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Обложка книги A Just Determination A Just Determination

 Автор: Hemry John G

 Серия: Paul Sinclair

Обложка книги A matter of time A matter of time

 Автор: Cook Glen

Обложка книги A Pound of Prevention A Pound of Prevention

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer


Something funny is going on in the East African nation of Luzuland...and it's more than just the usual civil unrest or military coup.  Organized crime lords are converging for what looks like an underworld summit - and Dr. Harold Smith dispatches Remo for a look-see and some quiet, effective neutralization.

But Remo has his own problems, and he's just not in the mood to be killing his way up chain of command in East Africa.  Chiun has gone AWOL, fulfilling some ancient Sinanju contract and busily storming the Luzu presidential palace with a handful of saber-wielding warriors.

And unless Chiun can beat some sense into his pupil's skull, Remo's bent on nuking an entire mob-infested Third World city to deliver a pound - make that a megaton - of prevention guaranteed to wipe out a generation of predators...and a few million innocent souls.

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Обложка книги A Quantum Murder A Quantum Murder

 Автор: Hamilton Peter

 Серия: Greg Mandel

Peter F. Hamilton returns to the future of "Mindstar Rising" with an engrossing new adventure of Greg Mandel, a freelance operative whose telepathic abilities give him a crucial edge in the high-tech world of the 21st century. Mandel must investigate the murder of professor Edward Kitchener, a double Nobel laureate who had been researching quantum cosmology for the powerful Event Horizon conglomerate.

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Обложка книги A Stainless Steel Rat Is Born A Stainless Steel Rat Is Born

 Автор: Harrison Harry


Обложка книги A Touch of Fever A Touch of Fever

 Автор: Cox Greg

Обложка книги Acid Rock Acid Rock

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

The stage is set for murder, mayhem and deafening music. But the music isn't loud enough to drown out the shots aimed at the gorgeous redhead on stage. Not that anybody is paying much attention, not in the screaming chaos of the world's biggest rock festival ever. The girl likes to be near singers, the freakier and more spaced-out the better. Some of them get too close and wind up permanently spaced out. Why? Someone wants to kill the beautiful girl with the long auburn hair. She is under contract for one million dollars. A big bounty is on her beautiful head. She has to be killed, and quick. But Remo and Chiun have other ideas. Their assignment from CURE says protect her at any costs - and that means someone is going to have to pay a very high price.

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Обложка книги Against All Enemies Against All Enemies

 Автор: Hemry John G

 Серия: Paul Sinclair

Обложка книги Air Raid Air Raid

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer


They are tiny, genetically engineered blue seeds that mature quickly into trees that literally suck all the oxygen out of the air. They're the twisted experiment of the earth-friendly but highly secretive Congress of Concerned Scientists, and now they've been snatched its head, Dr. Hubert St. Clair.

Having killed off all but one of his scientific team, he's leading Remo and Chiun on a chase through the proverbial forest. He's got enough seeds to choke off the world's oxygen supply, and the ability to create environmental disasters at will. Battling everything from acid rain to blistering heat to frigid cold, the Destroyer races to thwart double disaster in the Amazon rainforest: St. Clair is planting seeds like a maniac and a U.S. President prepares to nuke Brazil onto oblivion.

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Обложка книги American Obsession American Obsession

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

Fatted Calves

The new body culture is finally bringing its rewards, thanks to a hormone treatment that rapidly restructures body fat to muscle - all overnight, during a true beauty snooze.

But it's way-out expensive, and only the rich and famous can indulge. After all, what's a thousand bucks a day when the result is a body to die for?

There are some side effects - no pain, no gain! But when innocent people start paying a steep price for the star's self-improvement regimens, CURE's Dr. Smith sends Remo and Chiun to infiltrate the Lycra crowd and the hallowed halls of the legalized drug trade. Soon their investigation is blocked by a greedy corporation, but the worst challenge is from an army of celebrities - lean, mean products of a killer diet...

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Обложка книги AMPED AMPED

 Автор: Richards Douglas E

 Серия: wired

Обложка книги An Apple for Zoë: Book One ~ The Forsaken An Apple for Zoë: Book One ~ The Forsaken

 Автор: Amo Thomas

The City of San Francisco is locked in a grip of fear. A series of occult murders has lead, Inspector Thomas James to a crime scene similar to a murder committed 90 years ago in the once grand Aleris Hotel. A place where power barons of the early 20th Century engaged in witchcraft. And silent film stars indulged in the most wicked of sins. A place where no one questions the black smoke that rises from the hotel's incinerators in the middle of the night.

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Обложка книги An Old Fashioned War An Old Fashioned War

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

Something strange was happening - and only Chuin knew what it was.

In America, the Indian tribes had united and were delivering crushing blows to the U.S. Army. In the Middle East, the Arabs had regained their martial mastery and were demolishing all who resisted them. In Mongolia, scattered tribesman had joined together for the first time since Genghis Khan to form a new Golden Horde poised to ravish all the earth.

Something strange was obviously happening all over the globe. Remo had no idea what it was, even as he desperately tried to fight it. Chiun knew but wasn't saying anything, as he got ready to cut a deal and split the world with the fiendish for behind it all. With Remo and Chiun divided, the whole world was wide open for conquest, and an ancient evil was spawning modern terror. Humanity's greatest enemy was now in the driver's seat - and its ultimate nightmare was coming true....

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Обложка книги Angry White Mailmen Angry White Mailmen

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

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Обложка книги Arabian Nightmare Arabian Nightmare

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

The Maddas Touch

Everything that Maddas Hinsein touched turned to blood as the mad-dog dictator of outlaw Irait pursued his plans of conquest by taking over tiny oil-rich Kuran. Only Remo and Chiun could stop this man who was up to his mustache in gore. But Remo was possessed, slave to his immortal nemesis, the death goddess Kali. And the feeble Chiun was merely a shadow of his former awesome self. Unless CURE's terrific twosome could be restored to their full powers, Maddas Hinsein would turn the whole into one...

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Обложка книги Artemis Artemis

 Автор: Weir Andy

Jazz Bashara is a criminal.

Well, sort of. Life on Artemis, the first and only city on the moon, is tough if you’re not a rich tourist or an eccentric billionaire. So smuggling in the occasional harmless bit of contraband barely counts, right? Not when you’ve got debts to pay and your job as a porter barely covers the rent.

Everything changes when Jazz sees the chance to commit the perfect crime, with a reward too lucrative to turn down. But pulling off the impossible is just the start of her problems, as she learns that she’s stepped square into a conspiracy for control of Artemis itself—and that now, her only chance at survival lies in a gambit even riskier than the first.

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Обложка книги Assassins Play Off Assassins Play Off

 Автор: Murphy Warren, Sapir Richard

 Серия: The Destroyer

For centuries, the ancient House of Sinanju is recognized as the center of learning for all the martial arts. From the ancestral nucleus of Oriental power and prestige have come the world's deadliest assassins and killers, also man's greatest protectors and warriors. To become a Master of Sinanju, however, is to totally perfect one's mental, spiritual, and physical powers. Very few mortals possess even a fraction of the necessary skills. Mere muscle or brains do not matter. Rarer still have been the men who dare to even approach the lowest steps of this shrine to violence and sudden death at Sinanju. The masters of Sinanju are the sun source and essence of the martial arts since prehistory. Recent upstart fighting techniques such as Kung Fu, Karate, Ninja, Aikido are but minor variations in the deadly armament of a Master. Only foreplay to the Grand Battle. And now, for the first time, a Westerner, a white man, Remo Williams, is defending the Holy Place against his relentless archenemy, Nuihc. Not since the Mongol invasions and the barbaric Chinese warlords has the land trembled in such anticipation. The scenario begins in New Jersey. The die is cast in a U.S. government submarine. Now Chiun and the Premier of Korea will witness the Grand Battle. And Remo Williams - the Destroyer - is being allowed but one blow. One split-second opportunity to punch, slash, chop, smash or kick . . . The ghosts of a thousand warriors dance in the dust as the two men face each other. And Chiun knows.

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Обложка книги Associates of Sherlock Holmes Associates of Sherlock Holmes

 Автор: Lane Andrew, Mann George, Pratt Tim, Lovegrove James, Meikle William, Faye Lyndsay, THOMAS JEFFREY, Kyme Nick, Fenn Jaine, Edginton Ian, Scott Cavan, Barnes Jonathan, Bucher-Jones Simon, Dennison Kara

A brand new Sherlock Holmes anthology to sit alongside George Mann’s successful Encounters of Sherlock Holmes anthologies, and Titan’s Further Adventures and New Adventures series.

A brand-new collection of Sherlock Holmes stories from a variety of exciting voices in modern horror and steampunk, edited by respected anthologist George Mann. Stories are told from the point of view of famous associates of the great detective, including Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Sherlock himself, Irene Adler, Langdale Pike, and of course, Professor Moriarty…

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Обложка книги Ave Caesar! (Дело о римской монете) Ave Caesar! (Дело о римской монете)

 Автор: Крупенин Артур Борисович

Преподаватель кафедры истории Древнего мира Глеб Стольцев в результате несчастного случая приобретает неожиданный дар – взяв в руки любую вещь, он способен испытать то, что чувствовали люди, прикасавшиеся к этому предмету в прошлом. Теперь Стольцеву предстоит выяснить, каким образом античная монета времен Юлия Цезаря связана с чередой жутких преступлений, совершенных в наши дни.

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Обложка книги Awakenings Awakenings

 Автор: Lazellari Edward


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