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Обложка книги Neljäs nikama eli Veijari vastoin tahtoaan Neljäs nikama eli Veijari vastoin tahtoaan

 Автор: Larni Martti

Обложки нет Never Bet the Devil Your Head

 Автор: Poe Edgar Allan

Обложка книги Nuking the Moon Nuking the Moon

 Автор: Houghton Vince

“A lot of the most successful covert actions begin life as crazy ideas… [this is] a collection of tales sure to entertain as well as inform.”

—Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and NSA, and New York Times bestselling author

The International Spy Museum’s Historian takes us on a wild tour of missions and schemes that almost happened, but were ultimately deemed too dangerous, expensive, ahead of their time, or even certifiably insane

In 1958, the U.S. Air Force nuked the moon as a show of military force. In 1967, the CIA sent live cats to spy on the Soviet government. In 1942, the British built a torpedo-proof aircraft carrier out of an iceberg. Of course, none of these things ever actually happened.

But in Nuking the Moon, intelligence historian Vince Houghton proves that abandoned plans can be just as illuminating—and every bit as entertaining—as the ones that made it. Vividly capturing the fascinating stories of how twenty-one plans from WWII and the Cold War went from conception, planning, and testing to cancellation, Houghton explores what happens when innovation meets desperation: For every plan as good as D-Day, there’s a scheme to strap bombs to bats or dig a spy tunnel underneath the Soviet embassy. Along the way, he reveals what each one tells us about twentieth-century history, the art of spycraft, military strategy, and famous figures like JFK, Castro, and Churchill. By turns terrifying and hilarious–but always riveting–this is the unique story of history left on the drawing board.

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