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Обложка книги Centurion Centurion

 Автор: Scarrow Simon

 Серия: Cato

Обложка книги Cuba Libre Cuba Libre

 Автор: Leonard Elmore

Обложка книги Caribbee Caribbee

 Автор: Hoover Thomas

Обложки нет Cora

 Автор: Sand George

Обложка книги Count Belisarius Count Belisarius

 Автор: Graves Robert


Обложка книги Cлавенские древности, или приключения славенских князей. Cлавенские древности, или приключения славенских князей.

 Автор: Попов Михаил Иванович

Книга Попова «Славенские древности, или Приключения славенских князей» содержит беллетризованный рассказ о приключениях князей дохристианской Руси, изложенный в жанре сказочно-рыцарского романа. В описании языческих обрядов использованы многочисленные недостоверные, но интересные легенды, фольклорные и этнографические источники. Хотя «Славянские древности» относятся к первым в русской литературе опытам псевдоисторической славянской сюжетики, многие читатели XVIII века воспринимали книгу как историческое сочинение.

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Обложка книги Conflict of Empires Conflict of Empires

 Автор: Barone Sam

 Серия: Eskkar Saga

Обложка книги Claudius Claudius

 Автор: Jackson Douglas

 Серия: Rufus

Обложка книги Caesar Caesar

 Автор: Massie Allan

 Серия: Imperial

Обложка книги Captain of Rome Captain of Rome

 Автор: Stack John

 Серия: Masters of the Sea

Обложка книги Conquest Conquest

 Автор: Ludlow Jack

 Серия: Conquest

Обложка книги Conspiracies of Rome Conspiracies of Rome

 Автор: Blake Richard

 Серия: Aelric

Обложка книги Caligula Caligula

 Автор: Jackson Douglas

 Серия: Rufus

Обложки нет Catriona

 Автор: Stevenson Robert Louis

Обложка книги Carrhae Carrhae

 Автор: Darman Peter

 Серия: Parthian

Обложка книги Clash Of Empires Clash Of Empires

 Автор: Barone Sam

 Серия: Eskkar Saga

Обложка книги Carver's Quest Carver's Quest

 Автор: Rennison Nick

 Серия: Carver and Quint

It is 1870. When amateur archaeologist Adam Carver and his loyal but obdurate retainer Quint are visited in their lodgings in London's Doughty Street by an attractive young woman, their landlady is not pleased. The visitor's arrival pitches Carver and Quint headlong into an elaborate mystery which comes to centre on the existence (or not) of a lost text in Ancient Greek, one that may reveal the whereabouts of the treasure hoard of Philip II of Macedonia. Two deaths soon ensue as master and manservant follow what clues they can grasp in the roughest and most genteel parts of the teeming metropolis, with the whiff of cordite and blackmail never far from their nostrils. The scene shifts to Athens and the wilder fastness of a Greece gripped by political unrest as Carver and Quint join forces with Adam's former Cambridge tutor in an attempt to track down the elusive text. But nothing is quite what it seems, and no one involved is prepared for the final, shocking denouement amidst the extraordinary hilltop monasteries of Meteora…

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Обложка книги Caratacus Caratacus

 Автор: Salter John

 Серия: Blood of Rome

Обложка книги Czarne okręty Czarne okręty

 Автор: Alex Joe

Tom pierwszy Czarnych Okrętów, przedstawia przygody dzielnego Trojańczyka Białowłosego do chwili, kiedy to pokonawszy w walce krokodyla ze świątej sadzawki i umknąwszy z rąk wszechwładnych kapłanów boga Sebeka zostaje porwany przez piratów i wraz z nimi uczestniczy w bitwie morskiej z flotą Widwojosa, brata króla Krety...

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Обложка книги Ceļojums ar snarku Ceļojums ar snarku

 Автор: Londons žeks


 Džeks Londons, VII sēj.



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 Автор: Londons eks


 Džeks Londons, VII sēj.



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Обложки нет COLOURS ALOFT!

 Автор: Kent Alexander

 Серия: Bolitho

The September in question is in 1803 when press gangs ruled the quayside, and Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho finds himself the new master of Argonaute, a French flagship taken in battle. With the short-lived Peace of Amiens in ruins, he must leave behind the safety and security of Falmouth and take his place in the harder war which follows. With the exception of Nelson himself, the recently-knighted Bolitho is the youngest admiral on the Navy list, but his new status sits uneasily upon his shoulders along with his new command. For the most part the officers of his hastily-formed squadron lack experience, whereas their French counterparts are well-trained and confident. And Bolitho is also a man plagued by worry about the coolness behind his recent parting with his beautiful wife Belinda. What lies ahead is the reality of war at close quarters – where Bolitho will be called upon to anticipate the overall intention of the French fleet. And where, not for the first time, his own human reactions and the dictates of his position will be at odds. But it is the realisation that the battle has come to a personal vendetta – between himself and the French admiral who formerly sailed Argonaute – that drives Bolitho and his men to a final rendezvous where no quarter is asked or given.

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Обложки нет Cross of St George

 Автор: Kent Alexander

 Серия: Bolitho

In the bitter February of 1813, with convoys from Canada and the Caribbean falling victim to American privateers, Sir Richard Bolitho returns to Halifax to pursue a war he knows cannot be won, but which neither Britain nor the United States can afford to lose. After nearly thirty years of almost continuous conflict with the old enemy, France, England and her Admiral desire only peace. But peace will not be found in the icy Canadian waters, where a young, angry nation asserts its identity, and men who share a common heritage die in close and bloody action. Nor is there peace for those who follow the Cross of St George: not for the embittered Adam, mourning his lover and his ship, nor for Rear-Admiral Valentine Keen, who remains strangely indifferent to responsibility. Nor will there be peace from those who use this struggle between nations as an instrument of personal revenge

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Обложки нет Command a King`s Ship

 Автор: Kent Alexander

 Серия: Bolitho

In March 1784, at a time when most of the fleet was laid up, His Majesty's frigate Undine weighed anchor at Spithead to begin a voyage to India and far beyond. As her new captain, Richard Bolitho was glad to go, despite the nature of his orders and the immensity of the voyage – for he was leaving an England still suffering from the aftermath of war. But he was to learn that signatures on proud documents did not necessarily make a lasting peace, and found himself involved in a conflict as ruthless as the one which had given him his first command during the war with France. In an uneasy peace the expansion of trade and colonial development in little-known areas of the East Indies soon pushed aside the pretence and brought the guns' fury into the open. There was no set line of battle or declared cause to rally Undine's small company. But the dangers and the endless demands had to be faced by the man who commanded the only King's ship available.

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Обложка книги Captain Blood Captain Blood

 Автор: Sabatini Rafael

 Серия: Captain Blood

Captain Blood is the much-loved story of a physician and gentleman turned pirate. Peter Blood, wrongfully accused and sentenced to death, narrowly escapes his fate and finds himself in the company of buccaneers. Embarking on his new life with remarkable skill and bravery, Blood becomes the 'Robin Hood' of the Spanish seas. This is swashbuckling adventure at its best.

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Обложка книги Crackdown Crackdown

 Автор: Cornwell Bernard

Paradise is the perfect escape for ex-Marine Nick Breakspear, captain of a charter yacht operation in the Bahamas, until he agrees to pilot a "detox cruise" for the drug-addled grown son and daughter of a powerful U.S. senator. Ambushed far from port, he is helpless to prevent the murder of a crew member by modern-day pirates who sink Nick's yacht before vanishing with the senator's kids. Having barely eluded death, Nick must immediately set sail for disaster once again. For there's a death to be avenged on the dark side of Eden, the senator is demanding that his lost children be found . . . and the woman Nick loves is being held prisoner by killers somewhere on Murder Cay.

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Обложка книги Czarne okręty Czarne okręty

 Автор: Alex Joe

Tom pierwszy Czarnych Okrętów, przedstawia przygody dzielnego Trojańczyka Białowłosego do chwili, kiedy to pokonawszy w walce krokodyla ze świątej sadzawki i umknąwszy z rąk wszechwładnych kapłanów boga Sebeka zostaje porwany przez piratów i wraz z nimi uczestniczy w bitwie morskiej z flotą Widwojosa, brata króla Krety...

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Обложки нет Cinq Semaines En Ballon

 Автор: Verne Jules

Tenter de traverser l'Afrique d'est en ouest par la voie des airs, prétendre survoler le continent noir à bord d'une fragile nacelle livrée à tous les caprices des vents, voilà une entreprise d'une audace incroyable. Les cinq semaines qu'il faudra au docteur Fergusson pour y parvenir seront pleines d'imprévus et de péripéties.

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Обложка книги Cердца трех Cердца трех

 Автор: Лондон Джек

 Серия: Джек Лондон. Собрание сочинений

Собрание сочинений Джека Лондона открывает знаменитый роман «Сердца трех», написанный в 1916 году для кино по плану голливудского киносценариста Чарлза Годдарда. Весной 1920 года роман вышел отдельной книгой. «Сердца трех» соединяют в себе лучшие черты, присущие приключенческим произведениям Джека Лондона, и динамичность развития событий, которой требует специфический жанр киноромана.

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Обложка книги Consolations of the Forest Consolations of the Forest

 Автор: Tesson Sylvain

In Consolations of the Forest, Sylvain Tesson explains how he found a radical solution to his need for freedom, one as ancient as the experiences of the hermits of old Russia: he decided to lock himself alone in a cabin in the middle taiga, on the shores of Baikal, for six months. From February to July 2010, he lived in silence, solitude, and cold. His cabin, built by Soviet geologists in the Brezhnev years, is a cube of logs three meters by three meters, heated by a cast iron skillet, six-day walk from the nearest village and hundreds of miles of track.

To live isolated from the world while retaining one's sanity requires a routine, Tesson discovered. In the morning, he would read, write, smoke, or draw, and then devoted hours to cutting the wood, shoveling snow, and fishing. Emotionally, these months proved a challenge, and the loneliness was crippling. Tesson found in paper a valuable confidant, the notebook, a polite companion. Noting carefully, almost daily, his impressions of the silence, his struggles to survive in a hostile nature, his despair, his doubts, but also its moments of ecstasy, inner peace and harmony with nature, Sylvain Tesson shares with us an extraordinary experience.

Writer, journalist and traveler, Sylvain Tesson was born in 1972. After a world tour by bicycle, he developed a passion for Central Asia, and has travelled tirelessly since 1997. He came to prominence in 2004 with a remarkable travelogue, Axis of Wolf (Robert Laffont). Editions Gallimard have already published his A Life of a Mouthful (2009) and, with Thomas Goisque and Bertrand de Miollis, High Voltage (2009). In 2009 he won the Prix Goncourt for A Life of a Mouthful, and in 2011 won the Prix Médicis for non-fiction for Consolations of the Forest: Alone in Siberia.

[This ebook contains a table.]

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Обложка книги Couchsurfing in Iran Couchsurfing in Iran

 Автор: Orth Stephen

In Couchsurfing in Iran, award-winning author Stephan Orth spends sixty-two days on the road in this mysterious Islamic republic to provide a revealing, behind-the-scenes look at life in one of the world’s most closed societies. Experiencing daily the “two Irans” that coexist side by side—the “theocracy, where people mourn their martyrs” in mausoleums, and the “hide-and-seekocracy, where people hold secret parties and seek worldly thrills instead of spiritual bliss”—he learns that Iranians have become experts in navigating around their country’s strict laws. Getting up close and personal with locals, he covers more than 5,000 kilometers, peering behind closed doors to uncover the inner workings of a country where public show and private reality are strikingly opposed.

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Обложка книги Cloudstar’s Journey Cloudstar’s Journey

 Автор: Hunter Erin

 Серия: Warriors: Novellas

Обложка книги Cats of the Clans Cats of the Clans

 Автор: Hunter Erin

 Серия: Warriors: Field Guides

Обложка книги Code of the Clans Code of the Clans

 Автор: Hunter Erin

 Серия: Warriors: Field Guides

Обложка книги Crookedstar’s Promise Crookedstar’s Promise

 Автор: Hunter Erin

 Серия: Warriors: Super Editions

Обложка книги Cобака. Полное руководство по дрессировке и уходу Cобака. Полное руководство по дрессировке и уходу

 Автор: Целлариус Алексей Юрьевич

Эта книга поможет читателям лучше понимать собак – как свою собственную, так и собак других владельцев, и даже бродячих, наладить с ними отношения и научиться ухаживать за ними. Автор – кандидат биологических наук, специалист по поведению животных и «собачник» с многолетним стажем – даст квалифицированные советы по воспитанию, дрессировке, уходу за собакой, и просто расскажет много интересного об этих замечательных животных. Книга будет интересна не только тем, кто имеет или хочет завести собаку, но и всем, кто интересуется животными, их поведением и взаимоотношениями с человеком.

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Обложки нет CUN A CUNS

 Автор: Londons eks


Lepnības nams

Džeks Londons VIII sēj.

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Обложка книги China-Queen China-Queen

 Автор: Kastner J G

 Серия: Amerika

Das Jahr des Herrn 1863 ist eine düstere, hoffnungslose Zeit in Deutschland. Das einfache Volk ist verarmt. Wer Arbeit hat, schuftet für Groschen. Menschen sterben an Hunger und Epidemien.

In dieser Zeit ist »Amerika« ein Wort der Hoffnung und Sehnsucht - ein Land, wo jeder sein Glück machen und zu Wohlstand kommen kann. Ein magisches Wort auch für den jungen Handwerksgesellen Jacob Adler, der zu Unrecht des Mordversuchs beschuldigt wird und aus Deutschland fliehen muss.

Doch sein Leben in Amerika wird härter und gefahrvoller sein, als er es sich in seinen ärgsten Träumen vorzustellen vermag. Ein Abenteuer wartet auf Jacob

Adler, wie es kaum ein zweiter je erlebt hat...

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Обложки нет Corsarios De Levante

 Автор: érez-Reverte Arturo

Corsarios de levante es el sexto libro de la serie `Las aventuras de El Capitán Alatriste`, que Arturo Pérez Reverte comenzó a escribir allá por el año de nuestro señor de 1996. Pardiez como pasa el tiempo.

Como los anteriores Libros, Corsarios de Levante pretende hacernos vivir uno mas de los aspectos de la vida del siglo XVII. Y en esta ocasión Arturito nos lleva por las aguas del Mediterráneo, Donde Turcos, Españoles, Venecianos, Franceses, Ingleses y demás se pasaban el día comerciándo y degollándose. Para ello nos embarca con Alatriste y el ya crecidito Iñigo en una galera, ` La Mulata `, y nos lleva de paseo en plan barquita de recreo. No cuento más, que no es menester de estas líneas, pero decir que el que no quiera ver tripas, oler mal y pasar miedo entre deguellos y voto a tales, mejor lea otra cosa.

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Обложки нет Cvan-65, Книга 2

 Автор: Исаев Глеб Егорович

Окончена. Позади три долгих года неволи, что отвесила Сергею слепая российская фемида, и вновь поезд везет его в далекий сибирский город. Приключения продолжаются.

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Обложка книги Citadel of Fear Citadel of Fear

 Автор: Stevens Francis

Обложка книги Constantine Legacy Constantine Legacy

 Автор: Towning Andrew

 Серия: Jake Dillon Adventure

Jake Dillon, in his inaugural adventure thriller, is brought into the headquarters of Ferran & Cardini under the pretense of investigating a Cabinet Minister's sunken cruiser and its compromising cargo. At the bottom of the English Channel, not far from Sandbanks, Jake and his team find more than they bargained for! Entwined within the brief of keeping the Cabinet Minster's reputation intact is a dangerous operation to pass off a deal with the Sicilian Mafia. Jake puts his life on the line once again to go beyond the call of duty to protect more than just a minister's public image! While based in Sandbanks Jake's investigations bring him face to face with a generation of hate-fuelled revenge, greed and international drug deals that operate under a covert cloak of respectability. Calling in favours and using the best of his well-established contacts Jake starts to see beyond the brief. Partnered with his highly able colleague Vince Sharp and also seemingly 'landed' with agent Fiona Price, who has her own agenda that unfolds with every turn of this action-packed novel, Jake makes progress that unnerves even his stony-faced employers. The action bounds by land and sea, the length of the UK to the Balearics and Africa… Can the drug barons in Dorset force Jake's hand and how long will it take before the stench of blackmail and murder cloud every lead, leaving the ex-army intelligence officer wondering who he can trust within his undercover lair — if in fact anyone? This epic thriller sees the true colours the KGB, greed, the Sicilian Mafia, international drug cartels, the Bosnian conflict, duplicitous forgery and ultimately blackmail at the highest level!

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Обложка книги Chimera Code Chimera Code

 Автор: Towning Andrew

 Серия: Jake Dillon Adventure

From Scotland to Sandbanks and Santorini Jake Dillon is lured into another thrilling assignment opposing an inimitable yet unseen adversary — the ultimate destructive technology — The Chimera Code!

Escaping death and cheating Assassins Dillon seeks out those that demand the destruction of 'Scorpion' — the British Government's secret organisation that exists to fight a covert war against fanatics of every faith and political persuasion. Dillon's extraordinary skills wreak havoc amongst his adversaries, traitors and terrorists alike, against all the odds in a bid to stop the unleashing of the ultimate viral weapon, and the global institutional and personal meltdown that will surely follow… This, some would say, is the closest we have come to the 'real' Jake Dillon. This journey sees him chasing an invisible enemy and along the way Jake reveals some of the inner demons that make him the urban warrior that he is. Accompanied by Vince Sharpe, and some familiar accomplices from his past, Jake leaves the sanctuary of his Scottish home to halt the power of a double turncoat ex-KGB spy and an international terrorist of middle-eastern origin. This toxic team has developed the inimitable Chimera Code under the guise of a British Government initiative! The Chimera Code is incredibly powerful — it is a programme that is able to gain access and interact with any computer programme or database — encrypted or not — in the blink of an eye. It can isolate any computer by accessing every available on-line resource. It then up-loads a tiny piece of mal-ware that eventually destroys the hard drive. But not before taking control of the system and downloading every single piece of data on it — it also is self-perpetuating and can morph and develop itself so that there is no anti virus software in the land that can combat its power or 'virtual intellect'.

With a deadly army of Assassins behind the complex international threat Jake finds himself, and those close to him, in mortal danger. His cunning and experience is pushed beyond limits that previously didn't exist in this action-packed novel that fights its battles on the waves, in the air and on terra firma across the globe! Rules were made to be broken in this Dillon thriller!

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Обложка книги Celistic. Смотрящий во тьму Celistic. Смотрящий во тьму

 Автор: Лэнгли Дэннис, Палонин Вадим

2548. Десять лет назад ради повышения прибыли картель промышленников уничтожил населённую планету. Тогда им помогли инфернальные существа – демоны. «Если нас вызовут снова – вы все умрёте», – сказали тогда демоны. С того времени трусливые и жадные торговцы охраняли эту тайну. Но с каждым годом это всё сложнее и сложнее…

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Обложка книги Celistic. Эхо мира Celistic. Эхо мира

 Автор: Лэнгли Дэннис, Палонин Вадим

В поисках родителей безымянный странник путешествует от планеты к планете. Но найти их – это не самое сложное испытание. Иногда, чтобы жить – нужно создать легенду. Иногда нужно понять, что война – это эхо мира. И всегда – всегда – мы убиваем то, что любим больше всего.

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Обложка книги Condor Condor

 Автор: érey Caryl

Condor, c’est l’histoire d’une enquête menée à tombeau ouvert dans les vastes étendues chiliennes. Une investigation qui commence dans les bas-fonds de Santiago submergés par la pauvreté et la drogue pour s’achever dans le désert minéral de l’Atacama, avec comme arrière-plan l’exploitation illégale de sites protégés…

Condor, c’est une plongée dans l’histoire du Chili. De la dictature répressive des années 1970 au retour d’une démocratie plombée par l’héritage politique et économique de Pinochet. Les démons chiliens ne semblent pas près de quitter la scène…

Condor, c’est surtout une histoire d’amour entre Gabriela, jeune vidéaste mapuche habitée par la mystique de son peuple, et Esteban, avocat spécialisé dans les causes perdues, qui porte comme une croix d’être le fils d’une grande famille à la fortune controversée…

Caryl Férey vit à Paris. Après s'être aventuré en Nouvelle-Zélande avec sa « saga maorie » (Haka et Utu), en Afrique du Sud avec Zulu (récompensé entre autres par le Grand Prix de littérature policière en 2008 et adapté au cinéma en 2013) puis en Argentine avec Mapuche, il nous entraîne avec Condor dans une exploration sombre du Chili, dans une course-poursuite sanglante transfigurée par l'amour. Le nouveau roman de Caryl Férey nous fait voyager et frémir autant que réfléchir et nous rappelle, s'il le fallait, que l'auteur s'est imposé comme le maître du thriller des grands espaces et de l'ailleurs.

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Обложка книги Celistic: Пиратская история Celistic: Пиратская история

 Автор: Лэнгли Дэннис, Палонин Вадим

Кажется, это очень весело – быть космическим пиратом? Грабить корабли, искать клады на затерянных астероидах, драться на дуэлях. Достаточно быть смелым, сильным, ловким и хитрым – и всё, богатство и приключения обеспечены. Но за всё нужно платить, и смерть – далеко не худшее, чем можно расплатиться за мечты.

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Обложка книги Cмерть Анны Ор Cмерть Анны Ор

 Автор: Максим Марк

 Серия: Polaris: Путешествия, приключения, фантастика

Романы Марка Максима (под этим псевдонимом выступал поэт, беллетрист и журналист Б. В. Олидорт), выходившие в 1920-х гг. — классический пример литературы «красного Пинкертона». На страницах их живут и действуют иностранные разведчики, пронырливые агенты империализма, роковые и несчастные красавицы и неустрашимые советские шпионы.

Роман «Смерть Анны Ор» рассказывает о шпионских интригах в Одессе времен иностранной интервенции 1919 г. В образе центральной героини, киноактрисы Анны Ор, угадывается звезда немого кино Вера Холодная и многочисленные легенды, связанные с ее безвременной смертью в Одессе в феврале 1919 г.

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Обложка книги Code to Extinction Code to Extinction

 Автор: Cartwright Christopher

 Серия: Sam Reilly

Extreme weather conditions are wreaking havoc on the world, and baffled scientists are unable to discover the cause.

The most powerful hurricane in history approaches New York, while at the same time atmospheric rivers flood Las Vegas.

Wildfires spread through Canada, and Europe is wracked by powerful earthquakes.

Most bizarre of all: a tempestuous mass of dark, foreboding sky seems to be spreading across the globe.

In Arizona, an astronomer tries to decipher the hidden message inside a thirteen-thousand-year-old megalithic stone, which just might hold the key to everything.

Can Sam Reilly and his unique team break the Code to Extinction?

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