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Обложка книги Ghost in the Machine Ghost in the Machine

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

Buried in his debts, billionaire Randal T. Rumpp makes a deal with a fiend who is intent on sending the Big Apple into the darkest depths of the earth, and only Remo and Chiun can stop him.

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Обложка книги Ghost of a Smile Ghost of a Smile

 Автор: Green Simon R

 Серия: Ghostfinders

Обложка книги Gilded Latten Bones Gilded Latten Bones

 Автор: Cook Glen

 Серия: Garrett P.I., Garret P.I.

About the Author

Praise for the Garrett, P.I., Novels

"A wild science fiction mystery that never slows down for a moment."

— Midwest Book Review

"Garrett, private detective, returns after too long an absence. . Cook makes this blending of fantasy with hard-boiled-detective story seem easy, which it isn't, and manages to balance the requirements of both genres superbly."

— Chronicle

"Cook brings a dose of gritty realism to fantasy."

— Library Journal

"Eminently satisfying."

— Booklist

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Обложка книги Golden State Golden State

 Автор: Winters Ben H

A shocking vision of our future that is one part Minority Report and one part Chinatown.

Lazlo Ratesic is 54, a 19-year veteran of the Speculative Service, from a family of law enforcement and in a strange alternate society that values law and truth above all else. This is how Laz must, by law, introduce himself, lest he fail to disclose his true purpose or nature, and by doing so, be guilty of a lie.

Laz is a resident of The Golden State, a nation resembling California, where like-minded Americans retreated after the erosion of truth and the spread of lies made public life, and governance, increasingly impossible. There, surrounded by the high walls of compulsory truth-telling, knowingly contradicting the truth—the Objectively So—is the greatest possible crime. Stopping those crimes, punishing them, is Laz’s job. In its service, he is one of the few individuals permitted to harbor untruths—to “speculate” on what might have happened in the commission of a crime.

But the Golden State is far less a paradise than its name might suggest. To monitor, verify, and enforce the Objectively So requires a veritable panopticon of surveillance, recording, and record-keeping. And when those in control of the truth twist it for nefarious means, the Speculators may be the only ones with the power to fight back.

Golden State is a prescient, devastating commentary on humanity’s disintegrating attachment to reality and truth, expertly told through the prism of a police-procedural, dystopian nightmare. Winters has written a 1984 for the 21st century. Not just a thrilling book, but an important one.

Blake Crouch, author of DARK MATTER and TV series WAYWARD PINES
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Обложка книги Gravity Gravity

 Автор: Gerritsen Tess

Tess Gerritsen used to be a doctor, so it comes as no great surprise that the medical aspects of her latest thriller are absolutely convincing -- even if most of the action happens in where few doctors have ever practiced -- outer space.

Dr. Emma Watson and five other hand-picked astronauts are about to take part in the trip of a lifetime -- studying living creatures in space. But an alien life form, found in the deepest crevices of the ocean floor, is accidentally brought aboard the shuttle Atlantis. This mutated alien life form makes the creatures in Aliens look like backyard pets.

Soon the crew are suffering severe stomach pains, violent convulsions, and eyes so bloodshot that a gallon of Murine wouldn't help, brilliantly describes the difficulties of treating sick people a space module, and how the lack of gravity affects the process of taking blood and inserting a nasal tube. Dr. Watson does her best, but her colleagues die off one by one and the people at NASA don't want to risk bringing the platform back to earth. Only Emma's husband, doctor/astronaut himself, refuses to give up on her. As we read along, eyes popping out of our heads, all that's missing is one of bland NASA voices saying, "Houston, we have a problem -- we're being attacked by tiny little creatures that are part human, part frog, and part mouse."

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Обложка книги Ground Zero Ground Zero

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

Where had all the Flower Children gone?

What was nifty in the '60s was nasty in the '90s. Hippies were crazed eco-freaks out to save the earth by destroying the square world. And the image of a Haight-Ashbury angel named Sky Bluel played with atomic weaponry instead of love beads.

But if the flower children had gone to hell, they met their monstrous match in the mega-mogul of the 80s, Connors "Con" Swindell, who gave the concept of blood money diabolical new dimension to save his empire of avarice.

Caught between the strike force of self-righteous savagery and the desperate last stand of grab-it-all-greed, Remo and Chiun faced the most deadly challenge and shocking climax of their career...

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Обложка книги Gunpowder Moon Gunpowder Moon

 Автор: Pedreira David

“Interesting quirks and divided loyalties flesh out this first novel in which sf and mystery intersect in a well-crafted plot… Pedreira’s science thriller powerfully highlights the human politics and economics from the seemingly desolate expanse of the moon. It will attract readers who enjoyed Andy Weir's lunar crime caper Artemis.”

Library Journal, starred review

A realistic and chilling vision of life on the Moon, where dust kills as easily as the vacuum of space… but murder is even quicker—a fast-paced, cinematic science fiction thriller, this debut novel combines the inventiveness of The Martian, the intrigue of The Expanse, and the thrills of Red Rising.

The Moon smells like gunpowder. Every lunar walker since Apollo 11 has noticed it: a burnt-metal scent that reminds them of war. Caden Dechert, the chief of the U.S. mining operation on the edge of the Sea of Serenity, thinks the smell is just a trick of the mind—a reminder of his harrowing days as a Marine in the war-torn Middle East back on Earth.

It’s 2072, and lunar helium-3 mining is powering the fusion reactors that are bringing Earth back from environmental disaster. But competing for the richest prize in the history of the world has destroyed the oldest rule in space: Safety for All. When a bomb kills one of Dechert’s diggers on Mare Serenitatis, the haunted veteran goes on the hunt to expose the culprit before more blood is spilled.

But as Dechert races to solve the first murder in the history of the Moon, he gets caught in the crosshairs of two global powers spoiling for a fight. Reluctant to be the match that lights this powder-keg, Dechert knows the lives of him and his crew are meaningless to the politicians. Even worse, he knows the killer is still out there, hunting.

In his desperate attempts to save his crew and prevent the catastrophe he sees coming, the former Marine uncovers a dangerous conspiracy that, with one spark can ignite a full lunar war, wipe out his team … and perhaps plunge the Earth back into darkness.

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