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Обложки нет 70 Правил Защитного Вождения

 Автор: Шаллер Роберт

Набор простых правил, которые позволят водителю избежать аварийных ситуаций на дороге.

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Обложка книги 7000 дней в ГУЛАГе 7000 дней в ГУЛАГе

 Автор: Штайнер Карл

Перед вами мемуары австрийца Карла Штайнера, который 20 лет провел на островах архипелага ГУЛАГ (Бутырка, Лефортово, Александровский централ, Соловки, «Норильлаг» и «Озерлаг»). Он начинал отбывать свой срок с сестрой Генриха Ягоды, заканчивал – с родственниками Лаврентия Берии, испытав все ужасы репрессий и политического насилия.

«В тюрьмах НКВД, в ледовых пустынях Крайнего Севера, повсюду, где мои страдания превышали человеческую меру и границу терпения, я носил в себе одно-единственное желание – все это перенести и рассказать всему миру и, прежде всего, своим товарищам по партии и друзьям, о том, как мы эти ужасы пережили…

Я редко пускался в анализ и комментарии событий. Я хотел прежде всего описать голые факты. А читатель пусть сам вершит свой суд».

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Обложка книги 700.000 километров в космосе 700.000 километров в космосе

 Автор: Титов Герман Степанович

 Серия: Библиотека «Огонек»

Рассказ о полете советского космического корабля «Восток-2»

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Обложка книги 72 Hours 72 Hours

 Автор: Pope Frank

The Royal Navy’s dramatic race to save the crew of a trapped Russian submarine.

5 August 2005. On a secret mission to an underwater military installation 30 miles off the coast of Kamchatka, Russian Navy submersible AS-28 ran into a web of cables and stuck fast. With 600 feet of freezing water above them, there was no escape for the seven crew. Trapped in a titanium tomb, all they could do was wait as their air supply slowly dwindled.

For more than 24 hours the Russian Navy tried to reach them. Finally – still haunted by the loss of the nuclear submarine Kursk five years before – they requested international assistance. On the other side of the world Commander Ian Riches, leader of the Royal Navy’s Submarine Rescue Service, got the call: there was a sub down.

With the expertise and specialist equipment available to him Riches knew his team had a chance to save the men, but Kamchatka was at the very limit of their range and time was running out. As the Royal Navy prepared to deploy to Russia’s Pacific coast aboard a giant Royal Air Force C-17 airlifter, rescue teams from the United States and Japan also scrambled to reach the area.

On board AS-28 the Russian crew shut down all non-essential systems, climbed into thick thermal suits to keep the bone-chilling damp at bay and waited, desperate to eke out the stale, thin air inside the pressure hull of their craft. But as the first of them began to drift in and out of consciousness, they knew the end was close. They started writing their farewells.

72 HOURS tells the extraordinary, edge-of-the-seat and real-life story of one of the most dramatic rescue missions of recent years.


“Frank Pope’s marvelous book navigates the technical details and twists and turns of this rousing story with great clarity and all the nailbiting tension of an Alistair MacLean thriller.”

Daily Mail
About the Author

Frank Pope is the ocean correspondent for the Times, a presenter for the BBC, and the author of Dragon Sea. He has worked on underwater expeditions all over the world under the auspices of Oxford MARE (Maritime Archaeological Research and Excavation Unit), including the excavation of Admiral Lord Nelson’s flagship HMS Agamemnon.

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