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Обложка книги I I

 Автор: Bjork Samuel

When a six year old girl is found dead, hanging from a tree, the only clue the Oslo Police have to work with is an airline tag around her neck. It reads 'I'm travelling alone'. Holger Munch, veteran police investigator, is immediately charged with re-assembling his homicide unit. But to complete the team, he must convince his erstwhile partner, Mia Kruger – a brilliant but troubled investigator – to return from the solitary island where she has retreated with plans to take her own life. Reviewing the evidence, Mia identifies something no one else has noticed – a thin line carved into the dead girl's fingernail: the number 1. Instinctively, she knows that this is only the beginning. To save other children from the same fate, she must find a way to cast aside her own demons and confront the most terrifying, cold-hearted serial killer of her career…

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Обложка книги I Can See in the Dark I Can See in the Dark

 Автор: Fossum Karin

Riktor doesn’t like the way the policeman comes straight into the house without knocking. He doesn’t like the arrogant way he observes his home.The policeman doesn’t tell him why he’s there, and Riktor doesn’t ask. Because he knows he’s guilty of a terrible crime.

But it turns out that the policeman isn’t looking for a missing person. He is accusing Riktor of something totally unexpected. Riktor doesn’t have a clear conscience, but this is a crime he certainly didn’t commit.

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Обложка книги I, Richard I, Richard

 Автор: George Elizabeth

A collection of stories

This volume contains three revised versions of Elizabeth George's short stories which were originally published under the title 'The Evidence Exposed'. Here there are also two new stories and an introduction by the author to all five stories of human weakness.

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Обложка книги I Shot You Babe I Shot You Babe

 Автор: Langtry Leslie

Perennial grad student Veronica Gale gets more than she bargained for when her latest dissertation project puts her in the path of philosopher/assassin/carnival-ride operator Coney Bombay-and an unsolved murder that might just kill her, too.

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Обложка книги ...I жодної версiї! ...I жодної версiї!

 Автор: Кашин Володимир Леонідович

 Серия: Справедливiсть - моє ремесло

"…I жодної версiї!" — нова книга вiдомого українського письменника Володимира Кашина, що створив серiю детективних романiв, головним героєм яких є iнспектор карного розшуку Дмитро Коваль.

До цiєї книги увiйшли: роман"…I жодної версiї!", повiсть "Готується вбивство" i драма "День народження". Достовiрнiсть матерiалу, гострий, напружений сюжет, проникнення в психологiю героїв, щоб пояснити їхнi вчинки, як благороднi, так i ганебнi, такi особливостi творiв Володимира Кашина.

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Обложки нет I жодної версiї (на украинском языке)

 Автор: Кашин Владимир Леонидович

Обложка книги Icelander Icelander

 Автор: Long Dustin

Icelander is the debut novel from a brilliant new mind, an intricate, giddy romp steeped equally in Nordic lore and pulpy intrigue.

When Shirley MacGuffin is found murdered one day prior to the annual town celebration in remembrance of Our Heroine’s mother — the legendary crime-stopper and evil-thwarter Emily Bean — everyone expects Our Heroine to follow in her mother’s footsteps and solve the case. She, however, has no interest in inheriting the family business, or being chased through steam-tunnels, or listening to skaldic karaoke, or fleeing the inhuman Refurserkir. But evil has no interest in her lack of interest.

A Nabokovian goof on Agatha Christie, a madcap mystery that is part The Third Policeman and part The Da Vinci Code, The Icelander is one thing above all else: a true original.

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Обложка книги Ideal жертвы Ideal жертвы

 Автор: Литвиновы Анна и Сергей

Женщины для него – всего лишь расходный материал. Он использует их, строя свою карьеру и приумножая состояние, а потом уничтожает. Механизм отлажен и не дает сбоев. До тех пор, пока на его пути не встречаются они... Бэла – воспитательница детского сада, закомплексованная и одинокая, но волею случая оказавшаяся наследницей огромного состояния. Лиля – тренер по фитнесу, уверенная в себе, красивая и жесткая, ведь ей всего в жизни приходится добиваться самой, а на плечах – маленький сын и мама-пенсионерка. Казалось бы, силы неравны: на его стороне деньги, жизненный опыт и власть, а женщины доверчивы и беззащитны. Однако на этот раз все сразу пошло не по плану...

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Обложки нет Idle Days on the Yann and Other Stories

 Автор: Dunsany Lord

Обложка книги If Books Could Kill If Books Could Kill

 Автор: Carlisle Kate

Murder is easy-on paper.

Book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright is attending the world- renowned Book Fair when her ex Kyle shows up with a bombshell. He has an original copy of a scandalous text that could change history-and humiliate the beloved British monarchy.

When Kyle turns up dead, the police are convinced Brooklyn 's the culprit. But with an entire convention of suspects, Brooklyn 's conducting her own investigation to find out if the motive for murder was a 200-year-old secret-or something much more personal.

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Обложка книги If I'd Killed Him When I Met Him… If I'd Killed Him When I Met Him…

 Автор: McCrumb Sharyn

Agatha Award


Buoyed by intriguing characters, a wry wit, and lush Virginia atmosphere, McCrumb’s mystery spins merrily along on its own momentum, concluding that justice will triumph… but in surprising ways.” – Publishers Weekly

“Elizabeth’s eighth outing has it all-a gaggle of tidy mysteries, nonstop laughs, bumper-sticker wisdom about the male animal, and some other, sadder kinds of wisdom, too. Quite a banquet-if you don’t mind all that arsenic.” – Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Whenever Sharyn McCrumb suits up her amateur detective, Elizabeth MacPherson, it’s pretty certain that a trip is in the offing and that something deadly funny will happen.” – The New York Times Book Review

“McCrumb has an exquisite sense of the ridiculous: she creates a New Age version of the Mad Hatter’s tea party that will induce tears of laughter as she neatly skewers academia.” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

“A terrific tale… Lots of feminist folklore is coupled with plain old fun as the lawyers and MacPherson do their damnedest to defend their clients.” – Trenton Times

“She’s Agatha Christie with an attitude; outrageous and engrossing at the same time.” – Nashville Banner

“Contains the author’s trademark rapier wit… Only a writer as accomplished as Sharyn McCrumb can so skillfully marry farce and tragedy with such rewarding results.” – The Gainesville Sun

“A delightfully entertaining, uniquely plotted story.” – Booklist

“McCrumb is a fine writer with an eye and ear finely tuned to the ever-frazzling relationships between the sexes.” – St. Petersburg Times

“McCrumb’s ability to write in a variety of styles-crossing genres, mixing the comic with the serious-makes her one of the most versatile crime authors on the contemporary scene.” – Booklist

“Sharyn McCrumb is definitely a star in the New Golden Age of mystery fiction. I look forward to reading her for a long time to come.” – ELIZABETH PETERS

“IF I’D KILLED HIM WHEN I MET HIM… is sheer pleasure. The book moves like a streak and all the storylines are fascinating. To tantalize you further, let me say that this story has the most unusual sexual scene in the world of mystery literature.” – Romantic Times


Southern sleuth Elizabeth MacPherson acts as official investigator for her brother's Virginia law firm and tests her skills solving two sensational murders and a third crime unsolved for a century.

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Обложка книги If Tomorrow Comes If Tomorrow Comes

 Автор: Sheldon Sidney


Best known today for his exciting blockbuster novels, Sidney Sheldon is the author of The Best Laid Plans, Nothing Lasts Forever, The Stars Shine Down, The Doomsday Conspiracy, Memories of Midnight, The Sands of Time, Windmills of the Gods, If Tomorrow Comes, Master of the Game, Rage of Angels, Bloodline, A Stranger in the Mirror, and The Other Side of Midnight. Almost all have been number-one international bestsellers. His first book, The Naked Face, was acclaimed by the New York Times as "the best first mystery of the year" and received an Edgar Award. Most of his novels have become major feature films or TV miniseries, and there are more than 275 million copies of his books in print throughout the world. Before he became a novelist, Sidney Sheldon had already won a Tony Award for Broadway's Redhead and an Academy Award for The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer. He has written the screenplays for twenty-three motion pictures, including Easter Parade (with Judy Garland) and Annie Get Your Gun. In addition, he penned six other Broadway hits and created three long-running television series, including Hart to Hart and I Dream of Jeannie, which he also produced. A writer who has delighted millions with his award-winning plays, movies, novels, and television shows, Sidney Sheldon reigns as one of the most popular storytellers of all time.

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Обложка книги I'll Get You for This I'll Get You for This

 Автор: Chase James Hadley

Chester Cain, a small time hit man and ace gambler, tired of his old life, moves to Las Vegas with all his lifetime savings, only to come across a set of ruthless people who try to use him, implicate him in a crime which he does not commit, and soon the cops are after Cain,who goes on the run, along with Ms. Wonderly, a homeless wayward girl, who is also being framed like him.

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Обложка книги Im Anfang war der Mord Im Anfang war der Mord

 Автор: George Elizabeth

Ein exklusiver Cocktail aus dem Besten, was weibliche Kriminalliteratur zu bieten hat!

Erstmals präsentiert sich hier Bestsellerautorin Elizabeth George,»die Meisterin des englischen Kriminalromans «als Herausgeberin: 26 spannende und raffinierte Kriminalgeschichten von den besten Autorinnen der Welt, wie Dorothy L. Sayers, Ruth Rendell, Sara Paretsky, Minette Walters, Marcia Muller, Nadine Gordimer, Joyce Carol Oates und vielen anderen. Mit einer Einführung von Elizabeth George!

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Обложка книги In A Dry Season In A Dry Season

 Автор: Robinson Peter

In the blistering, dry summer, the waters of Thornfield Reservior have been depleted, revealing the ruins of the small Yorkshire village that lay at its bottom, bringing with it the unidentified bones of a brutally murdered young woman. Detective Chief Inspector Banks faces a daunting challenge: he must unmask a killer who has escaped detection for half a century. Because the dark secret of Hobb’s End continue to haunt the dedicated policeman even though the town that bred then has died – and long after its former residents have been scattered to far places… or themselves to the grave. From an acknowledged master writing at the peak of his storytelling powers comes a powerful, insightful, evocative, and searingly suspenseful novel of past crimes and present evil.

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Обложка книги In Death's Shadow In Death's Shadow

 Автор: Talley Marcia

Hannah Ives struggled bravely through the ravages of illness, and fellow patient Valerie Stone was at her side. As cancer survivors they have a lot to celebrate when they meet again, but their reunion is short-lived. Soon Valerie is dead, and a suspicious Hannah must sift through a mountain of clues trying to uncover the cause of her friend's untimely death. But there are those in the big business of living and dying who think she's becoming too curious… and it's high time her questions were silenced.

Hannah Ives knows what it means to be a survivor. Now she's about to discover what it means to be a target.

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Обложки нет In Nomine Dei

 Автор: Сарамаго Жозе

Обложка книги In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner

 Автор: George Elizabeth

Two bodies are discovered in the middle of an ancient stone circle. Each met death in a different but violent way. As Detective Inspector Lynley wrestles with the intricacies of the case, the pieces begin to fall into place, forcing Lynley to the conclusion that the blood that binds can also kill.

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Обложка книги In the Cold Dark Ground In the Cold Dark Ground

 Автор: MacBride Stuart B

 Серия: Logan McRae

Sergeant Logan McRae is in trouble...

His missing-persons investigation has just turned up a body in the woods — naked, hands tied behind its back, and a bin bag duct-taped over its head. The Major Investigation Team charges up from Aberdeen, under the beady eye of Logan’s ex-boss Detective Chief Inspector Steel. And, as usual, she wants him to do her job for her.

But it’s not going to be easy: a new Superintendent is on her way up from the Serious Organised Crime Task Force, hell-bent on making Logan’s life miserable; Professional Standards are gunning for Steel; and Wee Hamish Mowat, head of Aberdeen’s criminal underbelly, is dying — leaving rival gangs from all over the UK eying his territory.

There’s a war brewing and Logan’s trapped right in the middle, whether he likes it or not.

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Обложка книги In the Company of Liars In the Company of Liars

 Автор: Ellis David

"A highly intelligent thriller that burrows backward through time like Houdini explaining a trick. An automatic book-of-the-year." – Lee Child

In the Company of Liars is a truly original thriller, strikingly fresh and unpredictable. Told in chronological reverse, from its enigmatic end to its brilliant beginning, the novel is centered on a woman who is on trial for murder-Allison Pagone, a mother caught between competing forces, each represented by someone who may not care if the pressure kills her in the end. A prosecutor wants Allison convicted and put on death row. An FBI agent believes she can squeeze her into ratting on her family. A daughter and an ex-husband need to save their own skins. And circling them all: a group who would prefer to eliminate her quietly and anonymously, but who also are not what they seem.

Our first picture of Allison is in the moments following her death. The story then moves backward in time like the cult film Memento: an hour earlier, then the day before, back and back to the beginning, until we can see what's really happened-and, most shocking, what hasn't. At every turn, Allison Pagone knows that what she sees may not be what's real. The only sure thing is her place in a vortex of half-truths, threats, and suspicion. When her nightmare is over, will she awake in the company of friends -or in the company of liars?

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