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Обложка книги Sacrifice Sacrifice

 Автор: Gee Colin

 Серия: Red Gambit

Sacrifice is the fifth book in the Red Gambit series.

As the bloody days of 1945 give way to the incoming New Year, Europe finds itself in the grips of the most severe winter since records began.

Temperatures plunge, incapacitating the armies of both sides, but not enough to stop the dying. The war descends into a frozen stalemate, marked by aggressive patrolling, death from the air, and the simple struggle to stay alive in record low temperatures.

As the soldiers shiver in their foxholes, spies ply their trade, gathering information, deceiving the enemy, and obtaining knowledge that feeds the planners of both sides, who wait for the time that the snows have gone, and when they can let loose the dogs of war once more.

[The ‘Red Gambit Series’ novels are works of fiction, and deal with fictional events. Most of the characters therein are a figment of the author’s imagination. Without exception, those characters that are historical figures of fact or based upon historical figures of fact are used fictitiously, and their actions, demeanour, conversations, and characters are similarly all figments of the author’s imagination.]

[This book contain a table.]

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Обложка книги Screaming Eagles Screaming Eagles

 Автор: Moody David, DiLouie Craig, Long Timothy W

 Серия: The Front

“Band of Brothers meets Dead Snow”

Private Franklin Grillo is a fresh faced infantryman in the 101st Airborne. He’s been dispatched to the Ardennes Forest outside of Bastogne to assist Baker company against a surprise attack by the Germans. Outgunned, low on ammo, food, and supplies, the men along the new front are up against an army ten times their size.

Barely able to hold out the 101st now face a new threat. German soldiers who take massive amounts of damage but keep on attacking.

This is an alternative history that will sink its teeth into you.

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Обложка книги S-Day S-Day

 Автор: Thayer James Stewart

“Exceptionally entertaining and provocative.”

Kirkus Reviews

D-Day never happened. Instead, a German invasion fleet—the largest armada in history—sets sail for Great Britain.

Great Britain has not been invaded in 900 years. But it is 1942, and five thousand ships carrying two hundred thousand soldiers—have just left the German coast and the coast of occupied France. The Third Reich’s armada will cross the English Channel and attempt to conquer the United Kingdom. Hitler’s bold stroke will end World War II with Germany master of all of Europe.

The British are not alone. An American army has been in England since Pearl Harbor but the Yanks are raw and ill-equipped. In command of the Americans is General Wilson Clay, who will drive his soldiers to their limits. He is determined to enter history as one of its greatest commanders.

S-Day is the story of a desperate battle, of heroism and brutality, and of an American general’s agonizing decision to use the ultimate weapon of war.

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Обложка книги Sea of Fire Sea of Fire

 Автор: Schettler John A

 Серия: Kirov Series Battle Books

Sea of Fire: Volume II in the alternate history of the Pacific War presents the story of JS Takami and the battles of mid to late late 1942. When the shock of what has happened to them is finally realized, they must answer the question of who’s side they will support in the war. Meanwhile, the action in the Pacific continues with the Battle of the Coral Sea, Halsey’s raid on the Marshalls where he battles a pair of Japanese ships that never were, then Yamamoto launches Operation FS and the landings on Fiji begin, leading to the US landings at Suva Bay and the climactic Battle of the Koro Sea. Karpov’s summer offensive on Sakhalin Island is also covered, with the battle between Kirov and an unexpected challenger in the Sea of Okhotsk. Finally, Admiral Hara’s Indian Ocean Raid and the battle with Somerville’s Far East Fleet concludes this volume, bringing the action in the Pacific to the eve of 1943.

Sea of Fire – A Kirov Series Battle Book by John Schettler

54 Chapters, 474 Pages, About 156,000 Words

Full-scale maps: http://www.writingshop.ws/html/sea_of_fire-maps.html

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Обложка книги Second Front Second Front

 Автор: Schettler John A

 Серия: Kirov

Vladimir Karpov has already opened a Second Front in the north against Japan with his bold invasion of Sakhalin Island. Now the battlecruiser Kirov has come upon a most unexpected challenger in the Pacific as the crew of Takami join Admiral Kurita in a daring attempt to sink the Siberian raider. The fast paced naval combat extends through the first six chapters here as two modern day warriors at sea duel in the waters of 1942.

Then the action moves to the frigid Norwegian Sea where Britain launches one of its biggest relief convoys ever bound for Murmansk, PQ-17. The combined British and American covering forces are soon challenged by a powerful German battlegroup centered on the battleship Tirpitz and the newly commissioned carrier Peter Strasser.

Meanwhile, General Dwight D. Eisenhower puts the finishing touches on the first joint US/British offensive of the war, Operation Torch, only this time, with the Straits of Gibraltar closed, there can be no landings at Oran and Algiers. Instead the British come ashore at Lisbon when Portugal joins the Allied cause, and Patton leads the entire US Torch order of battle in a much bigger landing at Casablanca. The objective of both forces is the long lost bastion of Gibraltar, where a dangerous secret lurks in the unexplored depths of St. Michael’s Cave.

The invasion is well underway when Fedorov is alarmed to discover what he believes is an insoluble paradox looming on the near horizon. As the history of 1942 is re-written, how could Sergei Kirov ever come to power if Fedorov fails to warn him of his fate at the hands of Staliln? A mission to Ilanskiy is launched to attempt to shore up the history… But Karpov has other ideas….

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Обложка книги Seeing Redd Seeing Redd

 Автор: Beddor Frank

Обложка книги Seven Days in May Seven Days in May

 Автор: Knebel Fletcher, Bailey II Charles W

"Gentleman Jim" Scott was a brilliant magnetic general. Like a lot of people, he believed the President was ruining the country. Unlike anyone else, he had the power to do something about it, something unprecedented and terrifying. Colonel "Jiggs" Casey was the marine who accidentally stumbled onto the plot. At first he refused to believe it; then he risked his life and career to inform the President. Jordan Lyman was President of the United States. By the time he was finally able to convince himself of the appalling truth, he had only seven days left to stop a brilliant, seemingly irresistible military plot to seize control of the government of the United States.

Seven Days in May is a political thriller novel written by Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey II and published in 1962. It was made into a motion picture in 1964, with a screenplay by Rod Serling, directed by John Frankenheimer, and starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas.

The story is said to have been influenced by the right-wing anti-Communist political activities of General Edwin A. Walker after he resigned from the military. The author, Knebel, got the idea for the book after interviewing then-Air Force Chief of Staff Curtis LeMay.

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Обложки нет Shadow of Ararat

 Автор: Harlan Thomas

 Серия: Клятва Империи

Обложка книги Si vis pacem parabellum (СИ) Si vis pacem parabellum (СИ)

 Автор: Кононюк Василий Владимирович

 Серия: Ольга.

Деятельность нашего современника, в теле молодой девушки, не осталась незамеченной для врагов молодой Советской страны. Они готовы на все, чтобы уничтожить Ольгу. А тем временем война все ближе, и дел еще так много. И в этой опасной ситуации, Ольга не отсиживается в безопасности, если волею судеб, ей предоставлена уникальная возможность помочь Родине и спасти миллионы жизней.

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Обложки нет Skinny Dip

 Автор: Hiaasen Carl

Обложка книги Sky Strike Sky Strike

 Автор: Rouch James

 Серия: The Zone


A NATO air assault hurtles towards a vital Warsaw Pact rail junction and marshalling yard. Betrayed, waiting for them is a mass of enemy anti-aircraft guns and missiles. The battle becomes one of survival as Major Revells’ men have to fight their way home across the Zone.


Aboard helicopter transports bristling with weaponry and with a powerful escort of gunships, an airborne NATO assault group crosses the Zone to attack and destroy a Warsaw Pact rail junction and marshalling yard. But the attack force has been betrayed and the already powerful anti-aircraft defences have been massively reinforced. Faced with batteries of missiles, massed cannons and Shilka flak tanks the attack is scattered and brutally clawed from the sky. Surviving the slaughter Revells’ Special Combat Force finds itself deep inside enemy territory and has to engage in a running battle to carve a path through the enemy forces. Using stolen enemy vehicles they have to fight every inch of the way to return to the NATO lines.


First NEL Paperback Edition July 1981

First IMPRINT Publication E-Book Edition May 2005

First Revision IMPRINT Publications E-Book Edition April 2007

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Обложки нет Sleepiness (спячка)

 Автор: Роуд Макс

Только он один. Один, по-настоящему живой человек на планете, погруженной в глубокий сон. Окружающий мир широк и многогранен, происходящие в нем изменения характеризуются поистине гигантскими масштабами. Но много ли можно увидеть и понять, в ситуации полнейшего информационного вакуума, человеку, всегда находящемуся только в одной точке пространства? В точке, с которой он видит только то, что попадает в поле его зрения? Он может только догадываться, что происходит в других местах, но догадки остаются только догадками.

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Обложка книги Something Coming Through Something Coming Through

 Автор: McAuley Paul

One of our finest SF writers moves closer to home. London is devastated. New worlds are being explored. And the aliens have arrived…

The aliens are here. And they want to help. The extraordinary new project from one of the country's most acclaimed and consistently brilliantly SF novelists of the last 30 years.

The Jackaroo have given humanity 15 worlds and the means to reach them. They're a chance to start over, but they're also littered with ruins and artifacts left by the Jackaroo's previous clients.

Miracles that could reverse the damage caused by war, climate change, and rising sea levels. Nightmares that could for ever alter humanity — or even destroy it.

Chloe Millar works in London, mapping changes caused by imported scraps of alien technology. When she stumbles across a pair of orphaned kids possessed by an ancient ghost, she must decide whether to help them or to hand them over to the authorities. Authorities who believe that their visions point towards a new kind of danger.

And on one of the Jackaroo's gift-worlds, the murder of a man who has just arrived from Earth leads policeman Vic Gayle to a war between rival gangs over possession of a remote excavation site.

Something is coming through. Something linked to the visions of Chloe's orphans, and Vic Gayle's murder investigation. Something that will challenge the limits of the Jackaroo's benevolence…

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Обложки нет sometimes


Обложка книги Special Purposes: First Strike Weapon Special Purposes: First Strike Weapon

 Автор: Smith Gavin G

At the height of the Cold War, a Russian special forces team target New York with a horrifying new virus.

Vadim Scorlenski is the sergeant in charge of an elite Spetznaz squad at the height of the Cold War. Sent by the Politburo on a training exercise to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, Scorlenski and his men discover too late that the practice ‘weapon’ they’re carrying—an exotic chemical agent—is all too real. Betrayed by their allies and cut down by the American police, they go to their deaths…

…and awaken to a scene of turmoil. New York City has been overwhelmed by a horde of the walking dead, a plague that even now is spreading across the globe. Somehow holding onto their identities where all others have become mindless monsters, Scorlenski and his squad set out to return to Russia, to take revenge for what has been done to them.

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Обложка книги SPQR IV. Храм муз SPQR IV. Храм муз

 Автор: Робертс Джон Мэддокс

 Серия: SPQR

В Вечном городе кипят интриги и проливается кровь – к власти рвется Гай Юлий Цезарь. Имея множество врагов, сенатор Деций Луцилий Метелл-младший почел за благо удалиться из Рима куда-нибудь, где точно так же звучит музыка и льется вино, но не шныряют наемные убийцы. Как нельзя лучше подошла Александрия – второй по великолепию город Античного мира. Присоединившись к дипломатической миссии, Деций уже предвкушал пирушки в царском дворце и ученые беседы с философами великой Библиотеки. Но боги, кажется, не уготовили ему ни минуты спокойной жизни: первое же застолье омрачается убийством одного из ученых мужей. И римский «Шерлок Холмс» начинает новое расследование…

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Обложка книги Starglass Starglass

 Автор: North Phoebe

 Серия: Starglass

Terra has never known anything but life aboard the Asherah, a city-within-a-spaceship that left Earth five hundred years ago in search of refuge. At sixteen, working a job that doesn't interest her, and living with a grieving father who only notices her when he's yelling, Terra is sure that there has to be more to life than what she's got.

But when she inadvertently witnesses the captain's guard murdering an innocent man, Terra is suddenly thrust into the dark world beneath her ship's idyllic surface. As she's drawn into a secret rebellion determined to restore power to the people, Terra discovers that her choices may determine life or death for the people she cares most about. With mere months to go before landing on the long-promised planet, Terra has to make the decision of a lifetime--one that will determine the fate of her people.

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Обложка книги Stars and Stripes Forever Stars and Stripes Forever

 Автор: Harrison Harry

 Серия: Stars and Stripes

Acclaimed for his historical knowledge and his literary craftsmanship, the author of The Hammer and the Cross imagines what history might have been like if Great Britain had attacked America at the height of the Civil War.

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Обложка книги Stars and Stripes In Peril Stars and Stripes In Peril

 Автор: Harrison Harry

 Серия: Stars and Stripes

This title follows a what if path of the British Empire pitted against her American colonies. The second title in the trilogy, only a brilliant plan by General Robert E. Lee enables the USA to attack the British forces where they least expect it and broaden the war for independence.

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Обложка книги Stars and Stripes Triumphant Stars and Stripes Triumphant

 Автор: Harrison Harry

 Серия: Stars and Stripes

In Stars and Stripes Forever, Harry Harrison began the story of the war that never was, but might so easily have happened: the war of the 1860s between the United States of America and the British Empire. It began with an ill-considered seizure of a British ship, escalated with an ill-considered letter to Abraham Lincoln, and continued with an ill-starred invasion of the territory of the USA by an incensed British government. The first modern war — with iron-clad ships, rapid-firing guns, trenches, mass armies and massive casualties, was taking place, not between the industrial northern states and the agricultural southern ones, but between the two great English-speaking nations. Who happened also to be the two most powerful nations on the planet. In the stunning conclusion to this series, the Irish become involved and a most surprising ending is the culmination of the ill-fated war.

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