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Обложка книги Edge Edge

 Автор: Blackthorne Thomas

Обложка книги Embrace the Grim Reaper Embrace the Grim Reaper

 Автор: Clemens Judy

 Серия: Grim Reaper Mystery

Devastated by the deaths of her husband and infant son in a car crash that she alone survived, Casey Maldonado has taken to traveling, accompanied by Death, whom only she can see. She ends up in Clymer, Ohio, a small town devastated by the defection of a manufacturing company. She quickly becomes involved with Home Sweet Home, an organization that feeds struggling families, and she also takes a part in a local theater production. When she learns of the apparent suicide of a local woman, Ellen Schnieder, she begins an investigation, along with Ellen’s boyfriend, to prove that the death was actually murder. Complicating matters, the theater’s director seems to be in some kind of trouble with some unsavory men, and Casey is being pursued by executives from the car company who paid her settlement. An interesting premise (shades, almost, of The Fugitive) and a vulnerable but strong protagonist are the highlights here, though the character of Death adds an unexpected dimension.

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Обложка книги Encounter Group Encounter Group

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

Close Encounters

Is it a space odyssey or a spaced-out hoax? The answer isn't clear, but this much is certain: a stranger from a strange land has come to earth and recruited a squadron of space cadets to launch a campaign against America's nuclear arsenal. The gravity of the situation prompts Harold W. Smith, director of the top-secret government agency CURE, to order Remo and Chiun to blast the scheme out of orbit.

And it should be just a routine assignment for the world's top assassins. Only Chiun believes the alien is fulfilling an ancient legend of Sinanju, and he takes off to join the space colony. And all at once Remo finds himself not only at odds with his mentor, but single-handedly trying to stave off the war of the worlds!

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Обложка книги Engines of Destruction Engines of Destruction

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

In the wake of several dangerous railroad accidents where a masked samurai swordsman is seen repeatedly, Dr. Harold Smith sends his associates Remo Williams and Master Chiun to pose as DOT investigators.

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Обложка книги Eredità di sangue Eredità di sangue

 Автор: Marshall Michael

 Серия: Uomini di Paglia

Il seguito di “Uomini di Paglia” prende le mosse dalla fuga di Ward Hopkins, ex-agente della CIA, dal quartier generale del gruppo sovversivo che intende usare ogni mezzo per riportare l’umanità alla sua purezza primitiva. Il leader carismatico del gruppo, il fantomatico Homo Erectus, è ancora in circolazione, e Ward sa che tornerà a braccarlo. Quando, insieme a John Zandt che ha ricevuto una soffiata, Ward si mette sulle tracce del tenebroso fratello, ad attenderlo ci saranno ancora una volta indecifrabili messaggi nascosti in efferati delitti e un mistero che affonda le proprie radici nella storia della fondazione dell’America.

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