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Обложка книги Fallout Fallout

 Автор: Turtledove Harry

 Серия: The Hot war

Обложка книги Famous Men Who Never Lived Famous Men Who Never Lived

 Автор: Chess K

A Most Anticipated Book of 2019 at The Verge, Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog, and more.

For readers of Station Eleven and Exit West, Famous Men Who Never Lived explores the effects of displacement on our identities, the communities that come together through circumstance, and the power of art to save us.

Wherever Hel looks, New York City is both reassuringly familiar and terribly wrong. As one of the thousands who fled the outbreak of nuclear war in an alternate United States―an alternate timeline―she finds herself living as a refugee in our own not-so-parallel New York. The slang and technology are foreign to her, the politics and art unrecognizable. While others, like her partner Vikram, attempt to assimilate, Hel refuses to reclaim her former career or create a new life. Instead, she obsessively rereads Vikram’s copy of The Pyronauts―a science fiction masterwork in her world that now only exists as a single flimsy paperback―and becomes determined to create a museum dedicated to preserving the remaining artifacts and memories of her vanished culture.

But the refugees are unwelcome and Hel’s efforts are met with either indifference or hostility. And when the only copy of The Pyronauts goes missing, Hel must decide how far she is willing to go to recover it and finally face her own anger, guilt, and grief over what she has truly lost.

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Обложка книги FANтастика FANтастика

 Автор: Колодан Дмитрий, Владимирский Василий, Врочек Шимун, Хаецкая Елена, Шумил Павел, Лобарев Лев, Бережной Сергей, Дивов Олег, Витковский Тарас, Пинчук Ольга, Зеличёнок Альберт

Далекий космос и страна эльфов, мрачное постапокалиптическое будущее и прошлое, знакомое нам по голливудским вестернам о Диком Западе, звездные войны и погружение в глубины кошмара — фантазия участников антологии «FANтастика» не знает границ! Олег Дивов, Елена Хаецкая, Павел Шумил… Их имена давно и хорошо знакомы российским любителям фантастики. Повести и рассказы этих и многих других авторов вошли в состав антологии, включающей лучшие литературные произведения, публиковавшиеся на страницах «FANтастики» — лучшего фантастического журнала Европы по версии Европейского общества научной фантастики. Парадоксальные миры, яркие и запоминающиеся герои, динамичный сюжет ждут вас под обложкой этой книги!

Все рассказы впервые публикуются в книжном формате.

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Обложка книги Fata Morgana Fata Morgana

 Автор: Boyett Steven R, Mitchroney Ken

Fata Morgana—the epic novel of love and duty at war across the reach of time.

At the height of the air war in Europe, Captain Joe Farley and the baseball-loving, wisecracking crew of the B-17 Flying Fortress Fata Morgana are in the middle of a harrowing bombing mission over East Germany when everything goes sideways. The bombs are still falling and flak is still exploding all around the 20-ton bomber as it is knocked like a bathtub duck into another world.

Suddenly stranded with the final outcasts of a desolated world, Captain Farley navigates a maze of treachery and wonder—and finds a love seemingly decreed by fate—as his bomber becomes a pawn in a centuries-old conflict between remnants of advanced but decaying civilizations. Caught among these bitter enemies, a vast power that has brought them here for its own purposes, and a terrifying living weapon bent on their destruction, the crew must use every bit of their formidable inventiveness and courage to survive.

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Обложка книги Fatherland Fatherland

 Автор: Harris Robert


The year is 1964. The setting is Berlin. JFK’s father, Joe Kennedy, is president. Edward VIII is king, Wallis his queen. Adolf Hitler is about to celebrate his 75th birthday. In this thriller with a twist, the stalemate which ended World War II has evolved into a cold war, not between the Soviet Union and the United States, but between the Third Reich and America. Police investigator Xavier March handles a case involving the death of a prominent Nazi, an apparent suicide. The trail leads to other suicides, accidental deaths, a numbered vault in Zurich, and a beautiful American reporter. March discovers the pattern behind the deaths and locates incriminating papers exposing the Holocaust, which, because Germany didn’t lose the war, has been kept secret for 20 years.

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Обложка книги Fatherland Fatherland

 Автор: Harris Robert Dennis

Berlin, 1964. Les forces de l'Axe ont gagné la guerre, la paix nazie règne sur l'Europe. L'Amérique a refusé le joug. Mais, dans quelques jours, le président Kennedy viendra conclure une alliance avec le Reich. Ce sera la fin du monde libre.

Deux meurtres viennent perturber les préparatifs. Les victimes sont d'anciens S.S. de haut rang jouissant d'une paisible retraite. Chargé de l'affaire, l'inspecteur March s'interroge. S'agit-il d'un règlement de comptes entre dignitaires ? Pourquoi la Gestapo s'intéresse-t-elle à l'enquête ? Quelle est cette vérité indicible qui semble menacer les fondations du régime ? Dans Berlin pavoisé, les bourreaux guettent, prêts à tout pour étouffer les dernières lueurs de la liberté.

« Le passé réinventé ! Une histoire à faire frémir. Des personnages et une intrigue totalement convaincants. »

The Telegraph

« À donner la chair de poule ! »

The Sunday Times
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Обложка книги Felaheen Felaheen

 Автор: Grimwood Jon Courtenay

 Серия: Arabesk

The third instalment in Jon Courtenay Grimwood's critically acclaimed series of Ashraf Bey mysteries

Detective. Diplomat. Uncle. Killer.

Ashraf Bey has been many things since arriving in El Iskandryia from Seattle. One thing he hasn't been, as yet, is a son to Moncef, Emir of Tunis - the father Raf has still to meet. Of course, Raf doesn't believe the Emir is his father anyway. (Given his mother's insistence that he's the son of a Swedish hitch hiker).

And now it may be too late, since the rumours that don't have Emir Moncef escaping assassination have him hovering on the edge of death. Despite refusing a plea for help from the Emir's chief of security, Raf still finds himself being drawn towards Tunis. It seems he has his own part in an unfolding political crisis that began decades earlier with US anti-globalisation riots and the Emir's refusal to ratify the 2005 UN Accord on Biotechnology.

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Обложка книги Final impact Final impact

 Автор: Birmingham John

 Серия: Axis of Time

Обложка книги Firestorm Firestorm

 Автор: Anderson Taylor

 Серия: Destroyermen


 Автор: Turtledove Harry


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