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Обложки нет Walking around

 Автор: Неруда Пабло

 Серия: Местожительство - Земля, II (Пабло Неруда)

Обложки нет Was gesagt werden muss

 Автор: Grass ünter

Günter Grass warnt in der »Süddeutschen Zeitung« vor einem Krieg gegen Iran. In seinem Gedicht mit dem Titel »Was gesagt werden muss« fordert der Literaturnobelpreisträger deshalb, Israel dürfe keine deutschen U-Boote mehr bekommen.

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Обложки нет Who Can Be Happy and Free in Russia?

 Автор: Nekrasov Nikolai Alekseevich

Обложки нет Wiersze

 Автор: łosz ław

Обложка книги Wild Ducks Flying Backward Wild Ducks Flying Backward

 Автор: Robbins Tom

Known for his meaty seriocomic novels — expansive works that are simultaneously lowbrow and highbrow — Tom Robbins has also published over the years a number of short pieces, predominantly nonfiction. His travel articles, essays, and tributes to actors, musicians, sex kittens, and thinkers have appeared in publications ranging from Esquire to Harper’s, from Playboy to the New York Times, High Times, and Life. A generous sampling, collected here for the first time and including works as diverse as scholarly art criticism and some decidedly untypical country-music lyrics, Wild Ducks Flying Backward offers a rare sweeping overview of the eclectic sensibility of an American original.

Whether he is rocking with the Doors, depoliticizing Picasso’s Guernica, lamenting the angst-ridden state of contemporary literature, or drooling over tomato sandwiches and a species of womanhood he calls “the genius waitress,” Robbins’s briefer writings often exhibit the same five traits that perhaps best characterize his novels: an imaginative wit, a cheerfully brash disregard for convention, a sweetly nasty eroticism, a mystical but keenly observant eye, and an irrepressible love of language.

Embedded in this primarily journalistic compilation are a couple of short stories, a sheaf of largely unpublished poems, and an off-beat assessment of our divided nation. And wherever we open Wild Ducks Flying Backward, we’re apt to encounter examples of the intently serious playfulness that percolates from the mind of a self-described “romantic Zen hedonist” and “stray dog in the banquet halls of culture.”

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