the iron of the underground railway, and the resulting chaos spills over to the streets above.

Three centuries of the Onyx Court are about to come to an end. Without the palace’s protection, the fae have little choice but to flee. Those who stay have one goal: to find safety in a city that does not welcome them. But what price will the mortals of London pay for that safety?

With Fate Conspire is a Kirkus Reviews Best of 2011 Science Fiction & Fantasy title.

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Обложка книги World Next Door (A Short Story) World Next Door (A Short Story)

 Автор: Ferguson Brad

This is a short story published in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine in September 1987. World Next Door: A Novel published in 1990.

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Обложка книги Worlds That Weren't Worlds That Weren't

 Автор: Williams Walter Jon, Stirling S M, Turtledove Harry, Williams Harry, Gentle Mary


This is a landmark anthology of four original novellas by the reigning masters of alternate history. Set in different eras, different places, and different times, these forays into “what might have been” showcases the stunning breadth and far-reaching possibilities the genre represents.

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