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Обложка книги Grounds for Appeal Grounds for Appeal

 Автор: Knight Bernard

 Серия: Dr. Richard Pryor

Обложка книги Good Blood Good Blood

 Автор: Elkins Aaron

 Серия: Gideon Oliver

Обложка книги Grey Mask Grey Mask

 Автор: Wentworth Patricia

Four years ago Charles Moray had been jilted at the altar by Margaret Langton. Four years later he returns to London to find his ex-fiancee mixed up in a vicious plot involving kidnap and worse.

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Обложки нет Grave Mistake

 Автор: Marsh Ngaio

 Серия: Roderick Alleyn

A bit snobbish and a trifle high-strung, Sybil Foster prides herself on owning the finest estate in Upper Quintern and hiring the best gardener. In fact, she is rapturous over the new asparagus beds when a visit from her unwelcome stepson sends her scurrying to a chic spa for a rest cure, a liaison with the spa's director… and an apparent suicide. Her autopsy holds one surprise, a secret drawer a second. And Inspector Roderick Alleyn, C.I.D., digging about Upper Quintern, may unearth still a third… deeply buried motive for murder.

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Обложка книги Grievous Angel Grievous Angel

 Автор: Jardine Quintin

 Серия: Bob Skiinner

Обложка книги G. I. Bones G. I. Bones

 Автор: Limon Martin

 Серия: George Sueno and Ernie Bascom

Обложка книги Gently With the Painters Gently With the Painters

 Автор: Hunter Alan

 Серия: Chief Superintendent Gently

Обложка книги Good as Dead Good as Dead

 Автор: Billingham Mark

 Серия: Tom Thorne

Обложка книги Gallows View Gallows View

 Автор: Robinson Peter

 Серия: , Inspector Banks

In this first Inspector Banks novel, a peeping tom is frightening the women of Eastvale; two young thugs are breaking into homes; and an old woman may or may not have been murdered. Inspector Banks investigates these cases, which weave together as the story reaches a tense climax.

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Обложка книги Good Morning, Midnight Good Morning, Midnight

 Автор: Hill Reginald

 Серия: Dalziel and Pascoe

Обложка книги Gold, Frankincense and Dust Gold, Frankincense and Dust

 Автор: Varesi Valerio

 Серия: Commissario Soneri

Обложка книги Gypsy Gypsy

 Автор: Janes J Robert

 Серия: St.Cyr and Kohler

Обложка книги Ghosts Ghosts

 Автор: McBain Ed

 Серия: 87th Precinct

It’s Christmastime and Detective Carella gets assigned three murders — including a bestselling author of ghost stories — and is soon after ghosts, mediums, and a crazed killer.

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Обложка книги Graveyard of Memories Graveyard of Memories

 Автор: Eisler Barry

 Серия: John Rain

What makes a legendary assassin? For John Rain, it was the lessons of love, war, and betrayal he learned in Tokyo in 1972.

Fresh from the killing fields of Southeast Asia, Rain works as a bagman under the watchful eye of his CIA handler, delivering cash to corrupt elements of the Japanese government. But when a delivery goes violently wrong, Rain finds himself in the crosshairs of Japan’s most powerful yakuza clan. To survive, Rain strikes a desperate deal with his handler: take out a high-profile target in the Japanese government in exchange for the intel he needs to eliminate his would-be executioners.

As Rain plays cat and mouse with the yakuza and struggles to learn his new role as contract killer, he also becomes entangled with Sayaka, a tough, beautiful ethnic Korean woman confined to a wheelchair. But the demands of his dark work are at odds with the longings of his heart — and with Sayaka’s life in the balance, Rain will have to make a terrible choice.

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Обложка книги Godzilla: The Official Movie Novelization Godzilla: The Official Movie Novelization

 Автор: Cox Greg

The official novelization of the much-anticipated brand-new Godzilla movie — a rebirth for the major international franchise! Gareth Edwards' Godzilla will be released on May 16, 2014!

An epic rebirth of Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world's most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence

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Обложка книги Get Real Get Real

 Автор: Westlake Donald E

 Серия: Dortmunder

In Donald E. Westlake's classic caper novels, the bad get better, the good slide a bit, and Lord help anyone caught between a thief named John Dortmunder and the current object of his attention.

However, being caught red-handed is inevitable in Dortmunder's next production, when a TV producer convinces this thief and his merry gang to do a reality show that captures their next score. The producer guarantees to find a way to keep the show from being used in evidence against them. They're dubious, but the pay is good, so they take him up on his offer.

A mock-up of the OJ bar is built in a warehouse down on Varick Street. The ground floor of that building is a big open space jumbled with vehicles used in TV world, everything from a news truck and a fire engine to a hansom cab (without the horse).

As the gang plans their next move with the cameras rolling, Dortmunder and Kelp sneak onto the roof of their new studio to organize a private enterprise. It will take an ingenious plan to outwit viewers glued to their television sets, but Dortmunder is nothing if not persistent, and he's determined to end this shoot with money in his pockets.

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Обложка книги Galantine de volaille pour dames frivoles Galantine de volaille pour dames frivoles

 Автор: Dard édéric

 Серия: Le Commissaire San-Antonio

Dans le numéro spécial de Lire (plus de 800 pages) qu'il a consacré à San-Antonio et qui s'intitule : SAN-ANTONIO, son vit, son œuvre, Bernard Pivot a écrit dans sa brillante introduction que San-Antonio était le plus grand écrivain de langue française après Shakespeare.

Le célèbre journaliste, monarque incontesté de la littérature actuelle, vient de nous adresser un rectificatif pour nous dire sa crainte de voir cet « après » mal interprété et créer une notion de subalternité dont San-Antonio aurait à souffrir par rapport à Shakespeare ; il préférerait substituer à son « après » la préposition « depuis », qu'il juge moins équivoque.

Nous le remercions pour sa grande probité morale et espérons que le présent ouvrage renforcera encore son admiration pour l'immense écrivain.

Les éditeurs.
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Обложки нет Grime and Punishment

 Автор: Churchill Jill

 Серия: Jane Jeffry

Ramona wasn't much of a cleaning woman-some say she wouldn't know a dust bunny from a Doberman — but that's no reason to bump the old girl off, is it? Someone must think so: poor Ramona is found strangled to death with a vacuum chord. Jane Jeffry — mother of three, chairperson of more committees than you can shake a stick at, and part-time sleuth — sets out to find the killer and tie up the loose ends in this irresistible mystery. Grime and Punishment, winner of both Agatha and Macavity Awards for best first mystery book and nominated for an Anthony Award for the same honor, is the first in a series of seven books featuring Jane Jeffry.

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Обложка книги Goodnight Sweet Prince Goodnight Sweet Prince

 Автор: Dickinson David

 Серия: Lord Francis Powerscourt

Обложка книги Girl In A Red Tunic Girl In A Red Tunic

 Автор: Clare Alys

 Серия: Hawkenlye

Обложка книги Giotto's Hand Giotto's Hand

 Автор: Pears Iain

 Серия: Jonathan Argyll

General Bottando of Rome’s Art Theft Squad is in trouble - his theory that a single master criminal, dubbed “Giotto”, is behind a string of thefts has aroused the scorn of his rival, the bureaucrat Corrado Argan. He needs a result, and the confession of a dying women provides clues.

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Обложка книги Germanicus Germanicus

 Автор: Wishart David

 Серия: Marcus Corvinus

Обложка книги Governing Passion Governing Passion

 Автор: Gutteridge Don

 Серия: Marc Edwards

Обложка книги Gypsy Gypsy

 Автор: Janes J Robert

 Серия: St.Cyr and Kohler

Обложка книги Graveyard of the Hesperides Graveyard of the Hesperides

 Автор: Davis Lindsey

 Серия: Flavia Albia mystery

Обложка книги Goldstein Goldstein

 Автор: Kutscher Volker

 Серия: Gereon Rath

Berlin,1931. A power struggle is taking place in Berlin’s underworld. The American gangster Abraham Goldstein is in residence at the Hotel Excelsior. As a favour to the FBI, the police put him under surveillance with Detective Gereon Rath on the job. As Rath grows bored and takes on a private case for his seedy pal Johann Marlow, he soon finds himself in the middle of a Berlin street war.

Meanwhile Rath’s on-off girlfriend, Charly, lets a young woman she is interrogating escape, and soon her investigations cross Rath’s from the other side. Berlin is a divided city where two worlds are about to collide: the world of the American gangster and the expanding world of Nazism.

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Обложка книги Goldfinger Goldfinger

 Автор: Fleming Ian

Auric Goldfinger: okrutny, inteligentny, frustrująco ostrożny. Oszust w kanaście i krętacz na dużą skalę w życiu codziennym. Takich ludzi James Bond nienawidzi najbardziej. Dobrze się więc składa, że to właśnie Bond otrzymał zbadanie tego co Goldfinger, najbogatszy człowiek w kraju, zamierza zrobić ze swoimi nieuczciwymi zyskami, oraz co łączy go ze Smiersz – ultratajną sowiecką organizacją bezlitośnie likwidujących obcych agentów. 007 odkrywa, że Goldfinger ma niezwykle ambitne i groźne plany: wśród nich są największa kradzież złota w historii oraz masowe morderstwo…

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Обложка книги Galantine de volaille pour dames frivoles Galantine de volaille pour dames frivoles

 Автор: Dard édéric

 Серия: Le Commissaire San-Antonio

Dans le numéro spécial de Lire (plus de 800 pages) qu'il a consacré à San-Antonio et qui s'intitule : SAN-ANTONIO, son vit, son œuvre, Bernard Pivot a écrit dans sa brillante introduction que San-Antonio était le plus grand écrivain de langue française après Shakespeare.

Le célèbre journaliste, monarque incontesté de la littérature actuelle, vient de nous adresser un rectificatif pour nous dire sa crainte de voir cet « après » mal interprété et créer une notion de subalternité dont San-Antonio aurait à souffrir par rapport à Shakespeare ; il préférerait substituer à son « après » la préposition « depuis », qu'il juge moins équivoque.

Nous le remercions pour sa grande probité morale et espérons que le présent ouvrage renforcera encore son admiration pour l'immense écrivain.

Les éditeurs.
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Обложка книги Goodbye to an Old Friend Goodbye to an Old Friend

 Автор: Freemantle Brian

At the height of the Cold War, a British intelligence agent investigates a Russian defector with a deadly secret

Adrian Dodds is a man without hobbies, friends, or family, who works a very peculiar job. Though he looks like a pencil pusher, he is a British counter-intelligence agent. In his own quiet, bureaucratic way, Dodds is vital to the security of the United Kingdom. His latest assignment is debriefing Viktor Pavel, a Soviet aeronautics genius who escapes his handlers to become the Cold War's most high-profile defector. Can he be trusted, or was he sent over as part of an elaborate Russian ruse? The truth is more complex than Dodds can imagine.

Based on years of experience covering foreign affairs for English newspapers, this is one of the first novels by Brian Freemantle, one of the finest espionage authors of the Cold War.

First published 1973.

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Обложка книги Gibraltar Road Gibraltar Road

 Автор: McCutchan Philip

 Серия: Commander Shaw

A phone rings in a London flat. A little later an Admiralty physicist disappears from Gibraltar, and a body is found washed up against its shores…

Deep below Gibraltar’s Rock, a secret, auto-powered nuclear fuel-production unit throbs and hums as its builds up a store of AGL SIX, a dangerous new motivating-agent for the British atomic submarines to be based there.

This fuel unit has developed a fault. Allowed to overrun beyond a certain point, it will produce the biggest atomic blast since Hiroshima.

Only Ackroyd, the persecution-complexed inventor of the unit, can stop it. And Ackroyd has disappeared.

Commander Esmonde Shaw, R.N, of the Naval Intelligence Division wants to get out and settle down with a house in the suburbs.

Unfortunately for Naval Intelligence’s finest secret agent, these peaceful plans will have to wait.

Shaw establishes that the physicist has fallen into the hands of foreign agents operating from Spanish territory.

Shaw's job is to get Ackroyd back to Gibraltar before the Rock blows up — and before Ackroyd is smuggled out of Spain.

As Shaw wanders rounds the Spanish streets, he catches the heavy odour of a well-remembered perfume. Karina Czercov, the most dangerous, beautiful woman behind the Iron Curtain, is caught up in this intrigue.

Something in the air tells them that this encounter was going to be a fight to the finish.

Gibraltar Road is a high-octane thriller filled with espionage and intrigue.

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Обложка книги Grave doubts Grave doubts

 Автор: Moss John

 Серия: Quin and Morgan

Обложка книги Gift sense Gift sense

 Автор: Swain James

 Серия: Tony Valentine

Обложка книги Gold Coast Gold Coast

 Автор: Leonard Elmore

Karen Di Cilia married a man in the Mafia. When he died he left her $4,000,000 – and instructions that she never touch another man again. He had the connections to ensure that his will was carried out. His friends hired a hustler to guard her. However the hustler had other ideas.

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Обложка книги Glitz Glitz

 Автор: Leonard Elmore

A story of murder and corruption set in Puerto Rico and Atlantic City. Tommy Donovan has a casino in both places. Our cop hero Vincent is convalescing in Puerto Rico after being shot by a mugger. Vincent gets involved with a Puerto Ricon beauty who leaves to work for Donovan in Atlantic City.

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Обложка книги Guilty as Hell Guilty as Hell

 Автор: Halliday Brett

 Серия: Michael Shayne

Обложка книги Gutted Gutted

 Автор: Black Tony

 Серия: Gus Dury

Обложка книги Galopp(Trial Run) Galopp(Trial Run)

 Автор: Francis Dick

Ex-Jockey Randall Drew wird in einer delikaten Mission nach Moskau geschickt.Ein mysteröses Wesen mit Namen"Aljosha" bedroht einen königlichen Kandidaten an den Olympischen Spielen in Moskau.Der Auftrag ist vage,der Gegner unsichtbar,und die Hidernisse sind eigentlich unuberwindlich...

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Обложка книги Getting Off Getting Off

 Автор: Block Lawrence

 Серия: Hard Case Crime


…and when she walks out there's a man with her. She goes to bed with him, and she likes that part. Then she kills him, and she likes that even better. On her way out, she cleans out his wallet. She keeps moving, and has a new name for each change of address. She's been doing this for a while, and she's good at it.

And then a chance remark gets her thinking of the men who got away, the lucky ones who survived a night with her. She starts writing down names. And now she's a girl with a mission. Picking up their trails. Hunting them down. Crossing them off her list…

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Обложка книги Gangdom's Doom Gangdom's Doom

 Автор: Grant Maxwell

 Серия: The Shadow

Chicago was paralyzed with gang wars. A major crime syndicate controlled the town. In this bloody scene where death was big business, The Shadow, in one of his most brilliant disguises, grappled with an underworld emperor who practiced the Domino Theory — with corpses!

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Обложка книги Green Eyes Green Eyes

 Автор: Grant Maxwell

 Серия: The Shadow

There is a criminal empire being run by a mad genius out of San Francisco's Chinatown. Nobody knows who they are or when they will strike again. Only one man can bring down the vicious criminal operations. The Shadow!

As originally published in “The Shadow Magazine,” October 1, 1932.

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Обложка книги Gone ,but not forgotten Gone ,but not forgotten

 Автор: Margolin Philip

Обложки нет Godplayer

 Автор: Cook Robin

There have always been many ways to die. But now, in an ultra-modern hospital, there was a new one… the most horrifying one of all. "A tissue-tingling thriller… keeps you poised on the sleek points of steel pins and flashing hypodermic needles".-Detroit News.

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Обложка книги Ghost Dancer aka Dance of Death Ghost Dancer aka Dance of Death

 Автор: Case John

Photojournalist Mike Burke carried his camera into every war zone and hellhole on earth – and came back with the pictures (and battle scars) to prove it. He was flying high until, quite suddenly, he wasn’t. When Burke’s helicopter crashed and burned in Africa, he came away with his life but lost his heart to the beautiful woman who saved him. That’s when he decided it was time to stop dancing with the devil. But a wicked twist of fate puts an end to Burke’s dreams, leaving him adrift in Dublin with bittersweet memories… and no appetite for danger. But the devil isn’t done with him yet.

An ocean away, Jack Wilson leaves prison burning for revenge. Like Burke, Wilson has had something taken from him. And he, too, dreams of starting over. Only Wilson ’s dream is the rest of the world’s nightmare. Driven by his obsession with a Native American visionary, and guided by the secret notebooks of Nikola Tesla, the man who is said to have “invented the twentieth century,” Wilson dreams of the Apocalypse – and plans to make it happen.

As a terrifying worldwide chain reaction is set in motion, Burke alone grasps the impending horror of Wilson ’s malevolent plan. With nothing left to lose, Burke pursues an American terrorist – a twisted genius who journeys from a lawless weapons arsenal in the Transdneister to the diamond fields of the Congo… to an isolated Nevada ranch. It is here, in a climactic showdown, that a determined Mike Burke faces a nemesis who knows no fear.

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Обложка книги Graves' end Graves' end

 Автор: Traver Sean Patrick

Обложка книги Guilty Pleasure Guilty Pleasure

 Автор: Leigh Lora

The sizzling new erotic tale from New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh

Marty Matthews swore she would never allow herself to be drawn into the secret, forbidden pleasures that the women she had grown up with enjoyed. Women whose husbands or lovers were members of the exclusive 'Club,' where they took a selected 'third' into their beds. Now, Marty is an FBI agent and her brand new case has put the one man she can't have in her sights.

Marty's boss is convinced Khalid is involved in a plot to derail talks between his uncle and the President to strengthen ties between the US and the Middle East, and he wants Marty to get close enough to Khalid to prove it. However, Khalid is a member of the Club and he offers to introduce her to the kind of guilty pleasure Marty swore she would never experience. And even though danger lurks around every corner, there is no way to escape the man who threatens not only her control, but her very heart.

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Обложки нет Gone

 Автор: Gardner Lisa

A terrifying woman-in-jeopardy plot propels Gardner's latest thriller, in which child advocate and PI Lorraine "Rainie" Conner's fate hangs in the balance. Rainie, a recovering alcoholic with a painful past (who previously appeared in Gardner's The Third Victim, The Next Accident and The Killing Hour) is kidnapped from her parked car one night in coastal Oregon. The key players converge on the town of Bakersville to solve the mystery of her disappearance: Rainie's husband, Quincy, a semiretired FBI profiler whose anguish over Rainie undercuts his high-level experience with kidnappers; Quincy's daughter, Kimberley, a rising star in the FBI who flies in from Atlanta; Oregon State Police Sgt. Det. Carlton Kincaid; local sheriff Shelly Atkins; and abrasive federal agent Candi Rodriguez, who specializes in hostage negotiation. Gardner suspensefully intercuts the complicated maneuvering of this bickering team with graphic scenes of Rainie bravely struggling with her violent, sadistic captor. When the rescuers make a misstep, he raises the stakes by snatching a troubled seven-year-old foster child named Dougie, who's one of Rainie's cases. The cat-and-mouse intensifies, as does the mystery of the kidnapper's identity. Sympathetic characters, a strong sense of place and terrific plotting distinguish Gardner's new thriller.


When someone you love vanishes without a trace, how far would you go to get them back?

For ex-FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, it's the beginning of his worst nightmare: a car abandoned on a desolate stretch of Oregon highway, engine running, purse on the driver's seat. And his estranged wife, Rainie Conner, gone, leaving no clue to her fate.

Did one of the ghosts from her troubled past finally catch up with Rainie? Or could her disappearance be the result of one of the cases they'd been working-a particularly vicious double homicide or the possible abuse of a deeply disturbed child Rainie took too close to heart? Together with his daughter, FBI agent Kimberly Quincy, Pierce is battling the local authorities, racing against time and frantically searching for answers to all the questions he's been afraid to ask.

One man knows what happened that night. Adopting the moniker from an eighty-year old murder, he has already contacted the press. His terms are clear: he wants money, he wants power, he wants celebrity. And if he doesn't get what he wants, Rainie will be gone for good.

Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, it's still not enough.

As the clock winds down on a terrifying deadline, Pierce plunges headlong into the most desperate hunt of his life, into the shattering search for a killer, a lethal truth, and for the love of his life who may forever be.gone.

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Обложка книги Grace Under Fire Grace Under Fire

 Автор: Barton Beverly


A brand-new book in the bestselling saga The Protectors



Grace Beaumont had it all once: wealth, social prominence, a family. Until the accident that tore apart her life. An accident, she'd just discovered, that might not have been as random as it seemed. Now she was determined to uncover what had happened all those years ago. Then someone became determined to stop Grace – dead.

Enter Jed Tyree, a hot-blooded bodyguard with a scar on his soul and a hunger to protect all he holds dear. And he holds Grace Beaumont's life very, very dear, though he can never tell her why. Never reveal his secret connection to her sorrowful past. Never surrender to the powerful emotion he feels every time he looks into her eyes… Or can he?

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Обложка книги Give Me Tonight Give Me Tonight

 Автор: Kleypas Lisa

His kisses left hot imprints on her skin as she moved even closer to him, wanting him, aching, moaning his name…Addie was drawn as if by an all-powerful magnet to Ben Hunter from the moment she met him. This strong and handsome man was different from the other ranch hands on her father's vast Texas spread, as different as Addie was from the meek and mild women around her.

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Обложка книги Grabeshauch Grabeshauch

 Автор: Harris Charlaine

Informationen zum Buch

Die junge Harper Connelly hat eine besondere Gabe: Sie kann Tote finden und deren letzte Momente nacherleben. Doch diesmal wird sie nicht nur mit einem geheimnisvollen Todesfall konfrontiert, sondern auch mit ihrer eigenen Vergangenheit. Während Harper in Texas auftragsgemäß dem Tod eines reichen Patriarchen nachspürt, erfährt ihr Manager und Lebensgefährte Tolliver, dass sein ehemals drogensüchtiger Vater (und Harpers Stiefvater) aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wurde. Tolliver und Harper wollen nichts mit ihm zu tun haben, können jedoch nicht verhindern, dass er sich wieder in ihr Leben drängt. Nachdem Tolliver von einem Unbekannten angeschossen wurde, überstürzen sich die Ereignisse – und endlich wird auch das Geheimnis um Harpers vor Jahren verschwundene Schwester Cameron gelüftet …

Informationen zur Autorin

Charlaine Harris lebt in Arkansas – mit ihrem Mann, ihren drei Kindern, zwei Hunden, zwei Frettchen und einer Ente. Sie ist mit ihrer Bestseller-Vampir-Serie um Sookie Stackhouse und der Serie um Harper Connelly, die Tote finden kann, berühmt geworden und wurde mit zahlreichen Preisen ausgezeichnet. Beide Serien erscheinen auf Deutsch bei dtv.

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Обложка книги Golden Serpent Golden Serpent

 Автор: Abernethy Mark

 Серия: Alan McQueen

Обложка книги Guardian of Lies Guardian of Lies

 Автор: Martini Steve

Defense attorney Paul Madriani gets caught in a web of deceit and murder involving Cold War secrets, a rare coin dealer who once worked for the CIA, and a furious assassin in one of the most entertaining novels yet in this New York Times bestselling series.

A woman pauses in the hallway of a darkened San Diego beach house at night – listening for just the right moment when she can flee before her companion notices that she's gone.

A man outside watches the same mansion, waiting for a sign that he can enter on his mission of blood and carnage.

So begins this riveting new tale about Paul Madriani and his latest case – that of Katia, a woman accused of an unlikely crime – a trial that will unravel a careful but horrifying conspiracy. Madriani soon realizes that he's signed onto something much more sinister than a botched heist. As he searches for the truth that will clear Katia's name, he finds himself on a path that takes him from Southern California to Costa Rica, and, ultimately, to a secret buried since Castro's rise to power.

Together with his partner, Harry Hinds, Madriani must piece together the threads of a decades-old conspiracy involving priceless gold coins, an aging American spy, a disaffected Russian soldier, and a forgotten weapon from the days of JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis. As the separate strands of the story come together, Madriani finds information that will ultimately lead him to the one person who holds the key to it all: a man some call "The Guardian of Lies."

In this fascinating thriller from New York Times bestselling author Steve Martini, Paul Madriani faces his most challenging – and most urgent – case yet, a breathless story that combines fact and fiction and will hold readers captive until its final, explosive conclusion.

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Обложка книги Gutter Gutter


The explosive sequel to GANGSTA has finally arrived!

Blood answers for blood on the streets of Harlem. It's been months since Lou-loc was brutally murdered on his way to freedom and the pain is still fresh. Gutter, Lou-loc's best friend, finds himself on a path to self destruction, vowing to eradicate the entire Blood faction in New York City in the name of his fallen comrade. Sharell urges him to abandon the suicide mission, but his oath won't allow it. Not even for the child they are expecting. But as Gutter slips further into madness, a shocking revelation brings Satin out. In the middle of all this is a man named Major Blood. He has been flown in from Cali with two very simple instructions. Shut down Harlem Crip, and execute El Diablo's murderer. Walk back into the mouth of madness in the not-to-missed sequel to GANGSTA.

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Обложка книги Grave Secret Grave Secret

 Автор: Harris Charlaine

New in the series from New York Times bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Lightning-struck sleuth Harper Connelly and her stepbrother Tolliver take a break from looking for the dead to visit the two little girls they both think of as sisters. But, as always happens when they travel to Texas, memories of their horrible childhood resurface.

To make matters worse, Tolliver learns from his older brother that their father is out of jail and trying to reestablish contact with other family members. Tolliver wants no part of the man- but he may not have a choice in the matter.

Soon, family secrets ensnare them both, as Harper finally discovers what happened to her missing sister, Cameron, so many years before.

And what she finds out will change her world forever.

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Обложка книги Gone 'Til November Gone 'Til November

 Автор: Stroby Wallace

It's late at night when Florida sheriff's deputy Sara Cross arrives at the scene of a roadside shooting along a deserted highway. Another deputy, Billy Flynn, her former partner, who also happens to be her former lover, has fatally shot a twenty-two-year-old man during what started out as a routine traffic stop, and she's the first to arrive on the scene. He claims that the man pulled a gun, and that when he didn't respond to Billy's commands to drop it, Billy shot him. Billy is clearly upset, shaken up; Sarah sees the gun in the dead man's hand and the bag of illegal weapons in the trunk of his car and believes Billy's actions were justified.

Up north in New Jersey, Mikey-Mike runs a major drug operation and is tightening his hold on the competition, making a deal with a new supplier. Morgan, a middle-aged enforcer for Mikey who's been in the life too long, would like to make one last score, walk away, and retire for good. Mike asks Morgan to head to Florida to find out what's holding up his new deal, and Morgan sees the job as a possibility for his last big payday.

As more details of the roadside shooting emerge with Sara's investigation, and as Morgan follows the trail Mikey lays out for him, the two storylines begin to merge into a much darker, more menacing scenario than either Morgan or Sara imagined. Sara, in order to protect herself and her son, must follow the truth no matter where it leads.

Acclaimed crime writer Wallace Stroby delivers a gripping novel that is part modern noir, part intense character study--and totally compelling from start to finish.

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Обложка книги Gritos del alma Gritos del alma

 Автор: Darcy Emma

¿Quién era ella?

La mujer destacaba entre la multitud, y Jim Neilson, sintiendo una gran atracción sexual, se acercó a ella.

¿Quién era él?

¿Quedaban huellas del joven Jaime, su compañero de juegos en el valle, del niño que había conocido tan bien y amado tanto?

Si ella pudiera llegar hasta el niño vulnerable que existía en el interior del hombre, ¿sería posible que reapareciera el Jaime que recordaba? ¿O todo lo que cabía esperar era una sola noche en los brazos de Jim? Tal vez de esa manera podría olvidar a Jaime de una vez para siempre…

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Обложка книги Good People Good People

 Автор: Sakey Marcus

A family, and the security to enjoy it: that’s all Tom and Anna Reed ever wanted. But years of infertility treatments, including four failed attempts at in-vitro fertilization, have left them with neither. The emotional and financial costs are straining their marriage and endangering their dreams. So when their downstairs tenant – a recluse whose promptly delivered cashier’s checks were barely keeping them afloat – dies in his sleep, the $400,000 they find stashed in his kitchen seems like fate. More than fate: a chance for everything they’ve dreamed of for so long. A fairy-tale ending.

But Tom and Anna soon realize that fairy tales never come cheap. Because their tenant wasn’t a hermit who squirreled away his pennies. He was a criminal who double-crossed some of the most dangerous men in Chicago. Men who won’t stop until they get revenge, no matter where they find it.

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Обложки нет Gone

 Автор: Hayder Mo

 Серия: Jack Caffery

November in the West Country. Evening is closing in as murder detective Jack Caffery arrives to interview the victim of a car-jacking. He's dealt with routine car-thefts before, but this one is different. This car was taken by force. And on the back seat was a passenger. An eleven-year-old girl. Who is still missing. Before long the jacker starts to communicate with the police: 'It's started,' he tells them. 'And it ain't going to stop just sudden, is it?' And Caffery knows that he's going to do it again. Soon the jacker will choose another car with another child on the back seat. Caffery's a good and instinctive cop; the best in the business, some say. But this time he knows something's badly wrong. Because the jacker seems to be ahead of the police - every step of the way...

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Обложка книги Guilty Pleasures Guilty Pleasures

 Автор: Гамильтон Лорел

 Серия: Anita Blake

Vampire hunter Anita Blake (known by the vampires she kills as “The Executioner”) is hired by the most powerful vampire in town to find out who has been murdering vampires.

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Обложка книги Gecko Gecko

 Автор: Douglas Ken

Обложка книги Greatshadow Greatshadow

 Автор: Maxey James

 Серия: Dragon Apocalypse

Обложка книги Ghost Country Ghost Country

 Автор: Lee Patrick

 Серия: Travis Chase

Обложка книги Gnosis Gnosis

 Автор: Wallace Tom

Gnosis: Greek word meaning knowledge. Murder, mystery and redemption are at the heart of “Gnosis.” Detective Jack Dantzler has no clue why he has been summoned to the prison to meet with the Reverend Eli Whitehouse, a man convicted of committing a double murder twenty-nine years ago. He is stunned when Eli claims to be innocent and wants Dantzler to prove it. But Eli only gives Dantzler a single clue-look at the obituaries in the local paper for a specific two-week period. Reluctantly, Dantzler agrees to look into the case. As he does, two more people are brutally murdered. And although Dantzler isn’t aware of it, he has become a target for the killer. Dantzler goes back to Eli and pleads for another clue. All Eli says is, “think of Jesus’s empty tomb.” It will be this whispered utterance that unlocks the mystery and reveals the killer’s identity. But this isn’t just any ordinary killer. This is a man with a dark and bloody past, a man with connections to the highest levels of organized crime. Dantzler is now on the trail of an ice-cold assassin, fully aware that one slip will mean instant death. Sometimes having too much knowledge can lead to deadly consequences.

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Обложка книги Gniazdo Szerszeni Gniazdo Szerszeni

 Автор: Cornwell Patricia

Wymagająca i stanowcza Judy Hammer jest szefową policji w Charlotte, rozwijającym się centrum bankowo-przemysłowym w Karolinie Północnej. Nie wszyscy akceptują fakt, że kobieta zajmuje stanowisko tradycyjnie przeznaczone dla mężczyzn. Burmistrz Search wolałby zamiast niej ugodowego funkcjonariusza, którym łatwiej byłoby manipulować. Judy musi się zmagać nie tylko z przestępcami, lecz również z uległymi wobec lokalnych notabli władzami miasta, napastliwą prasą i nielojalnymi pracownikami. Pojawiają się także kłopoty rodzinne. Ale wszystkie problemy muszą odejść na dalszy plan, gdy nieuchwytny psychopata, nazywany przez dziennikarzy "Czarną Wdową", zaczyna mordować przyjeżdżających do miasta biznesmenów.

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Обложка книги Garden Of Beasts Garden Of Beasts

 Автор: Deaver Jeffery

In the most ingenious and provocative thriller yet from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver, a conscience-plagued mobster turned government hitman struggles to find his moral compass amid rampant treachery and betrayal in 1936 Berlin.

Paul Schumann, a German American living in New York City in 1936, is a mobster hitman known as much for his brilliant tactics as for taking only “righteous” assignments. But then Paul gets caught. And the arresting officer offers him a stark choice: prison or covert government service. Paul is asked to pose as a journalist covering the summer Olympics taking place in Berlin. He’s to hunt down and kill Reinhard Ernst – the ruthless architect of Hitler’s clandestine rearmament. If successful, Paul will be pardoned and given the financial means to go legit; if he refuses the job, his fate will be Sing Sing and the electric chair.

Paul travels to Germany, takes a room in a boardinghouse near the Tiergarten – the huge park in central Berlin but also, literally, the “ Garden of Beasts ” – and begins his hunt.

In classic Deaver fashion, the next forty-eight hours are a feverish cat-and-mouse chase, as Paul stalks Ernst through Berlin while a dogged Berlin police officer and the entire Third Reich apparatus search frantically for the American. Garden of Beasts is packed with fascinating period detail and features a cast of perfectly realized locals, Olympic athletes and senior Nazi officials – some real, some fictional. With hairpin plot twists, the reigning “master of ticking-bomb suspense” (People) plumbs the nerve-jangling paranoia of prewar Berlin and steers the story to a breathtaking and wholly unpredictable ending.

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Обложки нет Grobowiec

 Автор: Mosse Kate

Najnowsza powieść autorki bestsellerowego "Labiryntu" to przykuwający uwagę thriller o zemście i obsesji, rozgrywający się w barwnej scenerii południa Francji.

Październik 1891 roku. Léonie Vernier i jej brat Anatole opuszczają ciasne i tłoczne ulice Paryża i wyjeżdżają na południe, do tajemniczej wiejskiej rezydencji La Domaine de la Cade niedaleko Carcassonne. Tam, w prastarym lesie dziewczyna trafia na zrujnowany grobowiec, który kryje w sobie tajemnicę popełnionego przed ponad stu laty morderstwa. Léonie zanurza się w krainie zjaw i widm, w której życiem i śmiercią rządzi stara talia kart do tarota, obdarzona niezwykłą mocą.

Październik 2007. Meredith Martin postanawia zrobić sobie przerwę badaniach nad twórczością Claude'a Debussy'ego. Wybiera się z Paryża na południe, do pięknego hotelu położonego wśród lasów. Fascynuje ją historia tego miejsca, a szczególnie tragiczne wydarzenia z Halloweenowej nocy ponad sto lat temu, które wstrząsnęły mieszkańcami okolicy. W ten sposób jej los splata się z losami Léonie. Ale dopiero gdy ona także potyka się na ustronnej polanie, zdaje sobie sprawę, że tajemnice tego miejsca mają związek nie tylko z umarłymi…

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Обложки нет Goodnight, Irene

 Автор: Burke Jan

From Publishers Weekly

Set in the fictional Southern California town of Las Piernas, this generally exciting debut mystery-the first of a projected series-brims with brutality, but is slowed at times by home and hospital bedside scenes. Former reporter Irene Kelly, now working in public relations, is shocked when her friend O'Connor is killed by a bomb hidden in a package. The only clue Irene can unearth is O'Connor's obsession with a long-unsolved crime involving an unidentified female body discovered in Las Piernas years before. Rehired by the Las Piernas Express, Irene teams up with ex-lover and homicide cop Frank Harriman to crack the case, but details of what O'Connor had learned about the killing are long in coming. Burke punctuates her too leisurely exposition with graphic, effective scenes of murder and attempted murder, although she depicts the menacing assassins more as machines than as human beings and provides a plausible explanation for all the violence only at her story's very end. Still, she writes with remarkable sensitivity about the physical and spiritual reactions of people terrorized by cold-blooded killers, and her gift for characterization somewhat compensates for her still-rudimentary pacing skills.

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Обложка книги Gas Letal Gas Letal

 Автор: Iles Greg


Enero de 1944. Las tropas aliadas se prepararan para el día D y el mundo entero espera la invasión aliada de Europa. Pero en Inglaterra, Winston Churchill ha descubierto que los científicos nazis han desarrollado un gas nervioso tóxico que puede repeler y eliminar cualquier fuerza invasora, el arma química final. Sólo una jugada desesperada puede evitar el desastre.

Para salvar el planificado asalto, dos hombres muy diferentes pero igualmente decididos -un médico pacifista estadounidense y un fanático sionista – son enviados a infiltrarse en el campo de concentración secreto donde está siendo perfeccionado el gas venenoso en seres humanos.

Sus únicos aliados: una joven viuda judía que lucha para salvar a sus hijos y una enfermera alemana que es la imagen de la perfección aria. Su único objetivo: destruir todos los rastros del gas y los hombres que la crearon, sin importar cuántas vidas se pueden perder, incluso las suyas propias…

Lo que se ven obligados a hacer en el nombre de la victoria y la supervivencia demuestra con terrible claridad que, en un mundo donde todo esta en juego, la guerra no tiene reglas.

Desde la primera página, Greg Iles lleva a sus lectores en un viaje en montaña rusa emocional, escenas de acción llenas de tensión, representaciones horribles de crueldad y descripciones de sacrificio y valentía.

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Обложки нет Gone for Good

 Автор: Coben Harlan

On October 17, eleven years ago, Julie Miller was found brutally strangled in the basement of her house in the township of Livingston, New Jersey. On that day, Will's brother, Ken Klein, became the subject of an international manhunt accused of the crime. He has not been seen since. Will has tried to get on with his life in the intervening years. He has a beautiful new girlfriend, Sheila, and a job working with the homeless. But when his mother reveals, on her deathbed, that Ken is still alive, and shortly afterwards Sheila disappears, the cracks start to show in his landscape again. But it is only when he finds that Sheila herself is wanted for a savage double murder that his life actually starts to fall apart…


"This is top-notch thriller writing' Observer

"Superbly crafted, high-adrenalin entertainment' The Times

"Gone For Good is Harlan Coben's follow-up to the best selling Tell No One, and will not disappoint the many readers who enjoy his devious tales of innocents caught in webs of deception… Ingenious and gripping, this is another thriller to stir the heart' Guardian

"This one's even better than the last [Tell No One]. Gone For Good serves up everything you could ask for in a can't-put-it-down beach book, yet complements its rocket-fast pace with a solid emotional underpinning… Gone For Good contains more plot twists than you can count, with a jarring revelation in nearly every chapter… Coben has crafted a taut thriller with a slew of compelling characters… as subtle as a shotgun, and just as effective' San Francisco Chronicle

"Highly enjoyable' Kirkus Reviews

"As you race through the chapters, you'll find both breath-stopping violence and, unusual for the genre, real intelligence capped by psychological insight' Newsday

"Riveting… has more twists and turns than an amusement-park ride… The loose threads come together, weaving a tight story… Gone For Good is great' USA Today

"True to form, Coben keeps the plot twists coming fast and furious, and readers will give up trying to guess the outcome quite early on… This title delivers' Publishers Weekly

"Coben… has written another nail-biter suspense novel with more twists and turns than a labyrinth' Toronto Sun

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Обложки нет Gold Coast

 Автор: Demille Nelson

What happens to a priggish, WASPy, disillusioned Wall Street lawyer when a Mafia crime boss moves into the mansion next door in his posh Long Island neighborhood? He ends up representing the gangster on a murder rap and even perjures himself so the mafiosostet lc can be released on $5 million bail. That's the premise of DeMille's (The Charm School) bloated, unpersuasive thriller. Attorney John Sutter has problems that would daunt even Fitzgerald's Jay Gatsby. His marriage is crumbling, despite kinky sex games with his self-centered wife, Susan, who's the mistress of his underworld client Frank Bellarosa. The IRS is after Sutter, and his law firm wants to dump him. As a sardonic morality tale of one man's self-willed disintegration, the impact is flattened by its elitist narrator's patrician tones. A comic courtroom scene and some punches at the end, however, redeem the novel somewhat.

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Обложка книги Golpe de Reyes Golpe de Reyes

 Автор: ín David

La tercera novela del comisario Bernal.

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Обложка книги Griffin's Shadow Griffin's Shadow

 Автор: Moore Leslie Ann

Jelena Preseren has finally found love and happiness with her new husband Ashinji Sakehera and his family, but her peaceful life is about to be turned upside down. Far to the south, the Soldaran Empire prepares for war against the elves and in the icy north, the arcane power of the Nameless One continues to grow… Set against a backdrop of impending war, shocking betrayals, and uneasy alliances, Griffin's Shadow is a story of courage and enduring love in the face of adversity.

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Обложка книги Grzeszne Rozkosze Grzeszne Rozkosze

 Автор: Hamilton Laurell K

„Grzeszne rozkosze” to pierwsza część wielotomowego cyklu o Anicie Blake. Dzięki niemu jej autorka, Laurell Kaye Hamilton, zyskała całkiem spore uznanie. Dlatego niejedna osoba – w nadziei na udaną lekturę – sięgnie po wspomniane „Grzeszne rozkosze”, które zapoczątkowały popularną serię. Jednak czytając je szybko dochodzimy do konkluzji, że trzymamy w dłoniach dzieło pod niemal każdym względem przeciętne i tym samym zadowalające jedynie naprawdę mało wymagającego odbiorcę.

Akcja książki rozgrywa się w niedalekiej przyszłości, ale jest ona niestety w niewielkim stopniu odczuwalna. Na ten aspekt wpływa nieco fakt, że po raz pierwszy recenzowana lektura została wydana w 1993 roku. Sama fabuła stanowi mocno sztampową i pretensjonalną historię. W Stanach Zjednoczonych zalegalizowano wampiryzm, więc nieumarli mają prawo do względnie zwyczajnej egzystencji, a bezprawne ich zabijanie grozi karą. Wyjątek stanowią egzekutorzy, którym po uzyskaniu odpowiedniego zezwolenia, przysługuje możliwość zabicia wampira. I to jedynie w sytuacji, gdy ten postąpił nieprawidłowo, co z reguły oznacza pozbawienie życia człowieka.

Przewodnia bohaterka utworu to wspomniana Anita Blake, będąca egzekutorką oraz animatorką. Ta druga profesja wydaje się o wiele bardziej wyjątkowa i trudna, ponieważ tylko garstka ludzi skutecznie sobie z nią radzi, powołując do życia zmarłych. Anita jest całkiem młoda i atrakcyjna. Poza tym lubi swoją pracę. Autorka w znacznej mierze poradziła sobie z jej portretem psychologicznym, nadając bohaterce prawdziwego, ludzkiego charakteru. Nie mamy tutaj do czynienia z postacią, która niczego się nie boi. Wręcz przeciwnie – niejednokrotnie podczas wykonywania swojej pracy przepełnia ją strach i zwątpienie. Dodajmy jeszcze inne problemy natury psychicznej, jak i fizycznej (przykładowo, jest o wiele wolniejsza od swoich ofiar i łatwiej ulega ranom), otrzymując naprawdę zgrabnie wykreowaną bohaterkę. Jedyny problem stanowią czasami wybory Anity, które nierzadko są nazbyt heroiczne, aby stały się dla nas dostatecznie zrozumiałe

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Обложки нет Glory in Death

 Автор: Robb J D

'a perfect balance of suspense, futuristic police procedural and steamy romance…truly fine entertainment…sure to leave you hungering for more…' Publisher's Weekly

Glory in Death by J D Robb (better known as the highly successful Nora Roberts) is the second in her series featuring feisty police lieutenant Eve Dallas. It's set some 50 years in the future with a gun ban and genetic screening for criminal behaviour in place, but there are still plenty of crimes to solve and perpetrators to catch. Eve's investigation concerns the murder of two beautiful and successful women. Why is the first victim found alone in such a sleazy area? As a prosecutor, she must have sent many violent people to prison who could have wanted revenge, but there are many more suspects among her own family, her lover and even Eve's commander and his wife. Eve is a tough and uncompromising detective, driven to do her best for victims and bereaved. A woman without roots who has had to create herself from nothing, the one person she is close to is her lover, Roarke. Their sexual relationship is ardent and passionate, but Eve finds it hard to give her lover the commitment he wants; when he gives her an ultimatum and seems to be linked with both victims and an old scandal, she forces herself to concentrate on the investigation to the exclusion of everything else. Now Eve could be in danger herself as the motivation for the murders becomes clearer; re-finding her emotional balance, she also makes the breakthrough she needs professionally. Eve Dallas is an attractive and complex character, and the combination of an investigation involving the rich and powerful with the automatically programmed cars, androids and interstellar travel of mid-21st century living and an appealing heroine is a page-turning mix.

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Обложка книги Grita Para Mi Grita Para Mi

 Автор: Rose Karen

Daniel Vartarian es el agente del FBI asignado al caso del asesinato de una joven en la localidad de Dutton, pueblo donde Daniel nació. El asesinato es exactamente igual a uno que ocurrió en el mismo lugar trece años atrás. Al investigarlo, Daniel reconocerá a aquella adolescente del pasado… Ha visto su rostro en una de las fotos que pertenecían al asesino en serie más cruel que haya conocido: su propio hermano Simon. Así, Daniel tendrá que enfrentarse a sus propios vecinos, a sus fantasmas familiares y a sus conflictos de adolescencia mientras investiga los viejos y nuevos crímenes con la ayuda de Alexandra, la hermosa hermana gemela de una de las víctimas del asesino.

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Обложка книги Gone Tomorrow Gone Tomorrow

 Автор: Child Lee

New York City. Two in the morning. A subway car heading uptown. Jack Reacher, plus five other passengers. Four are okay. The fifth isn’t.

In the next few tense seconds Reacher will make a choice-and trigger an electrifying chain of events in this gritty, gripping masterwork of suspense by #1 New York Times bestseller Lee Child.

Susan Mark was the fifth passenger. She had a lonely heart, an estranged son, and a big secret. Reacher, working with a woman cop and a host of shadowy feds, wants to know just how big a hole Susan Mark was in, how many lives had already been twisted before hers, and what danger is looming around him now.

Because a race has begun through the streets of Manhattan in a maze crowded with violent, skilled soldiers on all sides of a shadow war. Susan Mark’s plain little life was critical to dozens of others in Washington, California, Afghanistan… from a former Delta Force operator now running for the U.S. Senate, to a beautiful young woman with a fantastic story to tell-and to a host of others who have just one thing in common: They’re all lying to Reacher. A little. A lot. Or maybe just enough to get him killed.

In a novel that slams through one hairpin surprise after another, Lee Child unleashes a thriller that spans three decades and gnaws at the heart of America… and for Jack Reacher, a man who trusts no one and likes it that way, it’s a mystery with only one answer-the kind that comes when you finally get face-to-face and look your worst enemy in the eye.

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Обложка книги Gator A-GO-GO Gator A-GO-GO

 Автор: Dorsey Tim

That's right: Serge and Coleman do spring break!

It's been a long time coming, but they're at the party now – and you'll never look at a Frisbee the same way again.

One spring break location obviously isn't enough for Serge, so he must hit them all, traveling through various historic locales, spewing nuggets of history at anyone who won't run away and dispensing his own signature brand of Sunshine State justice.

Along the way he and his sidekick, Coleman, attract a growing following of the nation's top college students… and a mysterious gang that leaves a trail of young bodies in their wake.

Are the kids safer under Serge's protection? Or does being with him put them in more peril? The classroom and the pot brownies never prepared them for this.

Which raises more questions: Who's the guy studying satellite photos? Where did the protected witness go? When did Coleman get all those trophies? Why are the Feds hot on everyone's trail? How did the burnt corpse end up by the pool? What's the best way to keep beer cool on the beach?

Then there are the coke smugglers gone legit and a pair of the most dangerously sexy bartenders to ever mix a rum runner. Throw in some dirty dancing contests, illicit drugs, rockin' tunes, screamin' sports cars, bungee rides, pawned class rings, and church breakfasts, and you've got a potent concoction that keeps the hotel's concierge up all night stopping people from falling off the balconies.

Want even more? Serge says, "You got it!"

After years of quiet, a legendary Miami kingpin from the anything-goes eighties is suddenly back in the news… along with one of the state's most psychotic homicidal monsters, every bit as criminally insane as Serge – except without the morals.

The mysteries continue to mount: How did Coleman end up with even more disciples than Serge? Can kids successfully climb fences while carrying pizzas? Will Serge survive the carnage, armed with a GPS and a kiddie pool?

All will soon be answered – and of course every last moment is caught on tape as Serge creates his most excellent documentary ever, the making of Gator A-Go-Go.

Pack the cooler, load the car, and head to where the water is warm for a spring vacation you won't soon forget – no matter how much you might try!

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Обложка книги Gateway Gateway

 Автор: Shinn Sharon

As a Chinese adoptee in St. Louis, teenage Daiyu often feels out of place. When an elderly Asian jewelry seller at a street fair shows her a black jade ring – and tells her that 'black jade' translates to 'Daiyu' – she buys it as a talisman of her heritage. But it's more than that; it's magic. It takes Daiyu through a gateway into a version of St. Louis much like 19th century China. Almost immediately she is recruited as a spy, which means hours of training in manners and niceties and sleight of hand. It also means stealing time to be with handsome Kalen, who is in on the plan. There's only one problem. Once her task is done, she must go back to St. Louis and leave him behind forever…

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Обложка книги Górska tajemnica Górska tajemnica

 Автор: Coulter Catherine

Agent FBI, Jack Crowne leci rządowym samolotem nad Appalachami. Na pokładzie ma ważnego pasażera: znanego psychiatrę, doktora Timothy MacLeana. Celem ich podróży jest miasto Waszyngton. W czasie lotu samolot ulega wypadkowi, cudem ocaleni Jack Crowne i doktor Timothy trafiają do kliniki w Parlow.

Jakie tajemnice skrywa jedyny świadek katastrofy Rachael Abbot?

Kim okażą się wrogowie doktora Timothy MacLeana?

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Обложка книги Godzina śmierci Godzina śmierci

 Автор: Coulter Catherine

Kiedy ksiądz Michael Joseph zostaje brutalnie zamordowany w swoim kościele w San Fransico, jego brat bliźniak, agent FBI, Dane Carver postanawia odnaleźć sprawcę tej potwornej zbrodni. Towarzyszy mu nierozłączna para agentów FBI, Savich i Sherlock. Jest też świadek zbrodni, bezdomna kobieta o nieustalonej tożsamości. Od momentu, w którym „Nick” Jones zgłasza się na policję, Dane nieoczekiwanie staje się jej ochroniarzem – ona może być następna na liście zabójcy. Tylko którego zabójcy Najwyraźniej „Nick” Jones ucieka przed własnym koszmarem. W szalonym pościgu, który przenosi się z ulic San Francisco do telewizyjnego studia w Los Angeles, gdzie powstaje nowy program, który okazuje się mieć dziwny związek z morderstwami, Dane Carver, Savich i Sherlock ścigają się z czasem, by odnaleźć szalonego zabójcę.

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Обложка книги Grota śmierci Grota śmierci

 Автор: Coulter Catherine

W nowym, zapierającym dech thrillerze pióra Catherine Coulter agenci FBI, Savich i Sherlock, prowadzą jedną z najtrudniejszych spraw w swojej karierze, w której morderstwo i zemsta nierozerwalnie splatają się ze sobą. Akcja rozpoczyna się w chwili, gdy agentka FBI, Ruth Warnecki, wyrusza do jaskini w Zachodniej Virginii na poszukiwanie konfederackiego złota. Ruth nawet nie przeczuwa, że natknie się na przerażające morderstwo, które rozpocznie cały korowód śmierci związany z prestiżową Szkołą Muzyczną Stanislaus.

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Обложка книги Grave Goods aka Relics of the Dead Grave Goods aka Relics of the Dead

 Автор: Franklin Ariana

Starred Review. Set in 1176, Franklin's excellent third Mistress of the Art of Death novel (after The Serpent's Tale) finds Adelia Aguilar, a qualified doctor from the School of Medicine in Salerno, in the holy town of Glastonbury, where Henry II has sent her to inspect two sets of bones rumored to be those of Arthur and Guinevere. Henry is hoping that an unequivocally dead Arthur will discourage the rebellious Welsh. The bones have been uncovered by the few monks, under the saintly Abbot Sigward, who remain after a terrible and mysterious fire devastated the town and abbey. Adelia's party includes her loyal Arabian attendant, Mansur, whose willingness to play the role of doctor allows Adelia to be his translator and practice the profession she loves; and Gyltha, Mansur's lover and the caretaker of Adelia's small daughter, Allie. Eloquently sketched characters, including a ragtag group of Glastonbury men down on their luck, and bits of medieval lore flavor the constantly unfolding plot.

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Обложка книги Golpe de efecto Golpe de efecto

 Автор: Coben Harlan

Valerie Simpson, joven estrella del tenis norteamericano, quiere a Myron Bolitar como su agente. Va a reaparecer y está dispuesta a olvidar su pasado. Bolitar ya se ha hecho un nombre en el tenis profesional representando a Duane Richwood, futuro número 1 del circuito masculino y que está a punto de granar el USA Open. Pero alguien no está dispuesto a ver resugir a Valerie Simpson. ¿Por qué matarla ahora, durante el USA Open? No hay más pistas que su última llamada telefónica. A Duane Richwood. Bolitar desconocía que ambos fueran amigos y comenzará a buscar el punto exacto en el que se conocieron. ¿Quién es realmente Richwood? ¿Por qué miente? Pero la Policía cierra el caso deteniendo a un falso culpable. Hace seis años el novio de Valerie, el hijo de un conocido senador, fue también asesinado por un delincuente callejero. Y ahora el senador quiere que Bolitar deje de investigar. La verdad es a veces mortal. Venganzas, odios y duelos protagonizan la segunda novela del fascinante y complejo Myron Bolitar.

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Обложка книги Gataca Gataca

 Автор: Thilliez Franck

Un padre infanticida apuñalado en su coche en el bosque de Vincennes. El cadáver de una estudiante de biología descubierto en la jaula de un primate, aparentemente asesinada por uno de los animales. Los restos de una familia de neandertales a los que mató un cromañón hallados en una grieta en la cumbre de un macizo alpino. El asesino de niños Grégory Carnot encontrado muerto en su celda. Un médico obstetra que investiga sobre genética salvajemente asesinado en su domicilio de Montmartre. ¿Qué invisible hilo une estos crímenes atroces, cometidos con 30.000 años de diferencia?

Destrozada por una terrible pérdida, devorada y espoleada por el odio, Lucie Henebelle se lanza sobre la pista de los asesinos junto a Franck Sharko, igualmente incapaz de olvidar la terrible experiencia vivida. Una investigación que, a través de la genética, les conducirá a las raíces del mal.

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Обложка книги Gun Monkeys Gun Monkeys

 Автор: Gischler Victor

Charlie Swift just pumped three.38-caliber bullets into a dead polar bear in his taxidermist girlfriend's garage. But he's a gun monkey, and no one can blame him for having an itchy trigger finger. Ever since he drove down the Florida Turnpike with a headless body in the trunk of a Chrysler, then took down four cops, Charlie's been running hard through the sprawling sleaze of central Florida. And to make matters worse, he's holding on to some crooked paperwork that a lot of people would like to take off his hands. Now, with his boss disappeared and his friends dropping like flies, Charlie has got his work cut out just to survive. If he wants to keep the money and get the girl too, he's really going to have to go ape…

Nominated for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel, Gun Monkeys is a fast, furious collage of wit and wise guys, violence and thrills-and a full-throttle run through the dark side of the Sunshine State.

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Обложки нет Granice Szaleństwa

 Автор: Kava Alex

W grobowej ciszy opuszczonego kamieniołomu w Connecticut ktoś ukrywa swoje brudne tajemnice, które odsłaniają głębię ludzkiej deprawacji. Tajemnice, które przypadkiem w końcu wychodzą na jaw. Agentka specjalna Maggie O`Dell właśnie miała rozpocząć zasłużone wakacje, kiedy dostała telefon od swojej przyjaciółki, psycholog Gwen Patterson. Jedna z pacjentek pani doktor, niejaka Joan Begley, zaginęła podczas podróży do Connecticut. Czy Maggie mogłaby wyjaśnić, co się stało z Joan?

Maggie początkowo lekceważy niepokój przyjaciółki. Kiedy jednak w kamieniołomie w Connecticut przypadkowo zostaje odkopana beczka ze zwłokami kobiety, agentka postanawia sprawdzić, czy istnieje związek między zniknięciem pacjentki Gwen Patterson a koszmarnym znaleziskiem. Wkrótce okazuje się, że w opuszczonym kamieniołomie jest więcej beczek z ludzkimi zwłokami.

Maggie O`Dell już wie: po raz kolejny ma do czynienia z seryjnym mordercą. Wkrótce staje się jasne, że wybiera on swe ofiary według pewnego przerażającego klucza. Czy to odkrycie pozwoli znaleźć odpowiedź na pytanie, kim jest okrutny psychopata? Czy doprowadzi do odnalezienia Joan Begley, której los wciąż pozostaje nieznany?

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Обложки нет G Is For Gumshoe

 Автор: Grafton Sue

On 5th May, Kinsey Millhone celebrates her birthday, moves back into her apartment and is hired to bring Mrs Clyde Gersh's mother back from the Mojave desert. She also finds out that she has made it into Tyrone Patty's hit list. This is the seventh book featuring Kinsey Millhone.

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Обложка книги Guy Walks Into a Bar… Guy Walks Into a Bar…

 Автор: Child Lee

Published in The New York Times (June 6, 2009).

Child's contribution to the Times' Summer Thrills fiction series starts with a girl who catches Jack Reacher's eye at a Greenwich Village bar in the wee hours. She's no older than nineteen, Russian, and Reacher's instincts tell him she's about to be kidnapped. Longtime fans balance a trust in Reacher's take on most situations with the knowledge that, sooner or later, Child will upend expectations. When he does it is the surprise.

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Обложка книги Głos Skrzypiec Głos Skrzypiec

 Автор: Camilleri Andrea

Czwarta powieść z komisarzem Salvem Montalbanem w roli głównej – czwarta sprawa, w której w równym stopniu nietypowa jest zbrodnia, co postać prowadzącego śledztwo.

Podczas prywatnej podróży służbowy samochód Montalbana potrąca zielone twingo. Zaintrygowany brakiem reakcji ze strony właściciela, komisarz zakrada się do willi, przed którą doszło do incydentu. Podczas tej nieformalnej wyprawy odkrywa zwłoki pięknej, młodej blondynki. I oto, podobnie jak w poprzednich powieściach, wskutek niekonwencjonalnego postępowania policjanta, z jednej sprawy robią się dwie – trzeba odkryć zabójcę, lecz również sprawić, żeby zwłoki zostały odkryte w następstwie formalnej procedury. Kiedy Montalbano realizuje swoją mistyfikację, staje się przypadkowym świadkiem prywatnego koncertu światowej sławy skrzypka, który stara się uciec od świata… Odległe wydarzeniaq łączy nić, której ślad Montalbano raz po raz mocno chwyta w ręce, żeby doprowadzić dochodzenie do końca. Głos skrzypiec to powieść nieco bardziej "ściszona" od poprzednich kryminałów Andrei Camilleriego. Jej fabuła toczy się z dala od mafii i polityki, w gęstym klimacie sycylijskiego miasteczka, który rozjaśniają barwne, zapadające w pamięć postaci.

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Обложка книги Good Morning, Killer Good Morning, Killer

 Автор: Smith April

 Серия: Ana Grey

This time Special Agent Grey is working on a kidnapping case — a fifteen-year-old named Juliana has been abducted in Santa Monica. Grey’s counterpart in the Santa Monica Police Department is Detective Andrew Berringer. They’ve worked together before — and they’ve been more than just working together ever since.

It’s Ana’s job “to know the victim as if she were my own flesh and blood.” But when Juliana turns up — traumatized into a state of total and paralyzing terror — it becomes clear that Ana has gone too far: she is viewing her own life from the perspective of Juliana’s blasted emotional terrain. And in a moment of passion (Andrew has betrayed her) and panic (is it possible that he also means to harm her?) Ana points a gun at him and shoots.

Now she is both criminal investigator and criminal as she breaks her bail agreement to continue tracking the abductor, torn between her powerful emotional connection with Juliana and the fraying connection she has to her own common sense and to the truths she knows about Andrew — and about herself.

Psychologically acute and unstoppably suspenseful — Good Morning, Killer is a searing, addictive read.

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Обложка книги Garnethill Garnethill

 Автор: Mina Denise

Maureen O'Donnell wasn't born lucky. A psychiatric patient and survivor of sexual abuse, she's stuck in a dead-end job and a secretive relationship with Douglas, a shady therapist. Her few comforts are making up stories to tell her psychiatrist, the company of friends, and the sweet balm of whisky. She is about to end her affair with Douglas when she wakes up one morning to find him in her living room with his throat slit.

Viewed in turn by the police as a suspect and as an uncooperative, unstable witness, Maureen is even suspected by her alcoholic mother and self-serving sisters of being involved. Worse than that, the police won't tell her anything about Douglas 's death.

Panic-stricken and feeling betrayed by friends and family, Maureen begins to doubt her own version of events. She retraces Douglas's desperate last days and picks up a horrifying trail of rape, deception… and suppressed scandal at a local psychiatric hospital where she had been an inmate. But the patients won't talk and the staff are afraid, and when a second brutalized corpse is discovered, Maureen realises that unless she gets to the killer first, her life is in danger.

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Обложка книги Gunman's Rhapsody Gunman's Rhapsody

 Автор: Parker Robert B


The Barnes Noble Review

Much of Robert B. Parker's fiction – his recent Spenser novel, Potshot, is a notable example – has straddled the boundary between two traditional forms: the private-eye novel and the Western. Parker's latest, the spare, evocative Gunman's Rhapsody, represents his first attempt at a pure, unadulterated Western, moving from Boston and environs to Tombstone, Arizona and focusing on one of Spenser's true spiritual forebears: Wyatt Earp.

Gunman's Rhapsody begins in 1879. Wyatt, whose exploits have already found their way into the dime novels of the period, has just arrived in Tombstone, accompanied by several of his brothers and his common-law wife, Mattie Blaylock. The Tombstone of this era is a semi-lawless boomtown located in the heart of the silver mine district. It also serves as a kind of crossroads, a meeting place for some of the iconic figures of the Old West, figures such as Johnny Ringo, Bat Masterson, Ike Clanton, Katie Elder, and the drunken, slightly demented gunfighter, Doc Holliday.

A single romantic encounter dominates this rambling, almost plotless narrative: Wyatt's discovery of the love of his life: beautiful showgirl Josie Marcus, who happens to be engaged to Johnny Behan, the shady, politically connected Sheriff of Tombstone. Wyatt's affair with Josie – which takes on an obsessive, almost mythical dimension – forms the central element in an interlocking series of personal rivalries and political enmities that will culminate in the gunfight at the OK Corral, and in its bloody, extended aftermath.

Parker's clean elegant style and essentially romantic sensibility prove perfectly suited to the peculiar material of this novel. Without a false note or wasted word, Parker recreates the ambiance of the West, bringing its saloons, jails, and gambling halls and its endless, wide-open vistas, to immediate, palpable life. He brings that same effortless authority to bear in describing the lives and motivations of violent, hard-edged men who live – and sometimes die – according to highly developed codes of personal behavior. The result is a fascinating historical digression that illuminates a piece of the American past while simultaneously illuminating the central concerns of Parker's large, constantly evolving body of work. (Bill Sheehan)

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Обложка книги Guilt Guilt

 Автор: Lescroart John

Successful lawyer Mark Dooher has killed his wife of 20 years in order to marry a beautiful young female colleague. But suspicions of his guilt begin to tear his life apart, as the homicide chief gets closer to the truth.

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Обложка книги Good Graces Good Graces

 Автор: Kagen Lesley

Lesley Kagen returns with the sequel to her national bestselling debut, Whistling in the Dark.

Whistling in the Dark captivated readers with the story of ten-year-old Sally O'Malley and her sister, Troo, during Milwaukee's summer of 1959. The novel became a New York Times bestseller and was named a Midwest Honor Award winner.

In Good Graces, it's one year later, and a heat wave has everyone in the close-knit Milwaukee neighborhood on edge. None more so than Sally O'Malley, who remains deeply traumatized by the sudden death of her daddy and her near escape from a murderer and molester the previous summer. Although outwardly she and her sister, Troo, are more secure, Sally's confidence in her own judgment and much of her faith have been whittled away. When a series of disquieting events unfold in the neighborhood-a string of home burglaries, the escape from reform school of a nemesis, and the mysterious disappearance of an orphan, crimes that may involve the increasingly rebellious Troo-Sally is called upon to rise above her inner demons. She made a deathbed promise to her daddy to keep Troo safe, a promise she can't break, even if her life depends on it. But when events reach a crisis point, will Sally have the courage and discernment to make the right choices? Or will her false assumptions lead her and those she loves into danger once again?

Lesley Kagen's gift for imbuing her child narrators with compelling authenticity shines as never before in Good Graces, a novel told with sensitivity, wit, and warmth.

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Обложка книги Games of The Hangman Games of The Hangman

 Автор: OReilly Victor

 Серия: Hugo Fitzduane

Обложка книги Gates Of Hades Gates Of Hades

 Автор: Loomis Gregg

 Серия: Lang Reilly

Обложка книги Gone Gone

 Автор: Kellerman Jonathan

No one conducts a more chilling, suspenseful, thoroughly engrossing tour through the winding corridors of criminal behavior and the secret chambers of psychopathology than Jonathan Kellerman, the bestselling “master of the psychological thriller” (People). Now the incomparable team of psychologist Alex Delaware and homicide cop Milo Sturgis embark on their most dangerous excursion yet, into the dark places where risk runs high and blood runs cold.

It's a story tailor-made for the nightly news: Dylan Meserve and Michaela Brand, young lovers and fellow acting students, vanish on the way home from a rehearsal. Three days later, the two of them are found in the remote mountains of Malibu -battered and terrified after a harrowing ordeal at the hands of a sadistic abductor.

The details of the nightmarish event are shocking and brutal: The couple was carjacked at gunpoint by a masked assailant and subjected to a horrific regimen of confinement, starvation and assault.

But before long, doubts arise about the couple's story, and as forensic details unfold, the abduction is exposed as a hoax. Charged as criminals themselves, the aspiring actors claim emotional problems, and the court orders psychological evaluation for both.

Michaela is examined by Alex Delaware, who finds that her claims of depression and stress ring true enough. But they don't explain her lies, and Alex is certain that there are hidden layers in this sordid psychodrama that even he hasn't been able to penetrate.

Nevertheless, the case is closed – only to be violently reopened when Michaela is savagely murdered. When the police look for Dylan, they find that he's gone. Is he the killer or a victim himself? Casting their dragnet into the murkiest corners of L.A., Delaware and Sturgis unearth more questions than answers – including a host of eerily identical killings. What really happened to the couple who cried wolf? And what bizarre and brutal epidemic is infecting the city with terror, madness, and sudden, twisted death?

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Обложка книги Ghost Shadow Ghost Shadow

 Автор: Graham Heather

There are those who walk among us, no longer alive, but not yet crossed over. They seek retribution.vengeance.or to warn us. And among the living, few can even intuit their presence.

Katie O'Hara is one who can.

As she finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into a gruesome years old murder, whispered warnings from a spectral friend become more and more insistent. But Katie it compelled to discover the truth. Could David Beckett really be responsible for his fiancee's murder?

And worse. Is David, the man she is compelled to turn to for help, responsible for the body count rising in the Island of bones? A place where, as in the past, the dead are posed in macabre tableaux from the history.

Katie knows that the danger is increasing by the moment – especially as she finds herself irresistibly drawn to David. His fiancee's murder wasn't the last.and Katie's could be next.

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Обложка книги Getting Back Getting Back

 Автор: Dietrich William


Обложка книги Ghosts of Bungo Suido Ghosts of Bungo Suido

 Автор: Deutermann P T

A thrilling WWII adventure set in a submarine in the Pacific, by the Boyd Award-winning author of Pacific Glory

In late 1944, America’s naval forces face what seems an insurmountable threat from Japan: immense Yamato-class battleships, which dwarf every other ship at sea. Built in secrecy, these ships seem invincible, and lay waste to any challengers. American military intelligence knows of two such ships, but there is rumored to be a third, a newly-built aircraft carrier, ready to launch from Japan’s heavily-defended and mined Inland Sea. Such a ship would threaten U.S. Pacific forces, allow Japan to launch air attacks against the U.S. mainland, and change the course of the war.

No American submarine has penetrated the Inland Sea; five boats and their crews have perished in the Bungo Suido strait. Lieutenant Commander Gar Hammond — an aggressive, attacking leader with a reckless streak — is now captain of a new submarine. Hammond may be the navy’s only hope to locate and stop the Japanese super-ship before it launches… if it even exists.

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Обложка книги GB84 GB84

 Автор: Peace David

Great Britain. 1984. The miners' strike. The government against the people. On initial publication, twenty years on from the strike, David Peace's bravura novel "GB84" was hugely acclaimed. In a bloody and dramatic fictional portrait of the year that was to leave an indelible mark on the nation's consciousness, Peace dares to engage with the Britain's social and political past, bringing it shockingly and brilliantly to life.

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Обложка книги Ghost Sniper: A World War II Thriller Ghost Sniper: A World War II Thriller

 Автор: Healey David

On the dawn of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, two snipers find themselves fighting a battle all their own. One is a backwoods hunter from the Appalachian Mountains in the American South, while the other is the dreaded German “Ghost Sniper” who earned his nickname on the Eastern Front. Locked in a deadly duel across the hedgerow country of France, the hunter matches wits and tactics against the marksman, both of them one bullet away from victory — or defeat — as Allied forces struggle to gain a foothold in Europe.

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Обложка книги Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War

 Автор: Singer P W, Cole August

What will the next global conflict look like? Find out in this ripping, near-futuristic thriller.

The United States, China, and Russia eye each other across a twenty-first century version of the Cold War, which suddenly heats up at sea, on land, in the air, in outer space, and in cyberspace. The fighting involves everything from stealthy robotic — drone strikes to old warships from the navy’s “ghost fleet.” Fighter pilots unleash a Pearl Harbor — style attack; American veterans become low-tech insurgents; teenage hackers battle in digital playgrounds; Silicon Valley billionaires mobilize for cyber-war; and a serial killer carries out her own vendetta. Ultimately, victory will depend on blending the lessons of the past with the weapons of the future.

Ghost Fleet is a page-turning speculative thriller in the spirit of The Hunt for Red October. The debut novel by two leading experts on the cutting edge of national security, it is unique in that every trend and technology featured in the novel — no matter how sci-fi it may seem — is real, or could be soon.

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Обложка книги Green Hell Green Hell

 Автор: Bruen Ken

 Серия: Jack Taylor

Обложка книги Game of Shadows Game of Shadows

 Автор: Dempsey Ernest

 Серия: Sean Wyatt

In the final days of World War II, a mysterious German U-boat was seen by a United States naval vessel in the Atlantic Ocean, just north of South America.

Before the ship could fire upon the sub, it vanished.

History tells us that, after the war, the German high command scattered across world hoping to evade punishment for their crimes.

What it doesn't tell us is what they took with them.

Priceless paintings?

Rare sculptures?

Vast treasures?

Many of these things have been discovered but there is one that remains hidden. It was one of the most well-hidden, secretive experiments the Nazis carried out during the war and now someone is trying to unearth it.

If they succeed, it could bring civilization to its knees.

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Обложка книги Goodbye to the Dead (Jonathan Stride Book 7) Goodbye to the Dead (Jonathan Stride Book 7)

 Автор: Freeman Brian

 Серия: Jonathan Stride


It is almost a decade since Duluth said goodbye to its innocence. The city creeps ever closer to the tenth anniversary of the year in which it found itself both gripped by murder and united in terror; and during which the pillar of its community, DS Jonathan Stride, had his home and heart torn to ribbons by the claws of cancer.


Cat Mateo, an orphan with a knack of landing on her feet, has bid farewell to a life on the streets. This once-stray teenager owes her rescue to Detective Stride, the father figure she holds close to her heart. But Cat holds something else to her chest — a secret: the sheer power of which she could not possibly comprehend.

A secret that, once out of the bag, will not just viciously scratch at Duluth’s still-healing wounds, but will make DS Jonathan Stride wave goodbye to his convictions about the events nine years before, and say hello to his darkest fears.

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Обложка книги Gold Sharks Gold Sharks

 Автор: Able Albert

At the height of its power in World War two, the Imperial Japanese war machine controlled much of the Far East. Their early, almost un-checked conquests allowed them to loot vast unrecorded hoards of treasure and huge amounts of gold bullion from the banks.

Consequently tons of gold and silver were buried, in one hundred and seventy five separate sites, including many of the deep caves, which litter the Philippines.

The victorious American army eventually captured General Yamashita and seeking revenge for their defeat earlier in the war, the Americans put the General on trial for war crimes. Unsurprisingly, with some thirty five thousand Philippine civilians massacred, in the latter stages of the Japanese occupation, he was found guilty. Unfortunately he was rather too hastily executed, and so the exact coordinates of the gold caches went to the grave with him.

Tantalizingly some has since been recovered, but the location of the great majority remains a mystery to this day. Consequently the legend of 'Yamashita's Gold' still attracts scores of hopeful treasure hunters, from around the globe.

GOLD SHARKS is the exciting story of one such attempt to uncover a fortune.

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Обложка книги Gold Digger Gold Digger

 Автор: Fyfield Frances

The warmth of him, the glorious warmth, was fading by the minute.

In a huge old school house by the sea, full of precious paintings, Thomas Porteous is dying. His much younger wife Di holds him and mourns. She knows that soon, despite her being his sole inheritor, Thomas's relatives will descend on the collection that was the passion of both of their lives.

And descend they do. The two needy daughters, who were poisoned against their father by their defecting mother, are now poison themselves. The family regard Thomas's wealth as theirs by right, with the exception of young Patrick, who adored his grandfather and is torn between his parents and Di, the interloper.

The family know Di's weaknesses, and she has to learn theirs. After all, she met Thomas when she came to his house to rob him. With the help of an unlikely collection of loners and eccentrics, she sets a trap to hoist the family members on their own greed. And on the night they are lured to the house, Di will be ready.

Or will she?

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Обложка книги Ghost Flight Ghost Flight

 Автор: Grylls Bear

 Серия: Ghost Flight

THE BOURNE IDENTITY meets Indiana Jones – a debut thriller to take your breath away.

A mother and child savagely abducted from a snow-swept mountainside.

A loyal soldier tortured and executed on a remote Scottish moor.

A lost warplane discovered in the heart of the Amazon jungle, harbouring a secret of earth-shattering evil.

A desperate race to defeat a terrifying conspiracy emanating from the darkest days of Nazi Germany.

One thread unites them all.

Only one man can unravel it.

Will Jaeger. The Hunter.

GHOST FLIGHT, the explosive debut from TV presenter and survival expert Bear Grylls, was inspired by the experiences of Bear’s grandfather, Brigadier Ted Grylls, and his role in a secret task force during World War II.

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Обложка книги Ghosts of War Ghosts of War

 Автор: Taylor Brad

 Серия: Pike Logan

World War is on the horizon in New York Times bestselling author Brad Taylor’s tenth heart-pounding Pike Logan thriller.

The Taskforce has stopped countless terrorist threats across the globe, operating outside of US law to prevent the death of innocents. But now, along the fault lines of the old Iron Curtain, the danger is far greater than a single attack. With Russia expanding its influence from Syria to the Baltic States, the Taskforce is placed on stand-down because of the actions of one rogue operator.

Meanwhile, Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill travel to Poland, hired to verify artifacts hidden for decades in a fabled Nazi gold train, only to find themselves caught amid growing tensions between East and West. A Russian incursion into Belarus under the facade of self-defense is trumped by a horrific attack against the United States, driving NATO to mobilize even as it tries to determine who is behind the strike.

On the brink of war, Pike and Jennifer discover that there is a separate agenda in play, one determined to force a showdown between NATO and Russia. With time running out, and America demanding vengeance, Pike and Jennifer race to unravel the mystery before a point of no return is reached. Unbeknownst to them, there is another attack on the way.

One that will guarantee World War III.

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Обложка книги Ghost Sniper Ghost Sniper

 Автор: McEwen Scott, Koloniar Thomas

 Серия: Sniper Elite

In the next thrilling installment of the non-stop action Sniper Elite series from the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestseller American Sniper, a top secret band of elite warriors are forced to take a side in the Mexican narco wars.

Bob Pope, the director of an American secret intelligence anti-terrorist program, loses contact with his most trusted operative, Navy Master Chief Gil Shannon, fearing him dead when a mission to take out a Swiss banker who is channeling funds to Muslim extremists goes awry.

But when an American politician and her convoy are assassinated in Mexico City by the Ghost Sniper — an American ex-military gunman for hire employed by Mexico’s most ruthless drug cartel — Pope must turn to retired Navy SEAL Daniel Crosswhite and the newest Sniper Elite hero, ex-Green Beret Chance Vaught, to track down the assassin and expose the corrupt officials behind the murderous plot.

The newest heart-pounding Sniper Elite thriller takes you on an action-packed adventure to both sides of the Atlantic, filled with the intrigue and movie-worthy warfare fans of the series have come to know and love.

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Обложка книги Guilty Minds Guilty Minds

 Автор: Finder Joseph

Private spy Nick Heller is the best lie detetor you'll ever meet. Trained in the special forces; tough, smart and stubborn, he'll do what needs to be done to uncover the truth.

He's been hired to disprove a story about a Supreme Court judge and a high-class call girl who's just been found dead. Nick has forty-eight hours before a Washington gossip website runs an expose that could destroy the justice system as we know it.

Forty-eight hours to figure out who is lying. Forty-eight hours to solve the murder of an innocent woman. Forty-eight hours to force the power-brokers of Washington to give up their secrets…

The truth, when it comes, will shock them all.

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Обложка книги Good Intentions Good Intentions

 Автор: Sumner James P

 Серия: Adrian Hell

No choice. No way out.

The world believes Adrian Hell is dead — given the lethal injection for assassinating a very public target. But he was saved from his terrible fate by The Order of Sabbah, an organization that shapes the world's future from the shadows, using elite assassins to remove any threat to their vision of a perfect tomorrow. Now, living under a new identity, Adrian is bound to see out his days killing whoever they tell him to, without question.

But when he makes a mistake that jeopardizes The Order's clandestine existence, he begins to doubt their true motives. Unable to contact anyone from his old life, he realizes death might have been the better option as he finds himself on the wrong end of the gun, fighting an enemy too powerful to overcome alone.

The sixth book in the bestselling series by James P. Sumner is packed with action, intrigue, and humor. Perfect for fans of Lee Child, Vince Flynn, and Mark Dawson.

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Обложка книги Gunmetal Gray Gunmetal Gray

 Автор: Greaney Mark

 Серия: Court Gentry

Mark Greaney, the #1 New York Times bestselling coauthor of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels, delivers another breakneck thriller following the world’s deadliest assassin — the Gray Man…

After five years on the run Court Gentry is back on the inside at the CIA. But his first mission makes him wish he had stayed on the outs when a pair of Chinese agents try to take him down in Hong Kong. Normally the Chinese prefer to stay eyes-only on foreign agents. So why are they on such high alert?

Court’s high stakes hunt for answers takes him across Southeast Asia and leads

to his old friend, Donald Fitzroy, who is being held hostage by the Chinese. Fitzroy was contracted to find Fan Jiang, a former member of an ultra-secret computer warfare unit responsible for testing China’s own security systems. And it seems Fan may have been too good at his job — because China wants him dead.

The first two kill teams Fitzroy sent to find Fan have disappeared and the Chinese have decided to “supervise” the next operation. What they don't know is that Gentry’s mission is to find Fan first and get whatever intel he has to the US.

After that, all he has to do is get out alive…

From the Hardcover edition.

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Обложка книги G-Man G-Man

 Автор: Hunter Stephen

 Серия: Bob Lee Swagger

From bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter, the latest episode in the Bob Lee Swagger saga, which finds Bob uncovering his family’s secret tommy gun war with 1930s gangsters like John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson.

Ryan Philippe currently stars as Bob Lee Swagger on the hit USA Network series Shooter.

1934. The depths of the Depression were marked by an epidemic of bank robberies and the swashbuckling, Tommy-gun-toting outlaws who became household names. John Dillinger. Bonnie and Clyde. Pretty Boy Floyd. Hunting them down was the new U.S. Division of Investigation — soon to become the FBI — which was determined to nab the most dangerous gangster this country has ever produced, a man so violent he scared Al Capone and was booted from the Chicago Mob — Lester Gillis, better known as Baby Face Nelson. To stop him, the Bureau recruited the most talented gunman of the time — Charles Swagger, World War I hero and sheriff of Polk County, Arkansas.

Eighty years later, Charles’s grandson Bob Lee Swagger has finally decided to sell the family homestead, but when the developers begin to tear down the house, they uncover a strongbox hidden in the foundation. Enclosed is an array of memorabilia dating back to 1934—a much-corroded federal lawman’s badge, a .45 automatic preserved in cosmoline, a mysterious gun part, and a cryptic diagram — all belonging to Charles Swagger. Fascinated and puzzled by these newly discovered artifacts, Bob is determined to find out what happened to his grandfather, who died before Bob was born, and why his own father, whom he worshipped, never spoke of Charles. But as he investigates further, Bob learns that someone is following him, that someone is sharing his obsession with finding out what Charles Swagger really left behind.

Alternating between Bob’s present-day search to uncover his grandfather’s legacy and Charles’s relentless pursuit for the nation’s most notorious outlaw in the Midwest of the 1930s, G-Man is a thrilling, action-packed addition to Stephen Hunter’s bestselling Bob Lee Swagger series.

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Обложка книги Gataca Gataca

 Автор: Thilliez Franck

 Серия: Franck Sharko et Lucie Henebelle

Quel lien entre onze psychopathes gauchers et l'homme de Cro-Magnon ?

Alors que Lucie Henebelle peine à se remettre de ses traumatismes, l'ex-commissaire Sharko se voit relégué à des enquêtes de seconde zone. Telle la découverte du corps de cette jeune scientifique, battue à mort par un grand singe.

À nouveau réunis pour le pire, les deux flics plongent aux origines de la violence, là où le génome humain détermine son avenir : l'extinction.

Bienvenue à GATACA…

« Cette plongée dans l'univers de la génétique reste haletante de bout en bout. »

Guilles Durand — 20 minutes

« Vous aviez aimé Le Syndrome [E] ? Voici la suite, magistrale. »

Femmes d'aujourd'hui
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Обложка книги Glidepath Glidepath

 Автор: Watts Andrew

 Серия: Max Fend

By USA Today bestselling author Andrew Watts. A high-octane thriller made for fans of Lee Child and Vince Flynn.

When Charles Fend announces the Fend 100 aircraft, the world's first fully autonomous commercial airliner, he is praised for being a pioneer in commercial aviation. The Fend 100 will bring a new day of commercial flying to the world. One where humans take a back seat to the AI machines that fly and navigate over 100,000 flights per day. The first flight is a celebratory spectacle — the Fend headquarters crowded with news teams, technology lovers, and aviation enthusiasts. The atmosphere is jovial, and everyone is eager to celebrate.

Until something goes wrong.

The Fend 100 begins to descend over the Atlantic, and neither the engineers on the ground nor test pilots aboard can override the controls…

Who is responsible?

Is it the wealthy ex-KGB agent, Pavel Morozov, who has shown up from a past Charles had long-forgotten?

Or was it Charles' son, Max — on the run from the FBI after he was accused of sending Fend Aerospace corporate secrets to a criminal enterprise?

And just who is Max Fend?

Is he the man that media makes him out to be? The wild playboy son of an aerospace tycoon. Or is he what the FBI suspects? An international criminal, mixed up in a Russian espionage game. And why is there a top secret personnel file on him that even his FBI investigator isn't allowed to see?

GLIDEPATH is a race to uncover the truth, before it comes crashing down…

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Обложка книги Ghost Ship: A Sigma Force Short Story Ghost Ship: A Sigma Force Short Story

 Автор: Rollins James

From New York Times bestselling author James Rollins comes an electrifying short story, in which the battle over a lost treasure leads to murder, betrayal, and the revelation of a shocking mystery hidden aboard the… Ghost Ship

The discovery of a burned body sprawled on a remote Australian beach shatters the vacation plans of Commander Gray Pierce. To thwart an ingenious enemy, he and Seichan are pulled into a centuries-old mystery surrounding a lost convict ship, the Trident. The vessel — with a history of mutiny and stolen treasure — vanished into the mists of time, but nothing stays lost forever. A freak storm reveals clues scattered across the Great Barrier Reef, but following those clues will lead to bloodshed and savagery, for where this ghost ship is hidden is as shocking as the mystery behind its disappearance. It will take all of Gray’s ingenuity and Seichan’s deadly skills not only to survive — but to stop an enemy from destroying everything in his path.

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Обложка книги Gray Shadows Gray Shadows

 Автор: Gousseva Julia

 Серия: Nikolai Volkov, Russian Bodyguard

In post-Soviet Russia, greed and corruption are around every corner. With billions of dollars changing hands behind closed doors, the oil industry is the epicenter of new capitalism, new morals, and new money. When greed arrives at the international oil company in a small Siberian town, the life of its beloved director is in danger.

Young, beautiful, and wealthy, Natalya Abramova seems to have it all. Of course, appearances can be deceptive. Natalya is impulsive and prone to bad decisions. That’s why her father hired Nikolai Volkov, one of the best bodyguards in Moscow. His job is to protect Natalya from herself as she travels to a small northern town for her first professional job – a Russian-English interpreter for the director of an oil company.

An easy job, Nikolai thinks. But the town has a deep and dark secret, and Nikolai starts seeing signs of trouble hours after they arrive. A dead body on the ground that the locals explain as a heart attack victim, a newly constructed tall fence, and obvious signs of increased extra security around the newly built work compound are enough to put Nikolai on edge.

As Nikolai gets to know the company and learns of the intricate web of blackmail and threats, he realizes that somebody is going to kill the director. Natalya is in serious danger. They need to leave as soon as possible. But Natalya refuses.

Nikolai’s smarts, investigative skills, and combat experiences are challenged to the max as he puzzles his way through a variety of suspects, trying to identify and stop the killer before more people die.

With a fast pace, unique setting, and intriguing plot twists that echo the headlines of Russian news, Gray Shadows takes you deep into the dark corners of Russian criminal world and presents a scenario that’s as frightening as it is plausible.

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Обложка книги Gibraltar Road Gibraltar Road

 Автор: McCutchan Philip

 Серия: Commander Shaw

A phone rings in a London flat. A little later an Admiralty physicist disappears from Gibraltar, and a body is found washed up against its shores…

Deep below Gibraltar’s Rock, a secret, auto-powered nuclear fuel-production unit throbs and hums as its builds up a store of AGL SIX, a dangerous new motivating-agent for the British atomic submarines to be based there.

This fuel unit has developed a fault. Allowed to overrun beyond a certain point, it will produce the biggest atomic blast since Hiroshima.

Only Ackroyd, the persecution-complexed inventor of the unit, can stop it. And Ackroyd has disappeared.

Commander Esmonde Shaw, R.N, of the Naval Intelligence Division wants to get out and settle down with a house in the suburbs.

Unfortunately for Naval Intelligence’s finest secret agent, these peaceful plans will have to wait.

Shaw establishes that the physicist has fallen into the hands of foreign agents operating from Spanish territory.

Shaw's job is to get Ackroyd back to Gibraltar before the Rock blows up — and before Ackroyd is smuggled out of Spain.

As Shaw wanders rounds the Spanish streets, he catches the heavy odour of a well-remembered perfume. Karina Czercov, the most dangerous, beautiful woman behind the Iron Curtain, is caught up in this intrigue.

Something in the air tells them that this encounter was going to be a fight to the finish.

Gibraltar Road is a high-octane thriller filled with espionage and intrigue.

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Обложка книги Ghost Sniper Ghost Sniper

 Автор: Healey David

 Серия: Caje Cole

June 6, 1944. On the dawn of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, two snipers find themselves fighting a battle all their own. One is a backwoods hunter from the Appalachian Mountains in the American South, while the other is the dreaded German “Ghost Sniper” who earned his nickname on the Eastern Front. Locked in a deadly duel across the hedgerow country of France, the hunter matches wits and tactics against the marksman, both of them one bullet away from victory—or defeat—as Allied forces struggle to gain a foothold in Europe.

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Обложка книги Ghost Trail Ghost Trail

 Автор: Tyree Brian

Special Forces "ghost" Operators are being manipulated by mind control to become the perfect killing machines- assassins without conscience. Cloaked in technology, and deployed on preprogrammed missions, they are forced to kill against their will. The most lethal of these is USAF First Lieutenant HAL SHERIDAN, call-sign Ghost One, and he is about to awaken…

Clad in a futuristic optical camouflage stealth suit, Ghost One is sent on a killing spree including a mission that could spark World War III.

Author Brian Tyree weaves his background as a screenwriter and copywriter for shooters like Halo and Call of Duty with his experience writing for defense contractors Raytheon and Sikorsky Helicopters. The result: Ghost Trail — an action-packed, military spy thriller that spans the globe, delving deep into cyberwar and psyop realms.

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Обложка книги Glacé Glacé

 Автор: Minier Bernard

 Серия: Commandant Martin Servaz

Prix du meilleur roman francophone au Festival Polar de Cognac 2011
Prix de l’Embouchure 2012

Décembre 2008, dans une vallée encaissée des Pyrénées. Au petit matin, les ouvriers d’une centrale hydroélectrique découvrent le cadavre d’un cheval sans tête, accroché à la falaise glacée.

Le même jour, une jeune psychologue prend son premier poste dans le centre psychiatrique de haute sécurité qui surplombe la vallée.

Le commandant Servaz, 40 ans, flic hypocondriaque et intuitif, se voit confier cette enquête, la plus étrange de toute sa carrière. Pourquoi avoir tué ce cheval à 2 000 mètres d’altitude ? Serait-ce, pour Servaz, le début du cauchemar ?

Une atmosphère oppressante, une intrigue tendue à l’extrême, une plongée implacable dans nos peurs les plus secrètes, ce premier roman est une révélation !

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Обложка книги Ghost Recon. Дикие Воды Ghost Recon. Дикие Воды

 Автор: Дански Ричард

Группа беглых солдат армии Венесуэлы берет под свой контроль регион в джунглях Амазонки. «Призраки» – элитное подразделение спецназа армии США – получают задание проникнуть на захваченную территорию и освободить заложников.

Номад, впервые взявший на себя руководство отрядом, оказывается в чужой стране с двумя новобранцами, сомнительной информацией, без должной подготовки и без страховки на случай провала. Впрочем, у отряда нет другого выбора, кроме как попытаться выполнить задание, пусть даже действуя практически вслепую.

Оказавшись перед сложным выбором и полагаясь лишь на себя, «Призраки» должны научиться действовать как одно целое… или погибнуть.

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Обложка книги Gale Force Gale Force

 Автор: Laukkanen Owen

 Серия: McKeena Rhodes

For all lovers of maritime adventure comes an electrifying thriller of treachery and peril on the high seas featuring a dynamic new heroine, from multi-award-nominated suspense star Owen Laukkanen.

In the high-stakes world of deep-sea salvage, an ocean disaster can mean a huge payoff—if you can survive the chase.

McKenna Rhodes has never been able to get the sight of her father’s death out of her mind. A freak maritime accident has made her the captain of the salvage boat Gale Force, but it’s also made her cautious, sticking closer to the Alaska coastline. She and her crew are just scraping by, when the freighter Pacific Lion, out of Yokohama, founders two hundred miles out in a storm.

This job is their last chance—but there is even more at stake than they know. Unlisted on any manifest, the Lion’s crew includes a man on the run carrying fifty million dollars in stolen Yakuza bearer bonds. The Japanese gangsters want the money. The thief’s associates want the money. Another salvage ship, far bigger and more powerful than Gale Force, is racing to the rendezvous as well. And the storm rages on. If McKenna can’t find a way to prevail, everything she loves–the ship, her way of life, maybe even her life itself–will be lost.

Filled with bravery, betrayal, sudden twists, and pure excitement, Gale Force is a spectacular new adventure from the fast-rising suspense star.

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Обложка книги Getting Home Getting Home

 Автор: Westfield Ryan

 Серия: The EMP

What would you do to get back home?

Max and Mandy are stranded miles from camp. Their vehicle has been burned, along with most of their gear. The road ahead means danger and the unknown.

Dan and Olivia are holed up in a suburban home. She’s gravely injured, and Dan waits anxiously for the soldiers to return. Will he alone be able to defend the house?

Georgia and the rest realize that Max and Mandy might not be returning. After the last attack, they know they have to step up their defenses. But will their efforts be enough to keep them alive?

Defending Camp is book 7 of The EMP, a post-apocalyptic survival thriller series. It deals with real people fighting for their survival every inch of the way.

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Обложка книги Getting Out Getting Out

 Автор: Westfield Ryan

 Серия: The EMP

Do you have what it takes to survive?

The EMP hits. The lights go out and silence roars. Society is on the brink of violent chaos. The only way to survive is to get out, away from the cities and into the wilderness.

Max is an office worker with some gear and a plan. He’s one of the first to realize the unspoken dangers. A few years ago, he inherited an old farmhouse. His plan is to get to it as fast as possible and bunker down. He thinks he’s ready, but he quickly discovers that there’s more to surviving than just having the right gear.

Mandy is a waitress with the day off work. What seems like a normal power outage quickly turns terrifying. Her peaceful town is no longer the home she once knew. She’s offered a way out, but can she put her trust in a perfect stranger?

Georgia is a single mother who just wants to keep her two teenage kids safe. She drives a pickup and loves hunting. She has skills that could keep her family alive, but is she ready to make life or death decisions in the blink of an eye?

Do Max, Mandy, and Georgia have what it takes to overcome the unexpected? After all, even the best-laid plans can come up short.

Getting Out is book 1 of The EMP, a post-apocalyptic survival thriller series. It deals with real people fighting for their survival every inch of the way.

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Обложка книги Gray Snow Gray Snow

 Автор: Curtin Paul

Sean only needs to survive a week with his brother- and sister-in-law.

Until ash starts falling from the sky.

An apocalyptic volcanic eruption brings gray snowfall to his rural woodland home. Stuck inside, Sean and his family board up the windows and doors. They recount the food and supplies that Sean had amassed as a prepper. They hunker down to survive what looks like the end of the world.

But as the food stores deplete and the endless winter cold seeps deeper into their home, Sean and his family begin to discover that the greatest danger isn’t the ash outside. But something far worse within themselves.

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Обложка книги Ghost Ship Ghost Ship

 Автор: Cartwright Christopher

 Серия: Sam Reilly

In the dead of night, a decrepit, unmarked motor yacht drifts into the medieval port of Vernazza, Italy.

The run-down vessel forms a jarring contrast to the pastel colored tower homes and terraced vineyards surrounding the natural harbor along the coast of Cinque Terra.

Less than fifty yards away, a man wakes up on board a small rowboat, covered in blood.

Lying next to him is a woman with two — execution style — bullet holes to her forehead.

In his right hand he holds a small suitcase. Tucked into his pocket is a Russian built Makarov semiautomatic handgun — with two rounds missing.

The man asks himself one question: Who am I?

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Обложка книги Ghost Ship Ghost Ship

 Автор: Cartwright Christopher

 Серия: Sam Reilly

In the dead of night, a decrepit, unmarked motor yacht drifts into the medieval port of Vernazza, Italy.

The run-down vessel forms a jarring contrast to the pastel colored tower homes and terraced vineyards surrounding the natural harbor along the coast of Cinque Terra.

Less than fifty yards away, a man wakes up on board a small rowboat, covered in blood.

Lying next to him is a woman with two — execution style — bullet holes to her forehead.

In his right hand he holds a small suitcase. Tucked into his pocket is a Russian built Makarov semiautomatic handgun — with two rounds missing.

The man asks himself one question: Who am I?

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Обложка книги Gazeta Lokalna Gazeta Lokalna

 Автор: Lapid Shulamit

Podczas wystawnego przyjęcia wydanego na cześć sędziego okręgowego Pinchasa Hornsztyka zostaje zamordowana jego żona Aleksandra, ambitna kobieta interesu. Uczestnicząca w przyjęciu Lizzi Badihi, "księżniczka miejscowego brukowca", postanawia podjąć prywatne śledztwo. Rozwikłanie zagadkowego zabójstwa staje się dla niej sprawą prestiżową. Frapująca intryga kryminalna, która zadowoli najwybredniejszych koneserów tego gatunku powieści, nie jest jednak jedyną zaletą książki. W miarę rozwoju akcji ciekawym przeobrażeniom podlega też sama jej bohaterka, głównie za sprawą niekonwencjonalnych przygód erotycznych. Czytelnik znajdzie tu też sporo ciekawych obrazków z życia współczesnej izraelskiej prowincji.

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Обложка книги Games to Keep the Dark Away Games to Keep the Dark Away

 Автор: Muller Marcia

A Sharon McCone mystery, in which the detective is hired by a reclusive photographer to find his missing roommate, and when she is found dead, McCone has to confront numerous suspects.

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Обложка книги Gdy Moja Śliczna Śpi Gdy Moja Śliczna Śpi

 Автор: Clark Mary Higgins

Neeve Kearny, córka emerytowanego komisarza nowojorskiej policji, jest właścicielką drogiego butiku z wytwornymi strojami od znanych projektantów. Do najlepszych jej klientek należy Ethel Lambston, znana pisarka i publicystka o złośliwym piórze. Gdy Ethel przez kilka dni nie odbiera zamówionej garderoby, Neeve zaczyna się niepokoić. Wielu ludzi, wśród nich były mąż pisarki i zachłanny bratanek, ucieszyłoby się, gdyby autorka kontrowersyjnych artykułów zniknęła na zawsze. Złe przeczucia Neeve potwierdzają się – w parku stanowym zostaje znalezione ciało zamordowanej Ethel. Neeve, będąca ważnym świadkiem w śledztwie, uczestniczy w skomplikowanym dramacie chciwości, ambicji i bezwzględnego dążenia do rozgłosu. Nie wie, że jej samej również zagraża śmiertelne niebezpieczeństwo.

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Обложка книги Goodbye Dolly Goodbye Dolly

 Автор: Baker Deb

 Серия: Dolls to Die For

Обложка книги Guilty As Sin Guilty As Sin

 Автор: Teller Joseph

Did career criminal Alonzo Barnett, in and out of prison since age fifteen, commit the latest drug deal he's accused of? Yup, he's guilty as charged. But is he guilty as sin? That's the question criminal defense attorney Harrison J. Walker, the maverick known as Jaywalker, has to answer as he takes the court-appointed case. As Jaywalker is well aware, one wrong move, even for the right reason, can derail your life – and land an otherwise redeemed ex-con back in the slammer for years.

Up against a team of prosecutors – one a talented, ethical newcomer, the other a sleazy, tightfisted veteran – Jaywalker has almost nothing on his side. Except his unshakable belief in his client.and the very real possibility of redemption for them both.

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Обложка книги Gaudy Night Gaudy Night

 Автор: Sayers Dorothy L

Obscene graffiti, poison pen letters and a disgusting effigy greeted Harriet Vane on her return to Oxford. A graduate of ten years before and now a successful novelist, this should have been a pleasant, nostalgic visit for her. She asks her lover, Lord Peter Wimsey, for help.

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Обложка книги Gin and Daggers Gin and Daggers

 Автор: Bain Donald, Fletcher Jessica

Cabot Cove's own mystery writer and sleuth, Jessica Fletcher, travels to London to visit the grande dame of mystery novels, only to discover that the acclaimed author has been murdered.

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Обложка книги Głowa Minotaura Głowa Minotaura

 Автор: Krajewski Marek

Breslau, 1 stycznia 1937 roku, kwadrans na piątą rano. Eberhard Mock niespodziewanie dostaje rozkaz poprowadzenia śledztwa w sprawie morderstwa. Ofiarą jest młoda kobieta – okaleczona, zgwałcona i zabita, jej ciało znaleziono w podrzędnym hotelu, znanym jako miejsce schadzek. Była cudzoziemką, a w jej skromnym bagażu znajdowała się maszyna do pisania z francuskimi znakami. Czy hitlerowskie władze słusznie podejrzewają polityczny charakter zbrodni, przypuszczalnie wymierzonej w III Rzeszę? Jaki związek ze sprawą ma piękna czarnooka kobieta, kilkakrotnie widziana na granicy polsko-niemieckiej? Mock – tym razem w randze kapitana abwery – niechętny nowym porządkom, intrygom gestapo i władzy faszystów, szuka mordercy. Znów jest w swoim żywiole – krąży po pełnych okrucieństwa, przemocy i tajemnic miejscach, spelunkach i zaułkach; ociera się też o mroczny świat wyższych sfer, w którym zdarzają się skandaliczne historie. Dzięki swoim niekonwencjonalnym metodom pracy i przebiegłości trafia na ślad przestępcy, prawdopodobnie jest na tropie seryjnego zabójcy. Losy śledztwa potoczą się jednak bardzo nieoczekiwanie…

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Обложка книги Góra trzech szkieletów Góra trzech szkieletów

 Автор: Baniewicz Artur

Wielbiciele Raymonda Chandlera i Alistaira MacLeana – czas zrpbić miejsce na półce: nadchodzi Artur Baniewicz!

Góra Trzech Szkieletów to zaskakująca do ostatniej strony, trzymająca w napięciu historia polsko-bałkańskich przygód detektywa Małkosza, nawiązująca do najlepszych tradycji kryminału i powieści sensacyjnej. Dynamiczna, filmowa wręcz akcja, wyraziste postaci, pełne humoru dialogi, brawura i… miłość – fascynująca powieść Artura Baniewicza to dobitny dowód na to, że… Polak potrafi!

Marcin Małkosz jest człowiekiem o bujnej przeszłości, saperem i byłym oficerem Wojska Polskiego, wyrzuconym z armii za to, że dopuścił do śmierci trzech podwładnych podczas wojny na Bałkanach.

Kiedy postanawia spróbować swych sił jako prywatny detektyw, nie podejrzewa, że już pierwsze zlecenie będzie dla niego początkiem prawdziwych kłopotów, a także burzliwego romansu.

Jego klientką jest Jovanka, cierpiąca na amnezję młoda Bośniaczka, która usiłuje odnaleźć ojca swej chorej na białaczkę córki. Poszukiwania prowadzą Małkosza na tereny byłej Jugosławii, trafia też na ślad wielkiej afery, w którą wplątani są jego dawni zwierzchnicy, prominentni polscy politycy, a nawet piękna Jovanka.

Historia skomplikowanego śledztwa, obfitująca w liczne niespodzianki i zaskakujące zwroty akcji, odwołuje się do najlepszych wzorów powieści sensacyjnej.

Ironiczny, "chandlerowski", styl narracji, wyraziste sylwetki bohaterów i wierność realiom czynią z Góry trzech szkieletów pasjonującą lekturę.

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Обложка книги Gunpowder Green Gunpowder Green

 Автор: Childs Laura

 Серия: A Tea Shop Mystery

In this second Tea Shop Mystery, shop owner Theodosia Browning knows that something's brewing in the high society of Charleston: murder.

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Обложка книги Gris de campaña Gris de campaña

 Автор: Kerr Philip

Corre el año 1954 y las cosas no son sencillas para Bernie Gunther. El Gobierno cubano le ha obligado a espiar a Meyer Lansky, y cualquiera puede imaginarse que meter las narices en los asuntos de un conocido mafioso no puede ser bueno para la salud. Así que, harto de ese engorroso trabajo, Gunther consigue una embarcación con el objetivo de huir a Florida. Sin embargo, la suerte no está de su lado, ya que tras la fuga es arrestado y devuelto a Cuba, donde es encarcelado. En su estancia en prisión conoce a personajes curiosos, como Fidel Castro o Thibaud, un agente que ejerce de enlace entre la CIA y el servicio de inteligencia francés. Thibaud no es buena compañía para Bernie y no tarda en demostrarlo al hacerle una propuesta que el detective no tiene más remedio que aceptar: debe volver a Alemania para alojarse en una prisión y hacer allí un trabajo sucio que puede acabar costándole la vida.

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Обложка книги Get a Load of This Get a Load of This

 Автор: Chase James Hadley

Get a load of this! The hardboiled world of James Hadley Chase, the thriller maestro, is recaptured in this new edition of tough and gritty tales.

An early morning stroll in the park, or a lonely cross-country drive to Florida; evading arrest in war-torn Cuba, or sipping bourbon in the Bronx—it makes no odds, serious trouble lies just around the corner…. The sleazy jungle of lamp-lit streets, faded hotel lobbies and soulless freeways is the setting for a menagerie of typically brash Chase characters: all-metal blondes that weaken your resistance, merciless thugs in uniform and third-rate double-crossers.

Fast-paced and crackling with cynical wit, this classic anthology shows why Chase is the unchallenged British champion of the tough American tradition.

Publisher’s Note

This remarkable collection of short stories was first published in 1942 and is now re-issued for the first time. It is a tribute to the vigour and storytelling ability of James Hadley Chase that after so many years these tales still shock and thrill the reader.

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Обложка книги Get Fluffy Get Fluffy

 Автор: Abbey Sparkle

"A mystery worth barking about." – Linda O Johnston

Disgraced Texas beauty queen, Melinda (Mel) Langston, owns Laguna Beach's Bow Wow Boutique. Mona Michaels, Mel's most despised client, owns a star dog, Fluffy, who's worth millions. When Mona is found whacked in the head with Fluffy's Daytime Emmy, everyone wants Fluffy, but someone won't stop at murder to get the pooch.

Secrets. Blackmail. Mel tackles the case like a dog with a bone. But can she dig up the truth before the killer buries her?

I stumbled through the doorway into a mini-palace fit for a movie star. Fluffy's palace. A white sheepskin rug in front of her personal fireplace, a king-sized sleigh bed and a dressing screen (why a dog needed a dressing screen was beyond me). Fresh, filtered water dripped into her Wedgewood doggie bowl.

The room looked like it had been ransacked.

Mona was sprawled on the floor as if posing for a men's magazine. It was almost picture-perfect, except for the blood matting her five-hundred-dollar haircut and the gold statue stuck in her head.

I hesitantly moved closer. Fluffy nuzzled Mona's cheek. When she didn't move, Fluffy pawed her shoulder, still whining.

"I don't think she's getting up, girl," I said softly.

Mona was deader than a stuffed Poodle.

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Обложка книги Good To The Last Kiss: Crimes of the Depraved Mind Series Good To The Last Kiss: Crimes of the Depraved Mind Series

 Автор: Tierney Ronald

An Inspector Vincent Gratelli mystery – San Francisco Inspector Vincent Gratelli is charged with finding the killer of young women – all murdered in the same way, all left with an intimate mark. The most recent victim was beaten and raped in her weekend cabin. There appears to be only one difference – she is still alive. Which leaves Gratelli with two questions: how can these murders be stopped… and how does the killer feel about unfinished business?

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Обложка книги Good Night, My Darling Good Night, My Darling

 Автор: Frimansson Inger

Translated from the original Swedish, Good Night My Darling is a mystery / thriller about hatred and revenge. Justine is a wealthy woman in her forties, living alone in a big house full of troubled memories of a tortured childhood. Now the memories come back to haunt Justine, but she is prepared. It is time for Justine to take revenge on everyone that has done her wrong.

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Обложка книги Golpe de Sangre Golpe de Sangre

 Автор: Paretsky Sara

Victoria Warshawski debe averiguar quién es el padre de su amiga Caroline. Pero nadie quiere oír hablar de ello y su investigación choca con un extraño miedo al pasado en una truculenta historia de crimen y seducción familiar.

Golpe de sangre es una novela en la más pura tradición del género policíaco, pero también, como siempre en su autora, una profunda mirada sobre la corrupción, el escándalo político y los dramas de familia.

Victoria Warshawski, universitaria y radical, divorciada y treinteañera, hija de un policía de origen polaco y de una emigrante italiana que quiso ser cantante de ópera, es ya uno de los personajes más fascinantes de la novela negra.

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Обложка книги Gefilmt Gefilmt

 Автор: Francis Dick

Edward Lincoln ist ein berühmter Schauspieler. Auf der Leinwand mimt er den mutigen Helden, den stürmischen Liebhaber und liefert den Verbrechern halsbrecherische Verfolgungsjagden. Außerhalb der Filmstudios ist er nichts als ein zufriedener Familienvater und gewöhnlicher Bürger. Südafrika, wo Lincoln für seinen jüngsten Film Werbung machen soll, ist nun allerdings nicht gewöhnlich. Dort lauern die Gefahren nicht nur vor der Kamera: eine bis oben mit Sprengstoff gefüllte Goldmine, ein Naturreservat voller Raubtiere und ein unheilvolles Gestüt feuriger Vollblutpferde, die kein einziges Rennen gewinnen… Seine beste Rolle spielt Lincoln ohne Drehbuch, fern der klimatisierten Filmstudios, in der sengenden Afrikasonne. Und diesmal ist es kein Spiel.

«Francis wählt für jedes Buch eine völlig neue Konstellation, er stellt jeweils neue Hauptfiguren in den Mittelpunkt und vermeidet bewußt den Seriencharakter, wie man ihn bei anderen Krimi-Autoren häufig findet. Ungewöhnlich knapp, bissig und scharfsinnig sind die Dialoge, die seinen Büchern den typischen Francis-touch verleihen. Zudem sind die Helden keine schießwütigen James-Bond-Draufgänger, sondern eher nachdenkliche, intelligente Softies, die allerdings kein Pardon mehr kennen, wenn sie von unbelehrbaren Schurken herausgefordert werden.«

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Обложка книги Gefälscht Gefälscht

 Автор: Francis Dick

Dick Francis "Gefälscht", originalausgabe: "In the Frame". Pferdemaler Charles Todd hat sich auf ein gemütliches Wochenende bei seinem Cousin eingestellt. Dieser jedoch empfängt ihn tief verstört — denn vor wenigen Stunden ist gerade seine Ehefrau ermordet worden.

Der Verdacht der Polizei fällt schon bald auf Donald, der nicht die Kraft hat, die Vorwürfe zurückzuweisen. Todd scheut weder Mühe noch Gefahr, um Donalds Unschuld zu beweisen. Skrupellosen Kunsthändlern auf der Spur, reist er durch ganz Australien. Doch seine Nachforschungen bleiben nicht unbemerkt, und bald wird der Verfolger zum Verfolgten…

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Обложка книги Gegenzug Gegenzug

 Автор: Francis Dick

Dick Francis "Gegenzug",original: "The Edge".Schauplatz dieser Geschichte voller Dramatik und Intrigen ist ein Millionärsexpreß, der die spektakuläre Landschaft Kanadas durchquert. An Bord sind reiche Pferdebesitzer, die ihre Pferde in Toronto, Winnipeg und Vancouver an den Start begleiten wollen. Und ein eiskalter Erpresser, für den Mord nur eine Alternative unter vielen darstellt.

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Обложка книги Gallows View Gallows View

 Автор: Robinson Peter

 Серия: , Inspector Banks

In this first Inspector Banks novel, a peeping tom is frightening the women of Eastvale; two young thugs are breaking into homes; and an old woman may or may not have been murdered. Inspector Banks investigates these cases, which weave together as the story reaches a tense climax.

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Обложка книги Graveland Graveland

 Автор: Glynn Alan

A Wall Street investment banker is shot dead while jogging in Central Park. Later that night, one of the savviest hedge-fund managers in the city is gunned down outside a fancy Upper West Side restaurant. Are these killings part of a coordinated terrorist attack, or just coincidence? Investigative journalist Ellen Dorsey has a hunch that it's neither. Days later, when an attempt is made on the life of another CEO, the story blows wide open…

Racing to stay ahead of the curve, Ellen encounters Frank Bishop, a recession-hit architect, whose daughter has gone missing. The search for Lizzie and her boyfriend takes Frank and Ellen from a quiet campus to the blazing spotlight of a national media storm – and into the devastating crucible of a personal and a public tragedy.

Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows once again is James Vaughn, legendary CEO of private equity firm the Oberon Capital Group. Despite his failing health, Vaughan is refusing to give up control easily, and we soon see just how far-reaching and pervasive his influence really is.

Set deep in the place where corrupt global business and radical politics clash, Alan Glynn's Gravelandis an explosive and hugely topical thriller.

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Обложка книги Goldilocks Goldilocks

 Автор: McBain Ed

 Серия: Matthew Hope

Goldilocks... The Other Woman

Goldilocks-stealing into someone else’s house, with no particular interest in the chairs or the porridge, but with more than a passing fascination with Poppa Bear’s bed.

On the steamy west coast of Florida, in the quiet of their home, a woman and her two little girls have been brutally murdered. None of the alibis add up. The one person who couldn’t possibly have a motive for the crime is the only one confessing to it, and he insists on Matthew Hope for his defense. Now Matt finds himself tangled in the unravelling threads of three heartless killings in which every half-sister, stepson, and first wife could have had a hand.

Somebody’s lying.

Maybe everybody.

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Обложка книги Good and Valuable Consideration Good and Valuable Consideration

 Автор: Finder Joseph, Child Lee

In this short story from the thrilling anthology FaceOff, bestselling authors Lee Child and Joseph Finder – along with their popular series characters Jack Reacher and Nick Heller – team up for the first time ever.

When Jack Reacher sits down to watch a baseball game at a Boston bar, he has no way of knowing what kind of trouble is about to walk in the door – and not just because he's a Yankees fan in a Red Sox town.

In this action-packed short story, Reacher and a new acquaintance – Sox fan Nick Heller – find themselves drawn into a much less friendly rivalry when the guy sitting between them at the bar turns out to be a marked man.

For more exciting pairs, check out all eleven short stories in FaceOff!

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Обложка книги Gold Comes in Bricks Gold Comes in Bricks

 Автор: Fair A A

 Серия: Cool and Lam

This was one case when Bertha Cool didn’t see much of her partner, Donald Lam. This time he was living with the clients instead of running up expensive hotel bills. Still, it made it even harder for Bertha to keep tabs on him.

But she had to admit that Henry C. Ashbury was a pretty smart cookie, and it was his idea to take Donald on as a gym coach so the little smoothie could gain his daughter’s confidence. Someone was blackmailing Alta Ashbury — and her father didn’t trust any of the household, least of all his second wife.

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Обложка книги Guilty One Guilty One

 Автор: Ballantyne Lisa

A little boy was found dead in a children's playground...Daniel Hunter has spent years defending lost causes as a solicitor in London. But his life changes when he is introduced to Sebastian, an eleven-year-old accused of murdering an innocent young boy. As he plunges into the muddy depths of Sebastian's troubled home life, Daniel thinks back to his own childhood in foster care - and to Minnie, the woman whose love saved him, until she, too, betrayed him so badly that he cut her out of his life. But what crime did Minnie commit that made Daniel disregard her for fifteen years? And will Daniel's identification with a child on trial for murder make him question everything he ever believed in?


[a] moving, insightful debut ... It's easy to see why this caused such a stir at Frankfurt last year. If it isn't this year's Before I Go To Sleep, I'll eat my laptop The Guardian

About the Author

Lisa Ballantyne was born in Armadale, West Lothian, Scotland and was educated at Armadale Academy and University of St Andrews. She spent most of her twenties working and living in China, before returning to the UK in 2002, to work in Higher Education. She lives in Glasgow; this is her first novel.

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Обложка книги Gold of Our Fathers Gold of Our Fathers

 Автор: Quartey Kwei

Darko Dawson, Chief Inspector in the Ghana police service, returns in this atmospheric crime series often compared to Alexander McCall Smith's The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency novels.

Darko Dawson has just been promoted to Chief Inspector in the Ghana Police Service – the promotion even comes with a (rather modest) salary bump. But he doesn't have long to celebrate because his new boss is transferring him from Accra, Ghana's capital, out to remote Obuasi in the Ashanti region, an area now notorious for the illegal exploitation of its gold mines.

When Dawson arrives at the Obuasi headquarters, he finds it in complete disarray. The office is a mess of uncatalogued evidence and cold case files, morale is low, and discipline among officers is lax. On only his second day on the job, the body of a Chinese mine owner is unearthed in his own gold quarry. As Dawson investigates the case, he quickly learns how dangerous it is to pursue justice in this kingdom of illegal gold mines, where the worst offenders have so much money they have no fear of the law.

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Обложка книги Guilt By Degrees Guilt By Degrees

 Автор: Clark Marcia

Someone has been watching D.A. Rachel Knight-someone who's Rachel's equal in brains, but with more malicious intentions. It began when a near-impossible case fell into Rachel's lap, the suspectless homicide of a homeless man. In the face of courthouse backbiting and a gauzy web of clues, Rachel is determined to deliver justice. She's got back-up: tough-as-nails Detective Bailey Keller. As Rachel and Bailey stir things up, they're shocked to uncover a connection with the vicious murder of an LAPD cop a year earlier. Something tells Rachel someone knows the truth, someone who'd kill to keep it secret.

Harrowing, smart, and riotously entertaining, GUILT BY DEGREES is a thrilling ride through the world of LA courts with the unforgettable Rachel Knight.

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Обложка книги Go Not Gently Go Not Gently

 Автор: Staincliffe Cath

From the author of LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, a further crime novel featuring private investigator Sal Kilkenny. When a man is distraught at his wife's apparent infidelity, he enlists the help of Sal to confirm his suspicions, only to find himself a widower soon afterwards. From there Sal's other case also begins to take a disturbing and violent turn.

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Обложка книги Gone Gone

 Автор: White Randy Wayne

Randy Wayne White has long been known for suspenseful plots, complex characters, and an extraordinary sense of place. His new series has them all – and then some.

Hannah Smith: a tall, strong, formidable Florida woman, the descendant of generations of strong Florida women. She makes her living as a fishing guide, but her friends, neighbors, and clients also know her as an uncommonly resourceful woman with a keen sense of justice – someone who can't be bullied – and they have taken to coming to her with their problems.

Her methods can be unorthodox, though, and those on the receiving end of them often wind up very unhappy – and sometimes very violent. And when a girl goes missing, and Hannah is asked to find her, that is exactly what happens…

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Обложка книги Go-Between Go-Between

 Автор: Brackmann Lisa

An all-too-realistic thriller about for-profit prisons, big-money politics, shady non-profits, the war on drugs – and the people who would kill to keep the system intact

Emily runs a successful bistro in Humboldt County, California, where she lives with her boyfriend, Jeff, a volunteer firefighter. A lot of her best customers are in the cannabis business, but so what? It's true, firefighting isn't really Jeff's main job – that would be flying Humboldt's finest weed to out-of-state customers. And sure, he isn't really Emily's boyfriend, more like the guy she's stuck with by circumstance. Actually, his name is Danny, not Jeff, and Emily's real name is Michelle Mason, although no one can ever know that. She's on the run from her past – which has just caught up with her. Gary, an ex-CIA agent who got her and Danny into this whole mess, has just shown up in Humboldt County. Michelle should have killed him when she had the chance, but now she's stuck playing Gary's game – and if she loses, she or someone close to her will pay the ultimate price.

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Обложка книги Getaway Getaway

 Автор: Brackmann Lisa

Michelle Mason tells herself she's on vacation. A brief stay in the Mexican resort town of Puerto Vallarta. It's a chance to figure out her next move after the unexpected death of her banker husband, who's left behind a scandal and a pile of debt. The trip was already paid for, and it beats crashing in her sister's spare room. When a good-looking man named Daniel approaches her on the beach, the margaritas have kicked in and she decides: why not?

But the date doesn't go as either of them planned. An assault on Daniel in her hotel room, switched cell phones and an encounter with a 'friend' of Daniel's named Gary gets Michelle enmeshed in a covert operation involving drug runners, goons, and venture capitalists. Michelle already knows she's caught in a dangerous trap. But she quickly finds that running is not an option. If she's not careful, she'll end up buried in the town dump, with the rest of the trash. Now she needs to fight smart if she wants to survive her vacation.

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Обложка книги Grand Central Noir Grand Central Noir

 Автор: Hilton Matt, Narvaez R, McCauley Terrence P, Watson I A, Salzberg Charles, Hall Jessica, Fortier Ron, Solomon S A, Maurs Amy, Westerhoff R J, Layne J Walt, Ryan Kathleen A, ébaux Marcelle, Conley Jen, Scanlon Seamus

Grand Central Noir is an impressive collection of dark tales set in Grand Central Terminal by some of the finest crime and mystery writers working today. Compiled by Terrence McCauley, it features an array of intriguing stories from the likes of award winning writers such as Matt Hilton, Ron Fortier, Jen Conley, R. Narvaez and many others. Please note that all proceeds from this book go directly to God's Love We Deliver.

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Обложки нет Greece and the Allies 1914-1922

 Автор: Abbott G F

Обложки нет Georgie

 Автор: Abbott Jacob SC

Обложки нет Genghis Khan

 Автор: Abbott Jacob SC

Обложки нет Gentle Measures in the Management and Training of the Young

 Автор: Abbott Jacob SC

Обложка книги Gataca, или Проект «Феникс» Gataca, или Проект «Феникс»

 Автор: Тилье Франк

В клетке с приматом найден растерзанный труп девушки, изучавшей эволюцию видов. Одиннадцать человек арестованы за чудовищные преступления. Человек, жестоко расправившийся с невинными детьми, покончил с собой. Что стоит за беспричинными вспышками насилия? Когда в следующий раз сработает бомба замедленного действия? За расследование берутся Люси Энебель и Франк Шарко. Героям предстоит отправиться в джунгли Амазонии, где притаилось древнее зло, ждущее своего часа, чтобы, подобно бессмертной огненной птице, восстать из пепла.

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