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Обложки нет Table talk

 Автор: Адамович Георгий Викторович

Название – пушкинское. И именно при чтении Пушкина пришла мне в голову мысль последовать его примеру и записать отдельные вспомнившиеся мне мелочи из нашего литературного житья-бытья. Получилось то, что французы определяют словами «le petite histoire», но что, может быть, пригодится и для «большой» истории русской литературы.

Записи эти я мог бы продолжить, дополнить, и думая о многом, уже полузабытом, жалею, что не вел дневника.


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Обложка книги Table-Talks на Ордынке Table-Talks на Ордынке

 Автор: Ардов Борис


Сборник воспоминаний о жизни московского дома Н. А. Ольшевской и В. Е. Ардова, где подолгу в послевоенные годы жила Анна Ахматова и где бывали известные деятели литературы и искусства. Читатель увидит трагический период истории в неожиданном, анекдотическом ракурсе. Героями книги являются Б. Пастернак, Ф. Раневская, И. Ильинский и другие замечательные личности.

В книгу вошли повести «Легендарная Ордынка» протоиерея Михаила Ардова, «Table-talks на Ордынке» Бориса Ардова и «Рядом с Ахматовой» Алексея Баталова.

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Обложка книги Tank Rider Tank Rider

 Автор: Bessonov Evgeni

A sobering account of conflict on the Eastern Front of World War II told from the perspective of a Russian soldier.

Honest and irrepressibly frank, these are the dramatic memoirs of a Russian officer on the Eastern Front, where he played his part in a clash of titans and witnessed the shuddering collapse of the Third Reich.

The cataclysmic battle of Kursk in 1943 put an end to Hitler’s hopes of victory on the Eastern Front, and it was Evgeni Bessonov’s first battle. From then on the Germans were forced into a long, bitter retreat that ended in the ruins of Berlin in 1945. An officer in an elite guards unit of the Red Army, Bessonov rode tanks from Kursk, through a western Russia and Poland devastated by the Germans, and right into the heart of Nazi Germany.

Tank Rider is the riveting memoir of Evgeni Bessonov telling of his years of service at the vanguard of the Red Army and daily encounters with the German foe. He brings large-scale battles to life, recounts the sniping and skirmishing that tried and tested soldiers on both sides, and narrates the overwhelming tragedy and horror of apocalyptic warfare on the Eastern Front.

So much of the Soviet experience of World War II remains untold, but this memoir provides an important glimpse into some of the most decisive moments of this overlooked history.

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Обложка книги Tarantino Tarantino

 Автор: Dawson Jeff

После выхода в 1992 году фильма “Бешеные псы” на голливудском небосводе неожиданно и ярко зажглась звезда Квентин Тарантино, бывшего еще так недавно продавцом видеокассет ставшего знаменитым режиссером. О его триумфальном пути высшим ступеням “фабрики грез” рассказывает в этой книг Джефф Доусон.

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Обложка книги Teheranas temstant Teheranas temstant

 Автор: Abdoh Salar

Žymaus amerikiečių rašytojo, eseisto ir žurnalisto, kilimo iš Irano, trečiasis romanas. Tai intriguojantis pasakojimas apie Maleko, universiteto dėstytojo, grįžimą į Teheraną, iš kurio dar vaikystėje su tėvu pabėgo į Ameriką. Nepaprasti įvykiai Irane, išdavystės, korupcija, represijos, nuolatiniai persekiojimai, motinos paieškos ir baimė dėl geriausio draugo, įsivėlusio į militarizuotą grupuotę, sudaro siužeto pagrindą, kuris prikausto dėmesį išskirtiniais veikėjais, atsidūrusiais sunkiai nuspėjamoje egzotiško krašto aplinkoje. Retrospekcijų būdu skaitytojas nukeliamas ir į Antrojo pasaulinio karo laikotarpį, jungiant paralelinio pasakojimo grandis apie netolimos praeities neramumų draskomą Iraną. Atsiskleidžia sudėtingi žmonių likimai atsidūrus istorinių įvykių mėsmalėje, kai reikia perkainoti nusistovėjusias draugystės, meilės, sąžinės, tėvų ir vaikų santykių moralines kategorijas, prisitaikyti prie netvaraus pasaulio diktuojamų sąlygų ir nustatytų žmonių bendravimo normų arba žūti.

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Обложка книги Teresa, My Love: An Imagined Life of the Saint of Avila Teresa, My Love: An Imagined Life of the Saint of Avila

 Автор: Kristeva Julia

Mixing fiction, history, psychoanalysis, and personal fantasy, "Teresa, My Love" follows Sylvia Leclercq, a French psychoanalyst, academic, and incurable insomniac, as she falls for the sixteenth-century Saint Teresa of Avila and becomes consumed with charting her life. Traveling to Spain, Leclercq, Kristeva's probing alterego, visits the sites and embodiments of the famous mystic and awakens to her own desire for faith, connection, and rebellion.

One of Kristeva's most passionate and transporting works, "Teresa, My Love" interchanges biography, autobiography, analysis, dramatic dialogue, musical scores, and images of paintings and sculptures to embed the reader in Leclercq's — and Kristeva's — journey. Born in 1515, Teresa of Avila survived the Spanish Inquisition and was a key reformer of the Carmelite Order. Her experience of ecstasy, which she intimately described in her writings, released her from her body and led to a complete realization of her consciousness, a state Kristeva explores in relation to present-day political failures, religious fundamentalism, and cultural malaise. Incorporating notes from her own psychoanalytic practice, as well as literary and philosophical references, Kristeva builds a fascinating dual diagnosis of contemporary society and the individual psyche while sharing unprecedented insights into her own character.

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Обложка книги The African The African

 Автор: ézio Jean-Marie G

The African is a short autobiographical account of a pivotal moment in Nobel-Prize-winning author J. M. G. Le Cl zio's childhood. In 1948, young Le Clezio, with his mother and brother, left behind a still-devastated Europe to join his father, a military doctor in Nigeria, from whom he'd been separated by the war. In Le Cl zio's characteristically intimate, poetic voice, the narrative relates both the dazzled enthusiasm the child feels at discovering newfound freedom in the African savannah and his torment at discovering the rigid authoritarian nature of his father. The power and beauty of the book reside in the fact that both discoveries occur simultaneously. While primarily a memoir of the author's boyhood, The African is also Le Cl zio's attempt to pay a belated homage to the man he met for the first time in Africa at age eight and was never quite able to love or accept. His reflections on the nature of his relationship to his father become a chapeau bas to the adventurous military.

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Обложки нет The Alpine Path

 Автор: Montgomery Lucy Maud

Lucy Maud Montgomery, the creator of Anne of Green Gables, wrote this charming autobiographical memoir in mid-career. It is the most complete account she published of her childhood and early years as a writer. It originally appeared as a series of magazine articles in 1917.

"The Alpine Path" refers to her long climb to success. She began in childhood and never wavered in her resolve to become an accomplished professional writer. The remarkable success that came with the publication of Anne of Green Gables (which was rejected by many publishers), its sequels, and her other works, was the result of many years of hard, steady work.

All those who have enjoyed the Anne books will be fascinated by this intimate background story by their author. Those who love Prince Edward Island will be delighted by her descriptions of the countryside and its people. No one who reads The Alpine Path can fail to be impressed by the personal appeal of L.M. Montgomery.

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Обложка книги The Argonauts The Argonauts

 Автор: Nelson Maggie

An intrepid voyage out to the frontiers of the latest thinking about love, language, and family.

Maggie Nelson's The Argonauts is a genre-bending memoir, a work of "autotheory" offering fresh, fierce, and timely thinking about desire, identity, and the limitations and possibilities of love and language. At its center is a romance: the story of the author's relationship with the artist Harry Dodge. This story, which includes Nelson's account of falling in love with Dodge, who is fluidly gendered, as well as her journey to and through a pregnancy, offers a firsthand account of the complexities and joys of (queer) family-making.

Writing in the spirit of public intellectuals such as Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes, Nelson binds her personal experience to a rigorous exploration of what iconic theorists have said about sexuality, gender, and the vexed institutions of marriage and child-rearing. Nelson's insistence on radical individual freedom and the value of caretaking becomes the rallying cry of this thoughtful, unabashed, uncompromising book.

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Обложка книги The Art of Asking The Art of Asking

 Автор: Palmer Amanda

Rock star, crowdfunding pioneer, and TED speaker Amanda Palmer knows all about asking. Performing as a living statue in a wedding dress, she wordlessly asked thousands of passersby for their dollars. When she became a singer, songwriter, and musician, she was not afraid to ask her audience to support her as she surfed the crowd (and slept on their couches while touring). And when she left her record label to strike out on her own, she asked her fans to support her in making an album, leading to the world's most successful music Kickstarter.

Even while Amanda is both celebrated and attacked for her fearlessness in asking for help, she finds that there are important things she cannot ask for-as a musician, as a friend, and as a wife. She learns that she isn't alone in this, that so many people are afraid to ask for help, and it paralyzes their lives and relationships. In this groundbreaking book, she explores these barriers in her own life and in the lives of those around her, and discovers the emotional, philosophical, and practical aspects of The Art Of Asking.

Part manifesto, part revelation, this is the story of an artist struggling with the new rules of exchange in the twenty-first century, both on and off the Internet. The Art Of Asking will inspire readers to rethink their own ideas about asking, giving, art, and love.

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Обложка книги The Autobiography of an Execution The Autobiography of an Execution

 Автор: Dow David R

Near the beginning of The Autobiography of an Execution, David Dow lays his cards on the table. “People think that because I am against the death penalty and don’t think people should be executed, that I forgive those people for what they did. Well, it isn’t my place to forgive people, and if it were, I probably wouldn’t. I’m a judgmental and not very forgiving guy. Just ask my wife.”

It this spellbinding true crime narrative, Dow takes us inside of prisons, inside the complicated minds of judges, inside execution-administration chambers, into the lives of death row inmates (some shown to be innocent, others not) and even into his own home—where the toll of working on these gnarled and difficult cases is perhaps inevitably paid. He sheds insight onto unexpected phenomena—how even religious lawyer and justices can evince deep rooted support for putting criminals to death—and makes palpable the suspense that clings to every word and action when human lives hang in the balance.

From Publishers Weekly

In an argument against capital punishment, Dow’s capable memoir partially gathers its steam from the emotional toll on all parties involved, especially the overworked legal aid lawyers and their desperate clients. The author, the litigation director of the Texas Defender Service and a professor at the University of Houston Law Center, respects the notion of attorney-client privilege in this handful of real-life legal outcomes, some of them quite tragic, while acknowledging executions are not about the attorneys, but about the victims of murder and sometimes their killers. While trying to maintain a proper balance in his marriage to Katya, a fellow attorney and ballroom dancer, he spells out the maze of legal mumbo-jumbo to get his clients stays or released from confinement in the cases of a hapless Vietnam vet who shot a child, another man who beat his pregnant wife to death and another who killed his wife and children. In the end, Dow’s book is a sobering, gripping and candid look into the death penalty.


“I have read much about capital punishment, but David Dow’s book leaves all else behind.”

Anthony Lewis

“In an argument against capital punishment, Dow’s capable memoir partially gathers its steam from the emotional toll on all parties involved, especially the overworked legal aid lawyers and their desperate clients. The author, the litigation director of the Texas Defender Service and a professor at the University of Houston Law Center, respects the notion of attorney-client privilege in this handful of real-life legal outcomes, some of them quite tragic, while acknowledging executions are ‘not about the attorneys,’ but ‘about the victims of murder and sometimes their killers.’ While trying to maintain a proper balance in his marriage to Katya, a fellow attorney and ballroom dancer, he spells out the maze of legal mumbo-jumbo to get his clients stays or released from confinement in the cases of a hapless Vietnam vet who shot a child, another man who beat his pregnant wife to death and another who killed his wife and children. In the end, Dow’s book is a sobering, gripping and candid look into the death penalty.”

Publishers Weekly

“For a lot of good reasons, and some that are not so good, executions in the U.S. are carried out in private. The voters, the vast majority of whom support executions, are not allowed to see them. The Autobiography of an Execution is a riveting and compelling account of a Texas execution written and narrated by a lawyer in the thick of the last minute chaos. It should be read by all those who support state sponsored killing.”

John Grisham, author of The Innocent Man

“Defending the innocent is easy. David Dow fights for the questionable. He is tormented, but relentless, and takes us inside his struggle with candor and insight, shudders and all.”

Dave Cullen, author of Columbine

“David Dow’s extraordinary memoir lifts the veil on the real world of representing defendants on death row. It will stay with me a long time.”

Jeffrey Toobin, author of The Nine
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Обложка книги The Balkan Express The Balkan Express

 Автор: ć Slavenka

One of Eastern Europe’s most important writers, Croatian journalist and novelist Drakulic takes readers into the violent and bitter maelstrom that is the Yugoslavian conflict. In a series of brilliant and poignant personal essays, she describes how ordinary people respond to this gruesome situation.

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Обложка книги The Barefoot Bandit The Barefoot Bandit

 Автор: Friel Bob

The Barefoot Bandit tells the riveting true story of Colton Harris-Moore, America’s twenty-first-century outlaw. Born into a poor family marred by alcohol abuse, Colt had the local sheriff after him before the age of ten. Colt survived by breaking into homes to forage for food, and learned to evade the police by melting into the Pacific Northwest wilds. As a teenager, he escalated to stealing cars, boats, and identities. An extensive manhunt finally caught Colt, but he escaped juvenile prison and fled to nearby Orcas Island, where he assured his place alongside outlaw legends such as D. B. Cooper by stealing an airplane without ever having a formal flight lesson. And that was just the beginning.

As a resident of Orcas Island, author Bob Friel witnessed firsthand as local police, FBI agents, SWAT teams, and even Homeland Security helicopters pursued Colt around the island. Colt’s crime spree infuriated and terrified many locals, while others sympathized with the barefoot young criminal—the controversy tearing at the formerly quiet community. The story gained international fame, with Time calling Colt “America’s Most Wanted Teen” when he stole and crashed his third airplane. After more than two years on the run in the Northwest, Colt fled Orcas and began a spectacular cross-country trek. Friel followed the Barefoot Bandit all the way to the Bahamas, where the chase finally ended in a hail of gunfire at 3 a.m. on a dark sea.

Through his personal experiences and hundreds of interviews with witnesses, victims, local authorities, Colt’s family, and, indirectly, Colt himself, Friel gives readers an exclusive look at an outlaw legend. Set against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest’s evergreen islands, where Internet millionaires coexist with survivalists and ex-hippies, this is a gripping, stranger-than-fiction tale about a neglected and troubled child who outfoxed the authorities, gained a cult following, and made the world take notice.

“I doubt if even the best fiction writer could create a character like Colton Harris-Moore. This is an incredible but true story. Bob Friel is a gifted reporter and a very fine writer.”

—Nelson DeMille, New York Times bestselling author of The Gold Coast and The Lion

“Something about Colton Harris-Moore—crafty stealer of cars, boats, and airplanes—captured the fascination of our fast-moving country. But it took Bob Friel, a plucky reporter with a pitch-perfect story sense—to chase down the legend and make it real. In Friel’s fine telling, the Barefoot Bandit emerges as both villain and folk hero in a thrilling modern fugitive tale.”

—Hampton Sides, author of Hellhound on His Trail

“A Dillingeresque tale for our current Great Recession era. Friel not only gives a brilliantly clear-eyed look at a bandit’s adventures but also the effects they had on his peaceful community.”

—Matthew Polly, bestselling author of American Shaolin and Tapped Out

“Riveting, thorough, and deeply human, this terrific read doesn’t just tell the story—it brings it to life.”

—Marcus Sakey, bestselling author of The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes and The Blade Itself

“Friel offers a thrilling portrait of a bright and neglected teen trying to outrun authorities and his own troubled past.”


“This highly entertaining story of a modern-day Huck Finn will be enjoyed by lovers of adventure stories as well as true crime.”

Library Journal

“It is Friel’s ability to spin a great yarn that draws the reader in from the start and never lets up. And he does it with deft reporting and a breezy and entertaining style that enlivens a tale as incredible as it is true.”

Associated Press

“[A] true-crime classic.”

Aspen Daily News
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Обложка книги The Beatles The Beatles

 Автор: Хантер Дэвис


Автор книги был свидетелем первых побед простых ребят из Ливерпуля, их шумного успеха, зарождения тех конфликтов, которые привели к распаду группы в 70-е годы.

Послесловие к книге написано известным советским рок-музыкантом и композитором, руководителем группы "Машина времени" Андреем Макаревичем.

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Обложка книги The Beatles. Антология The Beatles. Антология


Этот грандиозный проект удалось осуществить благодаря тому, что Пол Маккартни, Джордж Харрисон и Ринго Старр согласились рассказать историю своей группы специально для этой книги. Вместе с Йоко Оно Леннон они участвовали также в создании полных телевизионных и видеоверсий "Антологии Битлз" (без каких-либо купюр). Скрупулезная работа, со всеми известными источниками помогла привести в этом замечательном издании слова Джона Леннона. Более того, "Битлз" разрешили использовать в работе над книгой свои личные и общие архивы наряду с поразительными документами и памятными вещами, хранящимися у них дома и в офисах.

"Антология "Битлз" — удивительная книга. На каждой странице отражены личные впечатления. Битлы по очереди рассказывают о своем детстве, о том, как они стали участниками группы и прославились на весь мир как легендарная четверка — Джон, Пол, Джордж и Ринго. То и дело обращаясь к прошлому, они поведали нам удивительную историю жизни "Битлз": первые выступления, феномен популярности, музыкальные и социальные перемены, произошедшие с ними в зените славы, весь путь до самого распада группы. Книга "Антология "Битлз" представляет собой уникальное собрание фактов из истории ансамбля.

В текст вплетены воспоминания тех людей, которые в тот или иной период сотрудничали с "Битлз", — администратора Нила Аспиналла, продюсера Джорджа Мартина, пресс-агента Дерека Тейлора. Это поистине взгляд изнутри, неисчерпаемый кладезь ранее не опубликованных текстовых материалов.

Созданная при активном участии самих музыкантов, "Антология "Битлз" является своего рода автобиографией ансамбля. Подобно их музыке, сыгравшей важную роль в жизни нескольких поколений, этой автобиографии присущи теплота, откровенность, юмор, язвительность и смелость. Наконец-то в свет вышла подлинная история `Битлз`.

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Обложка книги The Beatles. Единственная на свете авторизованная биография The Beatles. Единственная на свете авторизованная биография

 Автор: Дэвис Хантер

На всем белом свете существует единственная авторизованная биография The Beatles, и вы держите ее в руках; единственная успешная попытка понять и описать феномен The Beatles — изнутри. В 1967–1968 гг. писатель и журналист Хантер Дэвис провел 18 месяцев с группой, находившейся тогда на творческом пике. Своими откровениями с официальным биографом делились не только Джон, Пол, Джордж и Ринго, но также их друзья, родные и коллеги-музыканты. И за прошедшие с выхода книги почти полвека эта связь не оборвалась: Дэвис продолжал общаться со своими героями — с теми, кто остался жив, — а книга пополнялась от издания к изданию новым материалом. Основой для данного издания послужил расширенный вариант биографии, выпущенный к ее 40-летнему юбилею.

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Обложка книги The Bin Ladens The Bin Ladens

 Автор: Coll Steve

The rise and rise of the Bin Laden family is one of the great stories of the twentieth century; its repercussions have already deeply marked the twenty-first. Until now, however, it is a story that has never been fully told, as the Bin Ladens have successfully fended off attempts to understand the family circles from which Osama sprang. In this the family has been abetted by the kingdom it calls home, Saudi Arabia, one of the most closed societies on earth.

Steve Coll’s The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century is the groundbreaking history of a family and its fortune. It chronicles a young illiterate Yemeni bricklayer, Mohamed Bin Laden, who went to the new, oil-rich country of Saudi Arabia and quickly became a vital figure in its development, building great mosques and highways and making himself and many of his children millionaires. It is also a story of the Saudi royal family, whom the Bin Ladens served loyally and without whose capricious favor they would have been nothing. And it is a story of tensions and contradictions in a country founded on extreme religious purity, which then became awash in oil money and dazzled by the temptations of the West. In only two generations the Bin Ladens moved from a famine- stricken desert canyon to luxury jets, yachts, and private compounds around the world, even going into business with Hollywood celebrities. These religious and cultural gyrations resulted in everything from enthusiasm for America—exemplified by Osama’s free-living pilot brother Salem—to an overwhelming determination to destroy it.

The Bin Ladens is a meticulously researched, colorful, shocking, entertaining, and disturbing narrative of global integration and its limitations. It encapsulates the unsettling contradictions of globalization in the story of a single family who has used money, mobility, and technology to dramatically varied ends.

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Обложка книги The Bonfire of Berlin The Bonfire of Berlin

 Автор: Schneider Helga

Abandoned by her mother who left to pursue a career as a camp guard at Auschwitz-Birkenau, and loathed by her stepmother, Schneider endured the horrors of wartime Berlin cooped up in a cellar, starved, parched, and lonely, amidst the fetid crush of her neighbors. The grinding misery of hunger combined with the terror of air-raids, the absence of fresh water, and the constant threat of death and disease—typhus, influenza, or simply the apparently petty inflammations of bedbug bites—served not to unite the inhabitants of her block but rather to intensify the minor irritations of communal life into flashpoints of rage and violence. Even in the face of Russian victory, the survivors could not look forward to safety but rather to pillage and rape, even in their own cellar, as the victorious troops stampeded through the broken city. It was only gradually that some kind of normality resumed as Schneider’s beloved father returned from the front, carrying his own scars of the war.

This shocking book evokes the reality of life in a wartime city in all its brutality and deprivation, while still retaining a kernel of hope that as long as life goes on, all is not lost.

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Обложка книги The Book of the Dead The Book of the Dead

 Автор: Lloyd John, Mitchinson John

The team behind the New York Times bestseller The Book of General Ignorance turns conventional biography on its head—and shakes out the good stuff.

Following their Herculean—or is it Sisyphean?—efforts to save the living from ignorance, the two wittiest Johns in the English language turn their attention to the dead.

As the authors themselves say, “The first thing that strikes you about the Dead is just how many of them there are.” Helpfully, Lloyd and Mitchinson have employed a simple—but ruthless—criterion for inclusion: the dead person has to be interesting.

Here, then, is a dictionary of the dead, an encyclopedia of the embalmed. Ludicrous in scope, whimsical in its arrangement, this wildly entertaining tome presents pithy and provocative biographies of the no-longer-living from the famous to the undeservedly and—until now—permanently obscure. Spades in hand, Lloyd and Mitchinson have dug up everything embarrassing, fascinating, and downright weird about their subjects’ lives and added their own uniquely irreverent observations.

Organized by capricious categories—such as dead people who died virgins, who kept pet monkeys, who lost limbs, whose corpses refused to stay put—the dearly departed, from the inventor of the stove to a cross-dressing, bear-baiting female gangster finally receive the epitaphs they truly deserve.


• Why Freud had a lifelong fear of trains

• The one thing that really made Isaac Newton laugh

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Much like the country doctor who cured smallpox (he’s in here), Lloyd and Mitchinson have the perfect antidote for anyone out there dying of boredom. The Book of the Dead—like life itself—is hilarious, tragic, bizarre, and amazing. You may never pass a graveyard again without chuckling.

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Обложка книги The Broken Circle The Broken Circle

 Автор: Ahmadi-Miller Enjeela

An emotional and sweeping memoir of love and survival—and of a committed and desperate family uprooted and divided by the violent, changing landscape of Afghanistan in the early 1980s.

Before the Soviet invasion of 1980, Enjeela Ahmadi remembers her home—Kabul, Afghanistan—as peaceful, prosperous, and filled with people from all walks of life. But after her mother, unsettled by growing political unrest, leaves for medical treatment in India, the civil war intensifies, changing young Enjeela’s life forever. Amid the rumble of invading Soviet tanks, Enjeela and her family are thrust into chaos and fear when it becomes clear that her mother will not be coming home.

Thus begins an epic, reckless, and terrifying five-year journey of escape for Enjeela, her siblings, and their father to reconnect with her mother. In navigating the dangers ahead of them, and in looking back at the wilderness of her homeland, Enjeela discovers the spiritual and physical strength to find hope in the most desperate of circumstances.

A heart-stopping memoir of a girl shaken by the brutalities of war and empowered by the will to survive, The Broken Circle brilliantly illustrates that family is not defined by the borders of a country but by the bonds of the heart.

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