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Обложка книги Gangsta Bitch Gangsta Bitch

 Автор: Black Sonny F

After five years of grieving over her childhood sweetheart, Frankie Five-Fingers is ready to get back to business. Shedding her caged bird persona she has a new man and a new plan… snatch everything that isn’t nailed down! With her new boo, Cowboy, and his crew of bandits they wreak havoc on the streets of New York, robbing everything from businesses to ballers. If it had value they were coming for it. Frankie is living life at a million miles per minute and showing no signs of slowing down, until she meets the newest member of their gang. Frankie now finds herself faced with a very tough decision, be true to her heart or the game that hardened it.

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Обложка книги Gantz Gantz

 Автор: Романов Андрей Олегович

 Серия: Кей

Попаданец в гантз. Внимание. ГГ моральными принципами малость обделен, и вообще извращенец. Попадает в тело Кея Куроно, знает канон и собирается выжить или как минимум повеселится перед смертью.

В книге присутствуют сцены насилия, сексуального характера и унижения.

По хронологии - первая история про Кея.

Фэндом: Gantz

Основные персонажи: Кей Куроно, Кей Кишимото , Сэй Сакураока, Садаё Судзумура (Садако)

Пэйринг: Кей/гарем

Рейтинг: NC-21

Жанры: Гет, Фемслэш (юри), Юмор, Фантастика, Мистика, Экшн (action), Психология, Пародия, Даркфик, POV, Hurt/comfort, Мифические существа, Стёб, Омегаверс

Предупреждения: BDSM, смерть основного персонажа, OOC, насилие, нецензурная лексика, групповой секс, Мэри Сью (Марти Стью), ОЖП, Underage

Статус: закончено

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Обложка книги Group Romance! Erotica Bundle: FFM, Lesbian, Menage and Taboo Groups Group Romance! Erotica Bundle: FFM, Lesbian, Menage and Taboo Groups

 Автор: von Wright Radley, von Wright Eva

A sexy bundle! For fans of lesbian, FFM and group play, these steamy romantic adventures celebrate the joy and happiness of erotic love.

Eva and Radley von Wright are just like any loving married couple — except these high school sweethearts have a secret life. Always on the lookout for young women to please wife Eva, this series presents true tales from their very adventurous world which is full of steamy girl-on-girl, boy-girl-girl and taboo group action!

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Обложка книги G-Spot G-Spot

 Автор: Noire

Her man demanded loyalty, but her body wouldn't obey.

Have you ever rolled over in the middle of the night and realized you were doing things you swore you'd never do? Sexing brothers you vowed you'd never touch? Bending backwards and stooping lower than you ever thought you'd stoop? Well if you can feel me even a little bit, then let me hit you with a story that just might blow your mind…

Nineteen-year-old Juicy Stanfield is the sexy young girlfriend of Granite “G” McKay, owner of Harlem 's notorious G-Spot Social Club. A drug dealer with a lethal streak, he runs Harlem with an iron fist. But even the cash and the bling can't keep Juicy from getting restless, and while G fulfills her every material desire, she's burning up with unrequited sexual energy. To cheat on him would mean a death sentence; so Juicy finds pleasure in secret ways: fantasizing on crowded subways or allowing her eyes to hungrily take in the male dancers on the club's ladies night.

But as Juicy's sexual cravings grow stronger, one thing becomes frighteningly clear: She's a virtual prisoner in G's dangerous world. As G begins to suspect her of playin' him, he pulls the reins he keeps on her even tighter. If she's ever to escape and get a life of her own she must find a way to start stashing away some of G's cash. But doing that under G's watchful eye is a challenge she might not live up to – especially when her appetite tempts her with the deadliest desire of all: G's very own son…

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