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Обложка книги Vía Roma Vía Roma

 Автор: Silverberg Robert

 Серия: Roma eterna (es)



Обложка книги Valiente para ser rey Valiente para ser rey

 Автор: Anderson Poul

 Серия: Patrulla del Tiempo

Обложка книги Vaterland Vaterland

 Автор: Harris Robert

Jest rok 1964. Nazistowskie Niemcy triumfują w Europie oraz Azji i przygotowują się do obchodów 75 urodzin Hitlera. Prezydent USA J.F.Kennedy ma przybyć z oficjalną wizytą do Rzeszy, aby przywrócić stosunki dyplomatyczne miedzy krajami. Wtedy uwagę władz przykuwa seria tajemniczych morderstw. Wszystkie ofiary łączy udział w planie eksterminacji Żydów i Słowian. Śledztwo rozpoczynają agencji niemieckiego wywiadu, szpiedzy i amerykańska dziennikarka. Rozwiązanie okaże się bardziej zaskakujące, niż ktokolwiek przypuszcza.

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Обложка книги Vengeance 10 Vengeance 10

 Автор: Poyer Joseph John

THEIR GOAL – THE MOON THEIR MISSION – DEATH. From the rocket base at Peenemunde the Nazis fired the deadliest and most accurate weapon the world had ever seen – the intercontinental V2. But even as the V2 clawed the heart out of London, German High Command was working on the ultimate deterrent – Hitler’s last manic bid to change the course of the war.

MI6 agent Jan Memling is one shot ahead of the Gestapo, but he must break out. He must convince a sceptical Britain of the Reich’s threat before the mailed fist reaches beyond the Earth to trespass in heaven and launch death from the stars… VENGEANCE 10 is a searing moonshot of a thriller by high-velocity author Joe Poyer, ranging from the sun-blasted lunar plains to the power-crazed bunkers of the Nazi elite.

‘Mr Poyer is very, very good.’

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Обложка книги Via Roma Via Roma

 Автор: Silverberg Robert

 Серия: Roma Eterna (pl)

Обложки нет Virago

 Автор: Копылова Полина


Обложка книги Voyage Voyage

 Автор: Baxter Stephen

 Серия: NASA

The book depicts a manned mission to Mars as it might have been in another timeline, one where John F. Kennedy survived the assassination attempt on him in 1963.

Voyage is the epic saga of America’s might-have-been — a powerful, sweeping novel imaginatively created from true lives and real events. NASA, the Saturn rocket, and historical figures from Neil Armstrong to Ronald Reagan are interwoven with unforgettable characters that only a world-class novelist could bring to life: Dana, the Nazi camp survivor who achieves the dream of his hated masters; Gershon, the Vietnam fighter jock determined to be the first African-American to land on another planet; Lee, the small-scale aerospace contractor with a big dream; Priest, who gives his life so that others might live to walk on Mars. And most memorable of all, Natalie York, the brilliant geologist/astronaut who is her own worst enemy, and best friend; a passionate woman who risks a career and a lifelong love for the chance to run her fingers through the soil of another world.

Voyage won a Sidewise Award for Alternate History, and was nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 1997.

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