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Обложка книги Germanicus Germanicus

 Автор: Wishart David

 Серия: Marcus Corvinus

Обложка книги Giotto's Hand Giotto's Hand

 Автор: Pears Iain

 Серия: Jonathan Argyll

General Bottando of Rome’s Art Theft Squad is in trouble - his theory that a single master criminal, dubbed “Giotto”, is behind a string of thefts has aroused the scorn of his rival, the bureaucrat Corrado Argan. He needs a result, and the confession of a dying women provides clues.

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Обложка книги Girl In A Red Tunic Girl In A Red Tunic

 Автор: Clare Alys

 Серия: Hawkenlye

Обложка книги Goldstein Goldstein

 Автор: Kutscher Volker

 Серия: Gereon Rath

Berlin,1931. A power struggle is taking place in Berlin’s underworld. The American gangster Abraham Goldstein is in residence at the Hotel Excelsior. As a favour to the FBI, the police put him under surveillance with Detective Gereon Rath on the job. As Rath grows bored and takes on a private case for his seedy pal Johann Marlow, he soon finds himself in the middle of a Berlin street war.

Meanwhile Rath’s on-off girlfriend, Charly, lets a young woman she is interrogating escape, and soon her investigations cross Rath’s from the other side. Berlin is a divided city where two worlds are about to collide: the world of the American gangster and the expanding world of Nazism.

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Обложка книги Goodnight Sweet Prince Goodnight Sweet Prince

 Автор: Dickinson David

 Серия: Lord Francis Powerscourt

Обложка книги Governing Passion Governing Passion

 Автор: Gutteridge Don

 Серия: Marc Edwards

Обложка книги Graveyard of the Hesperides Graveyard of the Hesperides

 Автор: Davis Lindsey

 Серия: Flavia Albia mystery

Обложка книги Gypsy Gypsy

 Автор: Janes J Robert

 Серия: St.Cyr and Kohler


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