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Обложка книги Yours, Mine & Ours Yours, Mine & Ours

 Автор: Greene Jennifer

Smarting from his recent divorce, newly single attorney Mike Conroy wanted only one thing – to be the best dad ever. And if that meant he needed to lead a life of celibacy, he could handle that.

Until he met his new next-door neighbor, that is.

Flame-haired Amanda Scott was as passionate as the color of her hair – and as determined as Mike to be a fantastic parent to her daughter. Not only was the rugged Mike her polar opposite, but she'd also sworn off the opposite sex for keeps. But sometimes love can be as close as right next door…

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Обложка книги Your Room or Mine? Your Room or Mine?

 Автор: ’Alessandro Jacquie

The last thing a sexy executive wants to do is to spend more time with the business consultant hired to work with his department, but during a team-building weekend at a resort, a case of mixed-up bags results in unexpected fireworks between the two.

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Обложка книги Your Cheatin Heart Your Cheatin Heart

 Автор: Bartholomew Nancy

 Серия: Maggie Reid

Once upon a time Maggie Reid had a nice home, a rich husaband, and an adoring daughter. But that fairy-tale life hit the skids when her no-good man left her for a busty bottle blonde, and her rebellious teenage daughter went with him. Maggie's mama didn't raise no fool, though. Wide-awake and smelling the Starbucks, Maggie decides to follow her heart and becomes a country-western singer at the Golden Stallion Club.

There, she glimpses her destiny--a lanky cowboy in steel-tipped boots and tight jeans. Though she's determined to meet Marshall Weathers, she sure isn't desperate enough to kill her pesky ex-brother-in-law, Jimmy, to do it. As fate would have it, Weathers is the detective investigating Jimmy's murder, and Maggie is his leading suspect. Unless she wants to sing the prison blues, Maggie's got to do some fancy two-stepping to expose Jimmy's true killer--and find her true love.

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Обложка книги You Had Me at Halo You Had Me at Halo

 Автор: Ashby Amanda

Holly Evans has just seen her own body laid to rest. Now she would like to move onto the afterlife. But apparently she has some mortal baggage to unload first, starting with the matter of how she died. Her heavenly shrink isn't buying that she didn't kill herself- and says she must return to earth to straighten things out. The thing is, she needs to borrow the body of computer geek Vince Murphy to do it. Oh, and although Vince was supposed to have vacated the premises, he apparently never got the memo.

Now, Holly has forty-eight hours to resolve her issues while sharing arms, legs, and… other things… with a guy she barely noticed while she was alive. But the real surprise is what life has to offer when you have only two days to live it.

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Обложка книги Y el Cielo los Bendijo Y el Cielo los Bendijo

 Автор: Spencer Lavyrle

¿Puede el amor sobrevivir a una desgarradora pérdida?

Browerville, Minnesota, 1950: la vida es perfecta para Eddie Olczak. Hombre de fe inquebrantable, Eddie está sumamente satisfecho con la vida que lleva. Adora a su esposa, Krystyna, a sus hijas, Anne y Lucy, y su trabajo como manitas para St. Joseph, la iglesia católica que es la piedra angular de la sociedad de Browerville. Pero cuando un trágico accidente se lleva la vida de Krystyna, Eddie está seguro de que su corazón no se repondrá jamás. El amor que ella prodigaba a su familia, el modo en que cepillaba el pelo de las niñas, en que recibía a Eddie al final de la jornada… todos esos preciosos dones se han perdido para siempre.

La ciudad forma una piña para darle su apoyo, pero hay un miembro de la comunidad que es incapaz de expresar lo que la pérdida de Krystyna ha supuesto para ella. La hermana Regina, profesora de las niñas en St. Joseph, siempre ha sentido una afinidad especial con los Olczak. Pero sus votos le impiden acercarse demasiado a ellos… incluso en un momento tan trágico.

La hermana Regina siempre ha intentado reafirmar su compromiso cuando las estrictas reglas de la orden la desesperan. Pero con el tiempo, en tanto que Eddie y ella se van conociendo mejor, y encuentran una conexión que va más allá del amor común por Krystyna y las niñas, se enfrenta a un difícil desafío. Y ambos deben reunir el valor para mirar dentro de su corazón y tomar sus propias decisiones.

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