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Обложка книги Walking Wounded Walking Wounded

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer


It didn't matter to Remo that his mentor Chiun told him he was acting like a child to want to go back to Vietnam on a mission of rescue and revenge.

It didn't matter to Remo that his superior Smith ordered him to abandon a plan that could upset the delicate balance of world peace.

Remo was out of his skull with remembered rage, and out of control of anyone who wanted to stop him from trying to spring a wartime buddy from a jungle hell. And the Destroyer plunged back into the past to fight a one-man war against an old enemy that would not die but could still kill without mercy and vanish like a ghoulish ghost....

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Обложка книги Waste Not, Want Not Waste Not, Want Not

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

Something's rotten in the garbage business -- and CURE is ready to take out the trash . . .


Mayana -- a South American country known only for a mass cult suicide -- is poised to become the salvation of a trash-choked globe. An ingenious new device called the Vaporizer can turn garbage into thin air and trash into cash for the beleaguered nation. And what could be a more beauteous sight for a global environmental summit than barges piled high with the world's smelly refuse parading through Mayana's harbor.

Actually, Dr. Harold Smith smells trouble, and with the U.S. President headed for the summit, he dispatches Remo and Chiun to the scene, posing as garbage scientists. And not a moment too soon, since torpedoes are sinking garbage scows left and right, leaving a stinking mess and a huge crisis. It's clear that nobody -- including a Japanese industrialist, anex-Soviet premier turned peacenik environmental tree hugger, and the president of Mayana himself -- can be trusted, specially when the Destroyer uncovers a diabolical plot of global domination that promises to totally trash the free world . . .

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Обложка книги Weird Detectives: Recent Investigations Weird Detectives: Recent Investigations

 Автор: Bowes Richard, Lansdale Joe R, Harris Charlaine, Gaiman Neil, Kiernan ín, Butcher Jim, Briggs Patricia, Maberry Jonathan, Green Simon R, Bear Elizabeth, Vaughn Carrie, Denton Bradley, Gustainis Justin, Hunter Faith, Cameron Dana, Huff Tanya, Elrod P N, Bick Ilsa J, Clark Simon, Meikle William, Carl Lillian Stewart, Monette Sarah, Parks Richard

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Обложки нет Whispering Nickel Idols

 Автор: Cook Glen

 Серия: Garrett Files

Обложка книги White Water White Water

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

When fish begin to disappear from the coastal United States, the source of the problem is discovered in Canada and threatens relations between the neighboring countries, until the Destroyer starts trawling for answers.

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Обложка книги Wolf's Bane Wolf's Bane

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

A wild child of the bayous, Leon Grosvenor is a two-legged freak show of shaggy hair and talons with an insatiable hunger for raw flesh. His unique abilities as a bona fide loup-garou have earned him gainful employment as a contract killer for Cajun mafia boss Armand "Big Crawdaddy" Fortier.

Remo's not buying this werewolf business, but when he gets a glimpse of good ol' Leon§s wet work, well, he's still not a believer, but he is certain that Leon needs to be put out of everybody's misery. And damn soon. The swamps stink, Mardi Gras is giving him a headache and all this talk about silver bullets is getting tedious. But as Leon and his pack circle ever closer to the Destroyer, the question remains: Who is the hunter... and who is dog meat?

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Обложка книги Work. Rest. Repeat. Work. Rest. Repeat.

 Автор: Tayell Frank

Work. Rest. Repeat. That is all the last remnant of humanity knows. The survivors of the war that made the Earth uninhabitable took shelter within towered cities. Sixty years later, their descendants have nearly completed the colony ships that will allow them to leave the ruined planet. A day before an election to choose who will lead the exodus, two workers are murdered. The killer must be caught. The ships must be launched. Above all, production must come first. (54,000 words)

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