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Обложка книги Badger's Moon Badger's Moon

 Автор: Tremayne Peter

 Серия: Sister Fidelma

Обложка книги Beautiful blue death Beautiful blue death

 Автор: Finch Charles

 Серия: Charles Lenox Mysteries

Обложка книги Bedlam: The Further Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte Bedlam: The Further Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte

 Автор: Rowland Laura Joh

 Серия: The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte

Обложка книги Beekeeper Beekeeper

 Автор: Janes J Robert

 Серия: St.Cyr and Kohler

Обложка книги Before the poison Before the poison

 Автор: Robinson Peter

Обложка книги Behold a Pale Horse Behold a Pale Horse

 Автор: Tremayne Peter

 Серия: Sister Fidelma

Обложка книги Belladonna at Belstone Belladonna at Belstone

 Автор: Jecks Michael

 Серия: Knight Templar mystery

Обложка книги Beneath the Darkest Sky Beneath the Darkest Sky

 Автор: Overstreet Jason

 Серия: Renaissance

In this riveting and emotionally powerful historical drama, an ex-FBI agent plunges into the darkest shadows of 1930s Europe, where everything he loves is on the line…

International consultant Prescott Sweet’s mission is to bring justice to countries suffering from America’s imperialistic interventions. With his outspoken artist wife, Loretta, and their two children, he lives a life of equality and continental elegance amid Europe’s glittering capitals—beyond anything he ever dared hope for.

But he is still a man in hiding, from his past with the Bureau, from British Intelligence—and from his own tempting, dangerous skill at high-level espionage. So when he has the opportunity to live in Moscow and work at the American Embassy, Prescott and his family seize the chance to take refuge and at last put down roots in what they believe is a fair society.

Life in Russia, however, proves to be a beautiful lie. Reduced to bare survival, with his son gravely ill, Prescott calls on all his skills in a last-ditch effort to free his family from the grips of Stalin. But between honor and expediency, salvation and atrocity, he’ll be forced to play an ever more merciless hand and commit unimaginable acts for a future that promises nowhere to run…

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Обложка книги Black Arrow Black Arrow

 Автор: Parker I J

 Серия: Sugawara Akitada

Обложка книги Black Arrow Black Arrow

 Автор: Parker I J

 Серия: Sugawara Akitada

Обложка книги Black Ice Black Ice

 Автор: Lane Andrew

 Серия: Young Sherlock Holmes

Обложки нет Black Salamander

 Автор: Todd Marilyn

 Серия: Claudia Seferius

Обложка книги Blind Justice Blind Justice

 Автор: Perry Anne

 Серия: William Monk

Обложка книги Blood Lance Blood Lance

 Автор: Westerson Jeri

 Серия: Crispin Guest Medieval Noir

Обложка книги Blood of the Oak Blood of the Oak

 Автор: Pattison Eliot

 Серия: A Mystery of Colonial America

Обложки нет Blood of the South

 Автор: Clare Alys

 Серия: Aelf Fen

Обложка книги Bloodstone Bloodstone

 Автор: Doherty Paul

 Серия: Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan

Обложка книги Bloody Relations Bloody Relations

 Автор: Gutteridge Don

 Серия: Marc Edwards

Обложка книги Bothersome Number of Corpses Bothersome Number of Corpses

 Автор: McPherson Catriona

Before she was a detective, before she was a reluctant wife and distracted mother, before she was even a debutante, Dandy Gilver spent one perfect summer with the Lipscotts of Pereford. The golden memories of it have sustained her through many a cold snap in Perthshire. So when two of the Lipscott sisters beg her to help the third, she can hardly refuse. Sweet, pretty Fleur Lipscott: where is she now? The astonishing answer to this is that Fleur – still Miss Lipscott, indeed more Miss Lipscott than ever – is buried alive in the tiny seaside village of Portpatrick, working as a schoolmistress at St Columba's College for Young Ladies. But she is one of the few remaining, for St Columba's has been shedding mistresses as a snake its skins and the exodus is far from over. With mistresses vanishing and corpses mounting up, can Mrs Gilver, detective, pass herself off as Miss Gilver, English mistress, to solve the one and stop the other?

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Обложка книги Brother Cadfael's Penance Brother Cadfael's Penance

 Автор: Peters Ellis

 Серия: Brother Cadfael

For Brother Cadfael in the autumn of his life, the mild November of our Lord’s year 1145 may bring a bitter — and deadly — harvest. England is torn between supporters of the Empress Maud and those of her cousin Stephen. The civil strife is about to jeopardize not only Cadfael’s life, but his hopes of Heaven.

 While Cadfael has sometimes bent the abbey’s rules, he has never broken his monastic vows—until now. Word has come to Shrewsbury of a treacherous act that has left thirty of Maud’s knights imprisoned. All have been ransomed except Cadfael’s secret son, Olivier de Bretagne. Conceived in Cadfael’s soldiering youth and unaware of his father’s identity, Olivier will die if he is not freed. Like never before, Cadfael must boldly defy the abbot. The good brother forsakes the order to follow his heart—but what he finds will challenge his soul.

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