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Обложка книги The Ideal Man The Ideal Man

 Автор: Garwood Julie

Julie Garwood is among the most critically acclaimed – and popular – romance authors around, with thirty-six million copies of her books in print. And now, with The Ideal Man, Garwood is poised to expand that already huge audience.

Dr. Ellie Sullivan has just completed her residency at a large urban hospital. While jogging in a park nearby, she witnesses the shooting of an FBI agent in pursuit of wanted criminals, a couple identified as the Landrys. The only person to see the shooter's face, Ellie is suddenly at the center of a criminal investigation.

Agent Max Daniels takes over the Landry case. A no-nonsense lawman, he's definitely not the ideal man that Ellie has always imagined, yet she's attracted to him in a way she can't explain.

Ellie heads home to Winston Falls, South Carolina, to attend her sister's wedding. Shortly after she arrives, though, she receives a surprise visitor: Max Daniels. The Landrys have been captured, and she'll be called to testify. But they've been captured before, and each time the witnesses are scared into silence – or disappear before they can take the stand. Max vows to be Ellie's shadow until the trial, and it isn't long before sparks fly.

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Обложка книги The Next Always The Next Always

 Автор: Roberts Nora

 Серия: The Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy

The historic hotel in BoonsBoro, Maryland, has endured war and peace, changing hands, even rumored hauntings. Now it's getting a major facelift from the Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother. As the architect of the family, Beckett's social life consists mostly of talking shop over pizza and beer. But there's another project he's got his eye on: the girl he's been waiting to kiss since he was fifteen...

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Обложка книги The Wasp Factory The Wasp Factory

 Автор: Banks Iain

Enter — if you can bear it — the extraordinary private world of Frank, just sixteen, and unconventional, to say the least.

"Two years after I killed Blyth I murdered my young brother Paul, for quite different and more fundamental reasons than I'd disposed of Blyth, and then a year after that I did for my young cousin Esmerelda, more or less on a whim.

"That's my score to date. Three. I haven't killed anybody for years, and don't intend to ever again.

"It was just a stage I was going through."

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Обложка книги Texas Blonde Texas Blonde

 Автор: Thompson Victoria


When dashing Josh Logan rescued her from death by exposure, petite Felicity Morrow realized she'd never survive the rugged frontier life without a man at her side. And when she gazed at the Texas rancher's lean hard frame and strong rippling muscles, the determined beauty decided he was the one for her. To reach her goal, feisty Felicity pretended to be meek and mild; the only kind of gal Josh proclaimed he'd wed. But after she'd won his hand, the blue-eyed temptress swore she'd quit playing his game and still win his heart.


After a long day in the saddle, the last thing hot-blooded Josh Logan wanted was a clinging wife. All he needed was a hot bath, a warm meal, and a loving little lady who knew her place. Then golden-haired Felicity came into his life and the virile cowboy knew he'd have to marry her if he wanted to taste her pouting lips and stroke her satiny skin. The reward of her charms was reason enough to give her his name but the proud male vowed he'd never give up his independence not even for his sultry, sensuous Texas Blonde.

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Обложка книги The Ultimate Seduction The Ultimate Seduction

 Автор: Denison Janelle

P.I. Noah Summers has finally met his match. He wants sexy Natalie Hastings so badly, he'll do anything to have her… including taking her in after a car accident leaves her with short-term memory loss. And protecting her when he learns she's acquired a stalker. And harder still, keeping his hands off of her until she can remember. Only, he hadn't counted on Natalie making his job to difficult. * Natalie's world has been turned upside down. Her only constant is her sexy "fiance" Noah. And she wants him. constantly. Only, all of a sudden, he's acting noble. But not for long. Because Natalie's planning a seduction he'll never forget! Before long, Natalie has Noah where she wants him- in her bed and her heart. If only Noah was the man Natalie thought he was.

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Обложка книги Todas sus fantasías Todas sus fantasías

 Автор: Denison Janelle

La futura novia Leah Burton necesitaba urgentemente aprender cómo se satisfacía a un hombre. Su aburrido prometido no parecía muy dispuesto a prestarle sus servicios… pero Jace Rutledge sí. Con aquel libro bajo la cama… y Jace dentro de ella, Leah iba a aprender todo lo necesario. Y más…

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Обложка книги Too Wilde to Tame Too Wilde to Tame

 Автор: Denison Janelle

Mia Wilde has a reputation for being too wild to tame, but that doesn't mean she's going to let someone get away with distributing provocative photographs of her. So she enlists the help of private investigator Cameron Sinclair-the one man who seems immune to her flirtatious and outrageous personality. But Mia soon learns that appearances can be very deceiving.

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Обложка книги The Ceo’s Accidental Bride The Ceo’s Accidental Bride

 Автор: Dunlop Barbara

There was no way multimillionaire Zach Harper would split his inheritance with a stranger. Even if she was his wife. What had supposedly been a prank Vegas wedding to Kaitlin Saville was very real. And now, according to his late grandmother's will, Zach's future was tied to Kaitlin.forever.

The CEO truly believed he could buy off his bride with a few million and a signed divorce decree. However, Kaitlin didn't want money. She wanted an opportunity only Zach could provide. So he offered her a job, vowing never to consummate their marriage. But some vows were meant to be broken…

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Обложка книги The Billionaire’s Bidding The Billionaire’s Bidding

 Автор: Dunlop Barbara

Scrambling to save her family's company, Emma McKinley was shocked when billionaire hotel magnate Alex Garrison tossed her a lifeline- baited with an heirloom engagement ring and a pre-nup an inch thick. It was a textbook marriage of convenience: he calls off her creditors; she gives him half her company.

But the elaborate game of make-believe soon became more intoxicating than either of them expected. Could a marriage built on a lie withstand the test of true passion?

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Обложка книги The Great Escape The Great Escape

 Автор: Phillips Susan Elizabeth

Meet the mysteriously sinister man named…Panda.

He had too long black hair that curled past his collar, cold blue eyes set above high cheekbones, and sadistic lips. After so many years of Secret Service protection, Lucy had grown used to taking her safety for granted, but she didn't feel safe now, and the fact that she dimly recognized the biker as a guest at last night's rehearsal dinner-one of Ted's odd assortment of friends-didn't exactly reassure her. Even semi-cleaned up in a dark suit that didn't fit well, a rumpled white shirt open at the collar, and motorcycle boots that appeared to have received nothing more than a dusting, he didn't look like anybody she wanted to meet in an alley. Exactly where she happened to be…

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Обложка книги Transformed Into The Frenchman’s Mistress Transformed Into The Frenchman’s Mistress

 Автор: Dunlop Barbara

If there was anything Charlotte Hudson had learned in her twenty-five years, it was how to be proper. So how had the ambassador's granddaughter ended up on a wild movie assignment, ensconced in a centuries-old Provençal castle with notorious French playboy Alec Montcalm? While her relatives from Hudson Pictures were busy filming at Chateau Montcalm, the real drama was going on behind the antique wooden doors – beneath satin sheets. Charlotte knew their crazy, scandalous secret liaison wouldn't last. And then she discovered she was pregnant.

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Обложка книги Thunderbolt over Texas Thunderbolt over Texas

 Автор: Dunlop Barbara

A marriage of convenience is the perfect plan for New York museum curator Sydney Wainsbrook and Texas rancher Cole Erickson. It's a business transaction that will save her career and safeguard his family's traditions.

After all, how hard can it be for Sydney to pretend to be in love with a sexy and charismatic cowboy? And Cole sure won't mind sharing his time-and maybe his bed?-with a fiery redhead from the city. So what if they're complete strangers? So what if she's only interested in borrowing his family's heirloom jewel, the Thunderbolt of Texas? So what if they discover a secret that could blow the whole scheme apart?

And what would happen if they actually managed to inconveniently fall for one another?

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Обложка книги Toxic Toxic

 Автор: Langlais Eve

Either you’re with me, or you’ll feed me.

Humans are for eating and I am not one to play with my food, so I’m baffled as to why one geeky mortal doctor makes me wish our kind could be together without my brand of love being toxic. As if suffering from human emotions isn’t problem enough, our world is about to engage in a war where our chances of survival are slim at best. And no one wants to listen.

But, I didn’t become the general of the vampire Queen’s army by being diplomatic. Everyone will fight in the upcoming battle, or they’ll feed my troops and I. Either way, all things living will do their part.

I am after all the Blood Countess, toxic lover to humans, vicious bitch to my enemies, and my word is law.

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Обложка книги The Desert Lord’s Bride The Desert Lord’s Bride

 Автор: Gates Olivia


The future of Judar rests with Farah Beaumont, a foreigner who wants nothing to do with her heritage.

And to secure his country's peace, prince Shehab Aal Masood must make her his bride – by any means necessary.

Hiding his identity and sweeping Farah off her feet is a start. But the joyful, seemingly innocent Farah is nothing like he expects. And Shehab's calculated seduction soon becomes an affair too powerful to control…

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Обложка книги The Espressologist The Espressologist

 Автор: Springer Kristina

What’s your drink of choice? Is it a small pumpkin spice latte? Then you’re lots of fun and a bit sassy. Or a medium americano? You prefer simplicity in life. Or perhaps it’s a small decaf soy sugar-free hazelnut caffe latte? Some might call you a yuppie. Seventeen-year-old barista Jane Turner has this theory that you can tell a lot about a person by their regular coffee drink. She scribbles it all down in a notebook and calls it Espressology. So it’s not a totally crazy idea when Jane starts hooking up some of her friends based on their coffee orders. Like her best friend, Em, a medium hot chocolate, and Cam, a toffee nut latte. But when her boss, Derek, gets wind of Jane’s Espressology, he makes it an in-store holiday promotion, promising customers their perfect matches for the price of their favorite coffee. Things are going better than Derek could ever have hoped, so why is Jane so freaked out? Does it have anything to do with Em dating Cam? She’s the one who set them up! She should be happy for them, right?

With overtones of Jane Austen’s Emma and brimming with humor and heart, this sweet, frothy debut will be savored by readers.

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Обложки нет Tomorrow

 Автор: Холодная Елена Юрьевна

Прошло 2 года. Долгие 2 года Алиса сходила с ума от неизвестности. Но он пришел и все вроде бы вошло в норму. Ночная Леди открыла свой бизнес. Стала любящей женой и матерью. Но в один прекрасный день все обрывается — Алиса попадает в автокатастрофу и её… принимают за другую. В это же время, поп-звезда Японии, который влюбился в Алису с первого взгляда решает воспользоваться потерей её памяти и представить её как невесту.

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Обложка книги The Bite of Silence The Bite of Silence

 Автор: Hughes Mary

Spartans do it with discipline.

Times Square on New Year-s Eve. A million partiers chanting the final seconds. This year, it-s a countdown to death.

My name is Twyla Tafel and I-ve uncovered an insane plot to unleash berserk vampires on those unsuspecting revelers. I have to stop it, armed only with my great admin skills, my useless art degree-and Nikos, a severely hot vampire who I-d love to photograph as a Spartan king roaring his muscular challenge at the Persians.

But Nikos has issues, if you know what I mean. Roadblocks in his psyche that say stop when all I want is go-go-go. See -severely hot-, above.

Although if I finally break through Nikos-s reserve, I may get more than I bargained for. He-s seriously big, seriously built, and more than just a tad dominant. Still, it-s time to push my limits and find out who I really am, so I-m willing to try-I think. I-m sure. I-m mostly sure. Until he starts stalking me with those sable bedroom eyes and long, sharp fangs-!

Warning: Contains 50% high-voltage sex by volume. 10g seriously hot Greek vampire, 4g curvy, competent heroine, 7g explosive action and gritty language. Made on equipment used to process snarky comments. Some light bondage may occur during handling.

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Обложка книги The Ranch The Ranch

 Автор: Steel Danielle

The story of three women who had been inseparable at college before going their own separate ways. Twenty years later the women are together again at a ranch in the foothills of Wyoming's Grand Teton Range where they discover that their friendship is a bond they still all treasure and share.

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Обложка книги Truhan Truhan

 Автор: Steel Danielle

¿Es posible que un playboy irresistible como Blake se convierta en un marido en el que poder confiar? Su ex esposa Maxine hace años que mantiene con él una cordial relación. Y bien sabe que el encantador padre de sus hijos puede ser cualquier cosa menos un esposo fiel.

Cuando Maxine, una reputada psiquiatra, parece haber encontrado un hombre a su medida, alguien que le dará todo lo que Blake le negó, un imprevisto la sacudirá como ese terremoto que ha derrumbado una de las mansiones de Blake y ha dejado en el país una estela de miseria y devastación.

Blake acude a ella para que le acompañe en un proyecto humanitario, y Maxine se pregunta si un hombre como él, de repente preocupado y solidario, realmente es capaz de cambiar.

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Обложка книги The Spanish Billionaire’s Pregnant Wife The Spanish Billionaire’s Pregnant Wife

 Автор: Graham Lynne

Leandro Carrera Marquez, Duque de Sandoval, was as aristocratic, proud and arrogant as his name.and darkly handsome in an impossible, breathtaking way. What would this billionaire Spanish banker want with a struggling, impoverished waitress like Molly?

But Leandro did want Molly – and he took her, accidentally making her pregnant with his child. In Leandro's traditional world, there was only one option – marry the mother of his heir. After all, none of his noble ancestors had actually married for love…

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Обложка книги The Frenchman's Love-Child The Frenchman's Love-Child

 Автор: Graham Lynne

Seduction and Passion Guaranteed

Will the Frenchman discover he has a secret son?

Tabby fell in love with Christien Laroche, but then tragedy struck and Christien wanted nothing more to do with her. How could Tabby confess to the arrogant Frenchman that she was expecting his baby? Now Tabby has made a new life for herself and her son. But Christien is back! What if he discovers little Jake's existence?

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Обложка книги The Desert Sheikh’s Captive Wife The Desert Sheikh’s Captive Wife

 Автор: Graham Lynne

Captive in the sheikh's harem!

Tilda was regretting her short-lived romance with Rashad, the crown prince of Bakhar. Now, with her impoverished family indebted to him, Rashad was blackmailing Tilda by insisting she pay up…as his concubine! Soon Tilda was the arrogant sheikh's captive in his faraway desert kingdom. Then Rashad publicly acknowledged her as his woman… and under the law of Bakhar they were now bound together forever…as husband and wife!

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Обложка книги The Greek Tycoon’s Convenient Mistress The Greek Tycoon’s Convenient Mistress

 Автор: Graham Lynne

Greek billionaire Andreas Nicolaidis had never kept a mistress for longer than three months…until Hope Evans entered his bed. But now, even after two years together, Andreas has no intention of making Hope his wife. She knows it is time to leave the man she loves, but then she discovers that she's expecting his child. Suddenly Andreas is looking at things very differetnly…his formerly convenient mistress will become his permanent wife!

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Обложка книги The Greek’s Chosen Wife The Greek’s Chosen Wife

 Автор: Graham Lynne

It's been eight years since Prudence's arranged wedding to Nikolas Angelis. Their relationship was never consummated and they have always lived apart. But now Prudence longs to have her own baby and she wants a divorce. However, Nik is horrified – he is her husband and he will be the father of her child! Prudence reluctantly agrees to a trial marriage with Nik. But conceiving his baby? That's not a risk she's willing to take…

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Обложка книги The Greek Tycoon’s Disobedient Bride The Greek Tycoon’s Disobedient Bride

 Автор: Graham Lynne

It amazed Ophelia that Lysander Metaxis – a Greek billionaire notorious for his harem of adoring women – wanted to marry her, a humble gardener with a crumbling old manor house and debts up to her ears.

But soon she realized Lysander didn't want her – he wanted her property and her body. But marry him she would, because she had no choice if she wanted to keep what she cherished most. And disobedient she would be, because her new husband had no intention of loving her…

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Обложка книги The Stephanides Pregnancy The Stephanides Pregnancy

 Автор: Graham Lynne

Women in uniform weren't usually Cristos Stephanides's thing. But seeing Betsy Mitchell in her chauffeur's outfit… What harm could there be in trying to bed her? However, the tycoon hadn't bargained on being kidnapped, along with Betsy, and held captive on an Aegean island! And since their captors had thoughtfully provided them with a luxury villa, what was to stop Cristos continuing with his seduction plan in comfort?

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Обложка книги The Ruthless Magnate’s Virgin Mistress The Ruthless Magnate’s Virgin Mistress

 Автор: Graham Lynne

From the moment he sees Abbey at a charity fashion show, Russian tycoon Nikolai Arlov wants every inch of that curvy, creamy body. When she refuses him, he mercilessly switches tactics, aiming straight for her vulnerable heart…

With her family's business in serious trouble, Abbey knows Nikolai's money is their only hope. She submits to his lethal brand of seduction and blackmail – ready and willing to do anything he desires. Only, Nikolai has no idea his reluctant mistress is.a virgin.

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Обложка книги The Trophy Husband The Trophy Husband

 Автор: Graham Lynne

9 to 5

Hidden agendas…

The personal assistant: When Sara caught her fiancé being unfaithful with her cousin, she felt doubly betrayed.

Her boss: Almost miraculously, Alex Rossini was on hand to help Sara pick up the pieces. However, having worked for Alex for some time now, she knew he never did anything without expecting something in return. So why was she surprised when he revealed that he was prepared to pay the cost of having her – be it money or marriage?

Business or pleasure? Sara wanted Alex so badly, she would have given herself to him with no strings attached. But in order to win Alex, she would have to play his game – and choose her price…

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Обложка книги The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance

 Автор: Adams Cat, Maclaine Jenna, Telep Trisha, Ashley Jennifer, Gellis Roberta, Delacroix Claire, Welfonder Sue-Ellen, Miles Cindy, Cullen Ciar, Taylor Helen Scott, Kennedy Shirley, Maguire Margo, Krinard Susan, McDermott Pat, Williams Nadia, England Dara, Givens Kathleen, Newgent Sandra, Holby Cindy, Neri Penelope, Rice Patricia

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Обложка книги Tiempo inolvidable Tiempo inolvidable

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Se suponía que no eran más que unas vacaciones… pero aquel verano en Italia era sólo el comienzo.

Holly se dejó cautivar por los ojos suplicantes de aquella niña sin madre… y por su padre. Y cuando quiso darse cuenta estaba viviendo en la lujosa villa que la familia poseía en Roma.

Pero cuando los largos días de verano tocaban a su fin, Holly descubrió que entre las paredes de aquella casa y en el corazón del hombre del que se estaba enamorando había oscuros secretos… unos secretos que podrían liberarlos a todos.

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Обложка книги The Venetian Playboy’s Bride The Venetian Playboy’s Bride

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Venice: a city of secrets and passion!

Dulcie Maddox is in Venice to work-but she finds herself wanting to spend every day with a tall, handsome gondolier…

Guido Calvani is no gondolier-he's actually one of the wealthiest aristocrats in Venice. He hasn't told Dulcie that, though; it's refreshing to be wanted for himself, rather than for his money. Only, now he's falling for Dulcie. He'd like to make her his bride-but she has no idea who he really is, not even his real name. Then Guido discovers he's not the only one hiding a secret. And Dulcie's secret turns his world upside down…

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Обложка книги Tato pod choinkę Tato pod choinkę

 Автор: Winters Rebecca

Mały Kip wychowywał się bez ojca, a matka nie była ideałem. Chłopiec z całego serca kocha swoja nauczycielkę i to właśnie z Jill spędza najwięcej czasu. Gdy matka Kipa ponownie wychodzi za mąż, zostawia syna pod opieka Jill, ta zaś postanawia znaleźć jego ojca…

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Обложка книги The Bride's Baby The Bride's Baby

 Автор: Fielding Liz

The wedding of the season!

Events manager Sylvie Smith is organizing a glittering fund-raising event: a wedding show in a stately home. She has even been roped into pretending to be a bride… a bride who's five months pregnant!

The bride everyone is talking about!

It should be every girl's dream to design a wedding with no expense spared, but it's not Sylvie's. Longbourne Court was her ancestral home, and she's just discovered that the new owner is Tom McFarlane-her baby's secret father. Now Tom's standing in front of her, looking at her bump…

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Обложка книги The Sheik's Unsuitable Bride The Sheik's Unsuitable Bride

 Автор: Fielding Liz

The single mom's new job: chauffeur to the sheikh!

Zahir was surprised to find he had a beautiful new driver. This chauffeur did not blend into the background. Oh, no. Diana Metcalfe talked. She laughed. She took him on unplanned detours. And he had more fun than he'd had in years.

But back in his desert kingdom, a dynastic marriage was being brokered for Zahir. Crazy though it seemed, he wished that this wonderful, vivacious, thoroughly unsuitable woman could be his bride instead…

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Обложка книги The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella

 Автор: Fielding Liz

Lady Gabriella March is the perfect domestic goddess-at least, that's what her editor at Milady magazine thinks! In truth she's simply Ellie March, cleaner and aspiring writer, who uses the beautiful mansion she is house-sitting to inspire her.

When the owner returns unexpectedly, Ellie's fledgling writing career is threatened. But even more dangerous is the man himself! Gorgeous Dr. Benedict Faulkner is quite the opposite of the aging academic she imagined, and soon it is her heart, and not just her secret, that is exposed…

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Обложка книги The Italian’s Baby The Italian’s Baby

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Luca is desperate to tell Becky the truth about what happened all those years ago. Becky can't believe her ears – the time they've wasted. The attraction is mutual and overwhelming and she can't resist him – the love is still there. Then she discovers that all Luca wanted from her was a baby – and, shockingly, she's already pregnant.

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Обложка книги The Sheikh’s Reward The Sheikh’s Reward

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

All Frances wanted was an interview with Sheikh Ali Ben Saleem. Ali obliged – on the condition that she accompany him to his kingdom. Soon Frances found herself imprisoned with his concubines! But was Ali serious when he insisted on marriage?

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Обложка книги The Monte Carlo Proposal The Monte Carlo Proposal

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Meet sassy, brave and beautiful Della Martin: 'Why on earth did I agree to this crazy plan?! This multimillionare Jack Bullen had a proposal for me-to pose as his girlfriend so he could avoid an unwanted marriage. I said yes-it was a whole lot better than going back to being a waitress. It sounded like fun-a free holiday in Monte Carlo-who'd say no? But Jack is gorgeous! Like Pierce Brosnan. It's really hard doing all this kissing and flirting when it's all pretend. I want it to be for real! And you know-I'm beginning to think he likes me, too.

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Обложка книги The Pregnancy Bond The Pregnancy Bond

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

On the night of the party, Kelly's estranged husband, Jake Lindley, had been as gorgeous and charismatic as ever. It had been impossible for Kelly to resist him-and now she was pregnant!

Kelly didn't want Jake back in her life; their divorce had just become final and she couldn't possibly tell him that he was the baby's father. But Jake was determined to look after Kelly-even if that meant moving in to her apartment. Could they mend their marriage in time for the birth of their baby?

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Обложка книги The Stand-In Bride The Stand-In Bride

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

After his ward calls off their wedding, Sebastian Santiago decides that since the girls tutor, Maggie Cortez, corrupted her, Maggie should take her place as THE STAND-IN BRIDE. Maggie is torn. While there is a volatile chemistry between her and Sebastian, she is carrying a deep secret about the death of her husband that could tear her new marriage apart if she lets it.

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Обложка книги The Wedding Arrangement The Wedding Arrangement

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Luke is startled to discover that his tenant, Minnie Pepino, is young, blonde and sensational! The more time Luke spends with Minnie he sees that there lies a broken heart and painful memories… Luke is determined to be the one man who can make her life whole again…

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Обложка книги The Rocky Road to Romance The Rocky Road to Romance

 Автор: Evanovich Janet

When the delightful, daffy Dog Lady of station WZZZ offered to take on the temporary job of traffic reporter, Steve Crow tried to think of reasons to turn Daisy Adams down. Perhaps he knew that sharing the close quarters of a car with her for hours would give the handsome program director no room to resist her quirky charms. He'd always favored low-slung sports cars and high-heeled women, but that was before he fell for a free spirit who caught crooks by accident, loved old people and pets, and had just too many jobs!

Loving Daisy turned Steve's life upside down, especially once he adopted Bob, a couch potato masquerading as a huge dog. But was Daisy finally ready to play for keeps?

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Обложка книги Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

 Автор: Evanovich Janet

When Megan discovered a floppy-eared rabbit gnawing on the hem of her skirt, she meant to give his owner a piece of her mind – but Dr. Patrick Hunter was too attractive to stay mad at. Megan had one failed love, could the doctor who kissed her breathless help to heal her heart?

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Обложка книги The Grand Finale The Grand Finale

 Автор: Evanovich Janet

Berry Knudson had a talent for disaster, but when she climbed a tree to rescue a kitten, she wasn't prepared for the scrumptious hunk undressing in a nearby window, or her dive downward that smashed Jake Sawyer's pizza and won his heart! But was there room in her chaotic schedule for a risk-taking inventor with dreams? She took classes, delivered pizzas, and cared for three eccentric old ladies she rescued from the train station. But Jake thrived on a challenge, and he could be very inventive. Could he teach her there was time to make butterscotch pudding and let herself be loved?

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Обложка книги The Sexy Devil The Sexy Devil

 Автор: Hoffmann Kate

Meet Max Morgan. Unrepentantly sexy. Impossible to resist. He's broken countless hearts across the country – including Angela Weatherby's…

When Angela first met Max, she'd been young, sweet and impressionable. But time and experience have changed that. Now she can see what kind of man he really is.

Unfortunately, he's still the man she wants more than her next breath.

And she finally gets him! Angela's night with Max is magical. He knows just what to do, where to touch, how to make her feel. He's the perfect man for her.

Too bad she's not the first woman to believe that. But will she be the last?

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Обложка книги The Pirate The Pirate

 Автор: Hoffmann Kate


Griffin Rourke: Pirate.Spy. He wants revenge on the infamous buccaneer Blackbeard,for killing his father. And nothing-not even a bewitching woman named Meredith-is going to stop him! When Meredith finds Griffin washed up on shore,she cant believe her eyes.The handsome pirate of her dreams has come to life! But she hasnt counted on her lover's 18th century need for vengeance and that he needs to return to his own time.

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Обложка книги Tórridas fantasías Tórridas fantasías

 Автор: Hoffmann Kate

El director de cine Aidan Pierce es el protagonista de las tórridas fantasías de Lily desde hace más de un año. Sin embargo, cuando se encuentra con él por casualidad, no sabe qué hacer… Si pudiera meterse en la piel de su álter ego Lacey St. Clair, el pseudónimo que ha adoptado para escribir su única obra literaria, la deliciosa y picante “Cómo seducir a un hombre en diez minutos”…

Aidan Pierce está acostumbrado al acoso de las aspirantes a estrella de Hollywood. Por suerte, la manera de ser sencilla y sin artificios de Lily no se parece en nada a la de esas mujeres. Sin embargo, cuando descubre que Lily, la mujer cuya personalidad lo ha deslumbrado, ha escrito un libro sobre seducción, comienza a tener dudas sobre ella. Desgraciadamente, aún no está dispuesto a renunciar a un sexo tan ardiente…

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Обложка книги Take a Bow Take a Bow

 Автор: Eulberg Elizabeth

Emme, Sophie, Ethan, and Carter are seniors at a performing arts school, getting ready for their Senior Showcase recital, where the pressure is on to appeal to colleges, dance academies, and professionals in show business. For Sophie, a singer, it's been great to be friends with Emme, who composes songs for her, and to date Carter, soap opera heartthrob who gets plenty of press coverage. Emme and Ethan have been in a band together through all four years of school, but wonder if they could be more than just friends and bandmates. Carter has been acting since he was a baby, and isn't sure how to admit that he'd rather paint than perform. The Senior Showcase is going to make or break each of the four, in a funny, touching, spectacular finale that only Elizabeth Eulberg could perform.

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Обложки нет Tre metri sopra il cielo

 Автор: Moccia Federico

Обложка книги The Tango Briefing The Tango Briefing

 Автор: Hall Adam

 Серия: Quiller

At the Tango briefing Quiller got his orders. Orders that sent him on a bizarre undercover operation, a double-suicide mission in the Sahara. His assignment: find and destroy a mysterious downed aircraft before the world learns of its existence, before its cargo is disclosed, and before enemy agents destroy the plane and possibly Quiller along with it!

"Breathless excitement mounting to a screaming crescendo…a real stemwinder…the action is fast and deadly!" (Publisher's Source)

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Обложка книги The Last Boyfriend The Last Boyfriend

 Автор: Робертс Нора

 Серия: The Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy

Owen is the organizer of the Montgomery clan, running the family’s construction business with an iron fist—and an even less flexible spreadsheet. And though his brothers bust on his compulsive list-making, the Inn BoonsBoro is about to open right on schedule. The only thing Owen didn’t plan for was Avery McTavish... Avery’s popular pizza place is right across the street from the inn, giving her a first-hand look at its amazing renovation—and a newfound appreciation for Owen. Since he was her first boyfriend when they were kids, Owen has never been far from Avery’s thoughts. But the attraction she’s feeling for him now is far from innocent. As Avery and Owen cautiously take their relationship to another level, the opening of the inn gives the whole town of Boonsboro a reason to celebrate. But Owen’s hard work has only begun. Getting Avery to let down her guard is going to take longer than he expected—and so will getting her to realize that her first boyfriend is going to be her last…

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Обложки нет The Tao of Sex

 Автор: Lee Jade

What happens when a Chinese dragon meets an American tigress? Rowr! Discovering that she's a Tantric sex goddess has given Tracy Williams a new mantra: more, more, more... And the source of that divine revelation is her hunky Chinese-born erotica instructor. When her yin bumps up against his yang, she's literally communing with heaven.

Now that he has awoken her inner power, Nathan Gao is obligated to bring Tracy to the sacred Hong Kong temple for a life of training and devotion. No matter how much he wants her for himself.

But when he makes her choose--sex or love--is he ready for the consequences?

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Обложка книги Tangling With Ty Tangling With Ty

 Автор: Shalvis Jill

Dr. Nicole Mann is simply too busy for romance. Her work as a surgeon consumes her entire world and she prefers it that way. That is, until she meets too-charming-for-his-own- good Ty O'Grady. This sexy architect with his enticing Irish accent has her thinking of something other than medicine. So she'll prescribe herself an intense-but temporary-round of seduction to cure this Ty fever once and for all.

Stubborn, strong and entirely too desirable, Nicole is Ty's match. When one hot touch leads to another, and another, this footloose drifter suddenly is thinking of a relationship with a design to forever. So he's pulling out all the sensual stops and will do anything to show her a temptation that's irresistible!

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Обложка книги Time Out Time Out

 Автор: Shalvis Jill

Sign up for recreational adult programs now!

Class: How to Drive Him Crazy

Instructional program for women unexpectedly facing the totally dishy guy from their past. Everyone welcome!

NHL coach Mark Diego's plan to spend his off-season volunteering in his hometown goes awry when he learns that not only is he coaching teenage girls, but that the program is coordinated by energetic (and five feet two inches of trouble) coordinator Rainey Saunders, his childhood friend – and the woman he could never stand to see dating any other guy…

When their tempers flare, Mark and Rainey discover their fireworks don't just burn angry – they burn very, very hot! But that'll just sweeten the victory. Because Mark always plays to win. And with Rainey, he's planning on playing very dirty, too.

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Обложка книги The Rancher's Surrender The Rancher's Surrender

 Автор: Shalvis Jill



Zoe Martin vowed not to let her newly inherited ranch slip into Ty Jackson's hands. Although his smooth charm brought most women to their knees, Zoe didn't trust him. But would the sexy rancher fulfill her secret desire.for hearth, home and husband?

Not only had Zoe and her foster sisters acquired the land Ty wanted, the greenhorns had begun duding it up! Although Ty had sworn never to love again, feisty Zoe drove him to distraction. Maybe he could never give her his heart, but he would do almost anything to have her in his bed…

Because there's nothing like a cowboy.

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Обложка книги The Feisty Fiancée The Feisty Fiancée

 Автор: Steele Jessica

Daisy Galbraith had always loved Robert Furneval but acting platonically and dressing down was the only way she could be part of his life. Then, as chief bridesmaid at her brother's wedding, Daisy was forced into a pretty dress… The best man Robert, as best man, suddenly realised that Daisy was an attractive woman. He discovered that, as well as hiding her looks, she was secretly in love with an unsuitable man – and Robert just had to find out who…

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Обложка книги The Heat Is On The Heat Is On

 Автор: Shalvis Jill

Oh, dear. Bella Manchelli is so not having a good day. First, she's deliciously exhausted from last night's sizzling one-night stand. Second, there's a (gulp) dead body at her back door. Third.um, that scrumptious one-nighter is at her front door. and he's wearing a badge!

Police Officer Jacob Madden is all about duty. Until he shows up looking for a homicide.and runs right into last night's slice of sexy heaven! Damn, he just can't think straight when he's around Bella. All he wants to do is lick her up one side and down the other…

Can duty and smoking-hot sex blend for a while? Definitely! Until Jacob discovers that several of the guys Bella's dated have turned up dead. Jacob loves being around Bella. But is he ready to be used as target practice?

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Обложка книги The Harder They Fall The Harder They Fall

 Автор: Shalvis Jill

The good doctor Hunter Adams' steady life is suddenly wracked by a whirlwind. Trisha Malloy, vixen lingerie saleswoman and magnet for disaster, has entered Hunter's life and begun to destroy everything. His notorious cool and calm demeanor, steady life and sound head are all thrown into chaos when Trisha enters the picture. But from the second they meet a spark grows between them that finally ignites into uncontrolled desire.

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Обложка книги The Street Where She Lives The Street Where She Lives

 Автор: Shalvis Jill

South Village was safe… or so she thought! The secure world that Rachel Wellers has carefully constructed is crumbling around her. Her sweet twelve-year-old daughter is turning into a sullen teenager before her eyes. The injuries she's just sustained in a hit-and-run accident are jeopardizing her career as a cartoonist. And worst of all, Ben Asher – the man she sent away thirteen years ago – is back, tipped off by her daughter that they need him.

When Ben hears that Rachel has been injured, he panics. In an instant, he drops his obsession – photojournalism – and returns to the city he swore he'd never visit again. He doesn't want to question his movies for doing so… he only knows he has to protect Rachel. Suddenly he's convinced the hit-and-turn wasn't an accident. Rachel might have been hurt because of him.

But he doesn't count on the feelings that get stirred up being with her… or how hard it will be to leave her again.

A thrilling emotional read by award-winning author Jill Shalvis!

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Обложка книги The Trouble With Paradise The Trouble With Paradise

 Автор: Shalvis Jill

When Dorie Anderson meets a cute guy, she becomes a huge klutz. But one phone call has turned her dead-end dating life into an adventure: she's won a trip on a singles' cruise to Fiji. On board, she soon meets pro baseball player Andy, and the ship's hunky French doctor. She's sure she'll fall head-over-heels in no time. Unfortunately, she's right: soon, she trips over her luggage right in front of them. Mortifying. But a bigger disaster is just on the horizon. Dorie finds a man murdered in his bunk the same night a storm wrecks the ship, stranding everyone on a deserted shore. It'd be a perfect setting for romance-if it weren't for the fact that there's a killer among them.

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Обложка книги The Sweetest Thing The Sweetest Thing

 Автор: Shalvis Jill

Two Men Are One Too Many…

Tara has a thousand good reasons not to return to the little coastal town of Lucky Harbor, Washington. Yet with her life doing a major crash-and-burn, anywhere away from her unfulfilled dreams and sexy ex-husband will do. As Tara helps her two sisters get their newly renovated inn up and running, she finally has a chance to get things under control and come up with a new plan for her life.

But a certain tanned, green-eyed sailor has his own ideas, such as keeping Tara hot, bothered… and in his bed. And when her ex wants Tara back, three is a crowd she can't control-especially when her deepest secret reappears out of the blue. Now Tara must confront her past and discover what she really wants. If she's lucky, she might just find that everything her heart desires is right here in Lucky Harbor.

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Обложка книги The Soon-To-Be-Disinherited Wife The Soon-To-Be-Disinherited Wife

 Автор: Greene Jennifer


Socialite Emma Dearborn's future was all planned out for her: the perfect wedding, the perfect husband, the perfect life. Then Garrett Keating returned.

He wasn't about to let Emma go through with her farce of a marriage, and he set out to stop her…seduction being at the top of his list. But if Emma didn't walk down the aisle by her birthday, she stood to lose an inheritance worth millions.

Just how far would Garrett be willing to go to have Emma? All the way to the altar?

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Обложка книги Tender Loving Care Tender Loving Care

 Автор: Greene Jennifer

When tragedy strikes, Zoe Anderson finds herself in the one role she never expected to have: mother. Sharing guardianship of four-year-old twins with sexy Rafe Kirkland is a responsibility she simply cannot accept. Rafe is just going to have to take care of the boys himself.

Rafe’s not prepared to be a single parent either, but deserting the children is not an option-and he’s never been as attracted to a woman as he is to their godmother. He proposes a solution: Zoe and the boys will move in with him, at least until other arrangements can be made. Or until he can convince her to make their temporary family permanent.

Zoe reluctantly agrees to the plan, but even after she loses her heart to the twins, she can’t possibly take that emotional risk with Rafe…

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Обложка книги Toda una dama Toda una dama

 Автор: Greene Jennifer

El hogar está donde está el corazón, y Liz Brady había vuelto finalmente a Favensport, Wisconsin, a sus raíces… y a Clay Stewart, a quien amaba desde hacía años. En esta ocasión estaba totalmente decidida a demostrarle que no era la niña inocente a la que él solía proteger.

Pero Clay ya había notado que liz había madurado. Ahora era una dama, y las damas deben estar en pedestales. No se relacionan con tipos de dudosa reputación, sobre todo con los que dirigen un motel, con no muy buena fama, en las afueras del pueblo. Pero Clay no había contado con la determinación de Liz… ni con el poder de su amor por ella…

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Обложка книги The Billionaire’s Handler The Billionaire’s Handler

 Автор: Greene Jennifer

A whopping ten-million-dollar inheritance should have been Carolina Daniels's dream come true. Instead, the money brought nothing but vultures looking for their share of the wealth. Fortunately for her, the generous gift also came with a rescuer: sexy billionaire Maguire Cochran.

Instinct told Maguire that the generous inheritance his father had given Carolina for saving his son would send her running for help. His plan? To be her "knight in shining armor" and show her how to toughen up. Whisking her off for a luxurious getaway – complete with a romantic dinner or two – was all part of the arrangement. But letting the considerate, passionate schoolteacher give him a lesson in love – and transform his heart – was not…

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Обложка книги Trouble in Paradise Trouble in Paradise

 Автор: Greene Jennifer

From blind date…

He’s divorced, eleven years older and the father of three. Not exactly every girl’s Ideal Man. But as soon as reserved bookstore owner Susan meets charismatic Griff Anderson, she’s smitten-and just three passion-filled months later, she’s his wife.

To instant family…

Their idyllic honeymoon spent restoring a majestic Victorian is cut short when the newlyweds happily-but unexpectedly-find themselves with full custody of his children. Now, instead of enjoying passionate nights and lazy mornings-after with Griff, Susan finds herself thrust into the role of Mom to Tom, Barbara and Tiger. And quarrelling with her husband over how to handle the drama that comes with a house full of tweens and teens.

When pet problems, party crashers and pregnancy scares threaten their happiness, Susan can’t help but wonder what Griff really wanted: a wife, or a mother for his children?

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Обложка книги This Heart Of Mine This Heart Of Mine

 Автор: Phillips Susan Elizabeth

The Barnes Noble Review

Susan Elizabeth Phillips proves that not only can opposites attract, they can spark great flames of passion. In This Heart of Mine, Phillips pits the heart of a professional football jock against that of a free-spirited writer of children's books. The result is an electrified battle of wits and wiles that is, at turns, both affecting and amusing. These two star-crossed lovebirds couldn't have less in common, and their initial coming together is marked by conflict, rancor, and even tragedy. Yet over the long haul, they discover that love can not only bloom in these seemingly infertile soils, it can thrive.

Molly Somerville has long had a secret crush on the Chicago Stars' key player, quarterback Kevin Tucker. Kevin's career is hard for Molly to escape, given that Molly's older sister, Phoebe, is the owner of the team. Consequently, Molly also knows about Kevin's penchant for dating gorgeous bimbos and his puzzling need to partake of risky, life-endangering hobbies, a trait that drives Phoebe crazy. Molly, however, can relate to this part of Kevin, as she has shown a tendency toward some pretty reckless behavior herself.

When fate places Molly and Kevin alone together for a weekend in Phoebe's isolated cabin, sparks fly and passions flare when both refuse to leave. In the end, Molly makes her most reckless decision yet by climbing into bed while Kevin is sleeping and seducing him before he knows what's happened. When she ends up pregnant, Kevin insists on marrying her for propriety's sake. And when Molly then has a miscarriage, it leaves both of them wounded and wary. Forced to spend their summer at the beleaguered and rundown wilderness resort that Kevin has inherited from a relative, the twosome spruce the place up and get it to turn a profit. In the process they discover the healing power of love, but not before learning some hard truths about themselves, their pasts, and their feelings for each other.

Phillips includes several intriguing subplots in This Heart of Mine and tackles some issues that are emotionally and ethically touchy. Although she wisely avoids offering easy solutions and neatly tied packages, she does provide plenty of resolution. And despite all the pathos, there's plenty of humor to be found. In fact, in the end, shared laughter proves to be every bit as powerful as shared love.

Beth Amos

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Обложка книги Toscana Para Dos Toscana Para Dos

 Автор: Phillips Susan Elizabeth

La doctora Isabel Favor, autora de best séller de autoayuda, lo ha sacrificado todo para crear una gran empresa. Pero, en cuestión de semanas, todo se viene abajo: es estafada por un contable sin escrúpulos, su prometido la deja por una mujer mayor y su reputación queda por los suelos. La diva de la autoayuda no tarda en descubrir que puede solucionar la vida de todo el mundo excepto la suya. Arruinada, agotada y herida, decide ir a Italia para darse un respiro.

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Обложка книги Touch Me Touch Me

 Автор: ’Alessandro Jacquie

Pleasing a man is something former mistress Genevieve Ralston does very well. But after her lover callously dumps her, she's definitely off men.until she meets Simon! He's brooding. Sexy. And she can't keep her hands off him…

But Simon Cooperstone, Viscount Kilburn, is a spy. His mission: retrieve a mysterious letter in Genevieve's possession. Intent on seducing her secrets from her, he forgets to guard one thing: his heart.

Each stroke of Genevieve's talented fingers unleashes his deepest desires. Too late, he realizes that while he may be a master of the art of seduction, he's no match for a sensual mistress…

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Обложка книги The Bride Thief The Bride Thief

 Автор: ’Alessandro Jacquie


At six-and-twenty, Samantha Briggeham knew her marital prospects were fading by the season and she was pleased by the thought. She had no intention of being betrothed-especially against her will-to a man she did not love. She had a plan…and it didn't include being swept into a pair of powerful arms and spirited away by a masked rider. News of Sammie's heroic rescue from undesired wedlock turned her into the toast of the ton, wooed by suitors far and wide. But she couldn't forget the swashbuckling brigand who'd abducted her-something about him intrigued her completely. Then she met Eric Landsdowne, the dashing and seductive Earl of Wesley.

His exploits were legendary, his life filled with danger. He was the elusive Bride Thief, who had his own reasons for helping young women escape the unhappy fate of arranged marriages, and whose true identity was a scrupulously guarded secret. But from the moment he rescued Sammie-only to discover she'd already managed to get herself un-betrothed-Eric knew he couldn't lose her a second time. Marriage was out of the question. Which left only one option: A clandestine affair that might lead to scandal, social ruin, and the unmasking of a love-bested legend…

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Обложка книги The Bridges of Madison County The Bridges of Madison County

 Автор: Waller Robert James


The Bridges of Madison County is a 1992 best-selling novel by Robert James Waller which tells the story of a married but lonely Italian woman, living in 1960s Madison County, Iowa, who engages in an affair with a National Geographic photographer from Bellingham, Washington who is visiting Madison County in order to create a photographic essay on the covered bridges in the area. The novel is presented as a novelization of a true story, but it is in fact entirely fiction. However, the author has stated in an interview that there are strong similarities between the main character and himself.

The novel is one of the bestselling books of the twentieth century, with 50 million copies sold worldwide.

It was originally published in the UK under the title Love in Black and White.

The Bridges of Madison County was made into a 1995 film of the same name, adapted by Richard LaGravenese and directed by Clint Eastwood. It stars Eastwood and Meryl Streep.

An epilogue entitled A Thousand Country Roads was published in 2002. It tells the remainder of the two main characters' story after their four-day affair. They never meet again, but their lives are interlocked until death.

According to San Francisco Chronicle the novel is “lyrical…sensuous and sensitive…a tale of lasting love”.

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Обложка книги The Evil Inside The Evil Inside

 Автор: Graham Heather

For as long as it has stood overlooking New England's jagged coastline, Lexington House has been the witness to madness – and murder. But in recent years the inexplicable malice that once tormented so many has lain as silent as its victims. Until now. A member of the nation's foremost paranormal forensic team, Jenna Duffy has made a career out of investigating the inexplicable. Yet nothing could prepare her for the string of slayings once again plaguing Lexington House – or for the chief suspect, a boy barely old enough to drive, much less kill. With the young man's life on the line, Jenna must team up with attorney Samuel Hill to pinpoint who – or what – is taking the lives of those who get too close to the past. But everything they learn brings them closer to the forces of evil stalking this tortured ground.

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Обложка книги The Return of Cord Navarro The Return of Cord Navarro

 Автор: Munn Vella

A family reunited SHE'D HAD IT ALL Cord Navarro had been her first love-her only love. He had taken Shannon from girlhood to womanhood, and taught her the ways of his Ute ancestors. SHE'D LOST EVERYTHING It had been seven years since she had lain in her husband's arms-seven empty, lonely years. And now she stood to lose their son, too: ten-year-old Matt had disappeared. SHE HAD ONE CHANCE TO GET IT BACK Suddenly Cord and Shannon were reunited in a desperate struggle to rescue their son, and they discovered a love that had never really died. Would it be strong enough to bring their family back together again?

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Обложка книги The Gift The Gift

 Автор: Ahern Cecelia


Обложка книги The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous

 Автор: Cooper Jilly

 Серия: The Rutshire Chronicles

Lysander Hawkley combined breathtaking good looks with the kindest of hearts. He couldn't pass a stray dog, an ill-treated horse or a neglected wife without rushing to the rescue. And with neglected wives the rescue invariably led to ecstatic bonking, which didn't please their erring husbands one bit.

Lysander's mid-life crisis had begun at twenty-two. Reeling from the death of his beautiful mother, he was out of work, drinking too much and desperately in debt. The solution came from Ferdie, his fat friend: if Lysander was so good at making husbands jealous, why shouldn't he get paid for it?

Let loose among the neglected wives of the ritzy county of Rutshire, Lysander causes absolute havoc. But it is only when he meets Rannaldini, Rutshire's King Rat and a temperamental, fiendishly promiscuous international conductor, that the trouble really starts. The only unglamorous woman around Rannaldini was Kitty, his plump young wife who ran his life like clockwork. Soon Lysander was convinced that Kitty must be rescued from Rannaldini at all costs, even if it means enlisting the help of the old blue-eyed havoc-maker: Rupert Campbell-Black.

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Обложка книги The Lonely Hearts Club The Lonely Hearts Club

 Автор: Eulberg Elizabeth


Penny is sick of boys and sick of dating, so she vows: No more. She’s had one too many bad dates, and has been hurt by one too many bad boys. It’s a personal choice…and soon everybody wants to know about it. It seems that Penny’s not the only girl who’s tired of the way girls change themselves (most of the time for the worse) in order to get their guys…or the way their guys don’t really care about them. Girls are soon thronging to The Lonely Hearts Club (named after Sgt. Pepper’s band), and Penny finds herself near legendary for her non-dating ways – which is too bad, since the leader of The Lonely Hearts Club has found a certain boy she can’t help but like…

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Обложка книги Then Came You Then Came You

 Автор: Weiner Jennifer

Jules Strauss is a Princeton senior with a full scholarship, acquaintances instead of friends, and a family she’s ashamed to invite to Parents’ Weekend. With the income she’ll receive from donating her “pedigree” eggs, she believes she can save her father from addiction.

Annie Barrow married her high school sweetheart and became the mother to two boys. After years of staying at home and struggling to support four people on her husband’s salary, she thinks she’s found a way to recover a sense of purpose and bring in some extra cash.

India Bishop, thirty-eight (really forty-three), has changed everything about herself: her name, her face, her past. In New York City, she falls for a wealthy older man, Marcus Croft, and decides a baby will ensure a happy ending. When her attempts at pregnancy fail, she turns to technology, and Annie and Jules, to help make her dreams come true.

But each of their plans is thrown into disarray when Marcus’ daughter Bettina, intent on protecting her father, becomes convinced that his new wife is not what she seems…

With startling tenderness and laugh-out-loud humor, Jennifer Weiner once again takes readers into the heart of women’s lives in an unforgettable, timely tale that interweaves themes of class and entitlement, surrogacy and donorship, the rights of a parent and the measure of motherhood.

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Обложка книги Tentada Tentada

 Автор: Hart Megan

Tenía todo lo que una mujer podía desear. Mi marido, James. La casa junto al lago. Mi vida. Nuestra perfecta vida. Hasta que Alex vino a visitarnos.

La primera vez que vi al mejor amigo de mi marido, no me gustó. No me gustaba cómo se comportaba James cuando estaba con él, no me gustaba que me siguiera a todas partes con sus penetrantes ojos grises. Pero eso tampoco me impedía desearlo. Y lo más sorprendente era que a James no parecía importarle.

Se suponía que tenía que ser divertido. Un romance compartido por los tres para las cálidas semanas de verano que Alex pasaría con nosotros. Se suponía que nadie tenía que enamorarse o desenamorarse. Yo no necesitaba otro hombre, aunque aquél en concreto destilara sexo por los cuatro costados y conociera todos los secretos que yo desconocía, unos secretos que mi marido no había compartido conmigo. Al fin y al cabo, teníamos una vida perfecta.

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Обложка книги The Family Fortune The Family Fortune

 Автор: Horowitz Laurie

Lively characters populate this mildly amusing modern take on Jane Austen's Persuasion. The nineteenth-century classic revolves around wealthy Anne Elliot, who is persuaded by her mother's best friend to break off her relationship with dashing but poor Captain Wentworth. In Horowitz's debut, sensible but suggestible Jane Fortune ("I live under the cloud of being Miss Fortune, though I prefer Ms.") splits with writer Max Wellman, the recipient of a fellowship sponsored by her family's foundation. Max soon becomes successful, while Jane endures her fate as a single professional woman surrounded by the vapid and vacuous denizens of upper-crust Boston. (When members of the Fortune family find themselves in dire financial straits, they must rent out their Beacon Hill mansion and winter in Palm Beach--poor souls!) Among the novel's snooty cast: Jane's younger sister, Winnie, a whiny, unhappily married hypochondriac, and Priscilla, the high-society divorcee who serves as catalyst for Jane's romantic demise. While frothy and fun, The Family Fortune is a far cry from the astute social commentary of the original Miss Jane.

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Обложка книги The Cookbook Collector The Cookbook Collector

 Автор: Goodman Allegra

If any contemporary author deserves to wear the mantel of Jane Austen, it's Goodman, whose subtle, astute social comedies perfectly capture the quirks of human nature. This dazzling novel is Austen updated for the dot-com era, played out between 1999 and 2001 among a group of brilliant risk takers and truth seekers. Still in her 20s, Emily Bach is the CEO of Veritech, a Web-based data-storage startup in trendy Berkeley. Her boyfriend, charismatic Jonathan Tilghman, is in a race to catch up at his data-security company, ISIS, in Cambridge, Mass. Emily is low-key, pragmatic, kind, serene—the polar opposite of her beloved younger sister, Jess, a crazed postgrad who works at an antiquarian bookstore owned by a retired Microsoft millionaire. When Emily confides her company's new secret project to Jonathan as a proof of her love, the stage is set for issues of loyalty and trust, greed, and the allure of power.

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Обложка книги The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love

 Автор: Sheldon Dyan

Fashion-crazy Sicilee is a poster child for over-consumption. Her archrival, Maya, wears arty vintage clothes but hasn't a clue what's in the food she eats. So when drop-dead gorgeous new student Cody Lightfoot sets out to spread his eco-ways--and spur the Environmental Club toward an all-out Earth Day bash--Sicilee and Maya have their work cut out to attract his attention. What if Sicilee trades her fur boots for walking shoes (even if she can't find the school when she's not inside a car)? What if Maya dresses in plastic bottles and bags to preach in front of the supermarket (until security is called)? Or could it be that Cody isn't all he' s cracked up to be, and that saving the planet really is more important than impressing a boy? With her trademark quick-fire wit, Dyan Sheldon shows just what girls will do for love--and what earth-changing realizations they might have along the way.

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Обложка книги Tylko ciebie chcę Tylko ciebie chcę

 Автор: Moccia Federico

Po dwóch latach spędzonych w Nowym Jorku Step wraca do Rzymu. Wiele się tu zmieniło. Chłopak zaczyna pracę w telewizji, poznaje nowych ludzi, wśród nich żywiołową Gin. Przeszłość nie daje mu spokoju, ale teraźniejszość nie zostawia zbyt wiele czasu na jej rozpamiętywanie. Czy warto dążyć do wskrzeszenia dawnej miłości? Kontynuacja przeboju wydawniczego "Trzy metry nad niebem". Pełna realizmu, śmiała powieść o miłości, seksie, dojrzewaniu, przyjaźni, namiętności i marzeniach – do grona znajomych postaci – Stepa, Babi, Palliny – dołączają nowi, równie barwni, zakręceni i nieprzewidywalni bohaterowie

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Обложка книги Trzy metry nad niebem Trzy metry nad niebem

 Автор: Moccia Federico

Szesnastoletnia Babi, dziewczyna, z tak zwanego dobrego domu, świetna uczennica i przykładna córka, na skutek pogmatwanego splotu przypadków, poznaje Stepa, agresywnego chuligana, którego życie składa się z ćwiczeń na siłowni, wyścigów na motorze i bezsensownych bijatyk. Mimo krańcowo różnych charakterów i sprzeciwu apodyktycznej matki Babi, zakochują się w sobie bez pamięci. Pod wpływem tej miłości, która oczywiście nie ma szans na przetrwanie, zmieniają się oboje. Babi otwiera się na świat, dojrzewa, a Step staje się bardziej refleksyjny, łagodniejszy. Babi jest jedyną osobą, której Step powierza swój mroczny sekret, który tłumaczy jego agresywne i destrukcyjne zachowania. Swobodnie poruszając się w świecie pojęć, które określają świat włoskiej młodzieży, Moccia opowiedział niezwykle wiarygodnie i płynnie uniwersalną historię o młodzieńczym buncie, bólu dorastania i problemach rodzinnych.

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Обложка книги The Wrong Hostage The Wrong Hostage

 Автор: Lowell Elizabeth

 Серия: St. Kilda

Orphaned at thirteen, Grace Silva clawed her way out of poverty and violence to become one of the most respected judges on the federal bench. Grace believes in the rule of law -- lives it, breathes it. She has always been buttoned up and buttoned down.

Except once.

Joe Faroe has learned that laws are made by politicians, and politicians are all too human. He believes in the innocents, the ones getting ground up by governments that are too polarized or too corrupt to protect their own citizens. He's been through the political meat grinder himself. It cost him his career, his freedom, and the woman who still haunts him. Since then Faroe has worked outside the rules and politics of government as a kidnap specialist for St. Kilda Consulting, a Manhattan-based global business that concentrates on the shadow world where governments can't go. He is good at his work -- intelligent, confident, ruthless.

Until a friend dies trying to kill him.

Now Faroe is out of the business. Retired. He's through trying to save a world that doesn't want to be saved.

Then Grace comes to him, past and present collide, and Faroe finds himself sucked back into the shadows, tracking a violent killer who holds the life of Grace's son in his bloody hands.

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Обложка книги The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes

 Автор: Crusie Jennifer, Dreyer Eileen, Stuart Anne

Обложка книги The Master Player The Master Player

 Автор: Darcy Emma

When scandal threatens the star of his network, media baron Maximilian Hart whisks beautiful Chloe away from the prying paparazzi. Where better to hide this innocent beauty than the Hart mansion.?

But the handsome tycoon's plan isn't just about protecting his investment – he wants Chloe in his bed! Max might have swept her out of the fire, but Chloe finds herself in a raging inferno: Max is the master player when it comes to business and seduction…

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Обложка книги The Man Who Loved Jane Austen The Man Who Loved Jane Austen

 Автор: ORourke Sally Smith

New York artist Eliza Knight certainly did not realize it at the time, but her life changed when she bought the old, beat-up vanity table one lazy Sunday afternoon. Tucked away behind the mirror she found two letters, one sealed, but one already opened: "May 12th, 1810. Dearest Jane, the Captain has found me out. I am being forced to go into hiding immediately. But if I am able, I shall still be waiting at the same spot tonight. Then you will know everything you wish to know. F. Darcy." F. Darcy? Fitzwilliam Darcy, the fictional hero of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"? Even more mysterious was the other letter, sealed and never read - from Jane to Darcy. Could this man, possibly the most romantic character ever written and the hero of Eliza's favourite novel, have been a real person? Eliza's initial guarded curiosity turns to astonishment as scientific testing confirms the sealed letter was indeed addressed by Jane Austen. But she is completely baffled by the revelation that the other letter, though proven to be from the same time period - was written by an American. Caught between the routine of her present life and the intrigue of these incredible discoveries from the past, Eliza decides to look deeper. Her research leads to a majestic, 200-year-old estate in Virginia's breathtaking Shenandoah Valley where she meets the one man who may hold the answer. But he also has a secret, one he has kept hidden for years. Now, as the real story of Fitzwilliam Darcy unfolds, Eliza finds her life has become a modern-day romance, one that perhaps only Jane Austen herself could have so eloquently written.

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Обложка книги The Doctor’s Proposal The Doctor’s Proposal

 Автор: Lennox Marion

Tragedy has left Dr. Kirsty McMahon afraid to fall in love. So when she meets commitment-phobic single father Jake Cameron-Dolphin Bay's gorgeous doctor-she assures herself that the chemistry between them will never amount to anything.

Kirsty busies herself with getting to know the people of Dolphin Bay-and generally doing all she can to keep her mind off the handsome single dad. But when the attraction between her and Jake becomes too strong to ignore, they find themselves having to reconsider the rules they've made for themselves…

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Обложка книги The Doctor’s Rescue Mission The Doctor’s Rescue Mission

 Автор: Lennox Marion

A tidal wave has swept across Petrel Island. When Dr. Grady Reece leads an Air-Sea Rescue team to help the isolated community, he finds dedicated doctor Morag Lacy in charge. Morag and Grady once had a blazing affair, and Grady has never stopped loving her…

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Обложка книги The Doctor & the Runaway Heiress The Doctor & the Runaway Heiress

 Автор: Lennox Marion

Swapping her designer dresses for a nurse's uniform!

Renowned doctor Riley Chase may have rescued heiress Pippa Fotheringham from the sea, but he's definitely no knight in shining armor! A lone wolf, he's trained his heart to let no one in.

On the run from a life under the spotlight, and a nearly catastrophic trip down the aisle, nurse Pippa jetted off on her honeymoon-alone. But her (working) holiday turns out to be far more exciting than candlelit dinners for one, especially when very real, very unexpected sparks start to fly between her and the man who vowed he'd never love again…

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Обложка книги The Doctor’s Special Touch The Doctor’s Special Touch

 Автор: Lennox Marion

Dr Darcy Rochester is horrified when 'doctor' Ally Westruther sets up her massage business next door. But why does such a talented doctor refuse to practise medicine as well as massage? Why doesn't such a skilled worker have enough money to eat? And why does such a beautiful, caring, passionate woman want nothing to do with love?

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Обложка книги The Doctors’ Baby The Doctors’ Baby

 Автор: Lennox Marion

As Bay Beach's only doctor, Emily Mainwaring is far too busy for distractions. Unfortunately for her, two major ones are headed her way! First, there's an orphaned baby boy she longs to adopt. Second, there's Jonas Lunn, a gorgeous surgeon from Sydney whose interest in Emily is far from strictly professional!

Emily faces a dilemma: if she marries Jonas, she can adopt her baby… But Jonas doesn't seem the marrying kind – and in any case, should Emily take a risk on loving such a passionate man who will surely turn her neatly organized life upside down?

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Обложка книги The Last-Minute Marriage The Last-Minute Marriage

 Автор: Lennox Marion

Peta and Marcus had a wonderful whirlwind wedding-but their vows are a sham: it's a marriage of convenience! Now billionaire Marcus Benson is showering his bride with gifts and offering a life of luxury. Surely that would be a dream come true for penniless Peta? No! Peta wants him-not gifts or money! She's startled to realize she's falling in love with her convenient groom. But Marcus has built impenetrable walls around his heart. Has Peta got what it takes to knock them down?

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Обложка книги The Police Doctor’s Secret The Police Doctor’s Secret

 Автор: Lennox Marion

A light plane has crashed near isolated Dolphin Cove. The pilot's dead, and passengers are missing. But when Dr. Alistair Benn asks for help, they send Dr. Sarah Rose. Alistair held Sarah responsible for a tragedy in his past. He has never forgiven her… or forgotten her.

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Обложка книги The Heir’s Chosen Bride The Heir’s Chosen Bride

 Автор: Lennox Marion

As a widow and single mom, Susan is wary about meeting the man who has just inherited the rambling castle in Australia where she and her small daughter live. Surely New York financier Hamish Douglas will want to sell up?

Hamish had planned to turn the castle into a luxury hotel – until he met the beautiful Susie. He might see everything as a potential business deal, but even he couldn't deny the attraction between them. Nor could he evict her and her baby from their beloved home. For Hamish, surely marriage was the only sensible solution?

But Susie is the last person who will accept a marriage proposal just because it's "sensible." If Hamish wants to marry her, he'll have to prove he loves her first!

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Обложка книги The Prince’s Captive Wife The Prince’s Captive Wife

 Автор: Lennox Marion

Nine years ago Prince Andreas Karedes returned to his island kingdom of Aristo in the Mediterranean Sea to take up his regal duties, not knowing that Holly, the sweet Australian girl with whom he'd briefly fallen in love, had become pregnant…

Tragically, Holly lost their baby. She remained on her parents' farm to be near her tiny son's final resting place, wishing Andreas would return!

A royal scandal is about to break: a dirt-digging journalist has discovered Holly's secret! Andreas's childhood sweetheart must come and face him. Passion runs high as Andreas issues an ultimatum – to avoid disgrace, Holly must become his bride!

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Обложка книги The Surgeon’s Family Miracle The Surgeon’s Family Miracle

 Автор: Lennox Marion

Surgeon Ben Blaydon is called to the exotic island of Kapua to provide medical assistance. He is stunned to find the island's doctor is Lily Cyprano, the girl he loved at medical school, and that she has a seven-year-old son-his son, Benjy!

Ben has traveled the world, always avoiding emotional ties. Now he finds himself with a ready-made family. Having rescued Lily and their son from a crisis in Kapua, Ben sends them to recover at his ranch in Australia. But will the lure of his rekindled feelings for Lily and the charm of his newfound son give him the courage to join them and claim the loving family he needs?

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Обложка книги Their Baby Bargain Their Baby Bargain

 Автор: Lennox Marion

Luke Grey had just been landed with a baby half sister he'd never known existed! A bachelor businessman couldn't possibly look after her – so who could?

When Luke arrived at Bay Beach Orphanage, Wendy Maher made him a bargain: she'd look after the baby if Luke provided them with a home so Wendy could also foster another little girl. His house would do just fine! As long as Luke wasn't in danger of falling for his ready-made "family"…

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Обложка книги The Prince’s Outback Bride The Prince’s Outback Bride

 Автор: Lennox Marion

The throne of Alp d'Estella lies empty: Prince Regent Max de Gautier travels to the Outback to find the next heir-eight-year-old orphan Marc. Max isn't expecting to be confronted by a feisty woman who is fiercely protective of her adopted family.

Although Pippa is wary of this dashing prince, she cannot deny Marc his heritage-nor her attraction to Max-so she agrees to spend one month in his royal kingdom.

Will it be enough to convince Pippa and the kids to stay-and for Max to make her his royal bride?

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Обложка книги Tiempo de amarse Tiempo de amarse

 Автор: Lennox Marion

Una familia real dividida por el orgullo y la sed de poder volverá a unirse gracias al amor y a la pasión

Una familia real dividida por el orgullo y la sed de poder volverá a unirse gracias al amor y la pasión Habían pasado diez años desde que Andreas Karedes abandonara Australia para hacer frente a sus obligaciones como príncipe de Aristo, sin sospechar que dejaba atrás a una mujer embarazada. La joven e inocente Holly perdió el bebé, y se quedó en la granja de sus padres para estar cerca del lugar donde descansaba el pequeño. Había pasado el tiempo, pero no había podido olvidar a Andreas. En el peor momento posible para Aristo, un periodista había descubierto el secreto de Holly. Si quería evitar el escándalo, Andreas tendría que reunirse con su amor de juventud y convencerla de que se convirtiera en su esposa. Todo empezó con un secuestro y acabó… apasionadamente.

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Обложка книги To the Doctor: A Daughter To the Doctor: A Daughter

 Автор: Lennox Marion

Dr. Nate Ethan has all he needs-a job he loves as a country doctor in New South Wales and a bachelor lifestyle. Right now Nate is reserving all his commitment for his patients.

Dr. Gemma Campbell is about to change all that. Her sister has left her with two children-and one of them is Nate's! Gemma just can't cope anymore and, though it would break her heart, she needs to give Nate his baby and walk away.

Except that Nate will do anything to stop her leaving-at first for baby Mia-and then for himself!

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Обложка книги Tangled Up In You Tangled Up In You

 Автор: Gibson Rachel

Maddie is determined to uncover the untold story about the town's sordid past-her past. As a child, Maddie lost everything, and now she's back at the scene of the scandal-a local establishment that's always belonged to the Hennessys-determined to uncover the truth, and nothing is going to stand in her way. Especially not a black-haired, blue-eyed Hennessy.

Everyone in Truly knows that the Hennessy men are irresistible, and the current owner, Mick, is no exception. His late father was a skirt-chasing heartbreaker who ended up causing disaster for two families. So far, Mick's managed to keep the ladies in line, but when he claps eyes on Maddie, with her luscious curves and tempting lips, he can't resist getting tangled up with her.

But Maddie is keeping secrets, not the least of which is her true reason for being in town. And when Mick discovers what's really going on, there is going to be a whole lot of trouble in Truly.

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Обложка книги The Trouble With Valentine's Day The Trouble With Valentine's Day

 Автор: Gibson Rachel

Let Rachel Gibson tell you about The Trouble with Valentine's Day:

that one day each year when

being single is a sin.

Kate Hamilton should know. Dumped by her boyfriend, stressed out by her job, she's returned to Gospel, Idaho, for some rest and small-town fun. But when her first attempted seduction of a hunky stranger is completely rejected, she wonders what else could go wrong?

Well, for starters, she quickly realizes that the Mountain Momma Crafters' original poetry readings is about as good as it gets on a Friday night. Then she comes face-to-face with Rob Sutter, former ice hockey madman, owner of Sutter Sports – and the hunky stranger who told her to get lost.

Rob's been more than burned by love – but then he and Kate find themselves in an ultra-compromising position in the M S Market after hours, giving the phrase "clean-up in aisle five" a whole new meaning, and causing a whole lot of gossip in Gospel…

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Обложка книги True Love and Other Disasters True Love and Other Disasters

 Автор: Gibson Rachel

Disaster Number One: Men

Hard knocks and hunger taught Faith Duffy not to believe in love. Still, when she married her very wealthy – and very old – husband, she became the perfect wife. And then he went to that big bank in the sky, leaving Faith with lonely nights, a pile of money, and a total mess of a pro hockey team. Heck, Faith doesn't even watch hockey!

Disaster Number Two: Passion

But most of America and half of Canada is watching Ty Savage. His lethal sex appeal and deadly right hook make him the favorite of fans. For most of Ty's life, he's dreamed of winning the Stanley Cup. The last thing he needs is a bimbo messing up his plans.

Disaster Number Three: Love

Faith loathes Ty on sight, but she can't stop thinking about him all day… and night. Then a moment of temptation ends with Faith in Ty's bed, and she begins to see there's more to him than sex appeal. Ty discovers there's far more to Faith than beauty and billions. But a relationship with Faith is impossible, and falling in love – that would be a disaster.

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Обложка книги True Confessions True Confessions

 Автор: Gibson Rachel

Rita Awards

"Purrrfect!" – Elizabeth Lowell

Ever wonder who writes those outrageous tabloid stories – the ones about Elvis touring the solar system with aliens and disappearing airplanes in the Bermuda Triangle? Meet Hope Spencer, a big-city reporter who got sick and tired of prying into real people's lives, and decided far-out fiction was a whole lot easier to handle. Now reality is just a starting point for Hope, and she's eager for new places, new people, and new experiences that she can transform into the stuff of checkout counter fantasy. The sexy sheriff of Gospel, Idaho, reminds Hope that reality does have some advantages, though Dylan Taber's heart-stopping physique and country-boy charm are practically too good to be true. Lies may be profitable, but even Hope knows they're not a good basis for a relationship. Still, the one thing she's absolutely sure of is that Dylan is no more eager than she is for True Confessions – yet. Meanwhile, she'll just have to take heart in the fact that the handsome sheriff says he's raising his son alone because the boy's mama is an angel, and he's willing to accept on faith the news that Hope is being stalked by a disgruntled leprechaun. With all that going for them, Dylan might find a way to mesh his reality with Hope's fantasy after all.

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Обложка книги Truly Madly Yours Truly Madly Yours

 Автор: Gibson Rachel

Returning home to Truly, Idaho, to attend the reading of her stepfather's will, pretty hairdresser Delaney Shaw finds herself back in the arms of the sexy, devil-may-care, motorcycle-riding Nick Allegrezza and sparks a scandal.

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Обложка книги The Rancher Next Door The Rancher Next Door

 Автор: Mallery Susan

Her daddy said the Darbys were dirt… But to young Katie Fitzgerald, the sun rose and set on rugged Jack Darby. Jack was her childhood hero, her secret teen beau. But he hadn't loved her enough to leave their feuding families behind, and blinding heartbreak had led her into another man's arms-and 11 years of loneliness.

When Katie returned to the ranch next door, emotions tore through Jack like a Texas twister. Anguish over her youthful betrayal, tenderness for her shy son-and a hunger so deep it hollowed him out. But hadn't 11 lonely years taught him he was a fool to love a Fitzgerald?

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Обложка книги The Sheik And The Pregnant Bride The Sheik And The Pregnant Bride

 Автор: Mallery Susan

Maggie Collins had come to the exotic kingdom of El Deharia to restore Prince Qadir's antique car…not to get married. The no-frills mechanic had been burned by love before, and marriage-even to a seductive sheik-didn't top her agenda. But then Qadir made her an offer she should have refused. It was meant to be a temporary engagement…until Maggie discovered she was pregnant. Now Qadir was honor-bound to give Maggie and her child the protection of his name. He never expected her to sweep him off his feet. Would there be a royal wedding after all?

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Обложка книги The Sheik And The Christmas Bride The Sheik And The Christmas Bride

 Автор: Mallery Susan


Dedicated teacher Kayleen James was determined to safeguard the future of her orphaned students-even if it meant defying Prince As'ad of El Deharia himself! But the seductive ruler stunned her by offering to adopt the three little girls. On one condition…

Suddenly As'ad was a single father in desperate need of a nanny, and Kayleen was the only woman for the job. Soon the palace was in an uproar-all because of the spirited redhead. Losing his heart wasn't part of the arrangement, until Kayleen showed the honor-bound sheik what he'd been missing. Could he convince her that she belonged in his exotic desert kingdom as his princess-and his wife?

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Обложка книги Tentación Tentación

 Автор: Mallery Susan

Cuando Dani Buchanan decidió encontrar a su padre biológico, no esperaba descubrir que éste fuera un senador que optaba a la presidencia del país. Dani podía poner en serio peligro la elección del senador, algo que su atractivo hijo adoptivo y director de campaña, Alex Canfield, no permitiría que ocurriera. Ella tampoco iba a dejar que Alex dirigiera su vida, por tentador que le encontrara.

Ninguno de los dos quería enamorarse, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta el escándalo y los problemas que eso supondría para la familia Canfield, pero finalmente se vieron obligados a confiar el uno en el otro y, en cuanto la confianza se convirtió en pasión, el escándalo estuvo servido.

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Обложка книги The Marcelli Princess The Marcelli Princess

 Автор: Mallery Susan

A smart, independent woman with a gorgeous four-year-old son, Mia Marcelli lost her one true love. Four years ago, while working undercover for the CIA, she watched Diego, the father of her unborn child, perish before her very eyes – crumbling the world around her. But one morning she awakens to find Diego lying next to her, alive and well with an unbelievable confession: he is really Rafael, Prince of Calandria, and he had been working covertly on the same mission when they met – his death had been staged. Utterly stunned, Mia is wary and delighted – she may have suffered a broken heart, but her breathtakingly handsome lover is back to reignite the passion that existed between them. Little does she know that Rafael has returned to give his newfound son a proper upbringing back in Calandria – even if it means seducing Mia into marriage. But when Rafael finds himself truly falling for this luscious beauty, he must decide between his royal duties and the woman who has claimed his heart.

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Обложка книги The Sparkling One The Sparkling One

 Автор: Mallery Susan

A party planner extraordinaire, Katie Marcelli loves her big, boisterous family – even when their chronic matchmaking drives her crazy! In the Marcelli household, fine wine and good food are as celebrated as true love, so when her eighteen-year-old sister announces her engagement, Katie promises her the perfect wedding. There's only one hitch: the father of the groom, Zach Stryker, who is adamantly opposed to his son marrying so young. Now, despite her instant attraction to the handsome, arrogant attorney, Katie must approach with caution: Zach, who hired Katie for a major fundraiser, holds the fate of her business in his hands – and how can she trust a man who is willing to break her sister's heart? It will take a passionate battle of wills to determine if wedding bells will ring for a Marcelli bride, and to unlock the deepest desires – for family, love, and home – inside a strong-willed man's heart.

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Обложка книги Tempting Tempting

 Автор: Mallery Susan

After three romantic flame-outs in a year and a restaurant career going nowhere, Dani Buchanan needs a fresh start. She goes looking for her biological father, but never expects to find a senator running for president. As his long-lost 'love child,' Dani could seriously derail the election- something his handsome campaign manager Alex Canfield isn't going to let happen. Dani isn't about to let Alex run her life, no matter how tempting she finds him-and Alex isn't going to allow Dani to melt his cynicism, no matter how close he has to get. The last thing either of them wants is love, especially with scandals brewing and family trouble on the way. But Dani and Alex are forced to trust each other, and when trust turns to passion, the potential for disaster is only a tabloid scandal away.

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Обложка книги The Marcelli Bride The Marcelli Bride

 Автор: Mallery Susan

USA Today bestselling author Susan Mallery returns to the idyllic setting of her sensual Marcelli sisters trilogy – California wine country, where love and laughter flow, and where an unlikely couple discovers the one thing their hearts hunger for most: a place to call home.

The rebel of the Marcelli family, Joe never joined his sisters Katie, Francesca, and Brenna in running the winery business. Instead, he chose a life of military service. But now that this handsome, headstrong former Navy SEAL has received a new, undercover assignment – protecting none other than the commander in chief's daughter – he finds himself stationed back at the California vineyard he defiantly left behind. First-daughter Darcy Jensen has been placed in hiding at the Marcelli Winery after surviving a kidnapping attempt… and now it's Joe's job to keep the fearful, fiery beauty out of harm's way. Begrudgingly, Joe heeds his presidential order – until "babysitting" Darcy proves to be the greatest pleasure he's ever known. How can Joe protect Darcy from danger, when he's falling dangerously in love? And can Darcy trust that Joe's intentions are true – when no one else's have ever been?

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Обложка книги The Sassy One The Sassy One

 Автор: Mallery Susan

For the Marcelli sisters of California wine country, the season is ripe for romance!

Francesca Marcelli married at eighteen – right on schedule, according to her warm, colorful family, who have always said a beauty like Francesca need never worry about finding love. But a few years later, finding herself on her own with a wide open future ahead of her, she pursues her educational passions – with a risky experiment that takes her straight into the arms of playboy CEO Sam Reese. Delighted by Francesca's interest in a no-strings relationship, Sam suddenly finds himself needing her outside the bedroom when a secret from his past lands on his doorstep. But Francesca soon has a secret of her own to tell – a bombshell that will force the diehard bachelor to show his true colors. Are there "I do"s in Sam and Francesca's future? Only if she can persuade him that home truly is where the heart finds happiness.

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Обложка книги The Awakening of Dr. Brown The Awakening of Dr. Brown

 Автор: Creighton Kathleen


Well, not of the medical sort. But one look at young, idealistic Dr. Ethan Brown and Joanna Dunn realized she had it bad – and only the good doctor could cure her. And while she knew that dreams of white lace and wedding bells were not for her, was it so wrong to pretend, just for a little while, that she and Ethan belonged together?

When it came to Joanna, Ethan, too, was stymied – for here was a woman whose stock-in-trade was in reinventing herself. Yet whatever form she was taking now, Ethan was finding her impossible to resist. Dare he indulge his dreams of a future together – even if she had a nightmare of a past?

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Обложка книги The Black Sheep’s Baby The Black Sheep’s Baby

 Автор: Creighton Kathleen

The Black Sheep’s Baby is part of Creighton’s “Into the Heartland” series. I gather from the references to other characters that this is an inter-generational series and that the hero of the current release, Eric Lanagan, is the son of characters from the earlier books. I assume that the circumstances that turned him into a “black sheep” were delineated in a previous story.

This tale begins with Eric driving down the interstate towards his parent’s home in Iowa. The prologue also introduces us to Los Angeles lawyer, Devon O’Rourke, who wakes dreaming of her dead sister Susan’s pleading for help. She begins to pack her bags for her trip to Iowa.

What is bringing Eric and Devon together is five-week old Emily, Devon’s sister’s daughter. Eric, a photojournalist, had been on assignment from an LA paper to do a story about runaway teens when he met nineteen year old Susan O’Rourke. He took Susan under his wing and learned her tragic story. Abused by her prosperous father and unable to get help, she had fled home at fourteen and lived on the streets with all its terrors. When it became clear that she would not survive the birth, she asked Eric if she could name him as Emily’s father. She made him promise that he would never allow Emily into the custody of her father.

The O’Rourkes had learned of Susan’s death and Emily’s birth. They had sued for custody and a judge had ordered Eric to take a DNA test to determine his parentage. Rather than submit, Eric had fled the state and headed for home. Devon, guilty over having somehow failed Susan, is determined to protect her infant daughter from someone she believes is incapable of giving Emily the life she deserves.

The two meet up at the Lanagan family homestead in the middle of a blizzard and with Christmas coming on. Lucy Lanagan has been missing her son and hoping that he will be home for Christmas. She is understandably delighted when he turns up and even more pleased when he presents her with Emily, the grandchild she has dreamed of.

When Devon appears, stranded in the snow, Lucy welcomes her as well. When she learns that the lawyer wants to take Emily away from Eric, she decides on a bit of matchmaking. This may not make much sense, but I guess it made sense to Lucy. After all, before long Eric and Devon – antagonists to the core – begin experiencing a seemingly inexplicable attraction to each other.

However attractive he may find Devon, Eric does have a hidden agenda. He is convinced – and Devon’s complete lack of childhood memories supports his belief – that she too was abused by her father. If he can just get her to remember, then he won’t have to worry about the O’Rourkes’ custody suit.

While I am generally a fan of Creighton’s stories, this one didn’t quite work for me. Perhaps my lack of familiarity with the previous books detracted from my enjoyment of The Black Sheep’s Baby. More probably, the romance just didn’t work for me. Devon is clearly a wounded soul. Despite her academic and professional success, she is hiding something terrible from herself. Eric is actually a less well-defined character. Clearly his rejection of family tradition and the family farm was a formative factor in his and his family’s life, but it is not really fully explored. Why the hero and heroine fall in love never quite seems clear, given the circumstances.

I am sure that those who have read and enjoyed Creighton’s “Into the Heartland” series will want to read this next installment. I suggest that other readers may want to think twice.

– Jean Mason

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Обложка книги The Cowboy’s Hidden Agenda The Cowboy’s Hidden Agenda

 Автор: Creighton Kathleen


One minute they'd been dancing.the next Laurie Brown found herself abducted, with a charming renegade, Apache cowboy Johnny Bronco, as her jailer. She was angry at his deception, but more furious with her own body for wanting the man with the fierce eyes and the skin-shivering voice. For wanting the man who held a politician's daughter captive in the name of blackmail.

Though logic said otherwise, the mysterious cowboy's kindness and sympathy hinted at a hidden agenda. And even more inexplicable was the feeling that, if she could trust him, everything might turn out all right…

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Обложка книги The Rebel King The Rebel King

 Автор: Creighton Kathleen

Paris is the perfect haven for a runaway prince. Until a black-garbed figure trailing a tantalizing perfume steals into Nikolas Donovan's hotel room. And something about his sensual assailant is hauntingly familiar…

Attack first and ask questions later. But all bets are off when bounty hunter Rhia De Hayes's latest assignment turns out to be the man with whom she once shared a heart-stealing kiss. Her mission is to bring Prince Nikolas back to Silvershire. Trouble is brewing there, and Nikolas plunges into a hotbed of scandal and intrigue, ready to risk the throne itself for a love that comes but once in a lifetime…

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Обложка книги The Seduction of Goody Two-Shoes The Seduction of Goody Two-Shoes

 Автор: Creighton Kathleen

When agent Ellie Lanagan's "husband' was suddenly taken ill, she knew she needed a replacement, pronto. The least likely candidate for the job: seeming drifter McCall-no last name, just McCall-who had saved her neck three times already. So should she offer her…hero the chance to save her from the enemy? Or was he the enemy?

Obviously McCall had a soft spot for the pretty tourist he called Cinnamon, but she was driving him crazy in more ways than one. Who was she, really? An innocent, married woman with incredibly poor judgment? Or part of the biggest scam this side of the Caribbean? And by getting involved with her, would he wind up in jail? Or in her arms?

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Обложка книги The Top Gun's Return The Top Gun's Return

 Автор: Creighton Kathleen

Rita Awards

Eight years ago, Jessie Bauer's life had changed forever. Now it was about to change back. For the man she had loved with all her heart and soul – the one she had finally learned to live without – was coming home to her at last. Alive and in one piece – or was he?

Military pilot Tristan Bauer had spent eight years in a living hell, not sure if he was dead or alive, with only the memory of his beautiful Jessie to keep him going. Now she was in front of him, his for the taking. If only he could. Because in every way that mattered, Tristan knew the husband he'd been had died that day. And left his ghost in his place…

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Обложка книги The Sheriff of Heartbreak County The Sheriff of Heartbreak County

 Автор: Creighton Kathleen


Small-town sheriff Roan Harley arrested plain-as-all-get-out Mary Yancy because he couldn't afford not to. She'd had motive, means and opportunity to kill the son of a senator – plus a gun. And yet…

Clearly, Mary had something to hide – those shapeless clothes covered a knockout figure; damned if her dirt-brown hair wasn't the result of a botched dye job; and her name just didn't check out. Not to mention her lovely eyes couldn't disguise the fact that she was not only innocent, but in dire need of protection. His protection?

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Обложка книги Texan's Touch Texan's Touch

 Автор: Thomas Jodi

"She's one of my personal favorites." – Debbie Macomber

Captured by Confederate spies to heal thier comrade, Yankee doctor Adam McClain realized the man in grey named "Nick" was actually a woman! Her beauty and bravery struck him to the core, and after a brief kiss, she helped him leave her life forever…

Nichole never forgot the man who'd evoked powerful new feelings within her. And months later, she was sent to the Texas frontier to ask for his help once again. But could she also hope for love from this handsome Texan?

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Обложка книги The Widows of Wichita County The Widows of Wichita County

 Автор: Thomas Jodi

An unforgettable journey of faith, strength and friendship.

Apart from sharing the same zip code, Randi Howard, Anna Montano, Meredith Allen, Helena Whitworth and Crystal Howard have absolutely nothing in common until a fiery explosion on a west Texas oil rig changes everything.

Their husbands are men who live to search for "black gold," men who are willing to exchange backbreaking work and long days for danger and excitement – and money. But on a blistering day in early autumn four of the men pay the ultimate price – leaving behind one man who wishes he had.

In one brief moment the tragedy binds Randi, Anna, Meredith, Helena and Crystal closer together than a lifetime of friendship. As they gather at the hospital, waiting to learn who among them will not have to bury her husband, they turn to one another for support. And so begins a journey of faith, of strength, of tears and of love.

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Обложка книги Twisted Creek Twisted Creek

 Автор: Thomas Jodi

Bad luck has been biting at Allie Daniel's heels all her life, so when she inherits a cafe in a small Texas lake community she's sure there's a catch. But Allie decides to move and brings her grandmother along, since the cafe gives Nana a chance to do what she loves best-cook. As Allie settles in, she soon discovers that she's not alone anymore-and that sometimes, the only cure for bad luck is gaining the courage to love.

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Обложка книги Two Texas Hearts Two Texas Hearts

 Автор: Thomas Jodi

Kora Adams doesn't believe in curses, but she has known nothing but bad luck all of her life. Until the night a handsome stranger knocks on her front door. Winter McQuillen has inherited a sprawling Texas ranch-but the only way he can claim it is to have a wife-this very night. Now, Kora has to make a choice-turn Winter out of her home or take a chance on the possibility of love.

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Обложка книги The Millionaire Meets His Match The Millionaire Meets His Match

 Автор: Carlisle Kate

Mr. July: Adam Duke, committed to his company

His Foil: A matchmaking mother

His Future: Avoid Operation Matrimony

The CEO of Duke Development had been on guard since he discovered his mother's diabolical plot to marry him off. Him and his brothers. And when his desirable new assistant, Trish James, hinted she wanted more than just a business relationship, Adam figured she was in on the scheme. So the boss decided to play along and seduce the secretary.then put a stop to his mother's meddling marriage plans once and for all. But even Adam could not have guessed Trish's true agenda for wanting him in her bed…

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Обложка книги Tylko Ty Tylko Ty

 Автор: Michaels Fern

Ambitna, utalentowana dziennikarka Dory Faraday rezygnuje ze świetnie zapowiadającej się kariery zawodowej. Postanawia poświęcić swe życie mężczyźnie. Opuszcza Nowy Jork i jedzie za narzeczonym do Waszyngtonu. Jest przekonana, że u boku ukochanego czeka ją prawdziwe szczęście. Wkrótce jednak zaczyna wątpić, czy podjęła słuszną decyzję.

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Обложка книги The Girl with the Cat Tattoo The Girl with the Cat Tattoo

 Автор: Weir Theresa

Theresa Weir's first romance in thirteen years!

For cat lovers everywhere, this sweet, quirky, and delightful romance is about a young woman and her matchmaking cat.

A little bit of mystery, a whole lot of whimsy.

About the book:

When a matchmaking cat takes it upon himself to find his young mistress a new mate, he accidentally stirs up memories better left forgotten.

Melody’s husband was murdered by what seemed a random act of violence. Two years later, the killer hasn’t been caught, and Melody is coping in unhealthy ways. During the day she’s a mild-mannered children’s librarian, but at night she’s a party girl, hanging out in bars, drinking with new friends, and often bringing home strange men. Although acquaintances have tried to keep in touch, Melody has cut herself off from most of the people in her old life. Max, her eccentric cat, doesn’t approve of her new friends, he’s tired of the parade of losers, and he finally takes it upon himself to find Melody a new man.

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Обложка книги The Thorn Birds The Thorn Birds

 Автор: McCullough Colleen

In the rugged Australian Outback, three extraordinary generations of Clearys live through joy and sadness, bitter defeat and magnificent triumph—driven by their dreams, sustained by remarkable strength of character… and torn by dark passions, violence and a scandalous family legacy of forbidden love.

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Обложка книги The Guy Next Door The Guy Next Door

 Автор: Donovan Susan, Foster Lori, Dahl Victoria

The Guy Next Door anthology brings together three of the hottest contemporary romance authors of our day, Lori Foster, Susan Donovan, and Victoria Dahl.

Ready, Set, Jett by Lori Foster

A vacation from her no-strings romance with her sexy next-door neighbor. That's what Natalie Alexander needs to get her head—and heart—together. But her solo trip south turns into a disaster when gorgeous Jett Sutter turns up with another challenge.

Gail's Gone Wild by Susan Donovan

Single mom Gail Chapman insists on chaperoning her teenage daughter's spring-break trip to Key West. But she never expects to face temptation—in the hunky form of Jesse Batista, the mysterious man in the cottage next door.

Just One Taste by Victoria Dahl

All-work-and-no-play businessman Eric Donovan won't be distracted by a «businesswoman» who's all wrong for him. Beth Cantrell owns a women's erotica shop! And she has a juicy little secret. Can she tempt him to put pleasure before business for once?

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Обложка книги Tańcząca z demonami Tańcząca z demonami

 Автор: Darcy Emma

Oczywiście, że była mu potrzebna, ale tylko w pracy i… w łóżku. Ta miłość kosztowała ją zbyt dużo upokorzeń. I nagle wszystko rozstrzygnęło się w dniu świętego Walentego. Caitlin złożyła wymówienie z pracy i zerwała swój sekretny związek z Davidem. Uznała, że romans z szefem nie ma żadnej przyszłości. Gdyby ją kochał, to przecież nie pozwoliłby jej odejść…

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Обложка книги The Summer of Katya The Summer of Katya

 Автор: Whitaker Rodney

In the quiet Basque countryside in 1914, Jean-Marc Montjean, a handsome young doctor, is bewitched by the seductive, beautiful Katya. He is driven to know everything about her. He is devastated by the unspeakable secret horror buried in her past.

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Обложка книги Trinity Trinity

 Автор: Blu Katie

Working alongside her childhood friend, Tarrel Dolan, Neela Pharr has been on security detail for the emissary of Elara for several years. The need for Prillian ore is greater than ever as tensions between outer worlds mount. After years of cultivating a relationship with King Thrax of Prill, diplomacy is collapsing and weapons are in play. But King Thrax thows out an offer: mining rights, in return for the use of Neela’s body.

Sex is a simple, meaningless exchange right? Except Neela is torn between her long-time attraction to Tarrel, and her uninhibited desire for King Thrax. So when the king invites them both to his bed, is it really the fulfillment of a contract or something much, much more meaningful?

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Обложка книги The Second Wife aka Wives Behaving Badly The Second Wife aka Wives Behaving Badly

 Автор: Buchan Elizabeth

The Rules currently governing my life are these. Rule Number one: there is no justice. Rule Number two: contrary to a husband's hopes, a second wife does not have the Karma Sutra tucked into her handbag. It is more likely to be aspirin. Rule number three: never complain, particularly if you have been instrumental in demonstrating Rule number one. Rule number four: never serve liver or tofu. It is not clever. So says Minty Lloyd as she struggles to make her life work as Nathan's second wife. Mother to six year-old twins, sidelined at family gatherings by Nathan's hostile family, ostracised by his friends, she is haunted by the shadow of the glowing, successful Rose Nathan's first wife. The trouble is, 'she concludes, everything I do is second hand.' Yet, such is curious nature of fate, Minty finds herself united in loss with an unexpected ally the woman she once betrayed. Buchan's signature gift for capturing women's daily joys and struggles is beautifully deployed in "The Second Wife", an irresistible story of love, grief and renewal that explores that nature of friendship and the bonds that grow strongest when stretched to breaking.

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Обложка книги The Good Wife aka The Good Wife Strikes Back The Good Wife aka The Good Wife Strikes Back

 Автор: Buchan Elizabeth

Fanny Savage was once dutiful, clever, vulnerable and dreamy. Now, as a policitian's wife, she is a position that requires her to look good and remain silent. Is she happy coping with the transition from eager bride to politician's wife? Has she been the good wife?

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Обложка книги The Mistletoe Affair The Mistletoe Affair

 Автор: Gilbert Judith

"A gripping story about moving beyond loss, grief, and failure. Katherine is a spirited and brave heroine. Her desire to solve her problems without a man's help makes her a memorable character. Hopefully, Jared will change from a love'em and leave'em type guy to a family man before he loses Katherine. That this story occurs at Christmas only adds to the delight…" – Robin Lee for Romance Reviews Today

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Обложка книги Treasures aka See How She Dies Treasures aka See How She Dies

 Автор: Jackson Lisa

The bestselling author of "Twice Kissed" and "Wishes" brings sensuality and suspense to enthralling new heights as a woman seeking to discover her identity finds herself thrust into a world of hidden secrets and dangerous desires.

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Обложка книги Tentadora Tentadora

 Автор: Jackson Lisa

Alguien provoca un incendio en el castillo de Wybren en el que mueren los herederos. En un torreón cercano, Morwenna de Calon se despierta una noche con una revelación: fuera de los muros del castillo hay un soldado herido, cuyo rostro magullado es difícil de identificar. Morwenna presiente que se acerca el peligro. Mira fijamente al hombre medio muerto y siente un escalofrío, una premonición.

El hombre herido es Carrick de Wybren, el bastardo que le robó el corazón para luego abandonarla, embarazada, por la mujer de su hermano. A Carrick lo acusan de haber prendido fuego al castillo. Sin embargo, Morwenna no puede resistirse y se convierte en presa de su fascinación. ¿Quién será el herido: un pecador o un santo? ¿Un despiadado asesino o una víctima inocente? ¿Carrick de Wybren, su amado, el hombre que tan cruelmente la engañó, o bien otra persona?

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Обложка книги The Mistletoe Kiss The Mistletoe Kiss

 Автор: Neels Betty

Professor Ruerd ter Mennolt couldn't understand why he was bothering with Ermentrude Foster, when he had a beautiful fiancee in Annaliese. But after Christmas in Holland with Emmy, he realised he must end his engagement.

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Обложка книги The Diamond Dad The Diamond Dad

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Daddy's last chance!

Garth Clayton had a beautiful wife and two gorgeous children-and if he didn't do something quick, he'd lose them! He decided to become a better husband. He even promised Faye diamonds for their tenth wedding anniversary.

Faye didn't want diamonds, she wanted out. But, how could she keep the kids from their adored dad? What was Garth playing at? Could it be that the diamonds and anniversary celebration were part of a devious plan to help him boost his career?

To persuade her to celebrate another year of marriage with him, Garth needed a miracle to happen… and it did…

THE BIG EVENT: One special occasion-that changes your life forever!

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Обложка книги The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

An innocent for the Greek Lysandros Demetriou: shipping magnate and Athens most sought-after bachelor Glamorous women compete for this tycoons attention, but his focused ruthlessness ensures none outstays her welcome! Until Petra Radnor whirls into his life. Her beauty is a lure Lysandros cannot resist she awakens something within him that hes kept hidden for years. When their scorching passion shows no sign of burning out, Lysandros has to decide whether his desire for Petra is a temporary craving or a lifelong obsession…

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Обложка книги The Italian’s Miracle Family The Italian’s Miracle Family

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Brooding Italian Drago di Luca and reserved lawyer Alysa Dennis are brought together by a shocking, shared betrayal – their late partners had been having an affair! But against all the odds, they strike an unlikely friendship, and forbidden awareness simmers…

Alysa's calm facade hides a painful secret that haunts her every time she looks into the soulful eyes of Drago's motherless child. As the attraction builds between them, Christmas approaches with the promise of a new start. Can the healing miracle of love, and the joy of the season, make them a family?

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Обложка книги The King's Bride The King's Bride

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

A forbidding, regal date…A life of duty and protocol has made King Daniel of Voltavia seem aloof. So when Lizzie Boothe is assigned the task of trying to secure an interview with him, she is anxious about the forthcoming encounter. But after one kiss she can sense that underneath his cool exterior lies a passionate man. A man who is falling in love with Lizzie despite his best intentions…

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Обложка книги The Italian’s Cinderella Bride The Italian’s Cinderella Bride

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

In a flash of lightning, Count Pietro Bagnelli sees a young woman standing outside his palazzo, a battered suitcase at her feet. This solitary count has turned his back on the world, but he can't turn his back on this bedraggled waif…

Ruth has returned to Venice to uncover lost memories, yet finds comfort with this proudly damaged count. As Carnivale sweeps through the city, drama and passion ignite and secrets unravel…

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Обложка книги The Italian’s Rightful Bride The Italian’s Rightful Bride

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Joanna had been head over heels in love with her convenient fiance, Gustavo Ferrara, when he fell in love with-and married-someone else! Now, twelve years on, Gustavo Ferrara, now single, is thrown into turmoil at seeing Joanna again. He's older, wiser, and he realizes Joanna is the person he should have married-but he has no idea how much he hurt her. Can he persuade her to give him another chance…or is she once bitten, twice shy?

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Обложка книги The Italian’s Wife by Sunset The Italian’s Wife by Sunset

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Intelligent, sensible Della Hadley should've known better than to embark on an affair with a playboy Italian six years her junior, but vibrant and sexy Carlo Rinucci was just too hard to resist…

Della knows that a fiery passion so quick to ignite should be fast to die out, despite Carlo's vow that their love is forever. But Carlo is Italian through and through, and determined to win his woman-and make Della his bride before the sun sets on their affair.

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Обложка книги The Italian Millionaire’s Marriage The Italian Millionaire’s Marriage

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Harriet isn't interested in netting a rich husband – but her little shop is thigh-deep in debt so she's tempted when gorgeous Italian millionaire Marco Calvani makes her a proposal. If Harriet returns to Rome with him, Marco will loan her the money to pay off her creditors. If they marry, he'll write off the loan!

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Обложка книги The Millionaire’s Christmas Wish The Millionaire’s Christmas Wish

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Wearing a Santa suit can change one man's perspective-and his love life.

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Обложка книги The Mediterranean Rebel’s Bride The Mediterranean Rebel’s Bride

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Plain Jane and the Italian rebel… Polly Hanson must go to Naples to find Ruggiero Rinucci, and what she has to tell him will surely end his bachelor ways he is the father of her late cousin's baby! But nothing quite prepares Polly for Ruggiero's reaction…

Outwardly he's a carefree playboy; inwardly he once loved so passionately it nearly broke him. Polly wants to help him, yet she feels forever in her cousin's shadow. Can plain Polly tame this wild Italian's heart…?

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Обложка книги The Italian's Passionate Revenge The Italian's Passionate Revenge

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

He will bed her.

Elise Carlton is looking forward to having her freedom. Years as a trophy wife have left her wary. But there is one man to whom she is not immune…

For revenge and for pleasure!

Vincente Farnese is rich and devastatingly handsome, his own special brand of dark Italian temptation! But it is no coincidence that Vincente has sought out Elise. What will she do when she discovers he wants her only for revenge?

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Обложка книги The Millionaire Tycoon's English Rose The Millionaire Tycoon's English Rose

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Swept into the Italian's arms… Independent and strong-willed, Celia Ryland never lets her blindness affect the way she lives her life she thrives on feeling free! Gorgeous Italian Francesco Rinucci has never met a woman with such a zest for life he loves everything about Celia. But he finds himself wanting to wrap her in cotton wool to protect his precious English rose from all that's dangerous in the world… And although Celia is falling fast for passionate Francesco, she needs to show him that truly loving someone means letting them be free…

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Обложка книги The Tuscan Tycoon’s Wife The Tuscan Tycoon’s Wife

 Автор: Gordon Lucy

Tuscany: from rags to riches!

Selena is tough and independent, scraping just enough money to survive. When she falls for Leo Calvani she thinks he's a kindred spirit-apparently he lives a simple life in rural Italy and, like her, he's illegitimate…

But she arrives at his home only to discover it's the largest house in the district, that he owns two villages and his uncle is a count! This is not the Leo she thought he was. But then a new discovery comes to light-Leo is proved not to be illegitimate after all, which makes him the count's heir! It's Selena's worst nightmare. There's no way she could ever be a countess…

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Обложка книги The night she got lucky The night she got lucky

 Автор: Donovan Susan

 Серия: San Francisco Dog-Walking Group

Members of a dog-walking group vow to find happiness without men in their lives-who needs a reckless man when you have the love of a loyal dog? But when Giner Hanson meets a sexy photographer, all bets are off!

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Обложка книги The girl most likely to… The girl most likely to…

 Автор: Donovan Susan

Kat Cavanaugh was sixteen when she hitchhiked out of Persuasion, West Virginia and vowed never to return. Who could blame her? She'd just stumbled upon her father's adulterous affair, found out she was pregnant, got dumped by her boyfriend, and kicked out of her house and school . . . all in a single afternoon. Twenty years have gone by and Kat's back - gorgeous, rich, and looking for an apology from everyone who'd turned their backs on her. First on that list is Riley Bohland, the boy who broke her heart before she could tell him about the baby.

But Kat didn't count on Riley having his own axe to grind, or that he'd be just as delicious as he was at sixteen. She also didn't count on her heart opening at the sight of him. When their anger ignites a passion intense enough to burn through two decades of secrets and lies, Kat must question everything she thought she knew about her past. And what about her future? The only place to find the answers may be in Riley's arms.

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Обложка книги The Concubine The Concubine

 Автор: Lee Jade

“You must undress,” he said

Ji Yue recoiled in shock, her heart beating triple time. It was one thing to be the woman caressing Bo Tao, bringing him to a place where he had no control over his body. It was quite another to remove her own attire.

“If you wish to know how to seduce a man,” Bo Tao said softly. “It begins with your body. And your body is very beautiful to me, Ji Yue.” She saw honesty in his eyes, and her heart broke. How had she come to this?

But if her future was in a harem-many women to one man-she would take whatever memories she could. So she put her hands on her buttons and began to pull off her clothes.

“No. Not like you are at a dressmaker’s,” he said. “Slowly, shyly. But with a hunger in your eyes.”

As a virgin, she should not know what he meant, but she felt a longing and a building excitement in what she did. And in what they risked together. She looked at him, letting him see her desire, her fears and her desperate wish…

“My heaven…” he murmured. And if she doubted the desire in his voice, all she had to do was look down. His jade stem was making an appearance…

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Обложка книги Twelve Days of Christmas Twelve Days of Christmas

 Автор: Ashley Trisha

Christmas has always been a sad time for young widow Holly Brown, so when she's asked to look after a remote house on the Lancashire moors, the opportunity to hide herself away is irresistible — the perfect excuse to forget about the festivities. Sculptor, Jude Martland, is determined that this year there will be no Christmas after his brother runs off with his fiancee and he is keen to avoid the family home. However, he will have to return by the twelfth night of the festivities, when the hamlet of Little Mumming hold their historic festivities and all of his family are required to attend. Meanwhile, Holly is finding that if she wants to avoid Christmas, she has come to the wrong place. When Jude unexpectedly returns on Christmas Eve he is far from delighted to discover that Holly seems to be holding the very family party he had hoped to avoid. Suddenly, the blizzards come out of nowhere and the whole village is snowed in. With no escape, Holly and Jude get much more than they bargained for — it looks like the twelve days of Christmas are going to be very interesting indeed!

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Обложка книги The Way Home The Way Home

 Автор: Gerard Cindy

 Серия: One-Eyed Jacks

A heartwarming Christmas story from the New York Times bestselling “true master of romantic suspense” (Romantic Times).

Four years ago Jess Albert got the news that her husband Jeff was killed in action in Afghanistan, and a painful void entered her life. The more time passed, the more acutely she felt that emptiness. But when Tyler Brown, former military hero and all-around alpha male, shows up a year after she’d last seen him, Jess gradually begins to realize there is one thing that can make her feel whole again—love.

As they’re planning their wedding and new life together, Jess receives shocking news: her husband is alive, under the care of a young Afghani woman hiding him from the Taliban. Even as he sees their happily-ever-after slip away, Ty arranges for the One Eyed Jacks and Black Ops, Inc. teams to make a daring and dangerous rescue mission to bring Jeff home. The hardest thing Ty or Jess has ever done is to let the other go.

When Jeff returns to Jess, broken physically and emotionally and with no memory of their history, they try to heal their marriage and each other. But as time brings them together more as friends than lovers, an unexpected development helps them see the true way home, to the people they love.

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Обложка книги Text Text

 Автор: Hebert Cambria

 Серия: Take It Off

Honor Calhoun never thought her life would ever be like the books she writes for a living. One morning while out for a run, she learns not all bad things are plots in novels. Some horrors can actually come true.

She faces off with a persistent attacker, holds her own, but in the end is taken hostage and thrown into a hole. In the middle of the woods.

But Honor didn’t go down there alone.

She took her kidnapper’s phone with her. But with a spotty signal and a dying battery, hope is slim.

Nathan Reed is an active duty Marine stationed at a small reservist base in Pennsylvania. All he wants is a calm and uneventful duty station where he can forget the memories of his time in a war-torn country.

But a single text changes everything.

Nathan becomes Honor’s only hope for survival, and he has to go against the clock, push aside his past, and take on a mission for a girl he’s never met.

Both of them want freedom… but they have to survive long enough to obtain it.

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Обложка книги Take Me Home for Christmas Take Me Home for Christmas

 Автор: Novak Brenda

 Серия: Whiskey Creek

Christmas is a time for remembering.

Too bad all memories aren't pleasant. Everyone in Whiskey Creek remembers Sophia DeBussi as the town's Mean Girl. Especially Ted Dixon, whose love she once scorned. 

But Sophia has paid the price for her youthful transgressions. The man she did marry was rich and powerful but abusive. So when he goes missing, she secretly hopes he'll never come back—until she learns that he died running from an FBI probe of his investment firm. Not only has he left Sophia penniless, he's left her to face all the townspeople he cheated. 

Sophia is reduced to looking for any kind of work to pay the bills and support her daughter. With no other options, she becomes housekeeper for none other than Ted, now a successful suspense writer. He can't bring himself to turn his back on her, not at Christmas, but he refuses to get emotionally involved. He learned his lesson the last time. 

Or will the season of love and forgiveness give them both another chance at happiness?

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Обложка книги The Vow The Vow

 Автор: Martinez Jessica

No one has ever believed that Mo and Annie are just friends. How can a guy and a girl really be best friends?

Then the summer before senior year, Mo’s father loses his job, and by extension his work visa. Instantly, life for Annie and Mo crumbles. Although Mo has lived in America for most of his life, he’ll be forced to move to Jordan. The prospect of leaving his home is devastating, and returning to a world where he no longer belongs terrifies him.

Desperate to save him, Annie proposes they tell a colossal lie—that they are in love. Mo agrees because marrying Annie is the only way he can stay. Annie just wants to keep her best friend, but what happens when it becomes a choice between saving Mo and her own chance at real love?

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Обложка книги The Edge of Always The Edge of Always

 Автор: Redmerski J A

 Серия: The Edge of Never

He was taking the long road. She was taking the road to nowhere. It just so happened that they led to the same place…

When everything falls apart, love remains . . .


Camryn Bennett has never been happier. Five months after meeting on a Greyhound bus, she and her soul mate Andrew Parrish are engaged—and a wedding isn’t the only special event in their future. Nervous but excited, Camryn can’t wait to begin the rest of her life with Andrew – a man she knows in her heart will love her always. They have so much to look forward to—until tragedy blindsides them.

Andrew doesn’t understand how this could happen to them. He’s trying to move on, and thought Camryn was doing the same. But when Andrew discovers Camryn is secretly harboring a mountain of pain and attempting to numb it in damaging ways, there is nothing he won’t do to bring her back to life. Determined to prove that their love can survive anything, Andrew decides to take Camryn on a new journey filled with hope and passion. If only he can convince her to come along for the ride…

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Обложка книги The F- It List The F- It List

 Автор: Halpern Julie

With her signature heart and humor, Julie Halpern explores a strained friendship strengthened by one girl’s battle with cancer.

Alex’s father recently died in a car accident. And on the night of his funeral, her best friend Becca slept with Alex’s boyfriend. So things aren’t great. Alex steps away from her friendship with Becca and focuses on her family.

But when Alex finally decides to forgive Becca, she finds out something that will change her world again—Becca has cancer.

So what do you do when your best friend has cancer? You help her shave her head. And then you take her bucket list and try to fulfill it on her behalf. Because if that’s all you can do to help your ailing friend—you do it.

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Обложка книги Truce: The Historic Neighbor from Hell Truce: The Historic Neighbor from Hell

 Автор: Mathewson R L

 Серия: A Neighbor from Hell

Elizabeth knows what’s expected of her, perfection. She’s the daughter of an Earl and expected to marry well, say and do the right things with a smile on her face when inside she’s dying for a chance to escape. Thanks to an inheritance her godmother left her years ago, her chance will come with her next birthday. Her hopes of escape abruptly end when Robert, her childhood nemesis that she hasn’t seen in over fourteen years, comes back into her life and does everything he can to drive her out of her mind even as he steals her heart.

He hated her.

At least, he tried to hate her, but it was so damn difficult to hate someone that he couldn’t live without. He tried to ignore her, tried to focus on anything but her, but nothing worked. Somehow she made her way into his heart and started to make him want things that he never though possible, made him smile and laugh even while she drove him out of his mind and started a legacy by turning him into…..

A Bradford.

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Обложка книги The Amateur Science of Love The Amateur Science of Love

 Автор: Sherborne Craig

Shortlisted for the Melbourne Prize for Literature, Best Writing Award 2012 and the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Fiction, 2011.

The Amateur Science of Love is the debut novel by Craig Sherborne, author of the acclaimed memoirs Hoi Polloi and Muck.

Colin dreams of escaping his parents’ farm for a grand stage career. He makes it to London and a disastrous audition before meeting Tilda. Tilda is beautiful, older, an artist and she brings his future with her. A heady romance leads to a small town in country Victoria and a new home in a decaying former bank. They are building a life together, but there are cracks in the foundation.

This is a love story, told from passionate beginning to spectacular end. It is intimate and honest, blackly funny and emotionally devastating.

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Обложка книги Truly, Madly, Deadly Truly, Madly, Deadly

 Автор: Jayne Hannah

They Said It Was An Accident...

Sawyer Dodd is a star athlete, a straight-A student, and the envy of every other girl who wants to date Kevin Anderson. When Kevin dies in a tragic car crash, Sawyer is stunned. Then she opens her locker to find a note:

You're welcome.

Someone saw what he did to her. Someone knows that Sawyer and Kevin weren't the perfect couple they seemed to be. And that someone—a killer—is now shadowing Sawyer's every move...

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Обложка книги The Fellowship The Fellowship

 Автор: Darblyne K

 Серия: The Healing Touch

This beautifully written story is the first in That Healing Touch Series and introduces characters who will tug at your heartstrings. In a world filled with suspense, where lives hang in the balance, real life sometimes intrudes. Meet Dr Garrett Trivoli and her nurse, Danni Bossard. Join them as they bring humor and drama into the already exciting world of The Trauma Center. Will it be all they expected? Or perhaps a little more?

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Обложка книги The Other Side of Love The Other Side of Love

 Автор: Cooper J S

 Серия: Forever Love

Love isn't always candy and butterflies

Noah Beaumont knows the complete joy and the utter devastation that love can bring. He's haunted by his past and the secrets that he holds inside, but is trying to move on with his life. He thinks he may finally have met his match in Robin, but then the calls from Skylar start coming in.

Zane Beaumont was broken when he thought his brother Noah was dead, but now that he knows the truth and Noah is back he wants some answers. It's only the love of his fiancee, Lucky that has stopped him from losing it with Noah.

Noah knows that Zane needs to know the truth, but he thinks he's protecting him by keeping it all inside. He doesn't want Zane's heart to be broken like his was but the biggest secrets always have a way of getting out and unknowingly, Noah may be risking the love of the person he cares about most by not talking.

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Обложка книги The Cottage The Cottage

 Автор: Hill Gerri

The Cottage is the story of two women who meet by chance. . . or did they?  Jill and Carrie, both married with teenaged children, fall into a routine of meeting during Jill's lunch break at the local park, forging a friendship that deepens with each visit.

Jill Richardson gave up teaching high school years ago, instead choosing to manage an office despite objections from her family. Her husband still lives and breathes the coach’s life, a life that leaves him little time to spare for Jill. Left on her own more and more, Jill is searching for that something that’s missing in her life.

Married to a successful businessman, Carrie Howell retired early from a career in real estate to spend more time with her teenage boys, and to pursue her lone passion—painting. She, too, realizes something is missing.

This is the story Jill tells, a story of two women pulled by a force stronger than their marriages, stronger than themselves. They give into their desires—their love—as they find something in each other that was lacking in their marriage and their life . . . they find their soul mate.

Jill shares their story for the first time with a stranger. Jill tells her about the stolen moments during a rushed lunch hour, moments stolen at a cottage that becomes their haven. She describes a love so destined it couldn’t be denied . . . stolen moments to be cherished forever. It was a love so complete, having it for only a brief moment in time did nothing to dispel the joy of a true, true love.

The Cottage is their story . . . Jill and Carrie . . . two women, one love.

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Обложка книги Three to Ride Three to Ride

 Автор: Oak Sophie

 Серия: Nights in Bliss, Colorado

Rachel Swift is a woman on the run. Max and Rye Harper are just the men to catch her.

A stalker sent Rachel's world reeling. Now she's running for her life, and Bliss, CO, seems like the perfect place to hide. Bliss is a strange little town, filled with artists, nudists, and the occasional conspiracy nut. It's a good place to start over.

Horse trainer Max and Sheriff Rye gave up on their dream of finding one perfect woman to share long ago. Rachel walks in, and they're both in love and fighting their true natures. When Rachel's past catches up with her, all of Bliss is in danger. Can Rachel stand up to the man who took everything? Rachel is done running. It's time for her to get back in the saddle and ride.

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Обложка книги Two to Love Two to Love

 Автор: Oak Sophie

 Серия: Nights in Bliss, Colorado

Callie Sheppard went wild once in her life, sharing a perfect weekend with two men she could never forget but thought she would never see again. Nathan Wright and Zane Hollister were two DEA agents who needed a decadent weekend before going on a long, undercover assignment to take down an outlaw biker gang.

Six years later, Callie has to break in a new Sheriff after Rye Harper walked out on the job. But her heart skips a beat when Nate walks through the door in his new uniform. Nate and Zane have come to Bliss, Colorado, to heal. Their cover is blown, and while the Barbarians are almost put out of business, Zane pays a horrible price.

The boys are determined to win back Callie’s broken heart. But when the Barbarians return with revenge in mind, they’ll need to save her before they can claim her.

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Обложка книги The Three Weissmanns of Westport The Three Weissmanns of Westport

 Автор: Schine Cathleen


Jane Austen's beloved Sense and Sensibility has moved to Westport, Connecticut, in this enchanting modern-day homage to the classic nove

When Joseph Weissmann divorced his wife, he was seventy eight years old and she was seventy-five… He said the words 'Irreconcilable differences,' and saw real confusion in his wife's eyes.

'Irreconcilable differences?' she said. 'Of course there are irreconcilable differences. What on earth does that have to do with divorce?'

Thus begins The Three Weissmanns of Westport, a sparkling contemporary adaptation of Sense and Sensibility from the always winning Cathleen Schine, who has already been crowned 'a modern-day Jewish Jane Austen' by People's Leah Rozen.

In Schine's story, sisters Miranda, an impulsive but successful literary agent, and Annie, a pragmatic library director, quite unexpectedly find themselves the middle-aged products of a broken home. Dumped by her husband of nearly fifty years and then exiled from their elegant New York apartment by his mistress, Betty is forced to move to a small, run-down Westport, Connecticut, beach cottage. Joining her are Miranda and Annie, who dutifully comes along to keep an eye on her capricious mother and sister. As the sisters mingle with the suburban aristocracy, love starts to blossom for both of them, and they find themselves struggling with the dueling demands of reason and romance.

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Обложка книги Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo

 Автор: Moccia Federico


En Roma, como en cualquier otra ciudad del mundo, los adolescentes quieren volar, buscan caminar `tres metros sobre el cielo`. Las chicas como Babi se esmeran en sus estudios, hablan del último grito en moda y se preparan para encontrar al amor de sus vidas: los chicos como Step prefieren la velocidad, la violencia, el riesgo y la camaradería de las bandas, pero todos ellos se implican en la vida como si cada segundo fuera el último.

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Обложка книги Thinner Than Skin Thinner Than Skin

 Автор: Khan Uzma Aslam

In the wilds of Northern Pakistan, where glaciers are born of mating ice, two young lovers shatter the tenuous peace of a nomadic community

Thinner than Skin is a riveting novel about identity and belonging. It’s also a love story: between a young Pakistani man trying to make his way as photographer in America, and the daughter of a Pakistani father and German mother brought up in the US, who wants to return to a country she’s never seen. Together they make the trip to Pakistan, where a chance meeting with a young nomad changes their lives, and the lives of those around them, forever. The novel is also a love letter to the wilds of Northern Pakistan, to glaciers, to the old Silk Road, and to the nomadic life of the indigenous people in the Northern territories, where China encroaches and Pakistanis, Uzbeks, Russians, Chinese, and Afghans all come together to trade.


“In gorgeous prose, Khan writes about Pakistan, a land of breathtaking beauty, and the complex relationships between people who are weighted with grief and estrangement. As her characters’ lives play out against the backdrop of the external world whose violence gradually closes in on them, Khan brilliantly probes the fatal limitations of human understanding. A novel of great lucidity and tenderness, filled with splendid descriptions of the land, the people who have always inhabited it, and those who are irresistibly drawn to it.”

—Therese Soukar Chehade

“Smart, fierce, and poignant: perhaps the most exciting novel yet by this very talented writer.”

—Mohsin Hamid

About the Author

Uzma Aslam Khan is the author of Trespassing and The Geometry of God, both highly acclaimed novels, published around the world. Uzma’s story “Ice, Mating” was included in Granta magazine’s hugely popular edition on Pakistan. She is the winner of the Bronze Award in the Independent Publishers Book Award, and her previous novel was a Kirkus Best Book of 2009 and a finalist for Foreword Magazine’s Best Books of 2009.

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Обложка книги The Concubine The Concubine

 Автор: Lee Jade


“You must undress,” he said

Ji Yue recoiled in shock, her heart beating triple time. It was one thing to be the woman caressing Bo Tao, bringing him to a place where he had no control over his body. It was quite another to remove her own attire.

“If you wish to know how to seduce a man,” Bo Tao said softly. “It begins with your body. And your body is very beautiful to me, Ji Yue.” She saw honesty in his eyes, and her heart broke. How had she come to this?

But if her future was in a harem-many women to one man-she would take whatever memories she could. So she put her hands on her buttons and began to pull off her clothes.

“No. Not like you are at a dressmaker’s,” he said. “Slowly, shyly. But with a hunger in your eyes.”

As a virgin, she should not know what he meant, but she felt a longing and a building excitement in what she did. And in what they risked together. She looked at him, letting him see her desire, her fears and her desperate wish…

“My heaven…” he murmured. And if she doubted the desire in his voice, all she had to do was look down. His jade stem was making an appearance…

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Обложка книги The Ranch The Ranch

 Автор: Steel Danielle

The story of three women who had been inseparable at college before going their own separate ways. Twenty years later the women are together again at a ranch in the foothills of Wyoming's Grand Teton Range where they discover that their friendship is a bond they still all treasure and share.

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Обложка книги The Surfing Lesson The Surfing Lesson

 Автор: Hilderbrand Elin

Margot's reservoir of romantic feelings for her husband, Drum, is running dry. But while the family is on vacation in Nantucket, Margot finds an opportunity to potentially regain her romantic love for her husband – in the form of Hadley Axelram, his ex-girlfriend. She is counting on jealousy as a relationship defibrillator.

But after forcing her surfing-god husband to make plans for a surfing lesson with Hadley and her son, Margot is left to reminisce about the summer she fell in love with Drum, and the unexpected blossoming of their relationship. When she sees Drum and Hadley spending time together, will the spark reignite – and will her marriage be saved? Or will she find that love is truly gone from this relationship?

This touching short story about a poignant stage in a marriage explores the backstory of Margot Carmichael, one of the stars in Elin Hilderbrand's new novel, Beautiful Day.

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Обложка книги The Matchmaker The Matchmaker

 Автор: Hilderbrand Elin

A touching new novel from bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand in which a woman sets out to find love for those closest to her – before it's too late. 48-year-old Nantucketer Dabney Kimball Beech has always had a gift for matchmaking. Some call her ability mystical, while others – like her husband, celebrated economist John Boxmiller Beech, and her daughter, Agnes, who is clearly engaged to the wrong man – call it meddlesome, but there's no arguing with her results: With 42 happy couples to her credit and all of them still together, Dabney has never been wrong about romance. Never, that is, except in the case of herself and Clendenin Hughes, the green-eyed boy who took her heart with him long ago when he left the island to pursue his dream of becoming a journalist. Now, after spending 27 years on the other side of the world, Clen is back on Nantucket, and Dabney has never felt so confused, or so alive. But when tragedy threatens her own second chance, Dabney must face the choices she's made and share painful secrets with her family. Determined to make use of her gift before it's too late, she sets out to find perfect matches for those she loves most. "The Matchmaker" is a heartbreaking story about losing and finding love, even as you're running out of time.

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Обложка книги The Rumor The Rumor

 Автор: Hilderbrand Elin

Two couples' lives become scandalously entwined in this novel by best-selling author Elin Hilderbrand, the 'queen of the summer novel' (People).

Nantucket writer Madeline King has a new novel coming out, and it's got best seller potential. But Madeline is terrified, because in her desperation to revive her career she's done something reckless: reveal the truth behind an actual affair involving her best friend, Grace. And that's not the only strain on Madeline and Grace's friendship. One fateful night the two women argue, voicing jealousies and resentments that have built for 20 years. Bereft of each other, they get caught in the snares of a mysterious and destructive stranger.

The Rumour is an irresistible novel about the power of gossip to change the course of events and the desire of people to find their way back to what really matters.

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Обложка книги Two Oceans Two Oceans

 Автор: Волкова (Рита Волк) Рита

Ложь успевает обойти полмира, пока правда надевает штаны.Моя история самая обычная. И таких миллион. Но почему бы не рассказать её? Меня зовут Кэролайн Стайлс. Все, что есть в моей жизни - это любимый брат, его друзья, которые были и моими тоже. А ещё куча синяков, царапин и оскорблений можно добавить в моё резюме. Больше в моей жизни нет ничего. Да, об меня можно вытирать ноги, и с этим я смирилась. Как и с тем, что я буду одна до конца своей жизни.

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Обложка книги The Future of Us The Future of Us

 Автор: Asher Jay, Mackler Carolyn

It’s 1996, and Josh and Emma have been neighbors their whole lives. They’ve been best friends almost as long—at least, up until last November, when Josh did something that changed everything. Things have been weird between them ever since, but when Josh’s family gets a free AOL CD in the mail, his mom makes him bring it over so that Emma can install it on her new computer. When they sign on, they’re automatically logged onto their Facebook pages. But Facebook hasn’t been invented yet. And they’re looking at themselves fifteen years in the future.

By refreshing their pages, they learn that making different decisions now will affect the outcome of their lives later. And as they grapple with the ups and downs of what their futures hold, they’re forced to confront what they’re doing right—and wrong—in the present.


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Обложка книги The Dream Thief The Dream Thief

 Автор: é Shana

In the remote hills of northern England lives a powerful clan with a centuries-old secret. They are the drákon, shape-shifters who possess the ability to Turn-changing from human to smoke to dragon. And from the very stones of the earth, they hear hypnotic songs of beauty and wonder. But there is one stone they fear…

Buried deep within the bowels of the Carpathian Mountains lies the legendary dreaming diamond known as Draumr, the only gem with the power to enslave the drákon. Since childhood, Lady Amalia Langford, daughter of the clan's Alpha, has heard its haunting ballad but kept it secret, along with another rare Gift…

Lia can hear the future, much in the way she hears the call of Draumr. And in that future, she realizes that the diamond-along with the fate of the drákon-rests in the hands of a human man, one who straddles two worlds.

Ruthlessly clever, Zane has risen through London's criminal underworld to become its ruler. Once a street urchin saved by Lia's mother, Zane is also privy to the secrets of the clan-and is the only human they trust to bring them Draumr. But he does nothing selflessly.

Zane's hunt for the gem takes him to Hungary, where he is shocked to encounter a bold, beautiful young noblewoman: Lia. She has broken every rule of the drákon to join him, driven by the urgent song of Draumr-and her visions of Zane. In one future, he is her ally. In another, her overlord. In both, he is her lover. Now, to protect her tribe, Lia must tie her fate to Zane's, to the one man capable of stealing her future-and destroying her heart…

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Обложка книги The Seduction The Seduction

 Автор: Jordan Nicole

 Серия: Notorious

When his younger sister Olivia is injured and her reputation destroyed during an illicit rendezvous, the rakish Lord Damien Sinclair sets out to avenge himself on the man responsible, Lord Aubrey Rutherford, but Aubrey's lovely sister, Vanessa, stands inhis way.

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Обложка книги The Passion The Passion

 Автор: Jordan Nicole

 Серия: Notorious

To escape marriage to a despised man twice her age, Lady Aurora Demming makes a scandalous arrangement with Nicholas Sabine, a dangerously handsome American facing execution for murder and piracy. She agrees to become his wife for one day . . . and one glorious, intoxicating night. Widowed, Aurora returns to London society with Nicholas's orphaned sister at her side to face a lifetime without love-until her "dead" husband returns, insisting that she honor their vows and haunting her dreams with promises of forbidden desire. . . .

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Обложка книги The prince of pleasure The prince of pleasure

 Автор: Jordan Nicole

 Серия: Notorious

Two former lovers, Dare, the Marquess of Wolverton, England's most notorious rake, and Julienne, a beautiful actress, play a provocative game of seduction and intrigue as they become patriotic allies in a dangerous search to bring down a secret traitor whose treachery threatens the British crown.

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Обложка книги The Talisman Ring The Talisman Ring

 Автор: Хейер Джорджетт

Neither Sir Tristram Shield nor Eustacie, his young French cousin, share the slightest inclination to marry one another. Yet it is Lord Lavenham's dying wish. For there is no one else to provide for the old man's granddaughter while Ludovic, his heir, remains a fugitive from justice.

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Обложка книги The Foundling The Foundling

 Автор: Хейер Джорджетт

A diffident young man of 24 years, easily pushed around by his overprotective uncle and the retinue of devoted family retainers who won't let him lift a finger for himself, the Duke sometimes wishes he could be a commoner. One day he decides to set out to discover whether he is "a man, or only a Duke."

Beginning with an incognito journey into the countryside to confront a blackmailer, he encounters a runaway school boy, a beautiful but airheaded orphan, one of literature's most appealing and well-spoken comic villains, and a series of alarming and even life threatening events from which he can extricate himself only with the help of his shy and lovely fiancé…

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Обложка книги The Secret History of the Pink Carnation The Secret History of the Pink Carnation

 Автор: Willig Lauren

 Серия: Pink Carnation

The French eventually unmasked the Scarlet Pimpernel and the Purple Gentian, famed spies in the Napoleonic wars, but as Harvard graduate student Eloise Kelly discovers at the start of this breezy historical romance, the identity of the Pink Carnation remains a mystery. Working in London on her history dissertation, Eloise gets access to a trunk of papers and documents from the early 19th century. She dives into this treasure trove, and suddenly the reader is plunged into a novel within a novel, told from the viewpoint of Amy Balcourt. Amy, exiled to rural England with her mother, now wants to avenge, with the help of her cousin Jane, her father's death at the hands of the French. She hopes to be in league with the Scarlet Pimpernel, who heroically tried to save her father. Willig, a Harvard graduate student herself, does a good job painting a picture of the tumultuous era. She also makes the sparks fly between Amy and the Purple Gentian, a dashing English nobleman in charge of Egyptian antiquities for Bonaparte. But when the Pink Carnation's identity is finally revealed after many obvious clues, the reader wonders why it took Eloise so long to get it. More critically, Eloise's appearances come to seem like awkward intrusions into Amy's - and the Pink Carnation's - more intriguing story.

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Обложка книги The Deception of the Emerald Ring The Deception of the Emerald Ring

 Автор: Уиллиг Лорен

 Серия: Pink Carnation

Harvard Ph.D. candidate Eloise Kelly continues her research of early 19th-century spies in the smart third book of the Pink Carnation series, following the well-received The Secret History of the Pink Carnation and The Masque of the Black Tulip. This installment focuses on 19-year-old Letty Alsworthy, who, after a comedy of errors, quickly weds Lord Geoffrey Pinchingdale-Snipe, her older sister's intended. Geoffrey, an officer in the League of the Purple Gentian, flees to Ireland the night of his elopement. Unbeknownst to Letty, his plan isn't to abandon her; it's to quash the impending Irish Rebellion. When Letty tracks down her prodigal husband in Dublin, not only does she learn of his secret life as a spy, she's sucked into it with hilarious results. Willig—like Eloise, a Ph.D. candidate in history—draws on her knowledge of the period, filling the fast-paced narrative with mistaken identities, double agents and high stakes espionage. Every few chapters, the reader is brought back to contemporary London, where Eloise gets out of the archives long enough to nurse her continuing crush on Colin Selwick. The Eloise and Colin plot distracts from the main attraction, but the historic action is taut and twisting. Fans of the series will clamor for more.

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Обложки нет The China Bride

 Автор: Putney Mary Jo

From Publishers Weekly

Nineteenth-century China, England and Scotland are the settings for Putney's continuing saga of the Renbourne twins, Dominic and Kyle, begun in The Wild Child. There, Kyle handed over his unwanted betrothed, Meriel (a match arranged at birth), to his twin brother, Dominic, and escaped to Spain with his terminally ill mistress, Constancia. Ever since his true love's death, Kyle has been exploring the world. In 1832, he is in Macao. His father's health is failing, however, and Kyle plans to fulfill his lifelong dream of seeing the Temple of Hoshan, "an image of peace and unearthly beauty," then return to England to resume his duties as Lord Maxwell. Unfortunately, China is closed to all Fan-qui (foreigners) and Kyle must stay within the confines of the Canton Settlement, a narrow strip of warehouses serving as shipping point for all European and American trade companies. In order to sneak into the Chinese countryside, Kyle enlists the aid of Jin Kang, who he thinks is a young male Chinese interpreter. Jin is actually Troth Mei-Lian Montgomery, feisty daughter of a Scottish trader and Chinese concubine, who is forced to make her living by spying on "foreign devils." Kyle's rash escapade is predictably unsuccessful, as he is discovered and sentenced to death. He marries Troth (symbolically) and dispatches her to England to tell his family of his fateAwhich, of course, turns out to be different from what she imagines. In chapters alternating between Troth's experiences in England and flashbacks to her adventures with Kyle in China, Putney contrives an awkward tale, dependant for its drama on Kyle's belief that he can never love again, and on Troth's fear of rejection by Kyle's family. Though the conflict rarely grips, the sex scenes are adequately steamy, and Putney provides plenty of atmospheric details.

From Library Journal

Picking up the story of the "irresponsible twin" from The Wild Child (LJ 8/99), Putney's latest historical sweeps its adventure-seeking hero to the other side of the globe and into the narrow, conflicted life of Troth Mei-Lian Montgomery, an orphaned Eurasian daughter of a Scottish trader, with dangerous, passionate, and life-changing results. A master at creating unusual, sympathetic characters in compelling relational situations, Putney takes a woman caught between two worlds and a British peer who has vowed never to marry again and sends them on a forbidden journey that not only challenges their preconceptions about life and each other but eventually brings them love as well. Smoothly integrated references to the ancient practices of tai chi, feng shui, and wing chun add interest and authenticity to this highly sensual, emotionally involving romance, which also addresses a number of women's and ethnic issues still relevant today. This elegantly written work is sure to join Putney's earlier novels in most library romance collections. Putney is a best-selling RITA Award winner and lives in Baltimore.


Award-winning author Mary Jo Putney captivated the hearts of readers everywhere with her breathtaking debut, The Wild Child. Now, in her new novel, The China Bride, she has created another fiercely moving love story and another endearing heroine – a rare beauty torn between two cultures who valiantly struggles to discover the woman she is destined to be.

Born to a Scottish father, Troth Montgomery, betrothed to her life as a concubine, never imagined she would one day leave the Orient to arrive at the English estate of a stranger – the brother of the man who had briefly been her husband. Kyle Renbourne, Viscount of Maxwell, had taken Troth as his bride shortly before his apparent execution in a Chinese prison. Now, as his widow, she is entitled to the home she always dreamed of but remains haunted by the memory of a dashing husband and the brief, forbidden love they shared. But then Kyle Renbourne is seemingly reborn, though his mind and body are badly wounded. Together, Troth and Kyle embark on a miraculous journey of hope, faith, and struggle against a deadly menace that has followed them halfway across the world.

"She squeezed his hand, and in her grip he felt the pulse of her chi. Pure and bright, it glowed with a compassion that warmed the depths of his darkness… He felt scalded, melted, transformed."

Written with elegance and gentle passion, The China Bride is a stirring tale of lasting love and the power of forgiveness told by a master storyteller.

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Обложка книги To Pleasure a Lady To Pleasure a Lady

 Автор: Jordan Nicole

 Серия: The Courtship Wars

New York Times best-selling author Nicole Jordan spins a delectable tale of wit and sensuality in this delicious Regency romance, the captivating first in a dazzling new trilogy, The Courtship Wars.

Marcus Pierce, a strikingly handsome aristocrat with a wicked reputation, inherits guardianship of spirited Arabella Loring and her two younger sisters - and immediately declares his intention to marry them off. But enchantingly defiant Arabella sparks frustration - and something deeply erotic - in Marcus. After matching both wits and swords with her, the possessive nobleman concludes this beautiful and formidable foe must be his.

Having sworn off marriage and men, Arabella wishes to be left alone to run her finishing school for young ladies. To that end, she boldly accepts Marcus's intimate challenge: if he can woo and win her within two weeks, she'll take her place in his bed as his wife. However, if she can resist his considerable charms, the Loring sisters will be granted their independence. Thus an extraordinary game of seduction begins....

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Обложка книги To Bed a Beaty To Bed a Beaty

 Автор: Jordan Nicole

 Серия: The Courtship Wars

New York Times best-selling author Nicole Jordan takes the delights of the Regency mating game to breathless new heights in this daring second novel of a superb new trilogy, The Courtship Wars.

Clever and charming Roslyn Loring, the middle child of three beautiful, independent sisters, knows that true happiness lies in a marriage of the heart - and she has hers set on a love-match with a neighboring earl. Yet her sharp mind has observed an undeniable truth: Gentlemen lavish passion on their mistresses, not their wives. Roslyn realizes that to win her future husband's devotion, she must learn the secrets of kindling a gentleman's ardor. Fortunately, she finds a willing tutor in Drew Moncrief, the Duke of Arden, a notorious rake whispered to be London's most magnificent lover. If his searing kisses are any indication, the duke is the ideal man to teach Roslyn how to be the perfect mistress.

Drew begins schooling Roslyn while coolly guarding his heart. But as best-laid plans are thwarted by unexpected events - including a night of unforgettable passion - Roslyn and her wickedly arousing tutor discover how easily lessons in pleasure can become lessons in love....

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Обложка книги To Seduce a Bride To Seduce a Bride

 Автор: Jordan Nicole

 Серия: The Courtship Wars

    Lord Claybourne’s hands covered Lily’s shoulders, lightly massaging. Then bending, he covered her mouth with his in a slow, devastating, spellbinding kiss that sent searing heat arcing between them again.

    “Don’t you see?” he asked, his voice husky and low. “Whatever this is between us, it deserves exploring.”

    Dazed, Lily opened her eyes. Yes, she saw. She was aching with nameless longing…aching for him. Giving a frustrated groan, she slid out from his embrace and backed away, putting as much space as possible between them.

    His lordship locked gazes with her, regarding her intently. With shaking fingers, Lily tucked a loose tendril of hair behind her ear and swallowed hard. Yet her voice was still a hoarse rasp when she finally spoke. “You are mistaken if you think I will meekly surrender just because you are a marvelous kisser.”

    “I think nothing of the kind,” he said, his tone wry. “You haven’t a meek bone in your lovely body, I’ll warrant.”

    “No, and I will never accept your proposal of marriage, either,” Lily said firmly.

    The smile he gave her was utterly beautiful and utterly maddening. “We shall see.”

Seduction has never been more enticing than in this third novel of Nicole Jordan's enthralling Regency trilogy, The Courtship Wars.

Spirited beauty Lilian Loring believes that love is too risky a venture and marriage is best avoided entirely -- even if her unwanted suitor comes as deliciously packaged as Heath Griffin, the Marquess of Claybourne. The charismatic rogue has never had a woman discourage his advances. But after a show of resolve, Lily melts under Heath's sensuous kisses. Indeed, perhaps that is why she decides to hide out in the last place a gentleman would look for a lady: a house of scandalous repute.

In bold pursuit, Heath discovers his enchanting spitfire cheerfully instructing the demimonde in the art of deportment and manners. Now the thrill of the chase is exceeded only by his powerful need to possess Lily as his bride. For Heath, victory in their game of passion means nothing less than winning Lily's elusive heart...

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Обложка книги To Romance a Charming Rogue To Romance a Charming Rogue

 Автор: Jordan Nicole

 Серия: The Courtship Wars

Eleanor's heart gave a jolt when she looked up to find Damon's face at her open bedroom window.

Her jaw dropping, she watched in disbelief as he eased his broad shoulders through the window and hauled himself inside, then lowered his feet to the carpet.

He was still dressed in formal evening wear, Eleanor noted distractedly, but that wasn't what held her speechless. It was the fact that he had climbed up two stories to a lady's bedchamber, after midnight, bold as you please.

“Damon!” she exclaimed, her voice a high, breathless rasp. “What the devil are you doing here?”

“I believe we left our conversation unfinished,” he said coolly, crossing the room toward her bed.

“To Romance A Charming Rogue is Nicole Jordan at her finest! Sexy, sensual, and sparkling with wit, this book is a complete charmer!” -KAREN HAWKINS, New York Times bestselling author of To Catch a Highlander

The bold games of passion play out with delicious consequences in this fourth novel of Nicole Jordan's seductive new series, The Courtship Wars.

Two years ago, lively beauty Eleanor Pierce spied her dashing betrothed, Damon Stafford, Viscount Wrexham, with his former mistress and furiously ended their engagement. Now the charming rake is back in London, meddling in Eleanor's affairs, bent on thwarting her new suitor. And when Damon's intoxicating kisses rekindle her deepest longing, Eleanor loses her heart... again. But as she has no intention of allowing history to repeat itself, she embarks on a plan of tantalizing seduction, vowing to tame the rogue before she surrenders to his wicked, willful desires....

Determined to stop another man from wooing and winning the woman he loves, Damon knows that claiming Eleanor's heart is all that matters. But this scandalously bold beauty means to beat him at his own game of romance - a game he is ready and willing to lose.

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Обложка книги The Convenient Marriage The Convenient Marriage

 Автор: Хейер Джорджетт

When young, plain Horatia Winwood informs the Earl of Rule that her beautiful older sister, Lizzie, doesn't want to marry him and offers herself instead, the Earl, surprised and intrigued by the spirited, unconventional Horry, agrees, setting the stage for a romp rife with misadventure, jealousy, plots, duels, and romance.

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Обложка книги The Notorious Lord The Notorious Lord

 Автор: Cornick Nicola

Book 1 of the Bluestocking Brides Trilogy. Miss Rachel Odell and Cory, Lord Newlyn, are childhood friends but when Cory comes to Midwinter Royal to assist Rachel's antiquarian parents in the excavation of the famous burial site, they find their feelings for each other have changed. Rachel and Cory want different things in life. Rachel detests the travelling that has always been a part of her parents' profession. To Cory the quest for adventure is as necessary as breathing. But now Cory has another pursuit on his mind… How can he make Rachel see that they could be so much more than just good friends?

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Обложка книги The Scandals Of An Innocent The Scandals Of An Innocent

 Автор: Cornick Nicola

Miss Alice Lister feels anything but respectable. Bad enough that she is a maid-turned-heiress. Now the insufferably attractive Lord Miles Vickery is certain he can gain her fortune by blackmailing her into marriage – even though it was his deceitful charm that broke her heart once before. But she's positive the terms of her inheritance will prove an impossible task. After all, what rake could be completely honest for three long months?

For his part, Miles finds his newfound frankness invaluable in entangling Alice in positions deliciously unbecoming of a lady. Of course, he doesn't yet know that he's falling hopelessly in love with this formidable innocent.or that he will soon go to impossible lengths to prove himself hers forever…

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Обложка книги The Undoing Of A Lady The Undoing Of A Lady

 Автор: Cornick Nicola

Courting scandal since girlhood, free-spirited Lady Elizabeth Scarlet vows there is just one way to save her childhood friend from a loveless marriage: to kidnap him! But Nathaniel is furious. So angry that he challenges her to take their assignation to its natural conclusion and seduce him.

When her inexperienced attempt flares into intense passion, Lizzie is ruined.and hopelessly, unexpectedly, in love with Nathaniel, the Earl of Waterhouse. Now the wild and willful Lizzie must convince Nat that they are a perfect match – in every way.

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Обложка книги The Three Colonels The Three Colonels

 Автор: Caldwell Jack

Love reigns supreme for our three brave colonels at the start of this epic tale. Colonels Fitzwilliam, Buford, and Brandon are enjoying their courtships and their early married lives with three beloved Jane Austen heroines. The couples lead tranquil lives - until Napoleon escapes from exile. While the military men set out to meet their destiny on the fields of Waterloo, Anne, Caroline, and Marianne defend their hearts against the fear of losing their loved ones.

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Обложка книги The Caspian Gates The Caspian Gates

 Автор: Sidebottom Harry

 Серия: Warrior of Rome

Обложка книги The Garden Intrigue The Garden Intrigue

 Автор: Уиллиг Лорен

 Серия: Pink Carnation

In the ninth installment of Lauren Willig's bestselling Pink Carnation series, an atrocious poet teams up with an American widow to prevent Napoleon's invasion of England.

Secret agent Augustus Whittlesby has spent a decade undercover in France, posing as an insufferably bad poet. The French surveillance officers can't bear to read his work closely enough to recognize the information drowned in a sea of verbiage.

New York-born Emma Morris Delagardie is a thorn in Augustus's side. An old school friend of Napoleon's stepdaughter, she came to France with her uncle, the American envoy; eloped with a Frenchman; and has been rattling around the salons of Paris ever since. Widowed for four years, she entertains herself by drinking too much champagne, holding a weekly salon, and loudly critiquing Augustus's poetry.

As Napoleon pursues his plans for the invasion of England, Whittlesby hears of a top-secret device to be demonstrated at a house party at Malmaison. The catch? The only way in is with Emma, who has been asked to write a masque for the weekend's entertainment.

Emma is at a crossroads: Should she return to the States or remain in France? She'll do anything to postpone the decision-even if it means teaming up with that silly poet Whittlesby to write a masque for Bonaparte's house party. But each soon learns that surface appearances are misleading. In this complicated masque within a masque, nothing goes quite as scripted- especially Augustus's feelings for Emma.

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Обложка книги The Stranger I Married The Stranger I Married

 Автор: Day Sylvia

Sizzling, sensual romance and unforgettable characters combine in Sylvia Day's newest novel about a marriage of convenience that takes an unexpected turn…into true passion.

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Обложка книги The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance

 Автор: Adams Cat, Maclaine Jenna, Telep Trisha, Ashley Jennifer, Gellis Roberta, Delacroix Claire, Welfonder Sue-Ellen, Miles Cindy, Cullen Ciar, Taylor Helen Scott, Kennedy Shirley, Maguire Margo, Krinard Susan, McDermott Pat, Williams Nadia, England Dara, Givens Kathleen, Newgent Sandra, Holby Cindy, Neri Penelope, Rice Patricia

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Обложка книги The mischief of the mistletoe The mischief of the mistletoe

 Автор: Willig Lauren

'Tis the season to get Pink! Lauren Willig's beloved Pink Carnation series gets into the holiday spirit with this irresistible Regency Christmas caper.

Arabella Dempsey's dear friend Jane Austen warned her against teaching. But Miss Climpson's Select Seminary for Young Ladies seems the perfect place for Arabella to claim her independence while keeping an eye on her younger sisters nearby. Just before Christmas, she accepts a position at the quiet girls' school in Bath, expecting to face nothing more exciting than conducting the annual Christmas recital. She hardly imagines coming face to face with French aristocrats and international spies…

Reginald "Turnip"Fitzhugh-often mistaken for the elusive spy known as the Pink Carnation- has blundered into danger before. But when he blunders into Miss Arabella Dempsey, it never occurs to him that she might be trouble. When Turnip and Arabella stumble upon a beautifully wrapped Christmas pudding with a cryptic message written in French, "Meet me at Farley Castle," the unlikely vehicle for intrigue launches the pair on a Yuletide adventure that ranges from the Austens'modest drawing room to the awe-inspiring estate of the Dukes of Dovedale, where the Dowager Duchess is hosting the most anticipated event of the year: an elaborate twelve-day Christmas celebration. Will they find poinsettias or peril, dancing or danger? Is it possible that the fate of the British Empire rests in Arabella's and Turnip's hands, in the form of a festive Christmas pudding?

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Обложка книги The Beloved Scoundrel The Beloved Scoundrel

 Автор: Johansen Iris

Now, from nationally best-selling Iris Johansen comes a thrilling tale of abduction, seduction, and surrender that sweeps from the shimmering halls of Regency England to the decadent haunts of a notorious rogue…

She was a hostage torn between passion and loyalty…

Marianna Sanders realized she could not trust this dark and savagely seductive stranger who had come to spirit her away across the sea. She possessed a secret that could topple an empire, a secret that Jordan Draken, the duke of Cambaron, was determined to wrest from her. In the eyes of the world the arrogant duke was her guardian, but they both knew she was to be a prisoner in his sinister plot-and a slave to his exquisite pleasure.

He was the fabulous rake they called the Duke of Diamonds…

For years, brilliant, deadly Jordan Draken had schemed to destroy the emperor who threatened everything he valued most in the world. Now that he held this defiant woman who was the key to his final triumph, he felt a fierce sense of satisfaction…and the first stirring of desire. She was only supposed to be a pawn in his plans, but once alone with his captive, Jordan realized she was a prize he could never surrender.

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Обложка книги This Fierce Splendor This Fierce Splendor

 Автор: Johansen Iris

In a classic historical romance from #1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen, a bookish beauty and her rogue guide go in search of a city lost to the sands of time – and find a burning passion.

Ever since she was a little girl, Elspeth MacGregor has dreamed of completing her father's quest to find the legendary lost city of Kantalan. After poring over textbooks, atlases, and tribal legends, Elspath knows everything there is to know about the ancient metropolis – except how to reach it. Now she's made the journey to Hell's Bluff, Arizona, in search of the man who may be her last hope of reaching Kantalan, despite his dangerous reputation… or maybe because of it.

The last thing Dominic Delaney needs is to lead some stubborn scholar around on a wild goose chase. A wanted man, Dominic has never had time for fairy tales. But there's something about Elspeth's fiery determination that has him willing to suspend disbelief… and something about Dominic that has Elspath falling for the wrong man. Now, to reach the magnificent riches of Kantalan, the mismatched pair must first conquer the dark mysteries of desire.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Remember the Time, The Vow, The Baron, Lightning That Lingers, Tall, Dark, and Lonesome, Dream Lover, and Legends.

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Обложка книги Then Comes Seduction Then Comes Seduction

 Автор: Balogh Mary

 Серия: Huxtable Quintet

At four in the morning, the night of his twenty-fifth birthday, Baron Montford finds himself quite sauced with a large group of gentlemen in his library. Spurred on by revelry, pride, and drink, Montford takes on a wager he'll soon regret: to successfully seduce the virtuous Katherine Huxtable within the coming fortnight.

The Huxtables have recently fallen into a great deal of wealth and prominence, and Katherine Huxtable knows that she's been lucky in every way but one. Despite her great beauty and newfound life of leisure, Katherine believes she is not made for passion or romance. She has avoided any suitors and all men of the ton, Lord Montford most of all due to his notoriety of as a dangerous rakehell.

With a sour reputation, Baron Montford certainly has a steep hill to climb - will he lose his wager or perhaps even his heart?

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Обложка книги The Seduction of the Crimson Rose The Seduction of the Crimson Rose

 Автор: Уиллиг Лорен

 Серия: Pink Carnation

The fourth installment in Willig’s Pink Carnation series finds beautiful, ambitious Mary Allsworthy still smarting from her sister Letty’s inadvertent theft of her suitor in The Deception of the Emerald Ring (2007). At the suggestion of the Pink Carnation, the imperious Lord Vaughn recruits Mary to help him uncover the identity of the Black Tulip, a French spy who threatens England’s interests. As determined as Mary is to find a husband, Lord Vaughn, a widower, is equally determined not to succumb to her charms, creating a palpable friction between the two. The closer they get to their goal of finding the Black Tulip, the more their adversarial feelings dissolve into attraction, even love, just as a secret from Vaughn’s past threatens to keep them apart forever. In the present, graduate student Eloise Kelly delves deeper into the archival papers to discover the Black Tulip’s identity. Willig’s series gets better with each addition, and her latest is filled with swashbuckling fun, romance, and intrigue.

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Обложка книги The Mischief of the Mistletoe The Mischief of the Mistletoe

 Автор: Уиллиг Лорен

 Серия: Pink Carnation

Set between the fourth and fifth novels in her charming Pink Carnation series, Willig offers up a holiday tale centered around Turnip Fitzhugh, the bumbling but well-meaning nobleman who is often mistaken for the English spy known as the Pink Carnation. Turnip isn’t looking for trouble when he visits his younger sister at her boarding school, but when he literally runs into Arabella Dempsey, a pretty young teacher, the two find themselves drawn into international intrigue via an unlikely source: a message written in French on the wrapping of a Christmas pudding. Turnip’s own limited experiences with espionage lead him to want to check it out, and Arabella agrees to go along. What seems like a frivolous endeavor soon proves to be something else entirely when Turnip learns of a missing list of English spies in France and Arabella is attacked after a school play. Forget all the Austen updates and clones — Willig is writing the best Regency-era fiction today. This delectable, exciting holiday tale will appeal to longtime fans of the series and newcomers alike.

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Обложка книги The Orchid Affair The Orchid Affair

 Автор: Уиллиг Лорен

 Серия: Pink Carnation

Hot on the heels of The Mischief of the Mistletoe (2010), Willig’s engaging spy series continues with an adventure set in Napoleonic France. Fresh out of spy school, Laura Grey has been dubbed the Silver Orchid and sent to France to be a governess to the children of Andre Jaouen, the deputy minister of police. It is up to Laura to discover if Jaouen and the sinister inspector Gaston Delaroche are about to thwart a Royalist plot to put a prince of royal blood back on the throne. Working with the legendary spy known as the Pink Carnation, Laura is surprised to uncover where Jaouen’s loyalties truly lie when a respected artist, Antoine Daubier, is arrested by the dastardly Delaroche. After rescuing Daubier and being forced to flee France with him and the royal heir, Laura and Andre pose as a married couple in a troupe of actors and find themselves battling their powerful feelings for each other. Another delightfully delectable adventure from Willig, who expands her rich, appealing stable of characters with each entry.

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Обложка книги The Temptation of the Night Jasmine The Temptation of the Night Jasmine

 Автор: Уиллиг Лорен

 Серия: Pink Carnation

Willig spins another sultry spy tale in her fifth installment of the Pink Carnation series. When Robert, duke of Dovedale, returns after more than a decade abroad, Lady Charlotte Lansdowne hopes the romantic world of her novels will soon come to life in the form of a love story between her and Robert. But the duke has come back from India to track Arthur Wrothan, a spy who killed Robert's mentor, and though his and Charlotte's reunion culminates in a blaze of kisses, he abandons her to track down his nemesis. On the trail, Robert cavorts with the Hellfire Club, which holds opium-fueled orgies that provide cover for Wrothan. In the meantime, Charlotte's efforts to help the king throw her again into Robert's path. The story unfolds within the frame of a contemporary love affair between Eloise, a Harvard graduate student researching spies of the late 18th and early 19th century, and Colin Selwick, descendant of one of the spies who so pique Eloise's interest. The author's conflation of historical fact, quirky observations and nicely rendered romances results in an elegant and grandly entertaining book.

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Обложка книги The Betrayal of the Blood Lily The Betrayal of the Blood Lily

 Автор: Уиллиг Лорен

 Серия: Pink Carnation

Willig switches the setting of her Pink Carnation series from eighteenth-century England to colonial India in the sixth installment, which finds wild Penelope Deveraux married off to Lord Frederick Staines after the two are caught in a compromising position. Though they connect physically, the spirited, witty Penelope and the pompous, hedonistic Freddy have little in common. Freddy’s new position as special envoy to an English ambassador has brought them both to India, where rumors of intrigue involving a French spy known as the Marigold are afoot. Already floundering in her loveless marriage, Penelope sets out to unmask the spy, suspecting that their serious escort, Captain Alex Reid, might be the culprit. But as Penelope grows closer to Alex, her suspicions give way to a deep mutual attraction. Willig brings colonial India to vibrant life through Penelope’s eyes, and the sparks flying between Penelope and Alex generate plenty of heat. By taking the story to India, Willig injects a new energy in her already thriving, thrilling series, and presents the best entry to date.

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Обложка книги The Reluctant Widow The Reluctant Widow

 Автор: Хейер Джорджетт

Eleanor's adventure begins when she inadvertently mistakes the carriage waiting at the coach stop for one sent by her prospective employer, Mrs. Macclesfield. She finds herself carried to the estate of one Ned Carlyon, whom Eleanor mistakes for Mr. Macclesfield. Carlyon, meanwhile, believes Eleanor to be the young woman he hired to marry his dying cousin, Eustace Cheviot, in order to avoid inheriting Cheviot's estate himself. Somehow, Eleanor is talked into marrying Eustace on his deathbed and thus becomes a wealthy widow almost as soon as the ring is on her finger. What starts out as a simple business arrangement soon becomes much more complicated as housebreakers, uninvited guests, a shocking murder, missing government papers, and a dog named Bouncer all contribute to this lively, frequently hilarious tale of mistaken identities, foreign espionage, and unexpected love set during the Napoleonic Wars.

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Обложки нет To Catch an Heiress

 Автор: Quinn Julia

Обложка книги The Gift The Gift

 Автор: Garwood Julie

A child bride, Sara Winchester had grown into a winsome beauty, joyfully anticipating the day when her husband Nathan, Marquess of St. James, would return to claim her heart at last. Charmingly innocent, she dismissed the ancient feud that divided Nathan's family from her own.. .and she was totally unaware of his past exploits as the notorious pirate, Pagan. The man who now stood before her was perplexing, arrogant, and powerfully handsome...a warrior-gentleman whose touch aroused her to the wildest, deepest pleasures of love.

Nathan had never bared his soul to any woman but he was soon utterly beguiled and exasperated by Sara's sweet, defiant ways. Aboard his ship, The Seahawk, she was brave, imperious, and determined to win his heart completely—yet upon their return to England, her love would be sorely tested as a vile conspiracy tried to tear them apart. With their future at stake, they would discover the true destiny of their passion.. .for all time!

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Обложка книги The Bride The Bride

 Автор: Garwood Julie

By edict of the king, the mighty Scottish laird Alec Kincaid must take an English bride. His choice was Jamie, youngest daughter of Baron Jamison...a feisty, violet-eyed beauty. Alec ached to touch her, to tame her, to possess her...forever. But Jamie vowed never to surrender to this highland barbarian.

He was everything her heart warned against—an arrogant scoundrel whose rough good looks spoke of savage pleasures. And though Kincaid's scorching kisses fired her blood, she brazenly resisted him...until one rapturous moment quelled their clash of wills, and something far more dangerous than desire threatened to conquer her senses....

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Обложка книги The Lion's Lady The Lion's Lady

 Автор: Garwood Julie

Christina Bennett had taken London society by storm. The ravishing beauty guarded the secret of her mysterious past until the night Lyon, Marquis of Lyonwood, stole a searching, sensuous kiss. An arrogant nobleman with a pirate's passions, he tasted the wildfire smoldering beneath Christina's cool charm and swore to possess her... But the feisty and defiant Christina would not be so easily conquered. Mistress of her heart and of her fortune, she resisted Lyon's sensuous caresses. She dared not surrender to his love... for then, she must also forsake her precious secret... and her promised destiny!

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Обложка книги The Prize The Prize

 Автор: Garwood Julie

In the resplendence of William the Conqueror's London court, the lovely Saxon captive Nicholaa was forced to choose a husband from the assembled Norman nobles. She chose Royce, a baron warrior whose fierce demeanor could not conceal his chivalrous and tender heart- Resourceful, rebellious, and utterly naive, Nicholaa vowed to bend Royce to her will, despite the whirlwind of feelings he aroused in her. Ferocious in battle, seasoned in passion, Royce was surprised by the depth of his emotion whenever he caressed his charming bride.

In a climate of utmost treachery, where Saxons still intrigued against their Norman invaders, Royce and Nicholaa reveled in their precious new love...a fervent bond soon to be disrupted by the call of blood, kin, and country!

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Обложка книги The Secret The Secret

 Автор: Garwood Julie

Judith Hampton was as beautiful as she was proud and loyal. Her dear Scottish friend from childhood was about to give birth, and Judith had promised to be at her side. But there was another, private reason for the journey from her bleak English home to the Highlands: to meet the father she had never known, the Laird Maclean. Nothing prepared her, however, for the sight of the Scottish barbarian who was to escort her into his land...Iain Maitland, Laird of his clan, a man more powerfully compelling than any she had ever encountered.

In a spirited clash of wills and customs, Judith reveled in the melting bliss of Iain's searching kisses, his passionate caresses. Perplexed by her sprightly defiance, bemused by her tender nature, Iain felt his soul growing into the light and warmth of her love. Surely nothing would wrench her from the affection and trust of Iain and his clan...not even the truth about her father, a devastating secret that could shatter the boldest alliance, and the most glorious of loves!

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Обложка книги The Wedding The Wedding

 Автор: Garwood Julie

Journeying from England to Scotland to wed a highlander, Lady Brenna was resigned to the arranged match. But when a band of fierce, painted warriors captured her en route, she fearlessly met their demand to marry their leader—the quick-tempered laird Connor MacAlister. She couldn't know that her capture was merely the first act of vengeance against her betrothed, Connor's sworn enemy... Nor could she deny that she had once proposed to MacAlister years ago, as a child charmed by his dazzling, unexpected smile. Now, chosen to bear the laird a son, Brenna is caught in the crossfire of a furious clan war—with the gallant hero she has come to love at its fiery center.

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Обложка книги The Concubine The Concubine

 Автор: Lee Jade


“You must undress,” he said

Ji Yue recoiled in shock, her heart beating triple time. It was one thing to be the woman caressing Bo Tao, bringing him to a place where he had no control over his body. It was quite another to remove her own attire.

“If you wish to know how to seduce a man,” Bo Tao said softly. “It begins with your body. And your body is very beautiful to me, Ji Yue.” She saw honesty in his eyes, and her heart broke. How had she come to this?

But if her future was in a harem-many women to one man-she would take whatever memories she could. So she put her hands on her buttons and began to pull off her clothes.

“No. Not like you are at a dressmaker’s,” he said. “Slowly, shyly. But with a hunger in your eyes.”

As a virgin, she should not know what he meant, but she felt a longing and a building excitement in what she did. And in what they risked together. She looked at him, letting him see her desire, her fears and her desperate wish…

“My heaven…” he murmured. And if she doubted the desire in his voice, all she had to do was look down. His jade stem was making an appearance…

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Обложка книги Time’s Legacy Time’s Legacy

 Автор: Erskine Barbara

Barbara Erskine returns with this beautiful and haunting tale of dark forces and mystical powers. In present-day Cambridge, Abi, a recently-ordained priest of the Church of England, is appointed to a notoriously difficult parish. The priest in charge is the charismatic but fundamentalist Kier. He objects to her mysticism, her practice of healing in particular. When she sees a vision of a congregation in an old church, Kier accuses her of witchcraft, but Abi soon sees more visions; an entire Roman family history, dark with betrayal and a promise of bloody revenge. With foreboding forces building up to violence, Abi must battle the approaching terror along with her own personal demons, drawing upon the expertise of Druidry and shamanism from a questionable source…

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Обложка книги The Copeland Bride The Copeland Bride

 Автор: Cole Justine

All London knew her as "Her Highness", the fiery temptress who robbed men of their gold.

But it was proud, untouched Noelle Dorian who was cruelly abducted by Quinn Copeland, the rugged American shipping heir, and, in one brutal act of passion, forced to take his family name.

Transformed by Copeland wealth, abandoned by Quinn, Noelle's rare beauty blossomed in London society. But beneath her soft grace burned a vow of vengeance and a passion for the man whose jet-black eyes and powerful touch she would never forget…

For Quinn would return-to carry her off to the bold shores of the New World. Together they were destined to carve a new life in the harsh wilderness, bound by a love as glorious, as savage, as their pride.

From Soho pickpocket to society belle, from London to the shores of the New World, hers was a game of passion and chance.

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Обложка книги To Conquer Mr. Darcy To Conquer Mr. Darcy

 Автор: Reynolds Abigail

What if...

Instead of disappearing from Elizabeth Bennet's life after she refused his offer of marriage, Mr. Darcy had stayed and tried to change her mind?

What if...

Lizzy, as she gets to know Darcy, finds him undeniably attractive and her impulses win out over her sense of propriety?

What if...

Madly in love and mutually on fire, their passion anticipates their wedding?

In To Conquer Mr. Darcy, instead of avoiding Elizabeth after his ill-fated marriage proposal, Mr. Darcy follows her back to Hertfordshire to prove to her he is a changed man and worthy of her love. And little by little, Elizabeth begins to find the man she thought she despised, irresistible...

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Обложка книги The Season The Season

 Автор: MacLean Sarah

In Regency London, Alexandra is about to embark on her first season of balls and dinners, and while nothing would steer her mother from the course of marrying off her only daughter, 17-year-old Alex is put off by men's seeming lack of interest in women with any amount of intelligence (Evidently, it scares eligible gentlemen off). Her opinions about romance change when she develops feelings for her brothers' friend Gavin, who is mourning the sudden death of his father (making Gavin the new earl of Blackmoor). Mac-Lean's debut is well paced, and as readers fill up on descriptions of dresses and society's rules, another plot line develops: Alex overhears a conversation proving that Gavin's father was murdered, and she puts her relationship, reputation and life in danger to help him. Readers will appreciate the clique lit/historical romance hybrid: headstrong Alex rolls her eyes and gossips with friends, but still knows the steps to the quadrille. Clever conversation in the spirit of Jane Austen makes this quite a page turner.

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Обложка книги The Nonesuch The Nonesuch

 Автор: Хейер Джорджетт

Sir Waldo Hawkridge, known in London society as 'the Nonesuch' for his sporting abilities and perfect manners, is obliged to go into Yorkshire to inspect a property that he has just inherited.

Sir Waldo is a very wealthy and philanthropic man, and intends to renovate the house to turn it into yet another of his charity orphanages.

While there, he meets Tiffany Wield, a positively dazzling young heiress who is entirely selfish and possessed of a frightful temper, as well as her far more elegant companion-governess, Ancilla Trent.

While Waldo's young cousin, Lord Lindeth, falls in and out of love with the young ladies of the neighborhood, Waldo must convince the practical Miss Trent that it is not above her station as a governess to fall in love with him.

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Обложка книги The Masqueraders The Masqueraders

 Автор: Хейер Джорджетт

Such a daring escape…

Their infamous adventurer father has taught Prudence Tremaine and her brother Robin to be masters of disguise. Ending up on the wrong side of the Jacobite rebellion, brother and sister flee to London, Prudence pretending to be a dashing young buck, and Robin a lovely young lady.

Could cost them both their hearts…

Then Prudence meets the elegant Sir Anthony Fanshawe, and Robin becomes the mysterious hero of the charming Letitia Grayson, and in order to have what they truly want, the two masqueraders must find a way to unmask themselves without losing their lives…

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Обложка книги The Grand Sophy The Grand Sophy

 Автор: Хейер Джорджетт

Sophy, the "little" niece of Lady Ombersley is sent to London to stay with her aunt. However, somewhere in the decade or so since her aunt last saw her, Sophy has grown into a rather tall, imposing woman, with a personality to match. She is good-natured, sociable, and utterly independent. She soon has the Ombersley household in the palm of her hand — well all except Charles, the eldest son who takes a rather dim view of her. Charles's pious fiancée, Eugenia Wraxton, is also not impressed by her and attempts to bring her into line with London manners — but Sophy, with unimpaired good-manners and immense charm usually manages to get her own way.

Having established herself in the Ombersley Household Sophy soon sees how much they need her. Charles is clearly about marry the wrong woman (Eugenia), his sister, Cecilia is caught up with a clearly unsuitbale poet, and younger brother has Hubert trapped in some clearly dark sort of activity which he cannot escape from. At the same time Sophy's soon to be mother-in-law, Sancia looks to be straying herself.

Sophy's ability to orchestrate this huge cast of characters all to fitting ends is truly marvellous - and highly enjoyable. 

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Обложка книги The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance

 Автор: Telep Trisha, Kennedy Shirley, Maguire Margo, Rice Patricia, Grange Amanda, Hern Candice, Campbell Anna, Boyle Elizabeth, Kelly Vanessa, Lawson Anthea, Wildes Emma, DeHart Robyn, Kelley Christie, Ball Leah, Linden Caroline, Marvelle Delilah, Bennett Sara, Page Sharon, Templeton Julia, Raleigh Deborah, Metzger Barbara, Young Michele Ann, Jewel Carolyn, Heath Lorraine

Includes big name contributors such as Anna Campbell, Lorraine Heath, Barbara Metzger, Deborah Raleigh and Elizabeth Boyle.

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Обложка книги The Quiet Gentleman The Quiet Gentleman

 Автор: Хейер Джорджетт

Gervase Frant, Lord St. Erth, heir to broad acres and an ancient and variegated pile known as Stanyon, returns from the Napoleonic Wars to find he is something less than welcome in the ancestral bosom. His widowed stepmother would greatly have preferred his glorious death in battle on the Continent. She has no desire to relinquish her position, and she has hoped that her own son Martin would inherit.

The Earl, in his quiet way, quickly makes a conquest of two eligible young ladies on the scene, but it becomes almost immediately apparent that someone at Stanyon would prefer to have him die by a means more sudden than old age.

Georgette Heyer's comical genius never fails to deliver delight.

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Обложка книги The Trouble With Harry The Trouble With Harry

 Автор: MacAlister Katie

 Серия: Noble

1. He is Plum's new husband. Not normally a problem, but when you consider that Harry advertised for a wife, and Plum was set to marry his secretary, there was cause for a bit of confusion.

2. He has a title. Plum has spent the last twenty years hiding from the ton, and now Harry wants her to shine in society? Horrors!

3. He doesn't know about her shocking secret. How is she going to explain about the dead husband who isn't a husband ... and who now seems to be alive again?

4. He's fallen in love with her. And yet, the maddening man refuses to confide in her. For Plum knows the real trouble with Harry is that he's stolen her heart.

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Обложка книги There Must Be Murder There Must Be Murder

 Автор: Sullivan Margaret C, Chouinard (illustrator) Cassandra

Henry and Catherine Tilney are content with their married life: a comfortable parsonage, their dogs, and one another. The idea of returning to Bath a year after they first met there seems like it can only add to their happiness; but Catherine finds that Bath still carries social dangers that she must learn to navigate. What is the nature of Henry's past relationship with a beautiful young woman? Why is a rakish baronet paying Catherine such particular attention? Is General Tilney going to marry the woman known in Bath as The Merry Widow — and what did she have to do with her husband's death? And will Henry ever be able to keep his Newfoundland out of the river? Revisit the winter pleasures of Georgian Bath with your favorite characters from Jane Austen's hilarious Northanger Abbey, and prepare for a bit of romance, a bit of mystery, and a very nice story indeed!

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Обложка книги The Trouble with Mr. Darcy The Trouble with Mr. Darcy

 Автор: Lathan Sharon

 Серия: The Darcy Saga

In the fifth in Sharon Lathan's bestselling series, George Wickham returns to Hertfordshire bent on creating trouble, and Elizabeth and her young son are thrown into danger. Knowing that Wickham has nothing left to lose, Darcy and Fitzwilliam rush to the rescue in a race against time.

This lushly romantic story takes a turn for the swashbuckling when Mr. Darcy has to confront the villainous Wickham and his own demons at the same time... devoted as he is, what battles within will Mr. Darcy have to face?

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Обложка книги The Darcys Give a Ball The Darcys Give a Ball

 Автор: Newark Elizabeth

This light and airy bow to the Darcys after their marriage offers an acceptably Austenian setting. With their children and those of their neighbors and friends coming into their own, it behooves Elizabeth and Darcy to give a ball; they're mostly offscreen while several Pride and Prejudice plot lines are resolved neatly. Mr. Collins finally receives his feverishly anticipated inheritance of Longbourn; he dreams of leaving the clergy and joining the landed gentry. (Charlotte Collins, his wife, must be ambiguous about his goals, in deference to her friendship for Elizabeth Darcy.) Miss Anne De Bourgh, daughter of the late redoubtable Lady Catherine De Bourgh, is found happily married to a husband with great musical enthusiasm, if not talent, producing one of the gentle humorous moments in the work. Charlotte Collins experiences quite a change of life as well, as much due to Mr. Collins's late-developing affection for her as from his unusual reaction to the final chapter of The Olde Curiosity Shop. Missing is any real dealing with the passing of Elizabeth's father, Mr. Bennet, or Elizabeth's reaction to it, but the addition of the Collins's daughter, Eliza, is a welcome one. This mildly charming addition keeps the Austen mill churning.

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Обложка книги Tears of Pearl Tears of Pearl

 Автор: Alexander Tasha

 Серия: Lady Emily Mysteries

In Alexander's lackluster fourth Lady Emily historical (after A Fatal Waltz), Emily and her new husband, British intelligence agent Colin Hargreaves, are honeymooning in Constantinople when a half-English harem girl is murdered. After Colin is charged with the investigation, the British crown reluctantly allows Emily to handle questioning within the harem. Emily follows the clues much farther afield, exploring the tangled histories of the victim's diplomat father from whom she was abducted many years before, her troubled archeologist brother and sultans both current and deposed. The author deftly handles the exotic setting and a subplot in which Emily worries she may be pregnant, but a lack of tension and a number of implausibilities, starting with the ease with which a Western woman can play detective in despotic, late 19th-century Constantinople, make this a relatively weak entry. Hopefully, Emily will recover her usual sparkle once the newlyweds return to more familiar ground.

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Обложки нет The First Snowdrop

 Автор: Balogh Mary

Обложка книги The Double Wager The Double Wager

 Автор: Balogh Mary

Обложки нет Timeswept Brides

 Автор: Balogh Mary, O Constance, Minger Elda, Brown Virginia

Обложка книги The fulfillment The fulfillment

 Автор: Spencer Lavyrle

Although the loving and devoted wife of Jonathan, a Minnesota farmer, Mary Gray is unable to suppress her passion for her brother-in-law Aaron--the father of the child she has never been able to have by her husband.

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Обложка книги The hellion The hellion

 Автор: Spencer Lavyrle

Rachel is the pinnacle of elegance, social standing, and beauty--when the wildest, most passionate flame of her youth steps into her life again. Tommy Lee is the all-time hellraiser of Russellville, Alabama, with three marriages behind him and a string of fast cars and women. The townsfolk say he will never change. But Rachel knows differently.

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Обложка книги The Corinthian The Corinthian

 Автор: Хейер Джорджетт

Beautiful Penelope Creed had known Piers Luttrell from childhood. They had early pledged their love to each other, eagerly awaiting the day they could turn it into a lifelong reality.

But now there was another man in her life. A dashing figure of a London dandy, the witty, worldly, handsome Sir Richard Wyndham, a man who made his own rules of life and love, a man who was everything Piers was not.

How could she choose between them? How could she even compare these two who shared nothing in common? Nothing, that is, but her heart ...

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Обложка книги Texas Woman Texas Woman

 Автор: Johnston Joan

Raised by her father as the son he never had, Sloan Stewart coldly pursues a materialist destiny and scrupulously avoids affairs of the heart, but an encounter with Cruz Guerrero leaves her and the hot Texas Plains even hotter.

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Обложка книги The Wicked Duke Takes a Wife The Wicked Duke Takes a Wife

 Автор: Hunter Jillian

From London’s ballrooms to its sizzling bedrooms, award-winning author Jillian Hunter spins a seductive dance of desire and breathtaking romance.

Lord Griffin Boscastle has no intention of ending his glorious career as a rakehell now that he has inherited a dukedom. Still, there are responsibilities he must discharge before his pleasures resume, including finding a bride, and depositing his incorrigible niece at a relative’s academy outside London. It is at this so-very-proper finishing school that flame-haired instructress Harriet Gardner awakens in Griffin emotions so dangerously intoxicating that he must avoid her at all cost. Yet when Harriet finds work in the townhouse where Griffin resides, her presence tempts him at every turn.

Harriet has survived London’s streets far too long to let an arrogant duke woo a bride he doesn’t want when she desires him for herself, and she has seen too much of life not to recognize a man ripe for redemption. But just as Harriet finds the perfect cure for His Lordship’s devilish ways, a vindictive enemy intervenes, and the duke whom Harriet has plotted to save suddenly becomes her devoted protector.

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Обложка книги The wood nymph The wood nymph

 Автор: Balogh Mary

 Серия: Mainwaring


How could Lady Helen Wade possibly love a gentleman like William Mainwaring handsome and wealthy as he might be?

How could she love this object of her two older sisters matrimonial designs?

How could she love this cad who was shockingly involved with another man's wife?

How could she love this rogue who shamelessly employed his seductive skills on an innocent young country miss he came upon in the woods…especially when he was so successful in planting Eros's arrows and when his willing victim was Helen herself…?


The Sinful Suitor

Miss Helen Wade had been driven to the limits of self-restraint. Mr. William Mainwaring simply would not abandon his pursuit of her-and his campaign to reconquer the heart he had so sinfully won and then so shamelessly abandoned was casting a dark shadow over Helen's glittering London Season. Now, when he informed her that she had been acting most unladylike toward him, her patience snapped.

"Mr. Mainwaring," she informed him, "when I refused to dance or converse with you at the marquess's ball, I believed, I had made it clear that I had no wish to renew our acquaintance. And when you came to me with your insulting offer of marriage, I thought I had made it abundantly obvious that I both hate and despise you. I had no wish to see you last night, I had no wish to drive with you this afternoon-and I should be happy never to see you again."

That, she told herself, should be that.

Except that it wasn't…

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Обложка книги The Ungrateful Governness The Ungrateful Governness

 Автор: Balogh Mary

The Earl of Rutherford was handsome, rich and as adept at giving pleasure as he was avid in pursuing it. He was certain his conquest of Jessica Moore--a mere governess--would be swift and satisfying. But what he did not know was that Jessica planned to teach him a lesson in manners.

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Обложка книги The constant heart The constant heart

 Автор: Balogh Mary

Miss Rebecca Shaw had lost her heart once in her young life — lost it and had it broken.

At last it had mended — mended enough for her to say yes when the handsome, high-minded young Reverend Philip Everett asked her to be his wife and share a life of the purest propriety and best of good works.

But now Christopher Sinclair had returned. He was free now of the marriage that had given him fabulous wealth at the price of leaving Rebecca behind and betrayed. He was free now to turn Rebecca's head again…away from the man who soon would be her lawfully wedded husband. And Rebecca was also free to change her mind- but was she foolish enough to turn toward a love that had proven faithless once and now could be utterly ruinous…?

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Обложка книги The Captive Heart The Captive Heart

 Автор: Small Bertrice

From the New York Times bestselling author – the third passionate romance in the Border Chronicles series.

The year is 1461, and the winds of war rage across England, uprooting Alix Givet, the daughter of Queen Margaret's physician, and the rest of Henry VI's court. Alix's plight becomes bleaker still when, out of duty to her queen, and to her ill, widowed father, she's locked into a loveless marriage to a cruel Northumbrian. But when her luck changes, Alix has another chance to flee – this time to save herself. Escaping north over the border into Scotland, she throws herself at the mercy of a dark and brooding laird who might provide the everlasting love of her dreams – if she can warm his cold heart.

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Обложка книги The Duchess The Duchess

 Автор: Small Bertrice

In this lush new novel, Bertrice Small has created a moving story of consuming passion and undeniable love set against the noble splendor of Georgian England…

As the daughter of the richest man in England, Allegra Morgan attracts a number of fortune hunters willing to overlook her flawed pedigree to gain her enormous wealth. Her most ardent suitor is the arrogant but impoverished Quinton Hunter, duke of Sedgwick, who has little to offer a prospective wife except his grand title. Allegra decides that if she must marry, she might as well be a duchess. So she agrees to the match with one condition: her husband must never ask for her love. She has seen the misery love can cause and has vowed to give her heart to no man-especially a dangerously alluring duke.

Quinton is dazzled by his new wife's grace and fortitude, as well as the fierce desire that rages between them. Despite his best intentions, he finds himself falling in love with her. Then the terrors of the French Revolution hit close to home, and the two of them set off on a treacherous adventure that could cost them everything… including their final chance at happiness.

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Обложка книги The Innocent The Innocent

 Автор: Small Bertrice

When her brother dies and she becomes heir to her family's strategically valuable estate, Eleanore of Ashlin is ordered by King Stephen to marry one of his knights.

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Обложка книги The Shadow Queen The Shadow Queen

 Автор: Small Bertrice

Mourn me but briefly.

Then find your destiny, Lara, my love, my life.

Now let me go.

With those words, the spirit of Magnus Hauk, Dominus of Terah, leaves his body – and thus the fate of a nation rests upon the faerie woman Lara's shoulders.

While Lara's son Prince Taj is well loved by the people of Terah, he is too young to rule, and Lara must obey Magnus's dying command and govern in his stead. Thankfully, she has a powerful ally in Prince Kaliq of the Shadows, though never was there a more seductive friend or foe. Yet some in Terah still believe that a female must never wear the crown.and Lara and her daughters will face old enemies who escaped the wrath of Magnus but are not yet finished with their schemes for power and revenge.

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Обложка книги The Twilight Lord The Twilight Lord

 Автор: Small Bertrice

Lara, Domina of Terah, has mysteriously disappeared while visiting the New Outlands. The Dominus is frantic to find his beloved wife, but when no trace of her can be discovered, Magnus Hauk turns to two strong allies-Prince Kaliq of the Shadows and his mother-in-law, Ilona, the most powerful of the faerie queens. Who has stolen Lara? And why?

In the Dark Lands, Kol, the Twilight Lord, revels in his victory. The faerie woman Lara is now his possession, and her powers will soon help him to conquer first Hetar and then Terah. But the Emperor of Hetar is hatching schemes of his own-having learned of Lara's disappearance he believes Terah is now vulnerable, and plans to go to war against Magnus Hauk.

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Обложка книги The Sorceress of Belmair The Sorceress of Belmair

 Автор: Small Bertrice

A Past Awakened

Magic coursing through his blood, Dillon, son of Lara, Domina of Hetar, follows his mystical path to Hetar's brightest star. Belmair is a forgotten world. And, it turns out, his people's lost heritage. Summoned to marry the king's daughter and inherit the throne, Dillon discovers Belmair is beautiful, enigmatic and seductive – as is his strong-willed new queen, and the mystery lying at Belmair's heart.

A Love Unimagined

Cinnia, sorceress of Belmair, expected to claim her rightful place as ruler, not as the wife of a stranger chosen by Belmair's magical guardian. But the enchantment that seals a marriage of power and greatness soothes her wounded pride, allowing her to use her magical gift to uncover the darkest secret of a bright planet whose young women are inexplicably disappearing…

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Обложка книги To Love Again To Love Again

 Автор: Small Bertrice


Legendary for her exotic novels of faraway places teeming with adventure and intrigue, New York Times bestselling author Bertrice Small once again pens an extraordinary tale of passion and history, sweeping readers back to fifth-century Britain and Constantinople, where battles of love and war are fought with equal skill and voracity-and victory is savored with sweetest pleasure…


Beautiful, headstrong, and defiant, Cailin Drusus possesses the pride of her Celtic-born mother, though she has been reared amid her Roman father's wealth and privilege. When Cailin's family is destroyed and their farmland seized, she marries Wulf Ironfist, a Saxon of enormous strength and power-a gentle giant who opens the door to a world of heady sensuality. But her happiness is short-lived. For an unknown enemy drugs her as she labors in childbirth-and she awakens to find herself sold to a slave merchant and transported to Byzantium, not knowing what happened to her child…

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Обложка книги Temporary Mistress Temporary Mistress

 Автор: Johnson Susan

The Tattler – April 1802 It wouldn't surprise you, gentle readers, to learn that Dermott Ramsay, the earl of Bathurst and favorite of all ladies, married or otherwise, has a new paramour. What may surprise you is her name. For she is none other than Isabella Leslie! The same beauty of the sizable inheritance who prefers not the ton but books, maps, and the family shipping business. You may wonder how a picture of innocence ended up in the arms of a libertine. Truth to tell, Isabella had to flee from her scheming relatives in the rain-soaked night and seek refuge in London's most infamous brothel. There, with the help of the madam, she devised an unorthodox plan to escape a dreaded marriage bed. She would simply have to become unmarriageable-even if it meant public ruin. And who better to utterly ruin her in a mere week than a handsome rake famous for seductive skills? But gossip has it that Dermott may be developing a tendre for his temporary mistress. It makes for the most delicious speculation, does it not? For if it indeed is the case, what will happen when their week of pleasure is over? We urge you, dear readers, to do as we do-follow the affair closely, and with every hope that it will turn into this Season's most delicious scandal.

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Обложка книги To Sir Phillip, with Love: The Epilogue II To Sir Phillip, with Love: The Epilogue II

 Автор: Quinn Julia

Those cute kids from romance novels aren't actually supposed to grow up, are they?

When last we saw Amanda Crane, she was eight years old and (in her own words) a blight on the face of humanity. Now she's grown up, remarkably well-adjusted, and ready to fall in love. All she needs is the right gentleman…

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Обложка книги The Viscount Who Loved Me: The Epilogue II The Viscount Who Loved Me: The Epilogue II

 Автор: Quinn Julia

But this time the gossip columnists have it wrong. Anthony Bridgerton hasn't just decided to marry-he's even chosen a wife! The only obstacle is his intended's older sister, Kate Sheffield-the most meddlesome woman ever to grace a London ballroom. The spirited schemer is driving Anthony mad with her determination to stop the betrothal, but when he closes his eyes at night, Kate is the woman haunting his increasingly erotic dreams…

Contrary to popular belief, Kate is quite sure that reformed rakes do not make the best husbands-and Anthony Bridgerton is the most wicked rogue of them all. Kate is determined to protect her sister-but she fars her own heart is vulnerable. And when Anthony's lips touch hers, she's suddenly afraid she might not be able to resist the reprehensible rake herself…

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Обложка книги Ten Things I Love About You Ten Things I Love About You

 Автор: Quinn Julia

Ten Things You Should Know About This Book

1. Sebastian Grey is a devilishly handsome rogue with a secret.

2. Annabel Winslow's family voted her The Winslow Most Likely to Speak Her Mind and The Winslow Most Likely to Fall Asleep in Church.

3. Sebastian's uncle is the Earl of Newbury, and if he dies without siring an heir, Sebastian inherits everything.

4. Lord Newbury detests Sebastian and will stop at nothing to prevent this from happening.

5. Lord Newbury has decided that Annabel is the answer to all of his problems.

6. Annabel does not want to marry Lord Newbury, especially when she finds out he once romanced her grandmother.

7 is shocking, 8 is delicious, and 9 is downright wicked, all of which lead the way to

10. Happily. Ever. After.

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Обложка книги Te Doy Mi Corazón Te Doy Mi Corazón

 Автор: Quinn Julia

Como en el cuento de Cenicienta, Sophie ve una noche cumplirse su sueño. A espaldas de su madrastra, se viste como una reina y acude al baile de disfraces más importante de Londres. Lo que es más, consigue captar la atención de Benedict Bridgerton, el soltero más atractivo y encantador de la reunión. Sin embargo, pronto vuelve a enfrentarse a su cruda realidad, la de una hija ilegítima, pobre y sin recursos. El destino quiere darle una segunda oportunidad cuando entra a servir en casa de Benedict, aunque él no reconoce en ella a la hermosa joven a la que lleva años buscando. Ella es ahora una simple criada, incapaz de revelarle la verdad. La magia de aquella noche parece perdida para siempre ¿o quizás no?

De princesa radiante…

Sophie vivió una infancia extraña. Todos sabían que era hija del conde de Penwood y, aunque éste nunca la reconoció como tal, cuidó de que no le faltara nada. Todo cambió cuando su padre se casó de nuevo, y la madrastra y sus dos hijas hicieron de la vida de Sophie una pesadilla. Muerto el conde, su testamento las obligaba a cuidar de la niña, pero nunca la consideraron una igual. Y tampoco le permitirían nunca que se atreviera a competir con ellas por las atención de los muy cotizados solteros de la familia Bridgerton, tan atractivos como bien situados. Antes, la echarían a la calle donde, suponían, no tendría jamás una oportunidad de acercarse a ellos.

…a criada en casa del príncipe

¿Quién era esa mujer extraordinaria? Benedict no puede olvidar aquella belleza enmascarada que le hechizó en un instante, a la que sólo conoce como la Dama Plateada por el color de su vestido y a quien, inconscientemente, le entregó su corazón. Pero ahora, años después, se siente poderosamente atraído por una sencilla criada a la que salva de un asaltante borracho. Ella es la única que le hace revivir la emoción que le produjo la misteriosa enmascarada. Pero también ella parece fuera de su alcance, a causa de las insalvables barreras de clase que los separan. Sin embargo, la familia Bridgerton tiene muchos recursos para ayudar a uno de los suyos cuando surgen problemas de amor…

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Обложка книги The Lost Duke of Wyndham The Lost Duke of Wyndham

 Автор: Quinn Julia

Jack Audley has been a highwayman.

A soldier. And he has always been a rogue. What he is not, and never wanted to be, is a peer of the realm, responsible for an ancient heritage and the livelihood of hundreds. But when he is recognized as the long-lost son of the House of Wyndham, his carefree life is over. And if his birth proves to be legitimate, then he will find himself with the one title he never wanted: Duke of Wyndham.

Grace Eversleigh has spent the last five years toiling as the companion to the dowager Duchess of Wyndham. It is a thankless job, with very little break from the routine… until Jack Audley lands in her life, all rakish smiles and debonair charm. He is not a man who takes no for an answer, and when she is in his arms, she's not a woman who wants to say no. But if he is the true duke, then he is the one man she can never have…

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Обложка книги The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever

 Автор: Quinn Julia

2 March 1810…

Today, I fell in love.

At the age of ten, Miranda Cheever showed no signs of Great Beauty. And even at ten, Miranda learned to accept the expectations society held for her-until the afternoon when Nigel Bevelstoke, the handsome and dashing Viscount Turner, solemnly kissed her hand and promised her that one day she would grow into herself, that one day she would be as beautiful as she already was smart. And even at ten, Miranda knew she would love him forever.

But the years that followed were as cruel to Turner as they were kind to Miranda. She is as intriguing as the viscount boldly predicted on that memorable day-while he is a lonely, bitter man, crushed by a devastating loss. But Miranda has never forgotten the truth she set down on paper all those years earlier-and she will not allow the love that is her destiny to slip lightly through her fingers…

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Обложка книги Texas Rain Texas Rain

 Автор: Thomas Jodi

The first time Rainey Adams meets Texas Ranger Travis McMurray, she steals a kiss-and then his horse. Now Travis is determined to track down this intriguing woman and bring her back to the Whispering Mountain Ranch as his bride. But this renegade may be too much for even the toughest Ranger to handle.

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Обложка книги The Lone Texan The Lone Texan

 Автор: Thomas Jodi

Three days after arriving in Galveston, newly widowed Sage McMurray finds herself taken hostage in a robbery. She fears she may never see Whispering Mountain again when the outlaws decide to auction their pretty captive off to the highest bidder, until a tall stranger offers twice the highest bid.

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Обложка книги To Kiss a Texan To Kiss a Texan

 Автор: Thomas Jodi

Returning from the Civil War broke and without hope, Wes McLain finds his life transformed by Allie, a beautiful young girl who had been called a savage and who is a prisoner of a horrifying fate, so brutally mistreated that she refuses to speak.

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Обложка книги To Wed In Texas To Wed In Texas

 Автор: Thomas Jodi

The life of Daniel McLain, reverend of a small Texas town, is disrupted when his children's nanny leaves and he is forced to ask for help from his late wife's cousin, who not only helps to care for the children, but also helps to mend his broken heart.

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Обложка книги The Duke's Reform The Duke's Reform

 Автор: Miller Fenella

The Duke of Rochester marries Lady Isobel Drummond in order to obtain an heir. She marries him to save her family from financial ruin but also because she's fallen in love with the dissolute duke. Alexander, Lord Bentley, realises how much he loves his wife after he has driven her away by his objectionable behaviour.

Can he convince Isobel he is a changed man?

Can Isobel forgive the man she once loved?

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Обложка книги Truth about Mr. Darcy Truth about Mr. Darcy

 Автор: Adriani Susan

In this hot tale, Mr. Darcy confesses the truth about George Wickham right from the start, warning Elizabeth and the rest of Meryton about Wickham's despicable character. Will his honesty change the way Elizabeth feels about him and his previous poor behavior? Will he still have to transform himself to win her love? And what will happen when scandal erupts?

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Обложка книги The Toll-Gate The Toll-Gate

 Автор: Хейер Джорджетт

The future of a reckless and adventure-loving captain of the Dragoon Guards appeared very hum-drum and tedious in those days when Waterloo was both a recent, glorious victory and an end to the joys of soldiering. Big, handsome Captain John Staple left the Army because he feared boredom, and was immediately plunged into the kind of exciting hazards his temperament demanded.

John Staple soon found himself involved in perilous activities in which participated such varied and colourful personalities [some extremely honest—others less so] as Jeremy Chirk the highwayman, Gabriel Stogumber the Bow Street Runner, and Nell Stornaway with whom the Captain's heart was soon deeply entangled.

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Обложка книги The other queen The other queen

 Автор: Gregory Philippa

Two women competing for a man’s heart…

Two queens fighting to the death for dominance…

The untold story of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Fleeing rebels in Scotland on Queen Elizabeth’s false promise of sanctuary, Mary, Queen of Scots, finds herself imprisoned as the “guest” of George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, and his indomitable wife, Bess of Hardwick. Soon the newly married couple’s home becomes the center of intrigue and rebellion against Elizabeth, and their loyalty to each other and to their sovereign comes into question. If Mary succeeds in seducing the earl into her own web of treason, or if the great spymaster William Cecil links them to the growing conspiracy to free Mary from her illegal imprisonment, they will all face the headsman. Using new research and her passion for historical accuracy, Gregory places the doomed queen into a completely new tale of suspense, passion, and political intrigue.

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Обложка книги The Phantom of Pemberley: A Pride and Prejudice Murder Mystery The Phantom of Pemberley: A Pride and Prejudice Murder Mystery

 Автор: Jeffers Regina

Happily married for over a year and more in love than ever, Darcy and Elizabeth can’t imagine anything interrupting their bliss-filled days. Then an intense snowstorm strands a group of travelers at Pemberley, and terrifying accidents and mysterious deaths begin to plague the manor. Everyone seems convinced that it is the work of a phantom—a Shadow Man who is haunting the Darcy family’s grand estate.

Darcy and Elizabeth believe the truth is much more menacing and that someone is trying to murder them. But Pemberley is filled with family guests as well as the unexpected travelers—any one of whom could be the culprit—so unraveling the mystery of the murderer’s identity forces the newlyweds to trust each other’s strengths and work together.

Written in the style of the era and including Austen’s romantic playfulness and sardonic humor, this suspense-packed sequel to Pride and Prejudice recasts Darcy and Elizabeth as a husband-and-wife detective team who must solve the mystery at Pemberley and catch the murderer—before it’s too late.

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Обложка книги The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy

 Автор: Simonsen Mary Lydon

After a series of mishaps, Mr. Darcy is in a foul mood when he arrives at the estate his friend, Charles Bingley, rented in Hertfordshire. His mood persists at the assembly he is forced to attend, accounting for his diatribe about country life and even the lovely Elizabeth Bennet, who hears his disparaging remarks. When the two meet again at Rosings, Darcy is totally smitten by Elizabeth, while she still holds a grudge, causing another clash when he proposes. Darcy holds no hope until his cousin, Anne de Bourgh, steps in to play matchmaker to the reluctant pair with the help of Darcy’s all-too observant sister, Georgiana. Using her creative license, Simonsen offers her insights into Austen’s beloved characters in this retelling of Pride and Prejudice, giving prominence to minor characters’ influence over the mismatched couple so that true love will prevail. For instance, Anne de Bourgh is not her overbearing mother’s puppet but rather a much beloved cousin who chooses her battles, giving the story a unique spin.

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Обложка книги The Spymaster's Lady The Spymaster's Lady

 Автор: Bourne Joanna

 Серия: Spymaster's Lady

She's never met a man she couldn't deceive...until now.

She's braved battlefields. She's stolen dispatches from under the noses of heads of state. She's played the worldly courtesan, the naive virgin, the refined British lady, even a Gypsy boy. But Annique Villiers, the elusive spy known as the Fox Cub, has finally met the one man she can't outwit.

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Обложка книги The Forbidden Rose The Forbidden Rose

 Автор: Bourne Joanna

 Серия: Spymaster's Lady

A career is blooming...

A glittering French aristocrat is on the run, disguised as a British governess. England's top spy has a score to settle with her family. But as they're drawn inexorably into the intrigue and madness of Revolutionary Paris, they gamble on a love to which neither of them will admit.

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Обложка книги The Black Hawk The Black Hawk

 Автор: Bourne Joanna

 Серия: Spymaster's Lady

Attacked on a rainy London street, veteran spy Justine DeCabrillac knows only one man can save her: Hawker, her oldest friend . . . her oldest enemy. London's crawling with hidden assassins and someone is out to frame Hawker for murder. The two spies must work together to find who's out to destroy them

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Обложка книги Taniec serc Taniec serc

 Автор: Cartland Barbara

Kiedy pierwszy raz odwiedziłam Wiedeń, rozkochałam się w ogrodach Heunriger Wine; rozbrzmiewały zawsze muzyką. Wspominam o nich w tej powieści, którą napisałam zafascynowana i katedrą Św. Stefana, i eleganckimi manierami Austriaków.

Moja książka The Private life of Elizabeth Empress of Austria przez wiele lat uchodziła w „The Elizabeth Club” za najlepszą biografię cesarzowej.

Kolejny zaszczyt spadł na mnie w 1969 roku. Burmistrz Wiednia, który podczas wojny wraz z prezydentem Tito i doktorem Paulem Urbanem brał udział w ruchu oporu, wydał na moją cześć oficjalne przyjęcie za pracę dla Organizacji Zdrowia.

Wspaniała, uroczysta kolacja odbyła się w historycznym ratuszu. Po przemówieniach wszyscy zatańczyliśmy walca przy dźwiękach orkiestry, która grała Nad pięknym, modrym Dunajem.

Pałac Esterhazych znajduje się w małej wiosce Fertod. Podczas ostatniej wojny został poważnie uszkodzony, podobnie jak domki i świątynie w rokokowym francus¬kim parku, okalającym dawną siedzibę Międzynarodo¬wego Sądu.

Odbudowany pałac należy dziś do najwspanialszych zabytków Węgier i zwiedza go rokrocznie ponad sto tysięcy turystów.

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Обложка книги The Hostage Bride The Hostage Bride

 Автор: Feather Jane

 Серия: Brides

Dear Reader,

Here is the first of my new "Brides" trilogy, in which three unconventional young women vow they will never marry-only to be overtaken by destiny. Bride #1 is the outspoken Portia....

It's bad enough that seventeen-year-old Portia Worth is taken in by her uncle, the marquis of Granville, after her father dies. As the bastard niece, Portia knows she can expect little beyond a roof over her head and a place at the table.

But it truly adds insult to injury when the Granvilles' archenemy, the outlaw Rufus Decatur, hatches a scheme to abduct the marquis's daughter-only to kidnap Portia by accident.

Portia, who possesses more than a streak of independence as well as a talent for resistance, does not take kindly to being abducted-mistakenly or otherwise.

Decatur will soon find himself facing the challenge of his life, both on the battlefield and in the bedroom, as he contends with this misfit of a girl who has the audacity to believe herself the equal of any man....

Warmest wishes,

Jane Feather

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Обложка книги The Accidental Bride The Accidental Bride

 Автор: Feather Jane

 Серия: Brides

Dear Reader,

In my "Brides" trilogy, three unconventional young women vow they will never marry-only to be overtaken by destiny. The Accidental Bride could only be the story of Phoebe, the "awkward" one....

For four years, Cato, the Marquis of Granville, had been just another man-the uninteresting, somewhat intimidating husband of Phoebe's older sister. But then her sister died, and Phoebe seemed a reasonable substitute. Her forced engagement to him should have been quite a cold-blooded arrangement...except that one day Phoebe looked at Granville-really looked at him-and saw what she'd never seen before: he was darkly, breathtakingly attractive.

Once she'd noticed, she couldn't seem to stop noticing, and suddenly Phoebe was disastrously in love. It would be nothing short of torture to be married to Granville, knowing he didn't love her and never would. After all, Phoebe was not the kind of woman men fell in love with-Phoebe with her untidy hair, her rumpled clothes, and her fingers forever ink-stained from the poetry she wrote.

When running away does not solve her problems, Phoebe decides to try something a little different-something that involves a little change in wardrobe, a daring new attitude, and a bit of brazen seduction.

Granville is about to discover that his awkward Phoebe is woman enough even for him....

Warmest wishes, Jane Feather

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Обложка книги The Least Likely Bride The Least Likely Bride

 Автор: Feather Jane

 Серия: Brides

Brimming with passion, laced with humor, Jane Feather's tantalizing historical romances have been called "well-written and fast-moving...entertaining" (Booklist) and "great fun" (Publishers Weekly). Now the New York Times bestselling author of The Accidental Bride makes her exciting hardcover debut with this irresistible tale of a bookish beauty who has never met a man who could best her, tempt her, or seduce her...until now.

Brimming with passion, laced with humor, Jane Feather's tantalizing historical romances have been called "brilliantly crafted" (Affaire de Coeur) and "vastly entertaining" (Rendezvous). Now the nationally bestselling author of The Accidental Bride makes her exciting hardcover debut with this irresistible tale of a bookish beauty who has never met a man who could best her, tempt her, or seduce her-until now.


One moment Lady Olivia Granville is strolling along a path, her nose buried in a tome of Greek philosophy; the next she is plunging down a rocky cliff. Only when she regains consciousness-naked and unwittingly trapped on an unknown ship-does she discover that she owes her life to a stranger who is clearly not a gentleman!

Wickedly handsome, disturbingly mysterious, the gray-eyed master of the Wind Dancer admits to making his living from the sea. But it doesn't take long for Olivia to realize that the rogue who'd so intimately tended her wounds is a brash pirate whose schooner is bearing down upon a Spanish galleon. She knows she should be appalled. Instead Olivia is shockingly entranced...and recklessly attracted to an outlaw whose gaze holds bothchallenge and invitation.

Anthony Caxton has known from the first that Olivia Granville is no ordinary woman. But who would have thought that the sheltered daughter of a marquis would have a genuine taste for piracy? Delighted by her response, teased by her beauty, he welcomes her as the newest of his crew, confident that it is only a matter of time before he wins her surrender.

Yet even as Olivia welcomes his embrace, she remains unaware that Anthony is harboring a devastating secret...one that will lead them to heartache, scandal, and betrayal. For Anthony is much more than a common pirate. He is the mastermind behind a perilous plot of royal intrigue that could change the course of history.

And in this enterprise his opponent is none other than Cato Granville...Olivia's father. Anthony knows the success of his scheme-and his very life-depends upon minute planning, on anticipating every possible difficulty. But he never imagined that he would fall in love with the daughter of his most formidable enemy. And he never dreamed that the dangerous game he was playing would leave Olivia vulnerable to the attentions of a cunning villain-one who wants to possess the dark-haired temptress almost as much as he wants to see Anthony Caxton hang....

With more than four million copies of her novels in print and twelve consecutive national bestsellers, Jane Feather is poised to capture ever more of the voracious romance-reading audience. In this new novel, she delivers her unique take on the classic Pygmalion tale: a young woman transformed by love, who embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

THE LEAST LIKELY BRIDE is Olivia-young, chronically shy, and addicted to ancient Greek literature. As she walks on the sands of an island off the coast of England, her nose buried in a book, she takes a fall - and wakes up days later on what seems to be a pirate ship. Her captor, though, is no ordinary pirate. He possesses the skills of both a physician and an artist. He is also the most gorgeous male Olivia has ever encountered. Most disconcerting of all, when he looks at her, he sees-not the stammering, hopelessly bookish young girl Olivia has always been-but a desirable, beautiful woman.

Feather weaves together plot and passion into a mesmerizing whole that is perfect for fans of Julie Garwood.

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Обложка книги The Unknown Ajax The Unknown Ajax

 Автор: Хейер Джорджетт

When Lord Darracott's eldest son dies in a sailing expedition, the old despot realises that he will have to send for the much despised grandson, Hugo. Hugo's father (the second son) had thumbed his nose on convention and had married the daughter of a weaver against his father's wishes. For this piece of impertinence, Lord Darracott, had barred son and family from Darracott Place and had forbade anyone to make any mention of either son or grandson in his hearing. But now, with the death of the heir, Hugo Darracott, much despised grandson of a weaver and son of an ungrateful child will become the next lord of all the Darracott lands, and the very thought of someone with so much unworthy blood in his veins stepping into his shoes is making Lord Darracott feel bilious.

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Обложка книги The Concubine's Secret The Concubine's Secret

 Автор: Furnivall Kate

An epic journey of love and discovery from the national bestselling author of The Russian Concubine and The Red Scarf.

China, 1929. For years Lydia Ivanova believed her father was killed by the Bolsheviks. But when she learns he is imprisoned in Stalin-controlled Russia, the fiery girl is willing to leave everything behind – even her Chinese lover, Chang An Lo.

Lydia begins a dangerous search, journeying to Moscow with her half-brother Alexei. But when Alexei abruptly disappears, Lydia is left alone, penniless in Soviet Russia.

All seems lost, but Chang An Lo has not forgotten Lydia. He knows things about her father that she does not. And while he races to protect her, she is prepared to risk treacherous consequences to discover the truth.

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Обложка книги Todo sobre la pasión Todo sobre la pasión

 Автор: Laurens Stephanie

El destino ha hecho de Gyles Rawlings un hombre decidido a controlar cada aspecto de su vida. Ha resuelto casarse con una dama de buena cuna que se preste disciplinadamente a darle hijos, pero haga la vista gorda mientras él busca placer en otra parte. A juzgar por los informes que le llegan, Francesca debería cumplir a la perfección con sus exigencias. Por lo que se refiere a “otra parte”, ha conocido recientemente a una joven bellísima y descarada que sería una amante ideal, con un carácter orgulloso a la altura del suyo.

Pero Gyles descubrirá en el momento menos apropiado que su prometida es la atrevida hechicera que inspira sus fantasías. Hallar la pasión y el amor en la misma mujer ha sido siempre para él un temor secreto. Pero mientras su mundo se ve conmocionado, Gyles se obsesiona con la posesión de aquello que jamás pensó que desearía… el corazón de su esposa. Otra extraordinaria aventura perteneciente a la saga de los Cynster, que se puede leer y disfrutar en forma independiente.

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Обложка книги The Perfect Lover The Perfect Lover

 Автор: Laurens Stephanie

The Barnes Noble Review

In this captivating historical romance about Stephanie Laurens's intriguing Cynster family, an unexpectedly perilous house party is the setting for an equally unexpected love match between Simon Cynster and Portia Ashford. Simon has known Portia for ages, and his natural protectiveness toward her has always encouraged her defiance. Their clashes have only gotten worse since his sister wed her brother (in On a Wicked Dawn). But, when Portia decides it's time for her to explore the passions that inspire men and women to marry, she needs a tutor who is both discreet and accomplished. Despite Simon's rakish reputation, she knows she can trust him absolutely…if she can persuade him to go along with her wild plan. What she doesn't know is that Simon has also decided it's time to marry, and he's prepared to employ all his seductive wiles to persuade Portia to become not just his paramour but also his wife. In a family known for bold warriors and passionate lovers, Simon Cynster is about to prove himself The Perfect Lover. This volume also includes a teaser chapter for Laurens's exciting Bastion Club series, scheduled to debut in the fall of 2003. Sue Stone

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Обложка книги The Truth about Love The Truth about Love

 Автор: Laurens Stephanie

When New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens created the Cynsters, a phenomenon was born. Bold, passionate, and possessive, the Cynster men let nothing stand in their way when it comes to claiming the women of their hearts. Now, Stephanie Laurens has written her most romantic and powerful novel to date, one that dares tell The Truth About Love.

Gerrard Debbington is one of the chosen few – the gentlemen who've learned their social and amorous skills at the feet of the masters. Handsome and wealthy, protégé and brother-in-law of Vane Cynster, Gerrard is part of the charmed Cynster family circle. One of the most eligible gentlemen in the ton, Gerrard is constantly besieged by offers from London's most sought-after beauties, but as the ton's foremost artistic lion, there's only one offer he wants to accept – the chance to paint the fantastical but seldom-seen gardens of reclusive Lord Tregonning's Hellebore Hall.

That chance is dangled before Gerrard, but to grasp it he must fulfill Lord Tregonning's demand that he also create an open and honest portrait of the man's daughter. Gerrard loathes the idea of wasting his time and talents on some simpering miss, but with no alternative, he agrees…

Only to discover that Jacqueline Tregonning inspires him as no other lady has. Certainly she is beautiful, but Gerrard is stunned by the deep emotions she stirs and is captivated by her passionate nature and innate goodness. He is soon convinced that Jacqueline is the soul mate he needs as his wife.

But something is horribly wrong at Hellebore Hall. Evil lurks in the beautiful gardens and along the rambling pathways. And that evil reaches out to ensnare Jacqueline, trapping her in a web of insidious whispers – whispers that paint her as a double murderess.

The rumors are false, but someone is actively spreading them. Convinced that Jacqueline is innocent of all wrongdoing, Gerrard is confident his portrait will open others' eyes to the truth he sees, but when a long-dead body is discovered in the gardens, the campaign to blame Jacqueline escalates – Gerrard and she are running out of time. The days they spend together lead to nights of sweeping passion – and Gerrard vows to move heaven and earth to protect the woman who, for him, personifies the truth about love.

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Обложка книги The Elusive Bride The Elusive Bride

 Автор: Laurens Stephanie

Gareth Hamilton is stunned when he recognizes Emily Ensworth on his ship. The veil she wears is not enough to disguise her from him – or from the man hired to kill her. Whisking Emily to safety, Gareth realizes that the Black Cobra is on to them. In order to protect her, Gareth must let Emily in on the dangerous plot she is now intimately involved in. Emily Ensworth is no wilting flower. She knew the packet the dying soldier thrust upon her held vital information, and she has every intention of seeing it into safe hands. But she is also determined to bring the men trying to kill her to justice. Together, she and Gareth do their best to lure the Black Cobra and his men into the open. Putting their lives at risk draws Emily and Gareth ever closer together, the constant danger sparking a passion neither one can resist. But with threats lurking around every corner, Gareth and Emily must work harder than ever to make sure that their newfound love isn't snuffed out before it ever has a chance.

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Обложка книги The Untamed Bride The Untamed Bride

 Автор: Laurens Stephanie

New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens presents a brash, bold new series.

They're battle-hardened, sinfully wealthy, completely unstoppable – and all male: Four officers of the Crown, fighting against a deadly foe known only as the Black Cobra.

He is a man who has faced peril without flinching, determined to fight for king and country.

She is a bold, beautiful woman with a scandalous past, destined to become an untamed bride.

Together they must vanquish the ruthless enemy, while confronting the dangers of the heart…

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Обложка книги The Brazen Bride The Brazen Bride

 Автор: Laurens Stephanie

They're bold, courageous, resolute… ex-officers of the Crown united against a deadly traitor known only as the Black Cobra.

Shipwrecked, wounded, he risks all to pursue his mission – only to discover a partner as daring and brazen as he.

Fiery, tempestuous, a queen in her own realm, she rescues a warrior – only to find her heart under siege.

Bound by passion, linked by need, together they must brave the enemy's gauntlet to win all their hearts' desire.

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Обложка книги The Edge of Desire The Edge of Desire

 Автор: Laurens Stephanie

They proved their bravery fighting for His Majesty's Secret Service and were rewarded with brides of great beauty and breeding. But one member of the Bastion Club has remained a bachelor… until now.

"Christian, I need your help. There is no one else I can turn to… L."

When Christian Allardyce, 6th Marquess of Dearne, reads those words, his world turns upside down. Lady Letitia Randall is a woman like no other, and the day he left her behind to fight for king and country was the most difficult of his life. He never forgot the feel of her lips against his, but never expects to see her again. Yet now she seeks his help, and Christian knows he will not resist her plea.

Letitia believes that Christian abandoned her when she needed him most, and she hates to call on his aid. But to clear her brother's name, she has sworn to use every weapon at her command, even if it means seducing her ex-lover. Yet all the while, Christian is waging a war of his own – a campaign of pure pleasure and sweet revenge that will take them both beyond the edge of desire.

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Обложка книги Tangled Reins Tangled Reins

 Автор: Laurens Stephanie

Content with her humdrum country life, Miss Dorothea Darent had no intention of marrying. She knew that her unfashionable curves and her outspoken ways made her a disastrous match for any gentleman of the ton. But one kiss from a dashing stranger changed everything.

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Обложка книги The Horseman The Horseman

 Автор: Hart Jillian

19th Century American West.

Dillon Hennessey was a man like no other…

Strong yet caring, determined yet kind. But he was still a man, Katelyn Green reminded herself, and therefore not to be trusted. Hadn't her own husband abandoned her in her hour of need? And yet the whispers in her soul promised happiness with this man who'd gentled horses…and her heart!

Katelyn Green had lost a child, and Dillon knew it ate away at her very core. He would help her if he could, if he had the words and ways. But would his tenderness be enough to win a woman who'd been robbed of her faith in love?

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Обложка книги The Earl’s Mistletoe Bride The Earl’s Mistletoe Bride

 Автор: Maitland Joanna

If it hadn't been for handsome Jonathan, Earl of Portbury, Beth might never have seen another Christmas! Destitute and suffering from amnesia, she was lucky to be saved from the freezing cold and given a roof over her head.

A year later the earl returns, seeking a bride. Discovering his foundling is now a beautiful woman, he resolves to give her a new identity. This Christmas, under the mistletoe, the earl will make Beth lady of his manor!

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Обложка книги The Mistletoe Wager The Mistletoe Wager

 Автор: Merrill Christine

Harry Pennyngton, Earl of Anneslea, is surprised when his estranged wife, Elise, arrives home for Christmas, especially as she is still intent on divorce! The festive house party is in full swing when the guests are snowed in, and Harry and Elise find themselves together beneath the mistletoe.

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Обложка книги The House on the Strand The House on the Strand

 Автор: du Maurier Daphne

In this haunting tale, Daphne du Maurier takes a fresh approach to time travel. A secret experimental concoction, once imbibed, allows you to return to the fourteenth century. There is only one catch: if you happen to touch anyone while traveling in the past you will be thrust instantaneously to the present.

Magnus Lane, a University of London chemical researcher, asks his friend Richard Young and Young's family to stay at Kilmarth, an ancient house set in the wilds near the Cornish coast. Here, Richard drinks a potion created by Magnus and finds himself at the same spot where he was moments earlier — though it is now the fourteenth century. The effects of the drink wear off after several hours, but it is wildly addictive, and Richard cannot resist traveling back and forth in time. Gradually growing more involved in the lives of the early Cornish manor lords and their ladies, he finds the presence of his wife and stepsons a hindrance to his new-found experience. Richard eventually finds emotional refuge with a beautiful woman of the past trapped in a loveless marriage, but when he attempts to intervene on her behalf the results are brutally terrifying for the present.

Echoing the great fantastic stories of H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, The House on the Strand is a masterful yarn of history, romance, horror, and suspense that will grip the reader until the last surprising twist.

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Обложка книги The River Knows The River Knows

 Автор: Quick Amanda

The first kiss occurred in a dimly lit hallway on the upper floor of Elwin Hastings's grand house. Louisa Bryce never saw it coming. Of course, handsome, wealthy Anthony Stalbridge couldn't possibly have had romantic intentions. The kiss was merely meant to distract the armed guard about to catch the two unlikely sleuths. After all, the only thing these two interlopers have in common is a passionate interest in uncovering the dastardly secrets of Mr. Hastings—a prominent member of Society whom they suspect of murder.

Brought together by their desire for the truth, Anthony and Louisa finally discover the incriminating evidence they're looking for. But bringing Hastings to justice will be more perilous than they anticipate, especially since their thrilling attraction to danger—and, it turns out, to each other—might very well get in the way

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Обложка книги These Three Remain These Three Remain

 Автор: Aidan Pamela

 Серия: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman

One of the most beloved romantic heroes in all of literature, Fitzwilliam Darcy remains an enigma even to Jane Austen's most devoted fans. No longer. With this concluding volume in the Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman trilogy, novelist and Austen aficionada Pamela Aidan at last gives readers the man in full.

These Three Remain follows a humbled Darcy on the journey of self-discovery, after Elizabeth Bennet's rejection of his marriage proposal, in which he endeavors to grow into the kind of gentleman he desires to become. Happily, a chance meeting with Elizabeth during a tour of his estate in Derbyshire offers Darcy a new opportunity to press his suit, but his newfound strengths are put to the test by an old nemesis, George Wickham.

 Vividly capturing the colorful historical and political milieu of the Regency era, Aidan writes in a style evocative of her literary progenitor, but with a wit and humor very much her own. While staying faithful to the people and events in Austen's original, she adds her own fascinating cast of characters, weaving a rich tapestry out of Darcy's past and present that will beguile his admirers anew.

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Обложка книги The Untamed Mackenzie The Untamed Mackenzie

 Автор: Ashley Jennifer

Highland Pleasures 5.5 


To redeem her family’s disgraced name, Lady Louisa Scranton has decided to acquire a proper husband. He needs to be a man of fortune and highly respectable in order to restore both her family's lost wealth and reputation. She enters the Marriage Mart with all flags flying, determined to find the right bachelor.

But Louisa’s hopes are dashed when the Bishop of Hargate drops dead at her feet—and she is shockingly accused of murder! Soon, Louisa’s so-called friends begin shunning her, because the company of a suspected killer is never desirable in polite society.

The problem comes to the ears of Detective Inspector Lloyd Fellows, by-blow of the decadent Scottish Mackenzie family and an inspector for Scotland Yard. He has shared two passionate kisses with Lady Louisa–and vows to clear her name. For not only does he know she’s innocent, he recognizes he’s falling for the lovely lady.

Fellows is Louisa's only hope of restoring her family's honor—and it is he alone who intrigues Louisa in a way that may be even more scandalous than murder…

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Обложка книги The Seduction of Elliot McBride The Seduction of Elliot McBride

 Автор: Ashley Jennifer

 Серия: Highland Pleasures


Juliana St. John was raised to be very proper. After a long engagement, her wedding day dawns—only for Juliana to find herself jilted at the altar.

Fleeing the mocking crowd, she stumbles upon Elliot McBride, the tall, passionate Scot who was her first love. His teasing manner gives her an idea, and she asks Elliot to save her from an uncertain future—by marrying her…

After escaping brutal imprisonment, Elliot has returned to Scotland a vastly wealthy yet tormented man. Now Juliana has her hands full restoring his half-ruined manor in the Scottish Highlands and trying to repair the broken heart of the man some call irredeemably mad. Though beautiful and spirited, Juliana wonders if that will be enough to win a second chance at love.

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Обложка книги The Duke’s Perfect Wife The Duke’s Perfect Wife

 Автор: Ashley Jennifer

 Серия: Highland Pleasures

Lady Eleanor Ramsay is the only one who knows the truth about Hart Mackenzie. Once his fiancee, she is the sole woman to whom he could ever pour out his heart.

Hart has it all--a dukedom, wealth, power, influence, whatever he desires. Every woman wants him--his seductive skills are legendary. But Hart has sacrificed much to keep his brothers safe, first from their brutal father, and then from the world. He's also suffered loss--his wife, his infant son, and the woman he loved with all his heart though he realized it too late.

Now, Eleanor has reappeared on Hart's doorstep, with scandalous nude photographs of Hart taken long ago. Intrigued by the challenge in her blue eyes--and aroused by her charming, no-nonsense determination--Hart wonders if his young love has come to ruin him . . . or save him.

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Обложка книги The Many Sins of Lord Cameron The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

 Автор: Ashley Jennifer

 Серия: Highland Pleasures

He is a man of simple tastes—and complex pleasures...

Cameron Mackenzie is a man who loves only horses and women—in that order—or so his mistresses say.

Ainsley Douglas is a woman with a strong sense of justice and the desire to help others—even if that means sneaking around a rakish man's bedchamber.

Which is exactly where Cam finds her—six years after he caught her the first time. Only then, she convinced Cam she was seeking a liaison, but couldn't go through with it because of her husband. Now a widow, she's on a mission to retrieve letters that could prove embarrassing to the queen. Cam has no interest in Ainsley's subterfuge, but he vows to finish what they started those many years ago. One game, one kiss at a time, he plans to seduce her. And what starts out as a lusty diversion may break Cam's own rules—and heal the scars of a dark and damaging past...

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Обложка книги The Madness Of Lord Ian Mackenzie The Madness Of Lord Ian Mackenzie

 Автор: Ashley Jennifer

 Серия: Highland Pleasures

The year is 1881. Meet the Mackenzie family--rich, powerful, dangerous, eccentric. A lady couldn't be seen with them without ruin. Rumors surround them--of tragic violence, of their mistresses, of their dark appetites, of scandals that set England and Scotland abuzz.

The youngest brother, Ian, known as the Mad Mackenzie, spent most of his young life in an asylum, and everyone agrees he is decidedly odd. He's also hard and handsome and has a penchant for Ming pottery and beautiful women.

Beth Ackerley, widow, has recently come into a fortune. She has decided that she wants no more drama in her life. She was raised in drama--an alcoholic father who drove them into the workhouse, a frail mother she had to nurse until her death, a fussy old lady she became constant companion to. No, she wants to take her money and find peace, to travel, to learn art, to sit back and fondly remember her brief but happy marriage to her late husband.

And then Ian Mackenzie decides he wants her.

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Обложка книги The Dark Discovery of Jack Dandy The Dark Discovery of Jack Dandy

 Автор: Cross Kady

Before he makes his appearance in The Girl with the Iron Touch, Jack Dandy had an adventure of his very own. Learn how his actions set the plot in motion in The Dark Discovery of Jack Dandy, a short teaser story from author Kady Cross’s Steampunk Chronicles.

Jack Dandy didn’t become prince of the London underworld at barely twenty-one by being softhearted, even if a certain girl in a steel corset has wormed her way into his affections of late. He knows how to manipulate, charm and rob people blind.

And if his criminal activities embarrass his aristocratic father, so much the better. So when a friend of Jack’s father hires him for an underhanded job, Jack is happy to oblige—for an outrageous fee, of course. Delivering a mysterious crate seems like an easy task—until Jack realizes just what is inside...

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Обложка книги The Morning Star The Morning Star

 Автор: Bridges Robin

 Серия: Katerina Trilogy

St. Petersburg, Russia, 1890

Katerina Alexandrovna, Duchess of Oldenburg, wants to be known as a doctor, not a necromancer. But Tsar Alexander III forbids women to attend medical school; his interest in Katerina extends only to her ability to raise the dead. Twice now, Katerina has helped him by using her power to thwart the forces of darkness—vampires bent on resurrecting the lich tsar Konstantin Pavlovich so that he can take what he sees as his rightful place on the throne. Katerina thought she had bound Konstantin to the Greylands, the realm of the dead, but he has found a way out. Now he is searching for the Morning Star, a sword that will allow him to command a legion of supernatural warriors.

Katerina must find the sword before Konstantin does—and she must travel to Egypt to do so. Along the way, she puts up with unwanted attention from her former fiancé, the nefarious Prince Danilo, and struggles with her feelings for her true love, George Alexandrovich. But with the looming threat from Konstantin, Katerina's focus remains on the sword. Russia's fate will be determined by whoever wields the Morning Star—and delivers the final blow.

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Обложка книги To Wed A Wicked Highlander To Wed A Wicked Highlander

 Автор: Roberts Victoria

 Серия: Bad Boys of the Highlands

Laird Alexander MacDonnell must choose between his duty or losing his heart forever to the woman who betrayed him—his own wife.

Lady Sybella MacKenzie is forced to search for her clan's ancient seeing stone under the roof of her father's enemy. When she finds the precious artifact, will she choose the family who raised her, or will she stand with the man who has captured her soul?

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Обложка книги The Deepest Night The Deepest Night

 Автор: Abe Shana

 Серия: The Sweetest Dark

A rich portrait of post-Victorian England, The Deepest Night seamlessly blends thrilling romance with riveting history and adventure—perfect for fans of Libba Bray and Lauren Kate.

It’s 1915, and sixteen-year-old Lora Jones is finishing up her first year as a charity student at Iverson, a prestigious, gothic boarding school on England’s southern coast. While she’s always felt different from everyone around her, now she finally knows why: She is a drákon, a rare, enchanted being with astonishing magical abilities.

As war hits Britain’s shores, and Lora reels from an unimaginable loss, she finds that her powers come with grave and dangerous responsibilities. At the request of Armand Louis, the darkly mysterious boy whose father owns Iverson, Lora will spend her summer at his lavish estate. To help the war effort—and to keep Lora by his side—Armand turns his home into a military hospital, where Lora will serve as a nurse. For Armand is inescapably drawn to her—bound to her by heart-deep secrets and a supernatural connection that runs thicker than blood.

Yet while Lora tries to sort out her own feelings toward Armand, fate offers an unexpected surprise. Lora discovers there is another drákon, a prisoner of war being held in Germany. And that only she, with her newly honed Gifts, will be able to rescue him.

With Armand, Lora will cross enemy lines on an incredible mission—one that could bond her to Armand forever, or irrevocably tear them apart.

Beautifully written, deeply romantic, and filled with daring adventure and magic, The Deepest Night is a mesmerizing novel of the enduring pull of destiny, and the eternal strength of love.

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Обложки нет The Miracle at St. Bruno's

 Автор: Карр Филиппа

"I was born in the September of 1523, nine months after the monks had discovered the child in the crib on that Christmas morning. My birth was, my father used to say, another miracle: He was not young at the time being forty years of age... My mother, whose great pleasure was tending her gardens, called me Damask, after the rose which Dr. Linacre, the King's physician, had brought into England that year."

Thus begins the story narrated by Damask Farland, daughter of a well-to-do lawyer whose considerable lands adjoin those of St. Bruno's Abbey. It is a story of a life inextricably enmashed with that of Bruno, the mysterious child found on the abbey altar that Christmas morning and raised by the monks to become a man at once handsome and saintly, but also brooding and ominous, tortured by the secret of his origin which looms ever more menacingly over the huge abbey he comes to dominate.

This is also the story of an engaging family, the Farlands. Of a fathr wise enough to understand "the happier our King is, the happier I as a true subject must be," a wife twenty years his junior, and a daughter whose intelligence is constantly to war with the strange hold Bruno has upon her destiny. What happens to the Farlands against the background of what is happening to King Henry and his court during this robust period provides a novel in which suspense and the highlights of history are wonderfully balanced.

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Обложка книги The Demon Lover The Demon Lover

 Автор: Холт Виктория

When Kate Collison, to help her ailing father, completes his portrait of the powerful Baron de Centeville, her only thought is to be a dutiful daughter. But when the Baron presents her to Parisian society as the painter, Kate finds herself basking in the recognition . . . until she discovers that the Baron has plans for her -- shocking plans that will change her life unless she can fight the Baron with his own weapons...

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Обложка книги The Devil on Horseback The Devil on Horseback

 Автор: Холт Виктория

Minella Maddox grew up on a great English estate. But as the schoolmistress' daughter, her place was not, and never could be, at beautiful Derringham Manor. And that is where the trouble started, for Derringham's young heir thought he saw in Minella just the kind of wife he wanted. But a dark and cruelly handsome French count, who always got what he wanted, thought she was just the kind of mistress he had to have. Not for nothing was he called the Devil on Horseback. Yet Minella's humble heritage was to prove more precious that titles and riches, for it freed her to follow her heart, leading her into adventures and dangers she had never dreamed of. It put her directly in the path of another woman's hatred, swept her up into the deadly terrors of the French Revolution and, finally, carried her into the arms of the great and powerful man she loved.

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Обложка книги The Queen`s Confession The Queen`s Confession

 Автор: Холт Виктория

The unforgettable story of Marie Antoinette, from her pampered childhood in imperial Vienna, to the luxury and splendor of her days as Queen of France, to her tragic end upon the scaffold in the bloodbath of the Revolution...

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Обложка книги The Courtship The Courtship

 Автор: Burrowes Grace

 Серия: The Duke and His Duchess

Windham - 0.5

The first novella to be published by New York Times bestselling author Grace Burrowes features the foundation story for her bestselling series. This is the tender story of love tested and won, and how Percy Windham, the dashing and brilliant man who was never supposed to become the Duke of Moreland, wooed the amazing lady who became his beloved Duchess.

Percival Windham is a second son, and a cavalry officer acclaimed and respected by his men. He is immensely attractive and distracts himself with the women who seem to throw themselves at him at every turn, until at a country house party, he meets beautiful, retiring Esther Himmelfarb. Esther's wealthier relations are taking shameless advantage of her dependence on them, and only Percy seems to see the striking intelligence beneath her modest demeanor. Percy sees her as the perfect companion and she finds in him the man of her dreams.

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Обложка книги The Duke and His Duchess The Duke and His Duchess

 Автор: Burrowes Grace

 Серия: The Duke and His Duchess

Windham - 0.6

Percival and Esther Windham had to beat the odds and face down gossip when their brief courtship resulted in marriage. Five years later, they have four children in their nursery, a ducal estate to care for, ailing family members needing care, and more trouble on the horizon than even a strong marriage might endure.

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Обложка книги The Virtuoso The Virtuoso

 Автор: Burrowes Grace

 Серия: Windham, Duke's Obsession


Gifted pianist Valentine Windham, youngest son of the Duke of Moreland, has little interest in his father's obsession to see his sons married, and instead pours passion into his music. But when Val loses his music, he flees to the country, alone and tormented by what has been robbed from him.


Grieving Ellen Markham has hidden herself away, looking for safety in solitude. Her curious new neighbor offers a kindred lonely soul whose desperation is matched only by his desire, but Ellen's devastating secret could be the one thing that destroys them both.

Together they'll find there's no rescue from the past, but sometimes losing everything can help you find what you need most.

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Обложка книги The Heir The Heir

 Автор: Burrowes Grace

 Серия: Windham, Duke's Obsession


Gayle Windham, Earl of Westhaven, is the first legitimate son and heir to the Duke of Moreland. To escape his father's inexorable pressure to marry, he decides to spend the summer at his townhouse in London, where he finds himself intrigued by the secretive ways of his beautiful housekeeper...


Anna Seaton is a beautiful, talented, educated woman, which is why it is so puzzling to Gayle Windham that she works as his housekeeper.

As the two draw closer and begin to lose their hearts to each other, Anna's secrets threaten to bring the earl's orderly life crashing down - and he doesn't know how he's going to protect her from the fallout...

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Обложка книги The India Fan The India Fan

 Автор: Холт Виктория

Обложка книги The Wild Princess: A Novel of Queen Victoria's Defiant Daughter The Wild Princess: A Novel of Queen Victoria's Defiant Daughter

 Автор: Perry Mary Hart

Four of the five daughters of England's Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were regal, genteel, and everything a princess should be. But one was rebellious, scandalous, and untamed.

This is her story. . . .

To the court and subjects of Queen Victoria, young Princess Louise—later the Duchess of Argyll—was the "Wild One." Proud and impetuous, she fought the constraints placed on her and her brothers and sisters, dreamed of becoming an artist, and broke with a three-hundred-year-old tradition by marrying outside of the privileged circle of European royals. Some said she wed for love. Others whispered of a scandal covered up by the Crown. It will take a handsome American, recruited by the queen's elite Secret Service, to discover the truth. But even as Stephen Byrne—code name the Raven—vows to risk his life to protect the royal family from violent Irish radicals, he tempts Louise with a forbidden love that could prove just as dangerous.

In the vein of Philippa Gregory, Mary Hart Perry tells the riveting story of an extraordinary woman—a princess who refused to give up on her dreams, including her right to true love.

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Обложка книги The Landower Legacy The Landower Legacy

 Автор: Холт Виктория

Green-eyed Caroline Tressidor has the whole world at her feet. But at Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, Caroline lets slip a secret. It is nearly fatal.

Caroline's promising future dissolves without her knowing why. Her search for answers violates the iron rules of Victorian society. It takes her to the wild moors of Cornwall and pits her against her shy, pretty sister.

It also brings her the man of her dreams, Paul Landower ... dark, mysterious, trapped in his own past ... a past that may include a legacy of murder.

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Обложка книги The Dark Tower The Dark Tower

 Автор: Bottome Phyllis


From The Project Gutenberg (http://www.gutenberg.org) eBook archive (#25829).

Produced by David Edwards, Alicia Williams, Mary Meehan and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at http://www.pgdp.net

FictionBook (FB2.1) variant: DeKson Publishing.

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Обложка книги The Barefoot Baroness The Barefoot Baroness

 Автор: Smith Joan

Laura Harwood reluctantly agreed to accompany her cousin Olivia, Baroness Pilmore, to London for the season. What did she know about nabbing a husband? But Olivia caught the attention of the famous artist Lord Hyatt, who decided to paint her barefoot. And Laura came along as chaperone. When his lordship’s attention shifted to Laura, she feared he would soon discover what a provincial miss she really was.

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Обложка книги The Black Moth The Black Moth

 Автор: Heyer Georgette

Title is pale thin manipulative Duke of Andover, Tracy Belmanoir (noir = black), who kidnaps Diana Beauleigh from aunt Betty in Bath. But Diana loves generous highwayman Jack Carstares, now heir, who took the blame for card-cheating brother Richard 7 years before. Richard wed Tracy's sister Lavinia; she and brother Andrew drain his money. Author's debut at 17.

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Обложка книги The Spanish Bride The Spanish Bride

 Автор: Heyer Georgette

Shot-proof, fever-proof and a veteran campaigner at the age of twenty-five, Brigade-Major Harry Smith is reputed to be the luckiest man in Lord Wellington's army. But at the siege of Badajos, his friends foretell the ruin of his career. For when Harry meets the defenceless Juana, a fiery passion consumes him. Under the banner of honour and with the selfsame ardour he so frequently displays in battle, he dives headlong into marriage. In his beautiful child-bride, he finds a kindred spirit, and a temper to match. But for Juana, a long year of war must follow..

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Обложка книги Time for Silence Time for Silence

 Автор: Carr Philippa

Lucinda Greenham

When Lucinda Greenham and her impetuous friend Annabelinda Denver leave London for finishing school in Europe, neither imagines the trouble to come. It takes many forms: Anabelinda's secret affair; the child born out of wedlock; and the German invasion of Belgium.

With the Germans one step behind, the girls flee across a stunned Europe on the brink of World War I, to arrive safely in England at last. Picking up the pieces of their lives, they consign Annabelinda's damaging past to secrecy, only to be faced with blackmail so severe it leads to murder. As the girls will learn too late, there is a time for truth and a time for silence.

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Обложка книги The Return of the Gypsy The Return of the Gypsy

 Автор: Carr Philippa

 Серия: Daughters of England

From the moment the handsome, raffish stranger with the gold earring throws her a kiss, Jessica Frenshaw is enchanted. Rumored to be a half-Spanish wanderer who can predict the future, Romany Jake is unjustly put on trial for murder. After the verdict banishes him from England, Jessica despairs of ever seeing him again. But one fateful day, Jake Cadorson returns to reclaim what he has lost—including the woman who saved him from the gallows. From the ballrooms and lavish estates of Regency England through the bitter bloodshed of the Napoleonic Wars, Return of the Gypsy weaves a spellbinding tale of blackmail, murder, and illicit passion as a woman risks everything for the man she loves—a man who isn’t what he seems.

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Обложка книги Truly Yours Truly Yours

 Автор: Metzger Barbara

 Серия: Royce Lie Detectors

Alone in the world, Amanda Carville has no dowry, no reputation left, and no one who believes her to be innocent of murder, since she was found holding the gun that killed her stepfather. Viscount Rexford also has his troubles. He's scarred by war, and cursed-or blessed-with the family trait of knowing the truth when he hears it, and his success at extracting the truth from military prisoners has left many doubting his honor and his methods. When Amanda tells him she didn't do it, he believes her. Tired of the truth business, Rex refuses to get involved…until his heart leaves him no choice.

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Обложка книги The Shivering Sands The Shivering Sands

 Автор: Holt Victoria

 Ancient ruins. Family scandal. Forbidden love.

Caroline knows something is wrong. Her sister Roma has gone missing, and no one can tell her why. The only option is to go where Roma was last seen—an estate with a deadly history...

The Stacy family has lived off the Dover coast for generations, carefully navigating the treacherous quicksands nearby. But the sands aren't Caroline's biggest threat. Everyone here has a secret, especially enigmatic young heir Napier Stacy. No matter where Caroline turns, the ground she walks is dangerous. And the closer she comes to unraveling the truth, the closer she comes to sharing her sister's fate...

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Обложка книги The Secret Countess The Secret Countess

 Автор: Ibbotson Eva

Eva Ibbotson’s charming and warm-hearted tale, A Secret Countess was originally published as A Countess Below Stairs. Anna, a young countess, has lived in the glittering city of St Petersburg all her life in an ice-blue palace overlooking the River Neva. But when revolution tears Russia apart, her now-penniless family is forced to flee to England. Armed with an out-of-date book on housekeeping, Anna determines to become a housemaid and she finds work at the Earl of Westerholme’s crumbling but magnificent mansion. The staff and the family are sure there is something not quite right about their new maid — but she soon wins them over with her warmth and dedication. Then the young Earl returns home from the war — and Anna falls hopelessly in love. But they can never be together: Rupert is engaged to the snobbish and awful Muriel — and anyway, Anna is only a servant. Or so everybody thinks…

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Обложка книги The Morning Gift The Morning Gift

 Автор: Ibbotson Eva

When Ellen Carr abandons grey, dreary London to become housekeeper at an experimental school in Austria, she finds her destiny. Swept into an idyllic world of mountains, music, eccentric teachers and wayward children, Ellen brings order and joy to all around her. But it’s the handsome, mysterious gardener, Marek, who intrigues her — Marek, who has a dangerous secret. As Hitler’s troops spread across Europe, Ellen has promises to keep, even if they mean she must sacrifice her future happiness… A Song for Summer is an unforgettable love story from Eva Ibbotson, the award-winning author of Journey to the River Sea and The Star of Kazan.

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Обложка книги The Prince of Darkness The Prince of Darkness

 Автор: Plaidy Jean

The untimely death of Richard the Lionheart left his nephew Arthur and his younger brother John in contest for the throne of England. Reluctantly the barons chose John, and so began years of rule by a ruthless and greedy tyrant. Yet despite his reputation, John, still manages to seduce the young and beautiful Isabella of Angeloume. But in taking her as his bride he makes an enemy for life. And in the tempestuous years that follow many men come to believe that the House of Anjou was tainted by the Devil's blood, the loathsome monarch was himself Evil Incarnate, the very Prince of Darkness...

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Обложка книги The Plantagenet Prelude The Plantagenet Prelude

 Автор: Plaidy Jean

When William X dies, the duchy of Aquitaine is left to his fifteen year-old daughter, Eleanor. But such a position for an unmarried woman puts the whole kingdom at risk. So on his deathbed William made a will that would ensure his daughter’s protection: he promised her hand in marriage to the future King of France.

Eleanor grows into a romantic and beautiful queen, but she has inherited the will of a king, and determines to rule Aquitaine using her husband’s power as King of France. Her resolve knows no limit and, in the years to follow she was to become one of history’s most scandalous queens.

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Обложка книги The Red Rose of Anjou The Red Rose of Anjou

 Автор: Plaidy Jean

When Henry VI becomes king, it is soon clear that he would be better suited to a quiet life than to ruling the country. Richard, Duke of York, is convinced that he would make a better king and has more right to the crown, and he will stop at nothing to claim it. But Margaret of Anjou, Henry's new French wife, is a formidable woman who is just as determined to keep Henry on the throne.

Most powerful of all is the Earl of Warwick, the kingmaker, and with his support of Richard of York the War of the Roses begins. When Henry VI lapses into madness and eventually meets his mysterious end in the Wakefield Tower, Margaret directs all of her ambition towards her young son, Passionate and impulsive she begins scheming for him, and in doing so dashes headlong into disaster ...

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Обложка книги The Sun in Splendour The Sun in Splendour

 Автор: Plaidy Jean

Reckoned by those about him to be the most handsome man in the country, Edward the fourth has risen to the throne with the help of Warwick, the kingmaker. But even Warwick’s trusted advice cannot convince the King to ignore his passion for the beautiful widow, Elizabeth Woodville – and when she refuses to become his mistress the two are married.

Beloved of the people, Edward proves himself to be a strong king, but his love of luxurious living soon begins to impact on his royal duties. Despite his mistresses, Elizabeth is loyal to the illustrious king, providing him with many children, among them Edward the fifth and Richard Duke of York. But Edward lived recklessly and on his death an incident from his past comes to light that will change the course of history...

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Обложка книги The Secret Woman The Secret Woman

 Автор: Holt Victoria

To all appearances, Anna Brett was a quiet, capable young woman whose only ambition was to carry on the profitable antiques business bequeathed her by a spinster aunt. And so she was - until the memory of a cherished moment with a blue-eyed stranger suddenly returned to haunt her with savage intensity. It was then Anna discovered the secret woman who waited within her - impetuous, daring... and dangerous.

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Обложка книги The love child The love child

 Автор: Carr Philippa

In an England riddled by political and religious strife. Priscilla Eversleigh fights the man who ravaged her, who is attempting to possess her daughter, and who separates her through a dark secret they share from the man she truly loves.

During the turbulent period of the "Popish plots," fourteen-year-old Priscilla Eversleigh lives untouched in the haven of Eversleigh, the family estate, with her illegitimate sister, Christabel. But this bastion of innocence is about to fall. Danger and romance push their way to her doorstep. Harriet Main and her son Leigh, two trusted family friends, return from the war zone. Yet another refugee stumbles into their midst --- this time it is Jocelyn Frinton, a young man haunted by a pursuer. Priscilla and her friends hide Jocelyn and a furtive romance blossoms, which is cut short when Jocelyn is captured and beheaded. Priscilla discovers she will bear his child.

Harriet whisks Priscilla and Christabel to Venice to save the family name from disgrace of an illegitimate child and plots to pass the baby off as her own. A daughter, Carlotta, is born and the family returns to Eversleigh, but not before Priscilla is abducted by the cruel and lecherous Beaumont Granville. Granville's villainy plagues Priscilla and her loved ones through many tormented years until she at last gains the final victory.

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Обложка книги The Drop of the Dice The Drop of the Dice

 Автор: Carr Philippa

Clarissa Field

Beautiful, spirited love child of a nobleman's dalliance with a tempestuous lady, Clarissa is only twelve when she first encounters the dashing officer, Lance Clavering. But she is not too young to fall in love, nor to become the pawn in a deadly game of power and passion which are both her heritage and her destiny. The time is 1715, the place an England rife with civil discontent threatening to explode into revolution. Clarissa is caught up in events which will alter England's history - and lure her into a strange, shadow box future.

Is the dashing Lance what he pretends - a heroic, charming lover - or is he the agent of an evil cabal sworn to strip Clarissa of her fortune, her dignity ... perhaps even her life?

Is the mysterious young rebel, Dickon Frenshaw - first her jailer, then her salvation - watching over her out of devotion ... or spying on her for those who would see her destroyed?

As her dreams of romance and peace first seem to be realized in marriage, then ever more gravely thratened by that same marriage, with only herself to trust, Clarissa must penetrate the long-buried mysteries of her own legacy - and risk a heartbreak more painful than betrayal.

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Обложка книги The Adulteress The Adulteress

 Автор: Carr Philippa

Zipporah Clavering

When Zipporah Ransome set out for Eversleigh Court, her family's ancestral home, she was a sensible, predictable person. Married to a man she had known since childhood, Zipporah was satisfied with her quiet life, happy to put behind her the legacy of scandal that had long stained her heritage. Only in answer to an old man's desperate plea did she journey to a house rife with memories, with malice - even, perhaps, with danger.

But when she departed Eversleigh, Zipporah was a different woman. Caught in a widening web of menace and manipulation, she was forced to rise to the challenge of those working against her. And something more had changed for Zipporah: she had fallen in love with a handsome stranger she might never see again, but whose presence would dominate her future and her fortunes more powerfully than she could ever have imagined.

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Обложка книги The Changeling The Changeling

 Автор: Carr Philippa

Rebecca Mandeville

The story of The Changeling is told by Angelet's daughter, Rebecca, who was born in Benedict Lansdon's house in an Australian gold-mining township. Before Rebecca was born, her father had died saving another man's life. She had always looked up to him as a great hero and when she heard that her mother was to marry Benedict Lansdon, she was deeply shocked.

The prolific British author of historical romances (The Pool of St. Branok) continues her lavishly entwined narrative of the families connected to Benedict Lansdon, now a recently bereaved widower, absentee father and wealthy seeker of a Parliament seat. Narrated by Benedict's aggrieved stepdaughter, Rebecca, this complex tale of love and betrayal concerns a three-cornered sibling relationship involving Rebecca, her half-sister, Belinda and Lucie, a country waif informally adopted by Benedict. Aware that her father blames her for her mother's death in childbirth, Belinda takes refuge in michievous behavior. Placid Lucie, however, fits in well with the family, though her lineage is suspect and clouded with mysterious events at St. Branok's pool. Although Belinda seems the most obvious "changeling," Carr sustains an air of doubt and intrigue. The ambience of the Cornish countryside and of Victorian London permeate this piquantly Gothic family saga.

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Обложки нет The Black Swan

 Автор: Карр Филиппа

Lucie Lansdon

Mysterious and romantic sequel to 'The Changeling', continuing the Cornwall saga. When Lucie Lansdon's father is assassinated in front of his London home, young Lucie is the only witness. Her testimony leads to the arrest, conviction and hanging of an Irish terrorist. But the trauma follows her throughout her life when another disaster - the death of her fiance occurs. She then marries a kind man and they set up house together with his sister. But strange things begin to happen and she begins to believe her life is in danger.

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Обложка книги Time for Silence Time for Silence

 Автор: Carr Philippa

Lucinda Greenham

When Lucinda Greenham and her impetuous friend Annabelinda Denver leave London for finishing school in Europe, neither imagines the trouble to come. It takes many forms: Anabelinda's secret affair; the child born out of wedlock; and the German invasion of Belgium.

With the Germans one step behind, the girls flee across a stunned Europe on the brink of World War I, to arrive safely in England at last. Picking up the pieces of their lives, they consign Annabelinda's damaging past to secrecy, only to be faced with blackmail so severe it leads to murder. As the girls will learn too late, there is a time for truth and a time for silence.

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Обложка книги The House of a Thousand Lanterns The House of a Thousand Lanterns

 Автор: Holt Victoria

For Jane Lindsay The House of a Thousand Lanterns had always held a strange fascination. Since her days as a schoolgirl in England she had felt drawn to it.

Now, a shattering romance, a passion for Chinese art, and a “marriage of convenience” take her to Hong Kong and The House of a Thousand Lanterns, where she finds her presence unwanted and her life in danger.

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Обложка книги The Sniper's Kiss The Sniper's Kiss

 Автор: Saracen Justine

It is 1944, and vast armies drive each other back and forth over blood-drenched Europe.

In the midst of it, two radically different women meet, one a Russian speaking American on a failed diplomatic mission and the other a Soviet sniper. The American, fleeing a sordid past worthy of Dostoyevsky, has murder in her heart but has injured no man. The other, a once-saintly believer, has killed a hundred of them for Stalin. Their politics are worlds apart, but a reckless drunken kiss has tied them together, through church and trench, incense and the smoke of battle. If they survive the war, can they survive the peace?

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Обложка книги The Girl from Munich The Girl from Munich

 Автор: Blanchard Tania

1943… The choices she makes will change her life forever

Growing up in Hitler’s Germany, Charlotte von Klein has big dreams for the future. Charlotte is excitedly making plans for a sumptuous wedding to her childhood sweetheart Heinrich while working for the Luftwaffe, proudly giving her all for the Fatherland.

But in 1943, the tide of the war is turning against Germany, and Lotte’s life of privilege and comfort is collapsing around her. As Hitler’s Reich abandons Germany and the country falls to the Allied forces, Lotte flees from the unfolding chaos to the country with the darkly attractive Erich Drescher, her Luftwaffe superior.

Amid the danger, pain and heartbreak of a country turning on itself, Lotte must forge a new life for herself. But as the country struggles to find its future, shadows of the past come rushing back and Lotte finds herself questioning everything she has fought for in love, duty and freedom.

A sweeping tale of love and loss in wartime Germany, inspired by a true story.

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Обложка книги The Young Elizabeth The Young Elizabeth

 Автор: Letton Jennette, Letton Francis

"I'll be Queen as does belong to me, not sitting on a throne that rocks with civil strife."

That was the young Elizabeth, Henry VIII’s daughter — and Anne Boleyn’s — Elizabeth, the hope of England … quick-witted, quick-moving, her spirit as fiery as her flaming hair, yet guided by a prudence beyond her years and a loyalty that was proof against all assaults: even those of love.

The story of the young Elizabeth in those dangerous and dramatic years between her father’s death and her sister Mary’s is told here with all the excitement of plot and counterplot, the intensity of violent passions in a violent age. The Lettons, whose play about Elizabeth has been a long-run smash hit of the London stage, have re-created in this fresh and fast-paced novel the brilliance, vitality and conflict of an extraordinary time as well as the personality of an extraordinary girl. We meet England — and Elizabeth — at a moment of crisis. The King has died, leaving a sickly boy to wear his crown and powerful enemies to struggle for the reins of state. The King's widow has remarried, and her husband, Thomas Seymour, is a man of reckless ambition and irresistible charm.

To her stepmother's home — to Thomas Seymour's home — comes the young Elizabeth, a girl alive with the joy of living … and third in succession to the English throne. It may be her youth, her grace, her eyes that soon catch Seymour's fancy; it may be the temptation of a fantastic gamble. At any rate, to win Elizabeth's heart is child's play for a man who has won so many. The day comes when Seymour's wife finds Elizabeth in Seymour's arms.

The girl is sent away. And she begins to learn the lessons of her destiny: to learn, whatever her heart may say, that she can belong to no man because she belongs to England; to learn, whatever conspirators may say, that her duty is to the throne … even though her sister Mary, a despised fanatic, sits upon that throne. She must learn to watch men die for her, to bear her sister's envy, to endure imprisonment, banishment, the threat of death — and make no sign. She must learn to be Queen of England.

The story of this learning — tempestuous, troubled and, in the end, triumphant — is the story of The Young Elizabeth.

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Обложка книги The Prince of the Soviets The Prince of the Soviets

 Автор: Baryakina Elvira Валерьевна

 Серия: Грозовая эпоха, Russian Treasures

With the advent of Joseph Stalin to power in 1927, the Soviet Union begins to turn into a monstrous totalitarian state eager to enslave its own population and consume the neighboring countries. But the world is not aware of what is going on since Soviet Russia closely guards its secrets and knows how to deal with the inquisitive.

Nina Kupina, a Russian political exile, is abducted by the Soviet agents in China who bring her to Moscow. She takes refuge at the house of Oscar Reich, an American millionaire who, unaccountably, has a privilege to run a private enterprise in the USSR.

Nina suspects that Mr. Reich is not who he pretends to be, and there is some shady deal between him and the Bolsheviks. But she accepts his advances, knowing that he is the only person able to help her return home to her husband, Klim, who is living in Shanghai.

Little does she know that Klim is already in Russia looking for her. To make inquiries about Nina’s whereabouts, he takes a position in the United Press as a correspondent in Moscow. His search leads him not to the reunion with his wife but to his imminent arrest as a spy. And Oscar Reich is ready to do everything to make sure Klim gets into the trap set by the OGPU (the predecessor of the KGB).

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Обложка книги To Mend a Dream : A Southern Love Story To Mend a Dream : A Southern Love Story

 Автор: Alexander Tamera

Savannah Darby would do almost anything to revisit her family home. So when new owner, Aidan Bedford, a Boston attorney and former Union soldier, seeks to redecorate the house for his fiancée, Savannah jumps at the opportunity. But the clock is ticking. Can she find the box her father supposedly hid there during the war before her assignment is completed? And before she sees yet another battle lost on the home front. This time, one of the heart.

*To Mend a Dream* is one of four Southern love stories included in the collection entitled AMONG THE FAIR MAGNOLIAS which features Tamera's novella (sold separately here), as well as novellas by Shelley Shepard Gray, Dorothy Love, and Elizabeth Musser (Harper Collins).

This novella includes a scrumptious Southern recipe perfect for a book club meeting. Discussion questions included.

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Обложка книги The Patient Ecstasy of Fräulein Braun The Patient Ecstasy of Fräulein Braun

 Автор: Mueller Lavonne

Eva understands Hitler is married to Germany and must herself stand back unacknowledged as he enclasps the world in a passionate, python-like thrall. Until the last days in the final chapter of the Third Reich (and the first chapter of the novel) when Adolf and Eva move into their first home together, the Führerbunker. There, deep underground, hidden from the light of day and the light of history, but laid fully bare to the author’s unblinking eye, Eva Braun’s unquestioning patriotism and patience finally pay off in a private wedding ceremony and a cyanide capsule.

Mueller imagines the claustrophobic and morally twisted underground world of the Third Reich’s last gasp. All the Führer’s men and women, like rats in a trap, grow more and more desperate, more and more perverse, as they compete for the final crumbs of attention from their doomed leader. Only one soul remains calm amid the chaos, the ever-patient, ever pliant paramour of the vilest man who ever lived. As the world around them goes astoundingly mad, their devotion to each other remains unsullied. Trusting. Even innocent.

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Обложка книги The Undesirables The Undesirables

 Автор: Thumann Chad

In the winter of 1941–1942, Leningrad is under siege, and Karen Hamilton, a seventeen-year-old American musician, finds herself trapped and struggling to survive. Throughout the city, people are dying of starvation and frostbite, and Karen knows that if she doesn’t escape immediately, she will share their fate. If she has any hope of leaving Russia and reuniting with her fiancé, Bobby, in New York, she must do the impossible: cross enemy lines and then stow away.

On her harrowing journey, Karen encounters Petr, a young conscripted Russian soldier. She isn’t sure she can trust him—he is equally wary of her. But as the two join forces in order to stay alive, an unexpected romance takes root.

Now, as Karen gets closer to the reality of escape, she has a choice to make: Will she return to a safe life in America with Bobby, or remain in war-torn Russia with Petr?

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Обложка книги The Age of Light The Age of Light

 Автор: Scharer Whitney

She went to Paris to start over, to make art instead of being made into it.

A captivating debut novel by Whitney Scharer, The Age of Light tells the story of Vogue model turned renowned photographer Lee Miller, and her search to forge a new identity as an artist after a life spent as a muse. “I’d rather take a photograph than be one,” she declares after she arrives in Paris in 1929, where she soon catches the eye of the famous Surrealist Man Ray. Though he wants to use her only as a model, Lee convinces him to take her on as his assistant and teach her everything he knows. But Man Ray turns out to be an egotistical, charismatic force, and as they work together in the darkroom, their personal and professional lives become intimately entwined, changing the course of Lee’s life forever.

Lee’s journey takes us from the cabarets of bohemian Paris to the battlefields of war-torn Europe during WWII, from discovering radical new photography techniques to documenting the liberation of the concentration camps as one of the first female war correspondents. Through it all, Lee must grapple with the question of whether it’s possible to reconcile romantic desire with artistic ambition-and what she will have to sacrifice to do so.

Told in interweaving timelines, this sensuous, richly detailed novel brings Lee Miller—a brilliant and pioneering artist—out of the shadows of a man’s legacy and into the light.

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Обложки нет Tall, Dark & Fangsome

 Автор: Роуэн Мишель

 Серия: Immortality Bites

Sarah Dearly's positive attitude is waning. Perky and bubbly no longer describe her and frankly being a vampire is the least of her worries. Gideon Chase, leader of all vampire hunters, is being consumed by Hellfire and his only hope is that Sarah will bite him during a ritual under the full moon and turn him into a vampire. To ensure her help he has threatened to kill all the people she loves, inc. Thierry, her master vampire boyfriend and she has no doubt that he can and will do it. He has also demanded she break things off with Thierry and never see him again, which she pretends to do but it isn't easy to protect someone when you're forced to keep your relationship a secret. However Sarah isn't the pushover she used to be - in fact, she was recently cursed to be a nightwalker and when she removes the magical necklace that keeps her hungers in check, she's as dangerous as any blood-thirsty, horror-movie vampire and not just a girl-next-door with fangs. However, her nightwalker self is becoming dangerously attracted to Gideon. Can she cure herself of the curse in time to destroy Gideon and save her true love, so they can live happily together forever?

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Обложка книги The Heart of A Killer The Heart of A Killer

 Автор: Burton Jaci

Before the Special Forces hero has even unpacked his bags from twelve years of active duty, he's embroiled in murder-corpses bearing the brutal trademark he's seen only once before-on the worst night of his life.

The last time Detective Anna Pallino saw Dante Renaldi, they were in love. Now, he's part of the connection to a string of fresh homicides and a horrible assault Anna only survived thanks to him.

More than anything, Anna wants to trust Dante. But as the bodies and the coincidences stack up, Anna will have to decide, and fast: Is the man she owes her life to the very same one who wants her dead?

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Обложки нет Twilight

 Автор: Meyer Stephenie

When seventeen-year-old Bella leaves Phoenix to live with her father in Forks, Washington, she meets an exquisitely handsome boy at school for whom she feels an overwhelming attraction and who she comes to realize is not wholly human.

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Обложки нет Twice Bitten

 Автор: Нейл Хлоя

 Серия: Chicagoland Vampires

The third novel in the Chicagoland Vampires series finds Merit, a relatively new vampire and the Sentinel of Cadogan House, detailed to assist a convention of shape-shifters planning to meet in the Windy City. Someone shoots up the tavern where Merit and Gabriel, a shape-shifting Alpha, are having preliminary talks, and the fight is on. Merit has to figure out which of several suspects is gunning for Gabriel, whether tensions between the various supernaturals are being deliberately fanned, if she wants to join a vampire internal policing organization, and how she ought to respond to the attraction she feels for Ethan, the 400-year-old head of Cadogan House. It's enough to keep a girl quite busy, and the pages turn fast enough to satisfy vampire and romance fans alike.

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Обложка книги Target Target

 Автор: Dees Cindy

Someone was trying to assassinate the president of the United States, and only army intelligence captain Diana Lockworth had the ability to stop them-if she could convince the authorities she wasn't a crackpot. It didn't help that her intel came from a source so secret even she didn't know who it was. With only twenty-four hours to stop the attack, she had to figure out who was masterminding the plot and when they planned to strike. First, she had to get the charismatic young president on her side. And then she'd give the enemy a new target-herself!

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Обложка книги Twarz z przeszłości Twarz z przeszłości

 Автор: Michaels Fern

Gdy doktor Blake Hunter spotyka Casey Edwards błąkającą się po ulicach miasteczka Sweetwater, jest ona kobietą bez przeszłości. Pamięć wyparła ślady przerażających wydarzeń, jakie stały się jej udziałem przed dziesięcioma laty. Jedyne, co ma, to skrawek papieru z adresem wspaniałej posiadłości, w której mieszka jej matka.

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Обложка книги The Deputy’s Duty The Deputy’s Duty

 Автор: Reed Terri

As the eldest of six siblings and deputy chief of the Fitzgerald Bay police department, Ryan Fitzgerald is a protector. Of his family. Of his community. But staying in control means keeping his distance…until Meghan Henry comes to town. Seeking justice for her murdered cousin, and safety for an orphaned-and missing-child, the daring journalist is not afraid to face danger head-on. And when she uncovers a dark Fitzgerald secret, Ryan's left with a devastating choice. Which will he protect-his family, or the woman he's started to love?

And bonus story by Jillian Hart

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Обложка книги The Witness The Witness

 Автор: Roberts Nora

Daughter of a controlling mother, Elizabeth finally let loose one night, drinking at a nightclub and allowing a strange man’s seductive Russian accent lure her to a house on Lake Shore Drive. The events that followed changed her life forever.

Twelve years later, the woman known as Abigail Lowery lives on the outskirts of a small town in the Ozarks. A freelance programmer, she designs sophisticated security  systems—and supplements her own security with a fierce dog and an assortment of firearms. She keeps to herself, saying little, revealing nothing. But Abigail’s reserve only intrigues police chief Brooks Gleason. Her logical mind, her secretive nature, and her unromantic viewpoints leave him fascinated but frustrated. He suspects that Abigail needs protection from something—and that her elaborate defenses hide a story that must be revealed.

With a quirky, unforgettable heroine and a pulse-pounding plotline, Nora Roberts presents a riveting new read that cements her place as today’s most reliably entertaining thriller

author—and will leave people hungering for more.

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Обложка книги The Detective’s Undoing The Detective’s Undoing

 Автор: Shalvis Jill

CADE McKNIGHT WAS A LONER… A man who liked his horizons open. Then the private investigator met Delia Scanlon. The sexy spitfire drove Cade to distraction and aroused his protective male instincts. He was supposed to uncover the truth about Delia's heritage not sleep with his alluring client. Yet he was powerless against the woman who made him break his golden rule about never needing anyone and never letting anyone need him. She unleashed his tightly controlled emotions and made him feel alive again. And although he wanted her in his bed, he had no intention of becoming Delia's willing groom. But how long could he ignore the longings of his heart?

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Обложки нет The Forgetful Fiancée

 Автор: Lennox Kara

Kevin thought he’d left Tara behind in Chicago. So what’s she doing in tiny Hardyville, Colorado, with a three-month-old baby, and no memory of their breakup?

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Обложка книги Tame An Older Man Tame An Older Man

 Автор: Lennox Kara

Beauty tames beastly bachelor? Good luck!

All men were not created equal, and Phoebe Lane had quickly deduced that her sexy new neighbor, Wyatt Madison, had been created with one bad attitude. True, he was heartbreakingly handsome and distractingly distinguished, but Wyatt had the nerve to think Phoebe was husband hunting and that he was her prey. The beautiful and brainy gal was interested only in hooking Wyatt up with her best friend. Yet the thought of taming this older man and letting him go was becoming an increasingly uncomfortable proposition. Suddenly this confirmed bachelorette wanted the beast all to herself…and a wedding to boot!

2001 Ways to Wed: This little book on finding Mr. Right is guaranteed to help three friends make it to the altar!

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Обложка книги Tuesday’s Child Tuesday’s Child

 Автор: Michaels Fern

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels-one of the most beloved authors of our time-comes a gripping new novel filled with heart and hope, as a young woman wrongly found guilty of murder receives the gift of a second chance…

On the eve of her retirement, Georgia attorney Mikala Aulani is as vivacious and vibrant as ever, eagerly anticipating a happy future with her partner, Ben. But if Kala has learned anything in thirty-five years of practicing law, it's that the truth can always surprise you. And when Adam Star turns up at her office, confessing to the long-ago murder of his wife, Kala must return to a notorious case that has never stopped haunting her.

Ten years have passed since young nurse Sophie Lee was accused of murdering her wealthy patient, Audrey Star. Kala defended Sophie and had no doubt of her innocence-or of Adam Star's guilt-but the prosecution convinced a jury otherwise. Sophie was convicted on a Tuesday-the day on which every significant event in her life, good or bad, seems to happen. Now, on the verge of his death, Adam exonerates Sophie and also leaves her a huge fortune in atonement.

Released from prison, Sophie retreats to Kala's house and tries to evade the media frenzy that surrounds her. Kala is determined to help her client make her way back into the world and adjust to her new wealth and freedom. Yet for both, there are still revelations in store-about the nature of redemption, the strange workings of fate, and the power of forgiveness. And most of all, about the secrets that hide in every heart-even those we think we know best.

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Обложка книги The Hidden The Hidden

 Автор: Verday Jessica

 Серия: Hollow

Abbey knows that Caspian is her destiny. Theirs is a bond that transcends even death. But as Abbey finally learns the full truth about the dark fate that links her to Caspian and ties them both to the town of Sleepy Hollow, she suddenly has some very hard choices to make. Caspian may be the love of her life, but is that love worth dying for?

Beautifully spun, emotionally gripping, and irresistibly romantic, The Hidden will leave you breathless.

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Обложка книги The Search The Search

 Автор: Робертс Нора

To most people, Fiona Bristow seems to have an idyllic life-a quaint house on an island off Seattle's coast, a thriving dog-training school, and a challenging volunteer job performing canine search and rescues. Not to mention her three intensely loyal Labs. But Fiona got to this point by surviving a nightmare...

Several years ago, Fiona was the only survivor of the Red Scarf serial killer, who shot and killed Fiona's cop fiancé and his K-9 partner.

On Orcas Island, Fiona found the peace and solitude she needed to rebuild her life. But all that changes on the day Simon Doyle barrels up her drive, desperate for her help. He's the reluctant owner of an out-of-control puppy, foisted upon him by his mother. Jaws has eaten through Simon's house, and he's at his wit's end.

To Fiona, Jaws is nothing she can't handle. Simon, however, is another matter. A newcomer to Orcas, he's a rugged and in-tensely private artist, known for the exquisite furniture he creates from wood. Simon never wanted a puppy-and he most definitely doesn't want a woman. Besides, the lanky redhead is not his type. But tell that to his hormones.

As Fiona embarks on training Jaws, and Simon begins to appreciate both dog and trainer, the past tears back into Fiona's life. A copycat killer has emerged out of the shadows, a man whose bloodlust has been channeled by a master with one motive: to reclaim the woman who slipped out of his hands...

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Обложка книги The Edge Of Courage The Edge Of Courage

 Автор: Levine Elaine

Step into Elaine Levine's exciting new series of alpha warriors-products of the government's secret corps of assassins called the Red Team:

Haunted by memories he cannot reach, stalked by an enemy bent on revenge…

Rocco Silas has come home to Wyoming after long years as a Red Team operative in Afghanistan. It isn't easy returning to civilian life, especially burdened as he is with a staggering case of PTSD or hunted as he is by an enemy determined to seek an eye-for-eye-neither of which can he battle until he confronts the truth of what happened one fateful day in the high mountain ranges of the Hindu Kush.

… She alone holds the key to his sanity.

Mandy Fielding's dream of opening a therapeutic riding center on her family's ranch is almost within her grasp-until she hires Rocco Silas, a dangerous ex-Spec Ops friend of her brother's. His haunted eyes and passionate touch promise a love she never dared believe possible. Can they confront the truth of his past and build a future together or will the enemy stalking him destroy them both?

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Обложка книги The Whispering Room The Whispering Room

 Автор: Stevens Amanda


Work is a welcome refuge for New Orleans homicide detective Evangeline Theroux. Feeling suffocated by her new baby, in whose eyes she sees only her dead husband, she throws herself into a high-profile murder case.

Reclusive writer Lena Saunders offers Evangeline a provocative theory about the crime: it is the work of a lunatic vigilante. Lena spins the sordid story of Ruth and Rebecca Lemay, whose mother brutally murdered her male children in an insane effort to root out an "evil" gene. The girls survived and grew to adulthood—but one is carrying on her mother's grisly work.

When the case takes a terrifyingly personal turn, Evangeline's whole life will depend on a crucial, impossible choice: the lesser of two evils.

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Обложка книги Troublemaker Troublemaker

 Автор: Howard Linda

A thrilling, fast-paced novel of romantic suspense from sensational New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Linda Howard.

For Morgan Yancy, an operative and team leader in a paramilitary group, nothing comes before his job. But when he's ambushed and almost killed, his supervisor is determined to find out who's after the members of his elite squad – and why. Due to worries that this unknown enemy will strike again, Morgan is sent to a remote location and told to lie low and stay vigilant. But between a tempting housemate he's determined to protect and a deadly threat waiting in the shadows, keeping under the radar is proving to be his most dangerous mission yet.

The part-time police chief of a small West Virginian mountain town, Isabeau "Bo" Maran finally has her life figured out. She's got friends, a dog, and a little money in the bank. Then Morgan Yancy shows up on her doorstep. Bo doesn't need a mysterious man in her life – especially a troublemaker as enticing and secretive as Morgan.

The harder they fight the intense heat between them, the closer Morgan and Bo become, even though she knows he's hiding from something. But discovering the truth could cost Bo more than she's willing to give. And when Morgan's cover is blown, it might just cost her life.

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Обложка книги The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2 The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2

 Автор: Chance Karen, Adrian Lara, Carriger Gail, Telep Trisha, Taylor Helen Scott, Rogers Moira, Kessler Jackie, Gray Ava, Damsgaard Shirley, Gray Nathalie, Wilds Elissa, Bateman Sonya, Erwin Sherri Browning, Hauf Michele, Ashwood Sharon, Day S J, Glass Seressia, Lenox Kim

Another fabulous collection of Paranormal Romance stories in the bestselling Mammoth series.

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Обложка книги The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance

 Автор: Telep Trisha, Miles Cindy, Maguire Margo, Newgent Sandra, Cready Gwyn, Blair Sandy, McGowan Maureen, Mackenzie Sara, Maddox Michelle, Sarath Patrice, Johnson Jean, ’Shea Patti, Dawn Autumn, Lisle Holly, Willingham Michelle, Hodge Colby, Lang Michele, Baker Madeline, Mackay Allie, Menden A J

Twenty-five stories of timeless true love

The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance contains 25 stories of adventure and love; settings include medieval Scotland, sixteenth-century England, the nineteenth-century ‘Wild West’. Some stories are set in the present and a few in the future. Stories include an Elizabethan nobleman whisked into the present day, a troubled young woman who lands in the sixteenth century able to break a curse of lost love.

Includes stories from: Nina Bangs, Jude Deveraux, Sandra Hill, Linda Howard, Lynn Kurland, Karen Marie Moning, and many more.

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 Автор: Джордан Пенни

In Penny Jordan"s latest book, The Italian Duke"s Wife,

an Italian aristocrat chooses a young English woman

as his convenient wife. When he unleashes within

her a desire she never knew she possessed, he is soon

regretting his no-consummation rule….

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Обложка книги The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance

 Автор: Telep Trisha, Kennedy Shirley, Maguire Margo, Rice Patricia, Grange Amanda, Hern Candice, Campbell Anna, Boyle Elizabeth, Kelly Vanessa, Lawson Anthea, Wildes Emma, DeHart Robyn, Kelley Christie, Ball Leah, Linden Caroline, Marvelle Delilah, Bennett Sara, Page Sharon, Templeton Julia, Raleigh Deborah, Metzger Barbara, Young Michele Ann, Jewel Carolyn, Heath Lorraine

Includes big name contributors such as Anna Campbell, Lorraine Heath, Barbara Metzger, Deborah Raleigh and Elizabeth Boyle.

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Обложка книги The Guy Next Door The Guy Next Door

 Автор: Donovan Susan, Foster Lori, Dahl Victoria

The Guy Next Door anthology brings together three of the hottest contemporary romance authors of our day, Lori Foster, Susan Donovan, and Victoria Dahl.

Ready, Set, Jett by Lori Foster

A vacation from her no-strings romance with her sexy next-door neighbor. That's what Natalie Alexander needs to get her head—and heart—together. But her solo trip south turns into a disaster when gorgeous Jett Sutter turns up with another challenge.

Gail's Gone Wild by Susan Donovan

Single mom Gail Chapman insists on chaperoning her teenage daughter's spring-break trip to Key West. But she never expects to face temptation—in the hunky form of Jesse Batista, the mysterious man in the cottage next door.

Just One Taste by Victoria Dahl

All-work-and-no-play businessman Eric Donovan won't be distracted by a «businesswoman» who's all wrong for him. Beth Cantrell owns a women's erotica shop! And she has a juicy little secret. Can she tempt him to put pleasure before business for once?

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Обложка книги The show goes on (СИ) The show goes on (СИ)

 Автор: Емельянова Галина

Жизнь непредсказуема, судьба изменчива. Вечна только Любовь. просто поверь в Чудо!

Читать или скачать книгу «The show goes on (СИ)»
Обложка книги The M.D. Next Door The M.D. Next Door

 Автор: Уилкинс Джина

It started with a big yellow puppy scampering into Dr. Meagan Baker's backyard…followed by her adorable new neighbor, a chatty thirteen-year-old full of information about her very attractive divorced dad, Seth Llewellyn. Oh, no. On medical leave and questioning everything, Meagan can't fall for a busy attorney juggling work, single parenthood and a naughty dog.

After his divorce, Seth promised himself he'd put his daughter first. Adding a relationship to his overscheduled life would be crazy. So he agrees with Meagan — between hour-long kisses — that this chemistry, this closeness between them, can't go anywhere. But a medical crisis just might make them realize what matters most….

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Обложка книги The show goes on (СИ) The show goes on (СИ)

 Автор: Емельянова Галина

Жизнь непредсказуема, судьба изменчива. Вечна только Любовь. просто поверь в Чудо!

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Обложки нет Two Blades

 Автор: Алек-из-Керри

Обложка книги To Command And Collar To Command And Collar

 Автор: Sinclair Cherise

Determined to find the human traffickers preying on Shadowlands’ submissives, Master Raoul gets himself invited to a small slave auction. Once informed, the FBI orders him to reject the limited choices so the slavers will invite him to the big auction. To Raoul’s shock, one of the slaves is the kidnapped friend of a Shadowlands sub. She has a scarred body…and an unbroken spirit. He can’t leave her behind. Ruining the FBI’s carefully laid plans, he buys her.

Kimberly’s freedom has come at a devastating price: the other women are still slaves. An FBI raid is their only hope for rescue. Desperate to help the Feds locate the big auction, she agrees to pose as Master Raoul’s slave. Wearing a collar again is terrifying, but under the powerful dominant’s care, Kim starts to heal and then to blossom. This is what she’s been drawn to-and fled from-her entire life.

She escaped the slavers who captured her body-can she escape the master who’s captured her heart?

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Обложка книги Tarotica Tarotica

 Автор: Austin Amber

Miranda Malone is about to embark on the greatest adventure of her life. While she’s on vacation in San Francisco, a masked man kidnaps her at gunpoint. As she tries desperately to think of a way to escape, Miranda notices a tattoo of the Earth on the man’s palm and remembers her beloved father’s deathbed prophecy: “Your future husband will hold the world in the palm of his hand.”

Her abductor turns out to be a gorgeous Napa Valley winemaker who’s running for his life. Eli Hart has uncovered a plot to destroy the vineyard where he works and suspects a French competitor of the crime. He’s being chased by two Frenchmen bent on eliminating him before he can reveal what he knows.

Miranda and Eli set off on an erotic, magical, and sometimes perilous journey that leads from coast to coast. As they strive to elude their pursuers and bring the criminals to justice, they meet a colorful cast of characters, each of whom represents a card in the Major Arcana of the tarot. Their journey is a tarot deck come to life, full of mystery, romance, and passion.

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Обложка книги Tu Aliento Tu Aliento

 Автор: P Melissa

“Un pasaje de ida”, le pide al empleado de la agencia de viajes. Melissa es una muchacha en fuga. De la tierra que la vio nacer, de una familia cariñosa pero despiadada, de un hombre que la ha desenmascarado. De un juego imposible de ganar hacia un futuro que promete acogerla sin hacer demasiadas preguntas. Al principio, Melissa consigue encerrar bajo llave a aquel demonio interior que ha dominado sus palabras, sus gestos, sus pensamientos desde que era una niña. Pero pronto se da cuenta de que solo ha ganado una de las tantas batallas contra su propia naturaleza oscura. La guerra es larga. En poco tiempo, de hecho, una simple sospecha se transforma en una obsesión, en celos ciegos que amenazan destruir todo aquello por lo que ha luchado tan duramente.

¿Quién es Viola? ¿Qué son esas sombras que le susurran al oído? ¿Cómo interpretar esas terroríficas visiones nocturnas, aquella libélula que parece espiar cada uno de sus movimientos? Y su historia de amor, ¿está verdaderamente destinada a morir?

Visceral y romántica, onírica y sensual, Tu aliento es una novela extrema y preciosa, donde la frontera entre realidad y fantasía se difumina página tras página, revelando una escritora única, de gran talento y enorme coraje.

Читать или скачать книгу «Tu Aliento»
Обложка книги The Pirate Masters The Pirate Masters

 Автор: Layle Madison

Masters Jared and Lance are experienced Doms and regularly join forces via The Pleasure Club to fulfill women’s dreams and have fun in the process. From sex dungeons to gothic castles, they’ve been there and done it all. But tonight, they’re armed and ready for a high seas adventure with a more dangerous twist.

Dana Hawthorne thinks the Pleasure Guardians set up a sweet-n-sexy tryst with a "wealthy boss man" for her first fantasy night. But it’s not until a pair of bad-boy pirates storm the yacht and take command that the real fantasy…and the erotic pleasure…really begin.

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Обложка книги Telling Tales Telling Tales

 Автор: Walker Shiloh

Telling Tales Shiloh Walker Sheriff Kellan Grant has been dreaming of Darci Law for a very long time. Wild, sexy dreams. But he was badly burned once, and is interested in only one thing when it comes to women. Kellan knows that Darci will make him want more than one night in her arms, so he keeps his distance. Darci's dreams about Kellan are so intense that they leave her shaking and feeling obsessed. She can't stop thinking about the sexy sheriff-the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he. But he never so much as looks in her direction. So when Kellan shows up at her front door, she is understandably a little confused, but ready to take advantage of any opportunity to finally get close to the man who haunts her dreams. Hot, liquid excitement swamps her system as midnight images rush through her head. He is finally within reach. Then Kellan tells her why he has come. There has been a murder. And she is his number one suspect.

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Обложка книги The Erotic Secrets Of A French Maid The Erotic Secrets Of A French Maid

 Автор: Cach Lisa

A Sex Comedy

Strapped for cash after an unsuccessful search for her dream job in architecture, Emma Mayson takes a less-than glamorous position as a maid for a wealthy entrepreneur. The bright spot? Her new employer, Russell Carrick, is the picture of male perfection-his mere presence sends Emma reeling. But he’s also a total workaholic who has lost his zest for living. Or did he just misplace it? Emma sets aside her feather duster and her inhibitions to find out. Soon a transitory house-cleaning gig becomes a cushy role of well-paid mistress, as Emma rekindles her employer’s passion with a fantasy world of boundless pleasure. But then the unthinkable happens: She falls for Russell. Having already fulfilled his primal desires, can she make him see her as more than a plaything?

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Обложка книги Tres cuentos eróticos Tres cuentos eróticos

 Автор: Abad Mercedes

Cuentos eróticos es tu libro de bolsillo Cosmo con tres relatos inéditos de la escritora Mercedes Abad. Tres historias de alto voltaje, atrevidas y llenas de ingenio, que contribuirán a que te resulten más divertidas las horas. Te sugerimos que disfrutes de estos relatos en la más estricta intimidad o con una compañía muy bien elegida. ahora, pasa la página y diviértete…

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Обложка книги The Mammoth Book of International Erotica The Mammoth Book of International Erotica

 Автор: , Ballard J G, Jelinek Elfriede, Timlin Mark, Rice Anne, Jakubowski Maxim, Crawley Michael, Pekarkova Iva, Lau Evelyn, Rey çoise, Lewis Marilyn Jaye, Farquhar Dion, Mayersberg Paul, Boym Svetlana, Rykiel Sonia, Fawcett Brian, Zwang Geraldine, Hemmingson Michael, De Silva Delilah, Queen Carol, Murakami Ryu, Vollmann William T, Morley N T, Reed Jeremy, Kansas J P, Mazza Cris, Styrsky Jindrich, Perkins Michael, Roche Thomas S, Deforges égine, Duffy Stella, Witt Bana, Florens Sonia, Formetta Cristiana, Camacho Carlos Benito, ël Bernard, Christian M, Dugas Florence, Taylor Lucy, Larue èle

Here in one marvellous volume, is the cream of erotic writing from all the corners of the globe. Maxim Jakubowski has gathered together unexpurgated delights, new and unpublished gems, and classic masterpieces seldom seen before.

Come play in a garden of exotic and erotic writing, with origins ranging from France and Germany to Japan and New Zealand, from Russia to the United States and Canada.

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Обложка книги The Concubine’s Tale The Concubine’s Tale

 Автор: Colgan Jennifer

Separated in time. United by forbidden passion…

When an ancient papyrus scroll comes up for auction, gallery curator Cait Lang draws the distasteful task of notifying her boss’s favorite client, Grant Pierson. The rare art and antiquities collector’s arrogance grates on her nerves, but most of all she resents her own weakness for his athletic body and deep brown eyes.

It’s the hieroglyphic scroll that draws Grant to a private, after-hours showing at the gallery. But the lovely Cait’s narration of the erotically charged story captures his interest. Determined to hear the rest of the tale-and spend more time in Cait’s company-he convinces her to join him for dinner.

The intricate, sensual tale transports Cait’s and Grant’s imaginations into the past. And the depictions of sexually charged temple rituals inspire them to explore their own hidden passions-in Cait’s apartment.

Even as Grant succumbs to Cait’s charms, the drive to own the scroll hums in the back of his mind. If he isn’t careful, though, he’ll not only lose the chance to hear the end of the story, he’ll lose something more precious. The missing piece of his own life-Cait.

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Обложка книги The Kat Trap The Kat Trap

 Автор: Cairo

A sexy, raw debut novel about the life of a young murderess who lures her victims to their own deaths by seducing them.

Ghetto-born and street-raised, Katrina—or Kat for short, is a self-proclaimed hood goddess. With her in-your-face razor-sharp attitude, alluring charm, and exotic beauty, Katrina is vivacious, vicious, and unsuspectingly dangerous. Detached from her emotions, she has no time for regrets. The product of a neglectful mother and an incarcerated father, Katrina is willing to do whatever it takes to climb—or kill—her way out of the hood.

Calculated and cunning, Katrina already has two bodies on her hands by the ripe age of twenty. When a mysterious man invites her to join his multi-million dollar “work-for-hire” network of professional assassins, it becomes the opportunity of a lifetime. The first female killer on his team, she travels all over the United States and fulfills the bloody requests of her every client. With each murder, Katrina feels more and more powerful—killing turns out to be an addictive aphrodisiac for her and the rush of violence is the only thing that satisfies her insatiable libido. Before killing each victim, Katrina tempts them with her irresistible, delectable charms—and not one of them can resist.

Disturbingly witty and devilishly enticing, The Kat Trap is an edgy, fast-paced urban drama with fascinating psychological elements that demonstrate how anger and bitterness can perpetuate self-destructive behaviors. Readers will be enthralled by Kat’s deliciously criminal world of money and glamour, shocked by her cutthroat ambition and ruthlessness, and accosted by her physical and sexual prowess.

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Обложка книги The Man Handler The Man Handler

 Автор: Cairo

A single woman walks a fine line between sexual liberation and carnal addiction in this sizzling hot, ecstasy-filled tale of uninhibited pleasures.

Bianca Rivers has an overpowering love and passion for sexuality, and the ability to fulfill her most outrageous desires without fear or regret. She makes no excuses for her highly charged libido as she shares her fantasies and indulges in explosive sexual encounters with any man willing to feed her insatiable appetite. But what happens when one of the men decides that he wants to love her and be in a true relationship? Will Bianca be able to resist a man who fits her perfectly and is determined to take things to the next level?

Boldly challenging our attitudes about men and women, love, sex, and infidelity, The Man Handler thrills and entertains on every page, while forcing readers to take an honest look at their own actions and choices.

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Обложка книги The Stolen Warrior The Stolen Warrior

 Автор: Rabiyah Anastasia

Hessa feeds the men kept in her master’s holding cells-men meant for the fighting pits and destined to die there for the pleasure of Bisura’s crowds…unless they are kept for breeding. In the darkness she discovers a stolen warrior from the distant island of Chalois, a muscle bound giant of a man who draws her into a dangerous game of lust she doesn’t want to end. Servants of the Omi House are not allowed to decide their fate, but Hessa longs to be more than what she was born into, and if she can find a way out, she plans to bring her stolen warrior with her.

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Обложка книги The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica. Volume 3 The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica. Volume 3

 Автор: Faber Michel, Piccirilli Tom, Duncan Andy, Jakubowski Maxim, Crawley Michael, Christian M, Larue èle, Bruce Cara, Ramsden Mark, Logsdon Rich, ’Hara Dawn, Hyde Debra, Mohanraj Anne, Kaufmann Nicholas, Blue Cheyenne, Law Adhara, Hawke Morgan, Pizzichini Lilian, Lucas Jacqueline, Arthur E M, Vivant Sage, James Bianca, Kimera Mike, Wassenberg Anya, Riley Cole, Surface David, Charles ée M, Grant John, Dubois Justine, Taylor Karen, Oh Madeleine, Green Sacchi, De Noux ’Neil, Alton Tara, Footman Jennifer, Tristram Claire, Montanarelli Lisa, Peters Julia, Tyler Alison, Elliott Lee, Sarai Lisabet, Bussel Rachel Kramer, Gay R, Indigo Susannah, Ness Mari, Tourney Anne, Kepler Diane, Hart Christopher

This edition of Maxim Jakubowski’s Best New Erotica series auspiciously appears with a new collection of fiction from forty-eight artisans of the sensual. Selected from stories by more than 4,000 authors of erotica from around the world, these artful excursions into the libido represent the current states of desire in Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, and France. In this third new volume of voluptuary pursuits, tales by popular talents in the arts of titillation like Michel Faber, Michael Crawley, M. Christian, O’Neil De Noux, Alison Tyler, and Cara Bruce stand alongside stories from promising newcomers to the field of erotic fiction. All of them nonetheless share a standard of excellence and elegance that takes their often humorous, sometimes dark, and always original fictions far beyond tired conventions. So it is that John Grant presents “The Adventures of Thomas the Rock Star in the Court of the Queen of Faery,” while Cheyenne Blue depicts the misadventures of a city girl in “Cactus Ass.” Then, too, there’s Dawn O’Hara’s “London Derrière.” Claire Tristram serves up “Tomatoes: A Love Story in Three Parts” while Susannah Indigo offers the combination of “Bacon, Lola and Tomato,” as Mark Ramsden relishes what’s “Truly Scrumptious.”

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Обложка книги The Mammoth Book of Short Erotic Novels The Mammoth Book of Short Erotic Novels

 Автор: Jakubowski Maxim, Hemmingson Michael, Vollmann William T, Perkins Michael, Christian M, Taylor Lucy, Ramsden Mark, De Noux ’Neil, Coover Robert, Santagada Gene, Dillon Nikki, Jaye-Lewis Marilyn

An anthology of stories

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Обложка книги The Untamed Mackenzie The Untamed Mackenzie

 Автор: Ashley Jennifer

Highland Pleasures 5.5 


To redeem her family’s disgraced name, Lady Louisa Scranton has decided to acquire a proper husband. He needs to be a man of fortune and highly respectable in order to restore both her family's lost wealth and reputation. She enters the Marriage Mart with all flags flying, determined to find the right bachelor.

But Louisa’s hopes are dashed when the Bishop of Hargate drops dead at her feet—and she is shockingly accused of murder! Soon, Louisa’s so-called friends begin shunning her, because the company of a suspected killer is never desirable in polite society.

The problem comes to the ears of Detective Inspector Lloyd Fellows, by-blow of the decadent Scottish Mackenzie family and an inspector for Scotland Yard. He has shared two passionate kisses with Lady Louisa–and vows to clear her name. For not only does he know she’s innocent, he recognizes he’s falling for the lovely lady.

Fellows is Louisa's only hope of restoring her family's honor—and it is he alone who intrigues Louisa in a way that may be even more scandalous than murder…

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Обложка книги The Seduction of Elliot McBride The Seduction of Elliot McBride

 Автор: Ashley Jennifer

 Серия: Highland Pleasures


Juliana St. John was raised to be very proper. After a long engagement, her wedding day dawns—only for Juliana to find herself jilted at the altar.

Fleeing the mocking crowd, she stumbles upon Elliot McBride, the tall, passionate Scot who was her first love. His teasing manner gives her an idea, and she asks Elliot to save her from an uncertain future—by marrying her…

After escaping brutal imprisonment, Elliot has returned to Scotland a vastly wealthy yet tormented man. Now Juliana has her hands full restoring his half-ruined manor in the Scottish Highlands and trying to repair the broken heart of the man some call irredeemably mad. Though beautiful and spirited, Juliana wonders if that will be enough to win a second chance at love.

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Обложка книги The Duke’s Perfect Wife The Duke’s Perfect Wife

 Автор: Ashley Jennifer

 Серия: Highland Pleasures

Lady Eleanor Ramsay is the only one who knows the truth about Hart Mackenzie. Once his fiancee, she is the sole woman to whom he could ever pour out his heart.

Hart has it all--a dukedom, wealth, power, influence, whatever he desires. Every woman wants him--his seductive skills are legendary. But Hart has sacrificed much to keep his brothers safe, first from their brutal father, and then from the world. He's also suffered loss--his wife, his infant son, and the woman he loved with all his heart though he realized it too late.

Now, Eleanor has reappeared on Hart's doorstep, with scandalous nude photographs of Hart taken long ago. Intrigued by the challenge in her blue eyes--and aroused by her charming, no-nonsense determination--Hart wonders if his young love has come to ruin him . . . or save him.

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Обложка книги The Many Sins of Lord Cameron The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

 Автор: Ashley Jennifer

 Серия: Highland Pleasures

He is a man of simple tastes—and complex pleasures...

Cameron Mackenzie is a man who loves only horses and women—in that order—or so his mistresses say.

Ainsley Douglas is a woman with a strong sense of justice and the desire to help others—even if that means sneaking around a rakish man's bedchamber.

Which is exactly where Cam finds her—six years after he caught her the first time. Only then, she convinced Cam she was seeking a liaison, but couldn't go through with it because of her husband. Now a widow, she's on a mission to retrieve letters that could prove embarrassing to the queen. Cam has no interest in Ainsley's subterfuge, but he vows to finish what they started those many years ago. One game, one kiss at a time, he plans to seduce her. And what starts out as a lusty diversion may break Cam's own rules—and heal the scars of a dark and damaging past...

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Обложка книги The Madness Of Lord Ian Mackenzie The Madness Of Lord Ian Mackenzie

 Автор: Ashley Jennifer

 Серия: Highland Pleasures

The year is 1881. Meet the Mackenzie family--rich, powerful, dangerous, eccentric. A lady couldn't be seen with them without ruin. Rumors surround them--of tragic violence, of their mistresses, of their dark appetites, of scandals that set England and Scotland abuzz.

The youngest brother, Ian, known as the Mad Mackenzie, spent most of his young life in an asylum, and everyone agrees he is decidedly odd. He's also hard and handsome and has a penchant for Ming pottery and beautiful women.

Beth Ackerley, widow, has recently come into a fortune. She has decided that she wants no more drama in her life. She was raised in drama--an alcoholic father who drove them into the workhouse, a frail mother she had to nurse until her death, a fussy old lady she became constant companion to. No, she wants to take her money and find peace, to travel, to learn art, to sit back and fondly remember her brief but happy marriage to her late husband.

And then Ian Mackenzie decides he wants her.

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Обложка книги The Edge of Always The Edge of Always

 Автор: Redmerski J A

 Серия: The Edge of Never

He was taking the long road. She was taking the road to nowhere. It just so happened that they led to the same place…

When everything falls apart, love remains . . .


Camryn Bennett has never been happier. Five months after meeting on a Greyhound bus, she and her soul mate Andrew Parrish are engaged—and a wedding isn’t the only special event in their future. Nervous but excited, Camryn can’t wait to begin the rest of her life with Andrew – a man she knows in her heart will love her always. They have so much to look forward to—until tragedy blindsides them.

Andrew doesn’t understand how this could happen to them. He’s trying to move on, and thought Camryn was doing the same. But when Andrew discovers Camryn is secretly harboring a mountain of pain and attempting to numb it in damaging ways, there is nothing he won’t do to bring her back to life. Determined to prove that their love can survive anything, Andrew decides to take Camryn on a new journey filled with hope and passion. If only he can convince her to come along for the ride…

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Обложка книги Truce: The Historic Neighbor from Hell Truce: The Historic Neighbor from Hell

 Автор: Mathewson R L

 Серия: A Neighbor from Hell

Elizabeth knows what’s expected of her, perfection. She’s the daughter of an Earl and expected to marry well, say and do the right things with a smile on her face when inside she’s dying for a chance to escape. Thanks to an inheritance her godmother left her years ago, her chance will come with her next birthday. Her hopes of escape abruptly end when Robert, her childhood nemesis that she hasn’t seen in over fourteen years, comes back into her life and does everything he can to drive her out of her mind even as he steals her heart.

He hated her.

At least, he tried to hate her, but it was so damn difficult to hate someone that he couldn’t live without. He tried to ignore her, tried to focus on anything but her, but nothing worked. Somehow she made her way into his heart and started to make him want things that he never though possible, made him smile and laugh even while she drove him out of his mind and started a legacy by turning him into…..

A Bradford.

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Обложки нет Two Spirits

 Автор: Strong Jory

 Серия: Thunderbird Chosen

Trey's worked hard at denying he's gay. He's suppressed it by never allowing himself to act on a same-sex attraction. He's avoided it by becoming involved in relationships with women. But when he helps the Feds take down his girlfriend's family, he ends up in protective custody — and in the arms of Tenino, a sheriff's deputy who wants a permanent lover, one he can share the full truth about his Thunderbird spirit with.

The attraction is immediate, intense, undeniable. But their future together is uncertain. Trey's ex-girlfriend is looking for him. And she wants revenge — of the fatal kind.

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Обложка книги The Game The Game

 Автор: Keaton Anna Leigh

 Серия: Inferno (Keaton)

Nick is ready for some fun and searches Inferno for just the right man to spend the evening with. He spots the gorgeous black man as he walks to the bar and sets his sights. His name is Leon, known as The Black Devil, and he’s everything Nick needs.

The sex is more than he ever imagined it could be, and The Black Devil lives up to his name. The best part, though, is that when the game is over, Nick gets to take him home. Inferno is their refuge, and with each game they play, it only gets better.

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Обложка книги Training Sessions