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Обложка книги Kā plika pa nātrām Kā plika pa nātrām

 Автор: ņa ēna

Обложка книги Kid Gloves: A Voyage Round My Father Kid Gloves: A Voyage Round My Father

 Автор: Mars-Jones Adam

When his widowed father — once a high court judge and always a formidable figure — drifted into vagueness if not dementia, the writer Adam Mars-Jones took responsibility for his care. Intimately trapped in the London flat where the family had always lived, the two men entered an oblique new stage in their relationship.

In the aftermath of an unlooked-for intimacy, Mars-Jones has written a book devoted to particular emotions and events. Kid Gloves is a highly entertaining book about (among other things) families, the legal profession, and the vexed question of Welsh identity. It is necessarily also a book about the writer himself — and the implausible, long-delayed moment, some years before, when he told his sexually conservative father about his own orientation, taking the homophobic bull by the horns. The supporting cast includes Ian Fleming, the Moors Murderers, Jacqueline Bisset and Gilbert O'Sullivan, the singer-songwriter whose trademark look kept long shorts from their rightful place on the fashion pages for so many years.

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Обложка книги King of Russia.Один год в российской Суперлиге King of Russia.Один год в российской Суперлиге

 Автор: Кинг Дэйв, Духачек Эрик

Дэйв Кинг девять лет был тренером национальной хоккейной сборной Канады. Он готовил команду к трем Олимпиадам, и она завоевала серебряные медали в Альбервиле в 1992 году. Позже тренировал команды НХЛ Калгари Флэймз и Коламбус Блю Джэкетс и был помощником тренера в Монреаль Канадиенз. Он принял предложение работать с ведущей командой Финляндии ХИФК, прежде чем Магнитогорск начал переманивать его к себе в Металлург. Эта книга - дневник первого тренера из Канады, попавшего в недра российской хоккейной Суперлиги. Это необычайно пристальный и ироничный взгляд изнутри на жизнь ключевых игроков, владельцев команд, менеджеров и болельщиков.

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Обложка книги Klaus Fuchs Klaus Fuchs

 Автор: Moss Norman

‘Moss went to great pains to study all the documents relating to Fuchs and interviewed everyone who had contact with him. His spy thriller is better than fiction.’

London Review of Books

German-born Klaus Fuchs escaped the Nazi regime in 1933 and sought refuge in Britain.

Regarded as a genius, the introverted physics student hid his communist beliefs from his peers.

The scientist’s brilliance led to his recruitment, by the British, to develop the secret atom bomb project. At this point, Fuchs turned spy and began to pass on nuclear research secrets to the Soviet Regime.

As time passed, the refugee’s sense of loyalty to his friends and Britain led to him to doubt his actions and he reported less information to Russia.

The British arrested Fuchs in 1950, after the FBI had decoded his Soviet messages. In August 1988, the Russians acknowledged for the first time the key role that Fuchs played in the building of their first atomic bomb.

Norman Moss gives detailed insight into Fuchs’ extraordinary story, examining his role in the most momentous historical development of this century, his contacts with the Soviet intelligence apparatus, his friendships, the twists and turns of his mind and conscience, and the intelligence work that led to his arrest.

Fuchs’s dilemmas reflect some of the fundamental moral and political conflicts of our time.

Recommended for fans of Ben Macintyre and .

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Обложка книги Kursk Kursk

 Автор: Moore Robert

The acclaimed and harrowing story of the fate of Russia’s most powerful submarine – now with new material from the author.

At 11.28 a.m. on Saturday, 12 August 2000, a massive and mysterious blast punched through the shallow Arctic waters of the Barents Sea. 135 seconds later, another colossal explosion was detected by seismologists around the globe. The Kursk, pride of Russia’s Northern Fleet and the largest attack submarine in the world, was plunging to the ocean floor, fatally wounded.

In Kursk, award-winning television journalist Robert Moore vividly recreates this disaster minute by minute. Venturing into a covert world where the Cold War continues out of sight, Moore investigates the military and political background to the tragedy. But above all, he tells the nail-bitingly poignant human story of the families waiting on shore, of the desperate efforts of the British, Norwegian and Russian rescuers, and of the twenty-three sailors, trapped in the aft compartment of the stricken submarine, waiting for rescue, as a horrified world followed their fight to stay alive…

‘It takes you through each nail biting moment, willing it to turn out differently. Heartbreaking, humane and, at times, all too vivid. I’ve rarely read such a gripping work of non-fiction’

Colin Firth

‘The Kursk was once the pride of the Russian navy and a symbol of state power… her story, harrowingly detailed… stands as a testament to the bravery and loyalty of men to a nation that failed them’

Orlando Figes, The Times

A revised and updated edition of the book previously published as A TIME TO DIE.

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