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Обложка книги Nehru: The Invention of India Nehru: The Invention of India

 Автор: Shashi Tharoor

Now in paperback, the "brief and nimble…swift and sharp" ("Los Angeles Times Book Review) biography of the great secularist who-alongside his spiritual father Mahatma Gandhi-led the movement for India's independence and ushered his country into the modern world.

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Обложка книги NIRVANA: Правдивая история NIRVANA: Правдивая история

 Автор: Тру Эверет

Через пятнадцать лет после самоубийства Курта Кобейна «Nirvana» продолжает оказывать огромное влияние на музыку и культуру в целом. Здесь впервые представлен взгляд изнутри на одну из самых значительных рок-групп нашего времени.

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Обложка книги Nirvana: со слов очевидцев Nirvana: со слов очевидцев

 Автор: Борзилло Керри

Эта книга отделит факты от домыслов и прояснит мифы и ложь, которые наросли на группе и ее членах, а также на беспокойной жизни ее вокалиста при помощи простой и прямой хроники, поденной фиксации их карьер и жизней.

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Обложка книги No Dream Is Too High No Dream Is Too High

 Автор: Aldrin Buzz, Abraham Ken

Обложка книги No Hero No Hero

 Автор: Owen Mark, Maurer Kevin

The second book by former Navy SEAL Mark Owen, following his multimillion-copy classic about the bin Laden mission No Easy Day, in which he tells the stories from his career that were most personal to him and that made him the operator and the person he is today.

While Mark Owen’s instant New York Times bestseller No Easy Day focused on the high-profile targets and headline-grabbing chapters of the author’s career, No Hero will be an account of the most personally meaningful missions from Owen’s thirteen years as a SEAL, including the moments in which he learned the most about himself and his teammates, in both success and failure.

Mark Owen describes his intentions for his second book best: “I want No Hero to offer something most books on war don’t: the intimate side of it, the personal struggles and hardships and what I learned from them. The stories in No Hero will be a testament to my teammates and to all the other active and former SEALs who have dedicated their lives to freedom. In our community, we are constantly taught to mentor the younger generation and to pass the lessons and values we’ve learned on to others so that they can do the same to the guys coming up after them. This is what I plan to do for the reader of No Hero.”

Every bit as action-packed as No Easy Day, and featuring stories from the training ground to the battlefield, No Hero offers readers an unparalleled close-up view of the experiences and values that make Mark Owen and the men he served with capable of executing the missions we read about in the headlines.

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Обложка книги No Heroes: A Memoir of Coming Home No Heroes: A Memoir of Coming Home

 Автор: Offutt Chris

From the critically acclaimed author of the novel The Good Brother and memoir My Father the Pornographer comes the unforgettable memoir No Heroes. “If you haven’t read Chris Offutt, you’ve missed an accomplished and compelling writer” (Chicago Tribune).

In his fortieth year, Chris Offutt returns to his alma mater, Morehead State University, the only four-year school in the Kentucky hills. He envisions leading the modest life of a teacher and father. Yet present-day reality collides painfully with memory, leaving Offutt in the midst of an adventure he never imagined: the search for a home that no longer exists.

Interwoven with this bittersweet homecoming tale are the wartime stories of Offutt’s parents-in-law, Arthur and Irene. An unlikely friendship develops between the eighty-year-old Polish Jew and the forty-year-old Kentucky hillbilly as Arthur and Offutt share comfort in exile, reliving the past at a distance. With masterful prose, Offutt combines these disparate accounts to create No Heroes, a profound meditation on family, home, the Holocaust, and history.

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Обложка книги «No Woman No Cry»: Моя жизнь с Бобом Марли «No Woman No Cry»: Моя жизнь с Бобом Марли

 Автор: Марли Рита, Джонс Хэтти


Боб Марли — безусловный и бессменный король музыки регги, человек-легенда. Рита Марли была не только его женой и матерью четверых его детей, но и единомышленницей и соавтором. Ей исполнилось восемнадцать, а ему — двадцать один, когда они впервые встретились в Тренчтауне, одном из гетто ямайской столицы. Рита прошла рука об руку с Бобом через огонь наемных убийц, воду заморских турне и медные трубы всемирной славы. Они разделили любовь и разлуки, трудности безденежья, счастье совместного творчества и опасности, подстерегающие знаменитостей на каждом шагу. Многие годы Рита выступала на одной сцене с Бобом Марли, ее бэк-вокал звучит на большинстве классических альбомов его группы «The Wailers». Их совместная жизнь не была идеальной, но Рита всегда оставалась той женщиной, к которой Боб возвращался за поддержкой и жизненной силой, за теплом семейного очага; женщиной, чей дом он считал своим домом. На ее руках он умер от рака в возрасте тридцати пяти лет.

В наши дни Рита — хранительница наследия Боба Марли, она не понаслышке знакома с нищетой, расизмом и коррупцией, стоявшими на пути Боба к сердцам людей, и неустанно трудится над тем, чтобы его музыка находила все новых и новых слушателей. «No Woman No Cry: Моя жизнь с Бобом Марли» — подробная и содержательная биография знаменитого музыканта и в то же время человечная и жизнеутверждающая история брака, выдержавшего не один шторм.

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Обложка книги Norman Mailer : a double life Norman Mailer : a double life

 Автор: Lennon J Michael

Norman Mailer was one of the giants of American letters and one of the most celebrated public figures of his time. He was a novelist, journalist, biographer, and filmmaker; a provocateur and passionate observer of his times; and a husband, father, and serial philanderer.

Perhaps nothing characterized Mailer more than his unbounded ambition. He wanted not merely to be the greatest writer of his generation, but a writer great enough to be compared to Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. As Michael Lennon describes, he even had presidential ambitions, although he settled for running for mayor of New York City. He championed personal freedom and civil liberties, calling himself a “left conservative,” and yet he was Enemy #1 of the Women’s Movement. He was as pugnacious in real life as in print, engaging in famous feuds and fights. Although he considered himself first and foremost a novelist, his greatest literary contribution may have been in journalism, where he used his novelistic gifts in tandem with self-revelation to explore the American psyche. In that regard, the subtitle of his Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning Armies of the Night is telling: “History as a Novel, the Novel as History.” He would return to certain subjects obsessively: John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, sex, technology, and the intricate relationship of fame and identity. Michael Lennon’s definitive biography captures Mailer in all his sharp complexities and shows us how he self-consciously invented and reinvented himself throughout his lifetime.

Michael Lennon knew Mailer for thirty-five years, and in writing this biography, he has had the cooperation of Mailer’s late widow, Norris Church, his ex-wives, and all of his children, as well as his sister, Barbara. He also had access to Mailer’s vast, unpublished correspondence and papers, and he interviewed dozens of people who knew Mailer. Norman Mailer: A Double Life gives us the man in full, a remarkable and unique figure in the context of his times.

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Обложка книги Nuremberg's Voice of Doom Nuremberg's Voice of Doom

 Автор: Frank Wolfe


The memoirs of Wolfe Frank, which lay hidden in an attic for twenty-five years, are a unique and highly moving behind-the-scenes account of what happened at Nuremberg – ‘the greatest trial in history’ – seen through the eyes of a witness to the whole proceedings. They include important historical information never previously revealed. In an extraordinarily explicit life story, Frank includes his personal encounters, inside and outside the courtroom, with all the war criminals, particularly Hermann Goering. This, therefore, is a unique record that adds substantially to what is already publicly known about the trials and the defendants.

Involved in proceedings from day one, Frank translated the first piece of evidence, interpreted the judges’ opening statements, and concluded the trials by announcing the sentences to the defendants (and several hundred million radio listeners) – which earned him the soubriquet ‘Voice of Doom’.

Prior to the war, Frank, who was of Jewish descent, was a Bavarian playboy, an engineer, a resistance worker, a smuggler (of money and Jews out of Germany) and was declared to be ‘an enemy of the State to be shot on sight’. Having escaped to Britain, he was interned at the outbreak of war but successfully campaigned for his release and eventually allowed to enlist in the British Army – in which he rose to the rank of Captain. Unable to speak English prior to his arrival, by the time of the Nuremberg trials he was described as the ‘finest interpreter in the world’.

A unique character of extreme contrasts Frank was a playboy, a risk taker and an opportunist. Yet he was also a man of immense courage, charm, good manners, integrity and ability. He undertook the toughest assignment imaginable at Nuremberg to a level that was ‘satisfactory alike to the bench, the defence and the prosecution’ and he played a major role in materially shortening the ‘enormously difficult procedures’ by an estimated three years.

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