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Обложки нет Zen and the Art of Vampires

 Автор: Макалистер Кейти

 Серия: Dark Ones

Pushing 40 and alone, Pia Thomason heads to Europe on a singles tour, hoping to find romance. What she finds are two very handsome, very mysterious - and very undead men. Pia comes to learn that where vampires are concerned, love isn't the only thing at stake.

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Обложки нет Zinnia

 Автор: Кренц Джейн Энн

 Серия: St Helen's

Rendered unmarriageable because of her psychic talents, Zinnia Spring, an inhabitant of the space colony of St. Helen's, foresees a risky love affair with casino owner Nick Chastain, who is in the market for a society wife. Original."

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Обложка книги Zola's Pride Zola's Pride

 Автор: Rogers Moira

Zola spent years traveling the world, studying with supernatural martial-arts masters. Now, as the only lion shifter in New Orleans, she enjoys freedom from politics as well as success in running her own business - self-defense training for psychics, spell casters and other shifters.

Only one man knows why she left home at nineteen - Walker Gravois. He was there when her Seer mother, her mind twisted by magic, exiled Zola from the pride. More to the point, he stayed behind, shattering her young heart in the process.

When he appears on her doorstep after ten years of silence, Zola is nowhere near ready to trust again. But with Walker's life in danger - and the passion between them burning hotter than ever - she'll have to choose between the safety of solitude and the risk of opening herself to others once again.

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