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Обложка книги Observadores del pasado: La redención de Cristóbal Colón Observadores del pasado: La redención de Cristóbal Colón

 Автор: Card Orson Scott

En un futuro no demasiado lejano, un pequeño grupo de científicos e historiadores dedican sus horas a estudiar el pasado con una nueva máquina de observación a través del tiempo, la TruSite II.

Por desgracia su mundo es un lugar trágico: la especie humana ha quedado reducida a una población de menos de mil millones de personas tras un siglo de guerras y plagas, de sequía, de inundaciones y de hambrunas. Ha habido demasiadas extinciones, demasiada tierra ha quedado envenenada y baldía. La gente que sobrevive lucha por renovar el planeta, mientras los especialistas observan el pasado en busca de las causas de su terrible presente.

Un día, sin embargo, al contemplar la terrible matanza de las tribus caribeñas a manos de los españoles, que conducidos por Cristóbal Colón se dirigen a La Hispaniola, la observadora Tagin descubre que la mujer a quien está estudiando también la ve a ella y, a su vez, interpreta esa imagen como un mensaje de los dioses.

¿Podría alterarse el pasado? ¿Seria correcto que un pequeño grupo de observadores actuara deforma que, de tener éxito, hiciera desaparecer una línea temporal, aunque fuera la suya propia? ¿Se justificaría su acción si, gracias a ella, se evitara la muerte de todo el planeta?

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Обложки нет Olivier


Кое-кто из читателей нашел в романе "исторические неточности". Искренние соболезнования им. Ибо нет тут "исторических неточностей". И не может быть. Здесь все абсолютно так, как это могло бы быть на самом деле...

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Обложки нет Olivier

 Автор: Merlin

Кое-кто из читателей нашел в романе «исторические неточности». Искренние соболезнования им. Ибо нет тут «исторических неточностей». И не может быть. Здесь все абсолютно так, как это могло бы быть на самом деле…

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Обложка книги Omul din castelul înalt Omul din castelul înalt

 Автор: Dick Philip K

Premiul Hugo 1963.

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Обложка книги Operacija „Protėjas” 1 Operacija „Protėjas” 1

 Автор: Hogan James P

 Серия: Pasaulinės fantastikos Aukso fondas

1975-ieji metai.

Geležinis fašistinės Vokietijos kulnas sutrypė Europą, Aziją, Pietų Ameriką ir Afriką.

Tik JAV bei Australijoje dar rusena blausi demokratijos spingsulė. Tačiau greitai ir ji bus užgesinta.

Todėl, kad naciai jau seniai turi atominį ginklą, kuriuo netrukus nušluos JAV.

Vienintelė amerikiečių viltis — operacija „Protėjas”.

Tai superslaptas projektas grįžti į praeitį ir žūtbūt pamėginti ją pakeisti…

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Обложка книги Operacija „Protėjas” 2 Operacija „Protėjas” 2

 Автор: Hogan James P

 Серия: Pasaulinės fantastikos Aukso fondas

1939–1940-ieji metai.

Žymiausi pasaulio mokslininkai — Albertas Einšteinas, Edvardas Teleris, Leo Silardas bei kiti — iš visų jėgų stengiasi įgyvendinti „Protėjo” operaciją — susisiekti su 1975-aisiais ir sužinoti atominės bombos sukūrimo paslaptį. Deja, ryšio nėra, o Adolfas Hitleris, pasirodo, sėkmingai bendrauja su 2025-aisiais ir jau seniai laiko savo rankose atominį kūjį.

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Обложка книги Operation Anadyr Operation Anadyr

 Автор: Philip James

 Серия: Timeline: 10/27/62

The Cuban Missiles Crisis didn’t end peacefully and the 'swinging sixties' didn't happen. On Saturday 27th October 1962 American and Soviet geopolitical brinkmanship resulted in the most terrible war in human history. The forever changed world that remained when the thermonuclear fires had burned themselves out is the world of ‘Timeline 10/27/62’.

‘Operation Anadyr’ is Book 1 of the alternative history series Timeline 10/27/62.

‘Operation Anadyr’ is about the first hours of that alternative history of the world. It is about living through the cataclysm, and wondering how it happened. How did the unthinkable happen? How could our leaders let it happen? How does one quantify the magnitude of the disaster? And what of the survivors living with the aftermath of a world gone mad? ‘Operation Anadyr’ confronts these questions. In ‘Operation Anadyr’ the anatomy of the disaster is writ plain and the men and women who survive it begin to find their voices.

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Обложка книги Opowieści z lasku Wenijskiego Opowieści z lasku Wenijskiego

 Автор: Silverberg Robert

 Серия: Roma Eterna (pl)

Обложки нет Orsinian tales

 Автор: Le Guin Ursula Kroeber

 Серия: Orsinia

Born in California, Ursula K. Le Guin is the author of over twenty books. She is the recipient of numerous awards such as the Hugo and Nebula awards for her science fiction. Ms. Le Guin lives in Portland, Oregon.


The Fountains

The Barrow

Ile Forest

Conversations at Night

The Road East

Brothers and Sisters

A Week in the Country

An die Musik

The House

The Lady of Moge

Imaginary Countries

A hardcover edition of this book was published in 1976 by Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.

Grateful acknowledgment is made for permission to reprint the following:

The Barrow first appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, October 1976.

Brothers and Sisters first appeared in The Little Magazine, Vol. 10, Nos. 1 & 2, Summer 1976.

A Week in the Country first appeared in The Little Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 4, Spring 1976.

An die Musik first appeared in The Western Humanities Review, Vol. XV, No. 3, Summer 1961.

Imaginary Countries first appeared in the Harvard Advocate.

First HarperPaperbacks printing: May 1991

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Обложка книги Outlaw of Gor Outlaw of Gor

 Автор: Norman John

 Серия: Chronicles of Counter-Earth

Tarl Cabot's long exile was over. Again he was back on Gor, the strange world of counter earth, where he had once been the proudest warrior and mightiest Tarnsman of that savage planet.

But nothing was as it had been. His home city Ko-Ro-Ba was destroyed, razed until not one stone remained standing. His beautiful mate Talena, was dead or vanished. His family and friends where scattered across the globe.

And Cabot was now declared a outlaw, with all men ordered to kill him on sight. His only chance was to find the strange Priest-Kings who ruled Gor and to submit himself to them.

But Tarl Cabot was not about to submit!

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Обложка книги Outlaw of Gor Outlaw of Gor

 Автор: Норман Джон

 Серия: Chronicles of Counter-Earth

In this second volume of the Gorean Series, Tarl Cabot finds himself transported back to Counter-Earth from the sedate life he knows as a history professor on Earth.

He is glad to be back in his role as a dominant warrior and back in the arms of his true love. Yet, Tarl finds that his name on Gor has been tainted, his city defiled and all those he loves have been made into outcasts. He is no longer in the position of a proud warrior, but an outlaw for whom the simplest answers must come at a high price. He wonders why the Priest Kings have called him back to Gor, and if it is only to render him powerless.

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Обложка книги Overkill Overkill

 Автор: Rouch James

 Серия: The Zone


A heavily armed NATO riverine force led by the Major Revells’ Special Combat Force uses the Elbe to try and relieve the Warsaw Pact siege of Hamburg. Only partially successful the NATO troops must survive in the battered city until they can launch a breakout.


The city of Hamburg has been surrounded by Warsaw Pact forces for a long time, a siege that is starving defenders and civilians alike. To relieve it NATO launches a riverine assault led by Major Revells’ Special Combat Force. A bitterly fought battle eventually delivers some relief to the city but then the enemy noose tightens again and there has to be another battle when the trapped relief force launches a no-holds-barred attempt at a breakout, employing weapons and vehicles scraped from any source. It is then they discover to just what depths the enemy have sunk in their desperation to maintain the encirclement.


First NEL Paperback Edition March 1982

First IMPRINT Publication E-Book Edition May 2005

First Revision IMPRINT Publications E-Book Edition April 2007

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