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Обложка книги Back on Murder Back on Murder

 Автор: Bertrand J Mark

Det. Roland March is a homicide cop on his way out. But when he's the only one at a crime scene to find evidence of a missing female victim, he's given one last chance to prove himself. Before he can crack the case, he's transferred to a new one that has grabbed the spotlight-the disappearance of a famous Houston evangelist's teen daughter.

With the help of a youth pastor with a guilty conscience who navigates the world of church and faith, March is determined to find the missing girls while proving he's still one of Houston 's best detectives.

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Обложка книги Backlash Backlash

 Автор: La Plante Lynda

Late night on a notorious high-rise estate in Hackney and a white van is being driven erratically. The driver is pulled over by the police and questioned. A woman on the street after a long evening's drinking…She never makes it home. A suspect…an arrest…a confession…A case done and dusted? Five years earlier, a 13-year-old girl disappeared in broad daylight on a busy London street. DCS James Langton headed the investigation; the case was never closed. It has haunted him ever since. And now comes another confession, to this murder, and to one more besides. Too good to be true? DCI Anna Travis, pulled into the fray, isn't so sure. Then the suspect changes his story…

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Обложка книги Bad Blood Bad Blood

 Автор: Dahl Arne

Detective Paul Hjelm and his team receive an urgent call from the FBI. A murderer whose methods bear a frightening resemblance to a serial killer they believed long dead is on his way to Sweden. For years the FBI hunted the so-called 'Kentucky Killer', their agents haunted by the terrible injuries he inflicted on his victims through his signature device: a weapon that squeezed the vocal cords shut.

Has he somehow returned from beyond the grave to torture a new generation, or do they have a copy-cat on their hands? And what do they want in Sweden? If they are to capture the killer, the team must collaborate with their colleagues in the FBI on a desperate hunt that will take them from rainswept city streets to deserted Kentucky farmhouses, and will push them to the limits of their endurance.

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Обложка книги Bad Intent Bad Intent

 Автор: Hornsby Wendy

Dredging up dirty allegations in order to gain the minority vote, a shady politician sets up three police officers, and investigative filmmaker Maggie MacGowen becomes determined to uncover the truth.

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Обложка книги Bad Intentions Bad Intentions

 Автор: Fossum Karin

Early one September, three friends spend the weekend at a remote cabin by Dead Water Lake. With only a pale moon to light their way, they row across the water in the middle of the night. But only two of them return, and they make a pact not to call for help until the following morning. Inspector Sejer leads the investigation when the body is discovered. He is troubled by the apparent suicide and has an overwhelming sense that the surviving pair has something to hide. Weeks pass without further clues, and then in a nearby lake the body of a teenage boy floats to the surface.

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Обложка книги Bad Karma Bad Karma

 Автор: Zeltserman Dave

 Серия: , Bill Shannon

In Zeltserman's run-of-the-mill second Bill Shannon mystery (after 2007's Bad Thoughts), Shannon, now a PI in Boulder, Colo., investigates the murder of two college students-Taylor Carver and Linda Gibson, bludgeoned to death in the bedroom of the off-campus condo they shared-at the behest of the condo owner, who's being sued for lax security. After his former colleagues on the Boston police force vouch for him, Shannon gets more cooperation from the locals. Meanwhile, the mother of a girl taken in by the True Light cult calls on the detective for help. Some may find it odd that no one mentions the Jon Benet Ramsey case when the recent history of murders in Boulder comes up in conversation. The predictable plot builds to a final twist that will shock few. Readers might do better to check out the second in Zeltserman's bad-ass out of prison trilogy, Pariah (Reviews, Aug. 3), instead.

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Обложка книги Bajo los vientos de Neptuno Bajo los vientos de Neptuno

 Автор: Vargas Fred

Fred Vargas juega sus mejores cartas en una novela policiaca de arquitectura clásica y perfecta, que transcurre entre París y la nieve de Quebec.

El comisario Adamsberg se dispone a cruzar el Atlántico para instruirse en unas nuevas técnicas de investigación que están desarrollando sus colegas del otro lado del océano. Pero no sabe que el pasado se ha metido en su maleta y le acompaña en su viaje. En Quebec se encontrará con una joven asesinada con tres heridas de arma blanca y una cadena de homicidios todos iguales, cometidos por el misterioso Tridente, un asesino fantasmal que persigue al joven comisario, obligándole a enfrentarse al único enemigo del que hay que tener miedo: uno mismo. Adamsberg esta vez tiene problemas muy serios…

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Обложка книги Bangkok 8 Bangkok 8

 Автор: Burdett John

 Серия: , Sonchai Jitpleecheep

"One of the most startling and provocative mysteries I've read in years." – Carl Hiaasen

"Read this book, savor the language – it's the last and the most compelling word in thrillers." – James Ellroy

Surreal Bangkok, city of temples and brothels, where Buddhist monks in saffron robes walk the same streets as world-class gangsters, where bodies and souls are for sale or rent, and where the way you die may be more important than the way you live.

Inside a locked Mercedes an African-American Marine sergeant is killed by a maddened python and a swarm of cobras. Two cops – the only two in the city not on the take – arrive too late. Minutes later, only one is alive.

Sworn to avenge the death of his partner and soul brother, Sonchai Jitpleecheep, a fair-skinned Thai and a devout Buddhist who commutes daily between the sacred precepts of his religion and the profane delights the city has to offer, works his way through District 8. His tools are the forensic techniques of the modern police department; no less vital is his profound understanding of the mystical workings of the spirit world.

Soon he is in a realm he has never before encountered: the moneyed underbelly of Bangkok, where desire rules and the human body is as custom-designable as a raw hunk of jade – and where Sonchai eventually tracks the killer, a predator of an even more sinister variety.

A highly original story of gripping pace and reality, Bangkok 8 is a rare thing: a darkly atmospheric novel redolent with the authentic, hallucinogenic atmosphere of Bangkok. You've never read a thriller quite like this.

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Обложка книги Bangkok Haunts Bangkok Haunts

 Автор: Burdett John

 Серия: , Sonchai Jitpleecheep

At the start of Burdett's superb third mystery-thriller to feature Thai police detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep (after Bangkok 8 and Bangkok Tattoo), Jitpleecheep shows old friend Kimberley Jones, an American FBI agent, a vicious snuff film he's received depicting the murder of an ex-lover of his named Damrong. Jitpleecheep and Jones maintain their complex platonic relationship as, helped by Jitpleecheep's assistant Lek, they pursue Damrong's killers. The trail leads them to an important banker, an American teacher, a Buddhist and an exclusive men's club called the Parthenon. Jitpleecheep, who now lives with Chanya, a former prostitute pregnant with his child, is visited in an erotic way by Damrong's ghost, while his corrupt superior, police colonel Vikorn, orders Jitpleecheep to help start a porn film business. Expertly juggling elements that in lesser hands would become confused or hackneyed, Burdett has created a haunting, powerful story that transcends genre.

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Обложка книги Bangkok Tattoo Bangkok Tattoo

 Автор: Burdett John

 Серия: , Sonchai Jitpleecheep

Killing customers just isn't good for business."

My mother Nong's tone reflects the disappointment we all feel when a star employee starts to go wrong. Is there nothing to be done? Will we have to let dear Chanya go? The question can only be decided by Police Colonel Vikorn, who owns most of the shares in the Old Man's Club and who is on his way in his Bentley.

"No," I agree. Like my mother's, my eyes cannot stop flicking across the empty bar to the stool where Chanya's flimsy silver dress (just enough silk to cover nipples and butt) drapes and drips. Well, the dripping was slight and is more or less finished (a rusty stain on the floor turning black as it dries), but in more than a decade as a detective in the Royal Thai Police, I have never seen a garment so blood-soaked. Chanya's bra, also hideously splattered, lies halfway up the stairs, and her panties-her only other garment-lie abandoned on the floor outside the upstairs room where, eccentrically even for a Thai whore, she has taken refuge with an opium pipe.

"She didn't say anything at all? Like why?"

"No, I told you. She dashed in through the door in a bit of a state holding an opium pipe, glared at me, said, ‘I've done him in,' ripped off her dress, and disappeared upstairs. Fortunately, there were only a couple of farang in the bar at the time, and the girls were fantastic. They merely said, ‘Oh, Chanya, she goes like that sometimes,' and gently ushered them out. I had to play the whole thing down, of course, and by the time I got to her room, she was already stoned."

"What did she say again?"

"She was tripping on the opium, totally delirious. When she started talking to the Buddha, I left to call you and the Colonel. At that stage I didn't know if she'd really done him in or was freaking out on yaa baa or something."

But she'd snuffed him all right. I walked to the farang's hotel, which is just a couple of streets away from Soi Cowboy, and flashed my police ID to get the key to his room. There he was, a big muscular naked American farang in his early thirties, minus a penis and a lot of blood from a huge knife wound that began in his lower gut and finished just short of his rib cage. Chanya, a basically decent and very tidy Thai, had placed his penis on the bedside table. At the other end of the table, a single rose stood in a plastic mug of water.

There was nothing for it but to secure the room for the purposes of forensic investigation, leave a hefty bribe for the hotel receptionist-who is now more or less obliged to say whatever I tell him to say (standard procedure under my Colonel Vikorn in District 8)-and await further orders. Vikorn, of course, was in one of his clubs carousing, probably surrounded by naked young women who adored him, or knew how to look as if they did, and in no mood to be dragged to the scene of a crime until I penetrated his drunken skull enough to explain that the business at hand was not an investigation per se but the infinitely more challenging forensic task so lightly spoken of as a "cover-up." Even then he showed no inclination to shift himself until he realized it was Chanya (the perp, not the victim).

"Where the hell did she get the opium?" my mother wants to know. "There hasn't been opium in Krung Thep since I was a teenager."

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Обложка книги Bats Fly at Dusk Bats Fly at Dusk

 Автор: Fair A A

 Серия: Cool and Lam

First there was the blind man. He “saw” a great deal for a sightless man.

Bertha Cool had no sooner digested his strange story when her life really became complicated with other things...

A girl who was hit by an automobile but who didn’t care about collecting damages...

A will that made all the relatives happy!..

A man with valuable information — and a high price on it...

Two strange deaths that didn’t seem to make sense...

$10,000 that wasn’t where it should have been...

A man who thought being a cousin was worth money...

A handsomely painted music box that was sent anonymously...

A gun with a sense of justice...

A pet bat that liked to cuddle...

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Обложка книги Bear Island Bear Island

 Автор: Maclean Alistair

 A converted fishing trawler, Morning Rose carries a movie-making crew across the Barents Sea to isolated Bear Island, well above the Arctic Circle, for some on-location filming, but the script is a secret known only to the producer and screenwriter. En route, members of the movie crew and ship's company begin to die under mysterious circumstances. The crew's doctor, Marlowe, finds himself enmeshed in a violent, multi-layered plot in which very few of the persons aboard are whom they claim to be. Marlowe's efforts to unravel the plot become even more complicated once the movie crew is deposited ashore on Bear Island, beyond the reach of the law or outside help. The murders continue ashore, and Marlowe, who is not what he seems to be either, discovers they may be related to some forgotten events of the Second World War.

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Обложка книги Beastly Things Beastly Things

 Автор: Leon Donna

When a body is found floating in a canal, strangely disfigured and with multiple stab wounds, Commissario Brunetti is called to investigate and is convinced he recognises the man from somewhere. However, with no identification except for the distinctive shoes the man was wearing, and no reports of people missing from the Venice area, the case cannot progress.

Brunetti soon realises why he remembers the dead man, and asks Signorina Elettra if she can help him find footage of a farmers’ protest the previous autumn. But what was his involvement with the protest, and what does it have to do with his murder? Acting on the fragile lead, Brunetti and Inspector Vianello set out to uncover the man’s identity. Their investigation eventually takes them to a slaughterhouse on the mainland, where they discover the origin of the crime, and the world of blackmail and corruption that surrounds it.

Both a gripping case and a harrowing exploration of the dark side of Italy’s meat industry, Donna Leon’s latest novel is a compelling addition to the Brunetti series.

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Обложка книги Bedrooms Have Windows Bedrooms Have Windows

 Автор: Fair A A

 Серия: Cool and Lam

It started as a routine tail — shadowing an oily hustler who’d been courting a well-healed matron. But the assignment soon led Donald Lam to a sleazy hotel room with a sexy barfly. And now she’s left him high and dry with a pair of corpses dumped in his lap. Suddenly he’s the cops’ prime suspect. And it’ll take some fancy footwork to sidestep the law — and the real killer, who intends to leave Bertha Cool partnerless.

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Обложка книги Beggar’s Choice Beggar’s Choice

 Автор: Wentworth Patricia

When Car Fairfax starts his mysterious new job, his sole duty seems to be to dine in expensive restaurants, but soon some odd coincidences and dangerous deceits open his eyes to the truth.

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Обложка книги Behold, Here's Poison Behold, Here's Poison

 Автор: Хейер Джорджетт

 Серия: Inspector Hannasyde

Uncle Henry has a history of heart trouble and doesn't wake up one morning. No one, even his physician, is surprised. But dear Aunt Gertrude, listening to Intuition, suspects Foul Play and insists on an autopsy. Since Aunt Gertrude is a cross between a battleship and a Victorian bulldog, an autopsy she gets.

Surprise! Uncle Henry was, indeed, poisoned. The problem is that all of his relations have a motive. You see, Uncle Henry was not well liked at all; he took positive delight in thwarting his erstwhile relatives. They included two sisters, one sister-in-law, a niece, two nephews, and an attending physician who all had reason to hate him, and all benefited in one way or another from his unlamented passing.

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Обложка книги Beirut Noir Beirut Noir

 Автор: Hage Rawi, Humaydan Iman, Abi Samra Muhammad, Abi Samra Tarek, Barakat Najwa, Beydoun Abbas, Beydoun Bana, Eid Leila, Hilal Bachir, Kawtharani Hala, Khalil Zena El, Maarouf Mazen, Sobh Alawiya, Tawk+ Marie, Sardine ’, Yared Hyam

Featuring brand-new stories by: Rawi Hage, Muhammad Abi Samra, Leila Eid, Hala Kawtharani, Marie Tawk, Bana Baydoun, Hyam Yared, Najwa Barakat, Alawiyeh Sobh, Mazen Zahreddine, Abbas Beydoun, Bachir Hilal, Zena El Khalil, Mazen Maarouf, and Tarek Abi Samra.

Most of the writers in this volume are still living in Beirut, so this is an important contribution to Middle East literature — not the “outsider’s perspective” that often characterizes contemporary literature set in the region.

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Обложка книги Belgrave Square Belgrave Square

 Автор: Perry Anne


The 12th mystery in the beloved Inspector and Charlotte Pitt Victorian mystery series, now a hardcover success. When a moneylender named William Weems is murdered, there is discreet rejoicing among those whose meager earnings he devoured. But the plot thickens when Inspector Pitt finds a list of London's distinguished gentlemen in Weems' office.

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Обложка книги Bella Mafia Bella Mafia

 Автор: La Plante Lynda

Don Roberto Luciano turns informer for the biggest Mafia trial in history, but his family pays a terrible price. The head of the family, his three sons, his two grandsons and his nephew are all killed leaving the five widows to reclaim their inheritance from a dangerous Mafioso.

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Обложка книги Bella Mafia Bella Mafia

 Автор: Ла Плант Линда

Дон Роберто Лучано, глава сицилийской мафии, соглашается выступить свидетелем обвинения на процессе Пола Кароллы, двадцать лет назад жестоко убившего сына дона. Но чуть ли не накануне судебного разбирательства все мужчины в семье Лучано оказываются убиты. Жена Роберто, ставшая внезапно вдовой, две ее невестки и внучка берут бразды правления в свои руки и объявляют врагам вендетту. Теперь они bella mafia, прекрасная мафия, и горе каждому, кто встанет у них на пути.

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