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Обложка книги Major Nanny Major Nanny

 Автор: Graves Paula


Agent Harlan McClain has his target in sight. But he's not pulling the trigger. Instead his assignment is providing Stacy Giordano-the governor's aide-with security. An easy job for a former marine sniper. And yet, the guarded single mother's beauty and devotion to her exceptional child soon have Harlan reshuffling his priorities. In the dead of night, in her bed, he promises to keep her and her son from harm. But when an unexpected crisis arises, Harlan is suddenly torn between keeping his word, and taking out a killer…

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Обложка книги Medusa’s Master Medusa’s Master

 Автор: Dees Cindy

Captain "Kat" Kim, leader of the all-female Medusa squad, lives by the warrior's code. Trained in an ancient warrior tradition, she can scale a wall in complete silence. But when she's paired with Special Forces Captain Jeff Steiger, she faces new danger.

Steiger is all-American, from his blue eyes to his sun-streaked hair, and his laid-back manner goes against Kat's control-freak ways. When the two hunt for a high-end art thief, their opposite styles combust. And as mysterious commandos turn the job deadly, Kat must ditch her steely discipline and surrender to the desire that threatens to take them both down…

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Обложка книги Memory of Murder Memory of Murder

 Автор: Creighton Kathleen

"Is my father a murderer?"

Caring for a mother with Alzheimer's was heartbreaking enough for Lindsey Merrill. But when her mother made bizarre but adamant claims that Lindsey's loving father was a killer, it was too much to bear. So she turned to detective Alan Cameron for guidance. Before long, the single dad's soothing reassurances morphed into a smoldering attraction…

Evidence quickly mounted that all was not as it seemed in the Merrill family. As a professional, Alan was obliged to pursue the case – as a man, he had to shield this special woman from pain. Would his shocking discovery break her heart just as he was making it his very own?

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Обложка книги Mercy Mercy

 Автор: Garwood Julie

When esteemed Justice Departament attorney Theo Buchenan is struck ill at a New Orleans gala, Dr. Michelle Renard works fast to save his life. Soon, Theo finds himself in a race to save haer when Michelle is targeted by a deadly crime ring. They call themselves the Sowing Club, a devious foursome driven by greed to accumulate millions in a secret bank account. Now they're dead set on silencing Michelle, who might know the secret behind the mercy killing of one of their wives. Dodging a world-class hit man and a band of cunning criminals, Michelle and Theo walk a narrow path between passion and survival.

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Обложка книги Miasteczko Innocente Miasteczko Innocente

 Автор: Roberts Nora

Po ciężkich przeżyciach skrzypaczka Caroline Waverly szuka wytchnienia w miasteczku Innocence na amerykańskim Południu. Jednakże ten idylliczny z pozoru zakątek okaże się miejscem śmiertelnie niebezpiecznym – grasuje tu sadystyczny, nieuchwytny morderca kobiet. Do grona podejrzanych należy Tucker, miejscowy playboy, który zakocha się w Caroline. Skrzypaczkę porwie wir strasznych, tajemniczych wydarzeń…

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Обложка книги Midnight Sins Midnight Sins

 Автор: Leigh Lora

Cara Maloan doesn`t look like a monster. In fact, the gorgeous blond nightclub singer possesses heavenly attributes that make Atlanta detective Todd Brooks sure there`s a higher power somewhere. But a twisted killer is leaving a trail of bodies in seedy hotel rooms across town. The male victims show no wounds-it`s as if the life was simply drained from them. And right now, mysterious Cara is Todd`s only suspect.

Cara knows it`s foolish to be so drawn to a man who thinks she`s a murderer. She also knows Detective Brooks would find the truth even harder to swallow. Cara is one of the Others, a race of powerful, paranormal creatures who live among humans. Cara`s particular abilities make men putty in her hands-all except this rugged, sexy-as-hell detective. But now someone, or something, has singled Cara out for serious payback.

As uneasy trust gives way to mind-blowing desire, Cara and Todd will go head-to-head with a killer whose mission is deeply personal, and who`s determined to serve up revenge that`s hotter than hellfire, and just as deadly.

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Обложка книги Mistletoe and Murder Mistletoe and Murder

 Автор: Ryan Jenna


Every Christmas the threats started again. They came delivered in red greeting cards, and this year Romana was forced to take them seriously. Even if it meant turning to Jacob Knight-the sexy detective she'd always kept at arm's length. After seven years, he was bigger, stronger and more man than she was prepared for. His dark past endangered Romana-but only his arms could provide protection from the convicted killer bent on exacting revenge. And as the nights grew longer and more difficult, their passions threatened to erupt-and expose them to dangers as irresistible as they were reckless.

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Обложка книги Más Allá De La Sospecha Más Allá De La Sospecha

 Автор: Phillips Carly

El detective Kane McDermott no estaba precisamente emocionado ante su último caso. Su misión consistía en investigar a Kayla Luck y descubrir si su presunta academia de buenos modales ofrecía en realidad otro tipo de servicios. Pensaba que sólo iba a ser cuestión de llegar a Charmed y demostrarlo… hasta que conoció a Kayla. Ella era inteligente, confiada… y realizaba todas sus fantasías en la cama. Pero si alguna vez descubría cuáles eran sus verdaderas intenciones, probablemente no volviera a verla nunca más.

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Обложка книги Murder List Murder List

 Автор: Garwood Julie

When Chicago detective Alec Buchanan is offered a prime position with the FBI, he takes it as the perfect opportunity to leave the Windy City and follow in his brothers' footsteps to the top echelons of law enforcement. But first he must complete one last assignment: acting as a glorified bodyguard to hotel heiress Regan Hamilton Madison. The gorgeous exec has become entangled in some potentially deadly business: Someone has e-mailed her a graphic crime-scene photo—and the victim is no stranger.

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Обложка книги Muy en secreto Muy en secreto

 Автор: Lennox Kara

Su nombre en clave era Casanova… y le iba a la perfección

Cuando el millonario, convertido en espía, Bryan Elliott la salvó, Lucy Miller, empleada de banca convertida en topo, descubrió que el nombre en clave que él utilizaba estaba más que justificado, era todo un Casanova. Cuando el peligro empezó a asediarla, Bryan le ofreció el refugio de su maravilloso apartamento en Manhattan, le dio un nuevo nombre y un nuevo aspecto y la convirtió en una mujer deseable y sofisticada. No quedaba ni rastro de la tímida Lucy Miller y la mujer seductora en la que se había transformado aceptó hacerse pasar por la amante de Bryan… pero tenía que hacer un esfuerzo por recordar que su atracción era sólo una tapadera…

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