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Обложка книги Wanderer, kommst du nach Spa… Wanderer, kommst du nach Spa…

 Автор: öll Heinrich

Обложки нет Weir of Hermistone

 Автор: Stevenson Robert Louis

Обложки нет Wer ist der Verräter?

 Автор: Гете Иоганн Вольфганг

Erzählung aus Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre. (Geschrieben 1807/08).

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Обложка книги What Katy Did What Katy Did

 Автор: Coolidge Susan

What Katy Did is a children’s book written by Susan Coolidge, the pen name of Sarah Chauncey Woolsey, which was published in 1872. It follows the adventures of a twelve-year-old American girl, Katy Carr, and her family who live in the fictional lakeside Ohio town of Burnet in the 1860s. Katy is a tall untidy tomboy, forever getting into scrapes but wishing to be beautiful and beloved. When a terrible accident makes her an invalid, her illness and four-year recovery gradually teach her to be as good and kind as she has always wanted.

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Обложки нет When God Laughs

 Автор: London ack

Обложки нет When The World Screamed

 Автор: Doyle Arthur Conan

 Серия: Professor Challenger Stories

Обложки нет Where Angels Fear to Tread

 Автор: Forster E M


Обложки нет Whirligigs

 Автор: OHenry

Обложки нет White Fang

 Автор: London Jack

Обложка книги White Jacket or, The World on a Man-of-War White Jacket or, The World on a Man-of-War

 Автор: Melville Herman

A nineteenth-century appeal to maintain a decent standard of food for sailors, to care for the sick, and to prevent the frequency of flogging in the United States Navy.

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Обложки нет Why the Little Frenchman Wears His Hand in a Sling

 Автор: Poe Edgar Allan

Обложки нет William Wilson

 Автор: Poe Edgar Allan

Обложка книги Witiko Witiko

 Автор: Stifter Adalbert

An seinem monumentalen Werk über die Gründungsgeschichte des Königreiches Böhmen im 12. Jahrhundert arbeitete Stifter zehn Jahre lang wie »ein Pflugstier«. Durch den Romanhelden Witiko, der stellvertretend für den sittlich handelnden Menschen steht, wird das grandiose Historiengemälde zum Bildungsroman, als dessen Meister sich der Autor mit seinem ›Nachsommer‹ in die Literaturgeschichte eingeschrieben hatte.

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Обложки нет Women in Love

 Автор: Lawrence David Herbert Richard

Обложка книги Wood and Stone Wood and Stone

 Автор: Powys John Cowper

Wood and Stone was John Cowper Powys' first novel published in 1915. It is no prentice-work however — the author was already in his forties.

The novel is set in the area of south Somerset that John Cowper Powys grew up in. The village of Nevilton is based on Montacute where his father was vicar for many years. When he wrote it Powys was living in the USA and it is perhaps this absence that accounts for the heightened vividness of the descriptive writing.

Powys deploys a large and wonderfully delineated cast of characters. They are loosely divided between 'the well-constituted' and 'the ill-constituted'. Characteristically Powys favours the latter.

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Обложки нет Woolf Short Stories

 Автор: Woolf Virginia

A collection of stories by British writer Virginia Woolf: The Mark on the Wall, Kew Gardens, Solid Objects, An Unwritten Novel, A Haunted House, Monday or Tuesday, The String Quartet, Society, Blue and Green, In the Orchard, Mrs Dalloway in Bond Street, A Woman's College From Outside, The New Dress, Moments of Being, The Lady in the Looking-Glass, The Shooting Party, The Duchess and The Jeweller, Lappin and Lappinova, The Man Who Loved His Kind, The Searchlight, The Legacy, Together and Apart, A Summing Up.

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Обложка книги Work of Art Work of Art

 Автор: Lewis Sinclair

Обложка книги Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights

 Автор: ë Emily


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