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Обложка книги Papillon Papillon

 Автор: ère Henri


Charrière fut faussement accusé de meurtre en 1931 et condamné à perpétuité au bagne en Guyane française. Le régime là, dit « le chemin de la pourriture », était affreux. Résolu qu'il n'y appartiendrait jamais, il s'évada. Sa récompense fut d'abord un cachot inondé de la mer toutes les marées, puis un séjour à la réclusion, « la mangeuse d'hommes », où il fut puni par la quasi-famine. Mais il désira tant sa liberté que, n'importe combien de ses essais aient échoué, il tenta une évasion après l'autre.

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Обложки нет par Mihaila Bulgakova prozu un viņu pašu

 Автор: ins

par Mihaila Bulgakova prozu un viņu pašu

V. Lakšins

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Обложка книги Pedigree: A Memoir Pedigree: A Memoir

 Автор: Modiano Patrick

In this rare glimpse into the life of Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano, the author takes up his pen to tell his personal story. He addresses his early years — shadowy times in postwar Paris that haunt his memory and have inspired his world-cherished body of fiction. In the spare, absorbing, and sometimes dreamlike prose that translator Mark Polizzotti captures unerringly, Modiano offers a memoir of his first twenty-one years. Termed one of his “finest books” by the Guardian, Pedigree is both a personal exploration and a luminous portrait of a world gone by.

Pedigree sheds light on the childhood and adolescence that Modiano explores in Suspended Sentences, Dora Bruder, and other novels. In this work he re-creates the louche, unstable, colorful world of his parents under the German Occupation; his childhood in a household of circus performers and gangsters; and his formative friendship with the writer Raymond Queneau. While acknowledging that memory is never assured, Modiano recalls with painful clarity the most haunting moments of his early life, such as the death of his ten-year-old brother. Pedigree, Modiano’s only memoir, is a gift to his readers and a master key to the themes that have inspired his writing life.

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Обложка книги Petit éloge de l'excès Petit éloge de l'excès

 Автор: érey Caryl

 Серия: Folio 2 €

« Je n’invente rien, c’est dans le dictionnaire étymologique : le mot est d’abord employé pour désigner un acte qui dépasse la mesure, un dérèglement. Je vous passe les détails mais, à la fin, l’emploi du mot au sens de « très grand », et de son adverbe au sens de « très » ou « tout à fait » et cela sans idée d’excès, est fréquent. L’excès non seulement résiste aux règles imposées par les pauvres types sus-nommés, mais permet aussi de nous multiplier, de nous essayer à toutes les sauces, tous les possibles, de grandir en somme. Tant pis si on est excessivement mauvais. Il n’y a à perdre que des illusions, des résidences secondaires, des voitures, des slips de bain. »

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Обложка книги PiHKAL PiHKAL

 Автор: Шульгин Александр, Шульгина Энн

Выдающийся американский химик-фармаколог русского происхождения прожил удивительную жизнь, аналогом которой может послужить разве только подвиг Луи Пастера. Но в отличие от Пастера Шульгин испытывал на себе не новые сыворотки, а синтезированные им соединения, правовой и социальный статус которых в настоящее время проблематичен — психоактивные препараты. Бросив вызов «новой инквизиции», ограничившей право человечества на познание самого себя, доктор Шульгин, несмотря на всевозможные юридические препоны, продолжал свои исследования на протяжении сорока лет, совершив своего рода научный подвиг, значение которого смогут оценить лишь будущие поколения.

В данной электронной версии содержится только первая, художественная часть книги.

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Обложка книги Pimp Pimp

 Автор: Slim Iceberg

A blueprint. A bible. What Sun Tzu's Art of War was to ancient China, Pimp is to the streets. As real as you can get without jumping in, this is the story of Iceberg Slim's life as he saw, felt, tasted, and smelled it. It is a trip through hell by the one man who lived to tell the tale--the dangers of jail, addiction, and death that are still all too familiar for today's black community. By telling the story of one man's struggles and triumphs in an underground world, Pimp shows us the game doesn't change; it just has a different swagger.

Only Slim could tell this story and make the reader feel it. If you thought Hustle & Flow was the true pimp story, this book is where it all began. This is the heyday of the pimp, the hard-won pride and glory, small though it may be; the beginnings of pimp before it was dragged in front of the camera, before pimp juice and pimp style. Though it is a tale of his times, it will remain current and true for as long as there is a race bias, as long as there is a street life, as long as there is exploitation.


“Iceberg Slim was the godfather of a genre.”

—K’wan, #1 Essence bestselling author

“One of the greatest black writers in American history.”


Pimp is an eye-boggling netherworld documentary, a (--) tale of ferocious emotion, expressed through action.''


“The best-known pimp of our time.”

Washington Post
About the Author

ICEBERG SLIM (1918-1992), a.k.a. Robert Beck, was born in Chicago and initiated into the life of the pimp at age eighteen. He briefly attended the Tuskegee Institute but dropped out to return to the streets of the South Side, where he remained, pimping, until he was forty-two. After several stints in jail, culminating in a ten-month stay in Cook County, he decided to give up the life and turned to writing. With a family to feed, he folded his life into the pages of Pimp, which emerged as a definitive chronicle of street life. Slim was catapulted into the public eye as a new American hero, known for speaking the truth whether that truth was ugly, sexy, rude, or blunt. He published six more books based on his life and different aspects of the ghetto black, pimp community. Slim died at age seventy-three in 1992, one day before the Los Angeles riots.

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Обложка книги Pink Floyd: Кирпич к кирпичу Pink Floyd: Кирпич к кирпичу

 Автор: Мухин Олег

«Pink Floyd» входит в число великих групп, сформировавших современную музыкальную культуру. Грандиозные концертные представления группы стали легендами, фильм «Стена» с саундтреком одноименного альбома вошел в золотой фонд мирового кино, непримиримые противостояния между ее участниками, неоднократно ставившие «Pink Floyd» на грань распада, постоянно давали обширный материал для музыкальной прессы.

В эту книгу включены статьи о творчестве групппы и интервью с ее участниками, а также уникальные фотографии из фэнзинов. Многие материалы впервые публикуются на русском языке.

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Обложка книги Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man

 Автор: Clegg Bill

Bill Clegg had a thriving business as a literary agent, representing a growing list of writers. He had a supportive partner, trusting colleagues, and loving friends when he walked away from his world and embarked on a two-month crack binge. He had been released from rehab nine months earlier, and his relapse would cost him his home, his money, his career, and very nearly his life.

What is it that leads an exceptional young mind to want to disappear? Clegg makes stunningly clear the attraction of the drug that had him in its thrall, capturing in scene after scene the drama, tension, and paranoiac nightmare of a secret life-and the exhilarating bliss that came again and again until it was eclipsed almost entirely by doom. PORTRAIT OF AN ADDICT AS A YOUNG MAN is an utterly compelling narrative-lyrical, irresistible, harsh, and honest-from which you simply cannot look away.

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Обложка книги Pourvu que ça brûle Pourvu que ça brûle

 Автор: érey Caryl

De la Nouvelle-Zélande à l'Australie en passant par l'Indonésie, la Jordanie, le Chili ou les Etats-Unis, un carnet de route très rock, l'autoportrait en noir et blanc de l'auteur de Zulu, Mapuche et Condor, Caryl Férey, chantre du thriller engagé, avec qui la réalité devient fiction survoltée.

Caryl Férey a grandi en Bretagne, près de Rennes, une terre qu'il aime pour ses côtes déchiquetées, ses concerts dans les bistrots et ses tempêtes. Grand voyageur, il a bourlingué en Europe à moto et fait un tour du monde à 20 ans. Depuis, il n'a plus cessé de le parcourir. En 1998, Haka a marqué ses débuts d'auteur de polar. Suivront Utu, Zulu (grand prix des lectrices de Elle policier, prix Quais du polar, etc.), adapté au cinéma, et Condor, paru en mars 2016.

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Обложка книги PQ-17 - конвой в ад PQ-17 - конвой в ад

 Автор: Лунд Пол


Пол Лунд служил на одном из малых кораблей сопровождения злосчастного конвоя PQ-17. Он пытается описать свои ощущения в тот момент, когда военные корабли бросили конвой и скрылись за горизонтом. Моряки были убеждены, что вскоре им предстоит безнадежная схватка с немецким суперлинкором «Тирпиц». Однако "Лорду Остину" повезло, он сумел добраться до Архангельска, хотя более 20 кораблей союзников были потоплены.

Предназначается для широкого круга читателей, как специалистов, так и любителей военной истории.

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Обложка книги Praying for Slack Praying for Slack

 Автор: Peavey Robert E

Two different wars were fought in Vietnam, the jungle-and-booby-trap one down south, and the WWII-like one up on the DMZ. “I was one of a handful whose Vietnam tour was evenly split between the First and Third Marine Divisions, and saw, firsthand, the difference 170 miles could make during the war’s bloodiest year.”

Corporal Robert Peavey was a tank commander in I Corps (Eye Corps) on the DMZ when LBJ ordered a bombing halt over the North. His compelling first-hand account chronicles operations just south of the ‘Z, operations that most Vietnam War histories have completely ignored. Peavey offers detailed, understandable explanations of combat strategy, strengths and shortcomings of standard-issue armament, and inter-service rivalries.

Marine veteran Peavey’s account is special for two other reasons. He served as an M48A3 Patton tank commander. Many readers will be surprised that there were quite a few tanks in Vietnam, the geography of which is characterized in the popular mind as being triple-canopy jungle and rice paddies.

In fact, much of Vietnam was “good tank country”, particularly northern I Corps along the DMZ, Marine Corps territory, and due to the Marines’ combined arms organization, with a tank company assigned to each infantry regiment, tanks were involved in every major engagement the Corps was involved in.

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Обложка книги Pretending to be Normal Pretending to be Normal

 Автор: Holliday Willey Liane

Autobiography of a woman and her child diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Author shares her daily struggles and challenges. Includes appendices providing coping strategies and guidance. For the general reader as well as professionals.

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Обложка книги Priceless Priceless

 Автор: Wittman Robert K, Shiffman John

The Wall Street Journal called him “a living legend.” The London Times dubbed him “the most famous art detective in the world.”

In Priceless, Robert K. Wittman, the founder of the FBI’s Art Crime Team, pulls back the curtain on his remarkable career for the first time, offering a real-life international thriller to rival The Thomas Crown Affair.

Rising from humble roots as the son of an antique dealer, Wittman built a twenty-year career that was nothing short of extraordinary. He went undercover, usually unarmed, to catch art thieves, scammers, and black market traders in Paris and Philadelphia, Rio and Santa Fe, Miami and Madrid.

In this page-turning memoir, Wittman fascinates with the stories behind his recoveries of priceless art and antiquities: The golden armor of an ancient Peruvian warrior king. The Rodin sculpture that inspired the Impressionist movement. The headdress Geronimo wore at his final Pow-Wow. The rare Civil War battle flag carried into battle by one of the nation’s first African-American regiments.

The breadth of Wittman’s exploits is unmatched: He traveled the world to rescue paintings by Rockwell and Rembrandt, Pissarro, Monet and Picasso, often working undercover overseas at the whim of foreign governments. Closer to home, he recovered an original copy of the Bill of Rights and cracked the scam that rocked the PBS series Antiques Roadshow.

By the FBI’s accounting, Wittman saved hundreds of millions of dollars worth of art and antiquities. He says the statistic isn’t important. After all, who’s to say what is worth more—a Rembrandt self-portrait or an American flag carried into battle? They're both priceless. 

The art thieves and scammers Wittman caught run the gamut from rich to poor, smart to foolish, organized criminals to desperate loners. The smuggler who brought him a looted 6th-century treasure turned out to be a high-ranking diplomat.  The appraiser who stole countless heirlooms from war heroes’ descendants was a slick, aristocratic con man.  The museum janitor who made off with locks of George Washington's hair just wanted to make a few extra bucks, figuring no one would miss what he’d filched.

In his final case, Wittman called on every bit of knowledge and experience in his arsenal to take on his greatest challenge: working undercover to track the vicious criminals behind what might be the most audacious art theft of all. 

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Обложка книги Prince William Prince William

 Автор: Junor Penny

His face is recognized the world over, his story is well known. But what is Prince William truly like?

As Diana's eldest son, he was her confidant. While the tabloids eagerly lapped up the lurid details of his parents' divorce, William lived painfully through it, suffering the embarrassment, the humiliation, and divided loyalties. He watched his father denounced on prime time television; he met the lovers. And when he was just fifteen, his beautiful, loving mother was suddenly, shockingly snatched from his life forever.

The nation lost its princess and its grief threatened the very future of the monarchy. What was almost forgotten in the clamor was that two small boys had lost their mother. His childhood was a recipe for disaster, yet as he approaches his thirtieth birthday, William is as well-balanced and sane a man as you could ever hope to meet. He has an utter determination to do the right thing and to serve his country as his grandmother has so successfully done for the last sixty years. Who stopped him from going off the rails, turning his back on his duty and wanting nothing to do with the press- the people he blamed for his mother's death? Where did the qualities that have so entranced the world, and his new bride, Catherine, come from?

In the last thirty years, Penny Junor has written extensively about his parents and the extended family into which he was born. With the advantage of her relationship within William's circle, she has been able to get closer to the answers than ever before.

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Обложка книги Putin Putin

 Автор: Lourie Richard

An electrifying and timely book, by leading Russian expert Richard Lourie, that explores Putin’s failures and whether Trump’s election gives Putin extraordinarily dangerous opportunities in our mad new world.

“A master chronicler of modern Russia. Drawing on his own expertise, Lourie paints a convincing portrait of a ruthless authoritarian leader headed toward failure. This book serves as an essential primer on Putin and, by extension, Russia.”

Publishers Weekly

For reasons that are made clear in this book, Putin’s Russia will collapse just as Imperial Russia did in 1917 and as Soviet Russia did in 1991. The only questions are when, how violently, and with how much peril for the world. The U.S. election complicates everything, including:

• Putin’s next land grab

• Exploitations of the Arctic

• Cyber-espionage

• Putin and China

…and many more crucial topics.

Putin: His Downfall and Russia’s Coming Crash is an essential read for everybody bewildered and dismayed by the new world order.

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