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Обложка книги Martian Time-Slip Martian Time-Slip

 Автор: Dick Philip Kindred

Warning: Although this the action of this book is set on Mars, it could just as easily have taken place in one of the desert communities around Los Angeles. The real action takes place inside the minds of the characters. If you're looking for all the external trappings of interplanetary Sci-Fi, you will be deeply disappointed. Approach it with an open mind, and you will be richly rewarded. What happens when one of the most powerful men on the planet Mars finds that real-estate speculators are intent on gobbling up the remote and seemingly worthless Franklin D Roosevelt mountains? Naturally he wants to find out why. A casual conversation with a psychologist followed by a chance encounter with a master repairman leads to one of those Dickian leaps: Since (1) autistic children do not respond to others because they are living in the future, (2) just build a machine to slow down time and (3) maybe even use it to go back in time and retroactively post a claim on the land before the speculators do. Well, the mechanism works, in a way. The speculators were proposing to build giant apartment blocks to help relieve overcrowding on polluted Earth. The autistic boy, Manfred Steiner, sees much further, however, to the time the apartment block would become a warehouse for the sick and dying, a "tomb world," of which he himself is a denizen. Manfred's visions have a way of bending the reality of those around him; he persistently retreats to a vision of reality as "gubble" -- entropy seen as large wormlike constructs that underlie reality, leading to pure "gubbish." MARTIAN TIME-SLIP is one of my favorite Philip K Dicks. (The problem is that I like all 15 or so I've read more or less equally.) Reading Philip K Dick tends to bend your sense of reality much as Manfred Steiner does. And one can't help looking over one's shoulder for a few hours after reading him. I see Dick as not so much a science fiction writer as a creator of disturbing and eerily plausible futures.

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Обложка книги Mirrored Heavens Mirrored Heavens

 Автор: Williams David J

 Серия: Autumn Rain

In this thrilling debut, David J. Williams delivers a hard-hitting blend of military SF and dystopian cyberpunk, set in a futuristic landscape where hostilities rage from the Eastern and Western hemispheres to the outer ranges of space.

In the 22nd century, the first wonder of a brave new world is the Phoenix Space Elevator, designed to give mankind greater access to the frontier beyond Earth. Built by the U.S./Pan-Asian Coalition, the Elevator is also a grand symbol of superpower alliance following a second cold war. And it's just been destroyed.

The South American insurgent group Autumn Rain claims responsibility for the attack, but with suspicions rampant, armies and espionage teams are mobilized across the globe and beyond. Enter Claire Haskell and Jason Marlowe, U.S. counterintelligence agents, and former lovers—though their memories may only be constructs implanted by their spymaster. Forced to set aside the enigma of their past, their agenda is to trust no one. For in a time of shifting loyalties, the enemy could be anyone—from a shadowy assassin working a questionable mission on the dark side of the moon, to a Euro data thief working under deep cover and wooed into a dangerous pact.

As the crisis mounts, and the search for Autumn Rain spans both Earth and Moon, the lives of all those involved will converge in one explosive finale—and a startling aftermath that will rewrite everything they've ever known—about their mission, their world, and themselves

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Обложка книги Mona Lisa Overdrive Mona Lisa Overdrive

 Автор: Gibson William

 Серия: , Sprawl-trilógia

A jövő század kaotikus világában a kontinenseket uraló magakorporációk küzdelmének dzsungelében magára marad egy lány.

Azaz majdnem.

Mert a Cyberspace-ciklus harmadik kötetében sem az élet, sem a halál sem a holnap fogalma nem olyan egyértelmű amilyennek az első pillanatban látszik…

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Обложка книги Mona Lisa s'éclate Mona Lisa s'éclate

 Автор: Gibson William

 Серия: Trilogie de la conurb

Une nouvelle macroforme est apparue dans le Conurb : l’aleph. Un gigantesque empilement de biopuces capables de reconstituer tous les savoirs, toutes les données de l’univers. Un fantastique instrument de pouvoir !

Tous les pirates de cyberspace sont à sa recherche. Mais qui le détient réellement ? Bobby, un génie du logiciel ? Dame 3Jane, l’héritière clonée de l’empire Tessier-Ashpool ? Ou Angie, vedette de cinéma, fille du savant Mitchell, le célèbre créateur des biopuces ?

L’enjeu est de taille ! Ils l’ignorent encore mais celui qui, au risque de sa vie, saura se rendre maître de l’aleph possèdera les clés d’un monde nouveau, un monde au-delà de l’humanité…

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Обложка книги Mona Liza Turbo Mona Liza Turbo

 Автор: Gibson William

 Серия: Trylogia Ciągu

Powieść Mona Liza Turbo jest przez krytykę uważana za jedną z najlepszych książek autora Neuromancera. Wejdźmy w niezwykły świat Gibsona — liryczny i zmechanizowany, erotyczny i brutalny, posępny i podniecający — gdzie wielonarodowe korporacje i stechnicyzowani przestępcy walczą o władzę, przenosząc się w generowane komputerowo universum zwane cyberprzestrzenią. W tym świecie pojawia się Mona, dziewczyna o mętnej przeszłości i niepewnej przyszłości. Życie prowadzi ją po kursie kolizyjnym ze światowej sławy gwiazdą Sense/Netu, Angie Mitchell. Angie od dzieciństwa potrafiła włączyć się do cyberprzestrzeni, nie używając do tego komputera. Teraz do wnętrza cyberprzestrzeni wiodą nici intrygi mającej na celu jej porwanie. Spiskiem kieruje widmowa jaźń, która ma swoje plany wobec Mony, Angie i całej ludzkości. A w tle kryją się potężni Yakuza z japońskiego podziemia przestępczego…

Ich przywódcy bezlitośnie posługują się ludźmi dla osiągnięcia własnych celów (a przynajmniej tak im się wydaje).

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Обложка книги Moxyland Moxyland

 Автор: Beukes Lauren

What’s really going on? Who’s really in charge? You have NO. F***KING. IDEA.

A frighteningly persuasive, high-tech fable, this novel follows the lives of four narrators living in an alternative futuristic Cape Town, South Africa. An art-school dropout, and AIDS baby, a tech-activist and an RPG-obsessed blogger live in a world where your online identity is at least as important as your physical one. Getting disconnected is a punishment worse than imprisonment, but someone’s got to stand up to Government Inc. – whatever the cost. Taking hedonistic trends in society to their ultimate conclusions, this tale paints anything but a forecasted utopia, satirically undermining the reified idea of progress as society’s white knight.


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