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Обложка книги C C

 Автор: McCarthy Tom


A brilliant epochal saga from the acclaimed author of Remainder ('One of the great English novels of the past ten years' – Zadie Smith), C takes place in the early years of the twentieth century and ranges from western England to Europe to North Africa.

Serge Carrefax spends his childhood at Versoie House, where his father teaches deaf children to speak when he's not experimenting with wireless telegraphy. Sophie, Serge's sister and only connection to the world at large, takes outrageous liberties with Serge's young body – which may explain the unusual sexual predilections that haunt him for the rest of his life. After recuperating from a mysterious illness at a Bohemian spa, Serge serves in World War I as a radio operator. C culminates in a bizarre scene in an Egyptian catacomb where all Serge's paths and relationships at last converge.

Tom McCarthy's mesmerizing, often hilarious accomplishment effortlessly blends the generational breadth of Ian McEwan with the postmodern wit of Thomas Pynchon and marks a writer rapidly becoming one of the most significant and original voices of his generation.

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Обложка книги Caballeros Caballeros

 Автор: Östergren Klas

Cuando el protagonista, homónimo del autor, conoce al gentleman Henry Morgan comprende que ha dado con su alma gemela. A Klas acaban de robárselo todo, así que decide ponerse en manos de Henry: este le descubre un anacrónico mundo de lujo, y le revela que está planeando robar el oro del castillo de Estocolmo. Y entonces aparece Leo, hermano de Henry y poeta maldito, que acaba de salir del psiquiátrico.

¿Quién supondría que una peligrosa trama de gángsters y contrabandistas estaría a la vuelta de la esquina?

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Обложка книги Cain Cain

 Автор: Saramago é

Two decades after Portuguese novelist and Nobel Laureate José Saramago shocked the religious world with his novel The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, he has done it again with Cain, a satire of the Old Testament. Written in the last years of Saramago's life, it tackles many of the moral and logical non sequiturs created by a wilful, authoritarian God, and forms part of Saramago's long argument with religion.

The stories in this book are witty and provocative. After Adam and Eve have been cast out of Eden, Eve decides to go back and ask the angel guarding the gate if he can give her some of the fruit that is going to waste inside. The angel agrees, and although Eve swears to Adam that she offered the angel nothing in return, their first child is suspiciously blond and fair-skinned. Cain, in his wandering, overhears a strange conversation between a man named Abraham and his son Isaac – and manages to prevent the father from murdering the son. The angel appointed by God to prevent the murder arrives late due to a wing malfunction. Cain brushes off his apology. 'What would have happened if I hadn't been here?' Cain asks, 'and what kind of god would ask a father to sacrifice his own son?'

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Обложка книги Cairo Modern Cairo Modern

 Автор: Mahfouz Naguib

The novelist's camera pans from the dome of King Fuad University (now Cairo University) to students streaming out of the campus, focusing on four students in their twenties, each representing a different trend in Egypt in the 1930s. Finally the camera comes to rest on Mahgub Abd al-Da'im. A scamp, he fancies himself a nihilist, a hedonist, an egotist, but his personal vulnerability is soon revealed by a family crisis back home in al-Qanatir, a dusty, provincial town on the Nile that is also a popular destination for Cairene day-trippers. Mahgub, like many characters in works by Naguib Mahfouz, has a hard time finding the correct setting on his ambition gauge. His emotional life also fluctuates between the extremes of a street girl, who makes her living gathering cigarette butts, and his wealthy cousin Tahiya. Since he thinks that virtue is merely a social construct, how far will our would-be nihilist go in trying to fulfill his unbridled ambitions? What if he discovers that high society is more corrupt and cynical than he is? With a wink back at Goethe's Faust and Henry Fielding's Joseph Andrews, Mahgub becomes a willing collaborator in his own corruption. Published in Arabic in the 1940s, this cautionary morality tale about self-defeating egoism and ill-digested foreign philosophies comes from the same period as one of the writer's best-known works, Midaq Alley. Both novels are comic and heart-felt indictments not so much of Egyptian society between the world wars as of human nature and our paltry attempts to establish just societies.

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Обложка книги Calcutta: Two Years in the City Calcutta: Two Years in the City

 Автор: Chaudhuri Amit

The award-winning author Amit Chaudhuri has been widely praised for the beauty and subtle power of his writing and for the ways in which he makes “place” as complex a character as his men and women. Now he brings these gifts to a spellbinding amalgam of memoir, reportage, and history in this intimate, luminous portrait of Calcutta.

Chaudhuri guides us through the city where he was born, the home he loved as a child, the setting of his acclaimed novels — a place he now finds captivating for all the ways it has, and, perhaps more powerfully, has not, changed. He shows us a city relatively untouched by the currents of globalization but possessed of a “self-renewing way of seeing, of inhabiting space, of apprehending life.” He takes us along vibrant avenues and derelict alleyways; introduces us to intellectuals, Marxists, members of the declining haute bourgeoisie, street vendors, domestic workers; brings to life the city’s sounds and smells, its architecture, its traditional shops and restaurants, new malls and hotels. And, using the historic elections of 2011 as a fulcrum, Chaudhuri looks back to the nineteenth century, when the city burst with a new vitality, and toward the politics of the present, finding a city “still not recovered from history” yet possessed of a singular modernity.

Chaudhuri observes and writes about Calcutta with rare candor and clarity, making graspable the complex, ultimately ineluctable reasons for his passionate attachment to the place and its people.

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Обложка книги Calico Joe Calico Joe

 Автор: Grisham John

Обложка книги Caligrafía De Los Sueños Caligrafía De Los Sueños

 Автор: é Juan

A mediados de los cuarenta, Ringo es un chiquillo de quince años que pasa las horas muertas en el bar de la señora Paquita, moviendo los dedos sobre la mesa, como si repasara las lecciones de piano que su familia ya no puede pagarle.En esa taberna del barrio de Gracia, el chaval es testigo de la historia de amor de Vicky Mir y el señor Alonso: ella, una mujer entrada en años y en carnes, masajista de profesión, ingenua y enamoradiza; él, un cincuentón apuesto que ha acabado instalándose en su casa. Allí viven junto a Violeta, la hija de la señora Mir, hasta que sucede algo inesperado: un domingo por la tarde, Vicky se echa a las vías muertas de un tranvía intentando un suicidio imposible y patético, y el señor Alonso desaparece para no volver. Lo único que queda de él es una carta que prometió escribir y que Vicky estará esperando y deseando hasta la locura, mientras Violeta mueve sus espléndidas caderas por el barrio, hosca e indiferente a los halagos.La vida entera discurre por el bar de la señora Paquita y bajo la mirada de Ringo, que escucha, lee y finalmente empezará a escribir, llenando de luz la triste caligrafía de toda una generación que alimentó sus sueños en los cines de barrio y en las calles grises de una ciudad donde el futuro parecía algo improbable.Espléndido relato de iniciación al deseo y a la escritura, Caligrafía de los sueños es la primera novela que Juan Marsé publica tras la concesión del Premio Cervantes en 2009.

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Обложка книги Call Me Mrs. Miracle Call Me Mrs. Miracle

 Автор: Macomber Debbie

From #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Debbie Macomber – Mrs. Miracle on 34th Street! While working in the toy department of a family-run department store in NYC, Mrs. Miracle seizes the opportunity to connect Holly, who is searching for the perfect robot for her nephew, with Jake, the owner's son.

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Обложка книги Calligraphy Lesson Calligraphy Lesson

 Автор: Shishkin Mikhail

Calligraphy Lesson is the first English-language collection of short stories by Mikhail Shishkin, the most acclaimed contemporary author in Russia. Spanning his entire writing career, from his first published story, “Calligraphy Lesson,” which heralded an entirely new voice in post-Soviet Russian literature and won him Russia’s prestigious Debut Prize in 1993, to creative essays reflecting on the transcendent importance of language, to the newest story, “Nabokov’s Inkblot,” written in 2013 for dramatic adaptation by a theater in Zurich. A master prose writer and unique stylist, Shishkin is heir to the greatest Russian writers, such as Tolstoy, Bunin, and Pasternak, and is the living embodiment of the combination of style and content that has made Russian literature so unique and universally popular for over two centuries. Shishkin’s breathtakingly beautiful writing style comes across perfectly in these stories, where he experiments with the forms and ideas that are worked into his grand novels while exploring entirely new literary territory in the space between fiction and creative nonfiction as he reflects on the most important and universal themes in life: love, happiness, art, death, resurrection…

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Обложка книги Calloustown Calloustown

 Автор: Singleton George

Calloustown, the seventh collection from master raconteur George Singleton, who’s been praised by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as the “unchallenged king of the comic Southern short story,” finds the author at the absolute top of his game as he traces the unlikely inhabitants of the titular Calloustown in all their humanity. Whether exploring family, religion, politics or the true meaning of home, these stories range from deeply affecting to wildly absurd and back again, all in the blink of an eye.

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Обложки нет Cambio De Piel

 Автор: Fuentes Carlos

El Domingo de Ramos de 1965 cuatro personajes inician un viaje hacia Veracruz y se detienen en Cholula, ciudad de las pirámides aztecas. En el laberinto de sus galerías se internarán las dos parejas, como en un descenso a los infiernos, que concluirá con una tragedia ritual inesperada. `Ficción total` en palabras del propio autor, `Cambio de piel` indaga en el mito del México prehispánico y en el holocausto europeo a través de la memoria de sus protagonistas para decirnos que, en definitiva, todas las violencias son la misma violencia. Un retrato del hombre de nuestro siglo, atormentado por las dudas sobre el presente, la carga del pasado y el miedo del porvenir.

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Обложка книги Cambridge Cambridge

 Автор: Phillips Caryl

Cambridge is a powerful and haunting novel set in that uneasy time between the abolition of the slave trade and the emancipation of the slaves. It is the story of Emily Cartwright, a young woman sent from England to visit her father's West Indian plantation, and Cambridge, a plantation slave, educated and Christianised by his first master in England and now struggling to maintain his dignity.

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Обложка книги Camino de hierro Camino de hierro

 Автор: Preciado Nativel

La soledad y el dolor amargan la vida de Paula desde la marcha inesperada e inexplicable de su amadísimo esposo Lucas, su cómplice y su maestro, con quien había planeado una existencia de plenitud y de gozo en la que encarar el otoño de sus vidas. Ahora sólo quedan el vacío y el desánimo, la desolación de una ausencia incomprensible. Paula lucha por sobreponerse y viaja a León, el escenario de su infancia, para recuperar la memoria de su abuelo Román, condenado en un juicio inicuo y asesinado tras la Guerra Civil, en la feroz represión desatada por los vencedores contra los “enemigos de España”. En León, Paula reencontrará su propio pasado, el de su familia destrozada, y el pasado colectivo de una tierra asolada por el odio cainita. El reencuentro con sus parientes le permitirá recuperar los papeles con los que reconstruir los últimos días del abuelo Román, un hombre bueno destruido en ese “tiempo de canallas”. Es una novela descarnada, sin concesiones, pero llena también de emoción y ternura, y que gira en torno a dos temas esenciales y universales: la muerte y la memoria. Es también una novela valiente, con la pretensión de ser un canto al ser humano y lo más sublime de su esencia, a su capacidad de sobreponerse a la desgracia y de enfrentar el conocimiento de sí mismo.

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Обложка книги Caín Caín

 Автор: Saramago é

Qué diablo de Dios es éste que, para enaltecer a Abel, desprecia a Caín. Si en El Evangelio según Jesucristo José Saramago nos dio su visión del Nuevo Testamento, en Caín regresa a los primeros libros de la Biblia. En un itinerario heterodoxo, recorre ciudades decadentes y establos, palacios de tiranos y campos de batalla de la mano de los principales protagonistas del Antiguo Testamento, imprimiéndole la música y el humor refinado que caracterizan su obra. Caín pone de manifiesto lo que hay de moderno y sorprendente en la prosa de Saramago: la capacidad de hacer nueva una historia que se conoce de principio a fin. Un irónico y mordaz recorrido en el que el lector asiste a una guerra secular, y en cierto modo, involuntaria, entre el creador y su criatura.

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Обложка книги Canaan's Tongue Canaan's Tongue

 Автор: Wray John

From the acclaimed and prizewinning author of The Right Hand of Sleep (“Brilliant…A truly arresting work”—The New York Times Book Review), an explosive allegorical novel set on the eve of the Civil War, about a gang of men hunted by both the Union and the Confederacy for dealing in stolen slaves.

Geburah Plantation, 1863: in a crumbling estate on the banks of the Mississippi, eight survivors of the notorious Island 37 Gang wait for the war, or the Pinkerton Detective Agency, to claim them. Their leader, a bizarre charismatic known only as “the Redeemer,” has already been brought to justice, and each day brings the battling armies closer. The hatred these men feel for one another is surpassed only by their fear of their many pursuers. Into this hell comes a mysterious force, an “avenging angel” that compels them, one by one, to a reckoning of their many sins.

Canaan’s Tongue is rooted in the criminal world of John Murrell, as infamous in his day as Jesse James or Al Capone. It tells the story of his reluctant protégé, Virgil Ball, who derives riches, sexual privilege, and power from the commerce in stolen slaves, known only as “the Trade”—and discovers, when he finally decides to free himself from the Redeemer’s yoke, that the force he is challenging is far more formidable than he imagined. It is as old as the river, as vast as the country itself, and it is with us to this day.

Canaan’s Tongue is a work of extraordinary narrative and emotional power.

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Обложки нет Candy (chinese)

 Автор: Mian Mian

An international literary phenomenon-now available for the first time in English translation-Candy is a hip, harrowing tale of risk and desire, the story of a young Chinese woman forging a life for herself in a world seemingly devoid of guidelines. Hong, who narrates the novel, and whose life in many ways parallels the author''s own, drops out of high school and runs away at age 17 to the frontier city of Shenzen. As Hong navigates the temptations of the city, she quickly falls in love with a young musician and together they dive into a cruel netherworld of alcohol, drugs, and excess, a life that fails to satisfy Hong''s craving for an authentic self, and for a love that will define her. This startling and subversive novel is a blast of sex, drugs, and rock ''n'' roll that opens up to us a modern China we''ve never seen before. – Banned in China -with Mian Mian labeled the ''poster child for spiritual pollution''-CANDY still managed to sell 60,000 copies, as well as countless additional copies in pirated editions. – CANDY has been published in eight countries to date and has become a bestseller in France.


Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll: ingredients for novels about modern China? Yes, SHANGHAI BABY by Wei Hui (Pocket Books, 2001) showed international readers modern Chinese youth were not immune to the running dogs of Western decadence: Globalization might even include mixing with dissolute foreigners. Following SHANGHAI BABY to English by a few years, Mian Mian now suggests with CANDY the decadence is more likely homegrown, possibly an inevitable side-effect of China's ascension to manufacturing colossus for the world. After this first novel by Shanghainese Mian was banned in China -an "honor" Wei Hui also earned – she was labelled a "poster child for spiritual pollution."

The buzz made CANDY an underground bestseller.

Whether Mian Mian harvested autobiographical details for her protagonist Hong's drug-plagued odyssey is open to question. She prefaces the novel with a note: "This book exists because one morning as the sun was coming up I told myself that I had to swallow up all of the fear and garbage around me, and once it was inside me I had to transform it all into candy. Because I know you all will be able to love me for it."

In a larger context, Hong's story, the characters in her life, often resonate with American stories we've heard of the Old West and Gold Rush days (whether in California or Alaska). She leaves Shanghai to seek her future in the new frontier of the Special Economic Zones the Chinese government created along the south coast in the 1980s, near Guangzhou. Not only did the SEZs permit a laissez faire approach to business-much of the Confucian social rules that apply elsewhere are ignored. In the SEZ thick with fortune seekers and finders, prostitution flourishes, as does alcohol and drug addiction.

Hong, only 17, has dropped out of a competitive high school, somewhat dispirited by the suicide of a classmate (an echo of Murakami's NORWEGIAN WOOD), when she leaves for the south. There she meets a young musician Saining and they become lovers, so often hopeless for each other and so often hopeless for their addictions. They survive, slacker-style, largely by the generosity of Saining's mom, who lives in Japan.

Hong's love for Saining has compelling moments of violence, promiscuity, and druggy indifference. But the greatest achievement of Hong's story, perhaps, is the honest testimony to the erasure of desire, the great sucking away of soul only addiction can wreak on a love that nonetheless won't go away. From a null point, from a Murakami-esque death in life, Hong goes on to find redemption can be hers.This stark portrait is not without lighter moments. For example, Hong's friend Bug is convinced he has AIDS. The horror of that discovery is brought alive. Page after page: consultation with friends, plans to leave the country, examination by a Beijing AIDS specialist. Finally, the revelation too many OTC drugs to get high had caused the troubling symptoms.

Like Murakami's post-consumerist young generation in Japan, Mian Mian suggests the same search for individual authenticity is underway in China. As China 's economic engine gains force, so does disillusionment among the young with the old ways. Hong suggests her ambivalence towards China 's rising star: "The moment the plane left the ground, I fucking burst into tears. I swore I would never come back to this town in the South again. This weird, plastic, bullshit Special Economic Zone, with all that pain and sadness, and the face of love, and the whole totally fucked-up world of heroin, and the late 1980s gold rush mentality, and all that pop music from Taiwan and Hong Kong. This place had all of the best and all of the worst. It had become my eternal nightmare." Hong awakes before the CANDY is gone. Mian's compassion for youth of New China elevates and brings irony to a story lesser writers might have passed off as sensation-ridden heroin chic.

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Обложки нет Cannery Row

 Автор: Steinbeck John

This novel takes place in the eponymous Cannery Row, a place made up of ’junk heaps, sardine canneries of corrugated iron, honky tonks, restaurants and whore houses, and little crowded groceries, and laboratories and flophouses’. Although there is a narrative trajectory — the desire of Mack and the other boys living at the Palace Flophouse to throw a party for their friend and benefactor, Doc — the plot of this novel is really that plot of land Steinbeck describes so well.

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Обложки нет Cannibal

 Автор: Palahniuk Chuck

Обложка книги Cannonball Cannonball

 Автор: McElroy Joseph

The Iraq War, two divers, a California family, and within that family an intimacy that open the larger stories more deeply still. Cannonball continues in McElroy's tradition of intricately woven story lines and extreme care regarding the placement of each and every word. A novel where the sentences matter as much as the overall story.

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Обложка книги Can't Wait to Get to Heaven Can't Wait to Get to Heaven

 Автор: Flagg Fannie

 Серия: Elmwood Springs

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