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Обложка книги Quantum Quantum

 Автор: Grace Tom

 Серия: Nolan Kilkenny

Обложка книги Quantum Quantum

 Автор: Grace Tom

 Серия: Nolan Kilkenny, Nolan Kilkenny Mystery

Ex-Navy Seal Nolan Kilkenny is recruited by the US government to find an incredible scientific discovery that could prove to be the ultimate power of the new millennium…

The thrilling new action adventure from the international bestseller.


In 1948, a young German emigre reached the threshold of an incredible scientific discovery: a blueprint for the construction of the universe that could surpass the theories of Einstein. But the scientist's secret past catches up to him with a vengeance, and he and his work are seemingly lost forever. Now, buried knowledge has been rediscovered and whoever controls it holds the keys to the future. Two sides, American and Russian, are in a ruthless fight for the ultimate power of the new millennium — Quantum technology — and ex-Navy SEAL Nolan Kilkenny finds himself caught in the crossfire. To stop the fate of the world from being hijacked, Kilkenny must wage a war across two hemispheres as he races to solve a decades-old mystery, that's if the solution doesn't kill him first…

Get ready for an action-packed adventure, perfect for fans of Jack Higgins and Tom Clancy

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Обложка книги Quiller Bamboo Quiller Bamboo

 Автор: Hall Adam

 Серия: Quiller

Summoned late at night to the Bureau, Quiller attends a secret conference with the foreign secretary and a surprise defector: the Chinese ambassador to Britain. Minutes later, shots ring out and the ambassador's body is flung out onto the sidewalk of a deserted London street, riddled with bullets.

Searching for clues, Quiller flies to Calcutta to meet Sojourner, a key ally in the plan to bring democracy to China. But Sojourner is killed…thus two men, both dedicated to bringing freedom to their country, are dead. No wonder Quiller is skeptical about his next mission: smuggle a Chinese dissident into Tibet.

"Tense, intelligent, harsh, surprising." (The New York Times)

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Обложка книги Quiller KGB Quiller KGB

 Автор: Hall Adam

 Серия: Quiller

Somebody wants to spoil German unification, kill it dead. Who can it be? Who can find out? Who better than Quiller!

On site Quiller moves fast…too fast. He finds the target but gets targeted himself. He needs all of his luck, cunning and skill or this could be his last case!

"Nobody writes bettes espionage than Adam Hall!" (The New York Times)

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Обложка книги Quiller Meridian Quiller Meridian

 Автор: Hall Adam

 Серия: Quiller

In Quiller's latest mission, operation Meridian takes him into the espionage trenches of the deadly post-Cold War era. From the chaos of Eastern Europe to the brutality of Siberia, Quiller's far-reaching assignment exposes the very real dangers of life even in the New World Order. A vivid account of the power game in a Russia torn by civil war, Quiller Meridian deftly mirrors the grim realities in the aftermath of the Cold War.

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Обложка книги Quiller Salamander Quiller Salamander

 Автор: Hall Adam

 Серия: Quiller

For the first time, Quiller, the seasoned shadow executive of the anonymous Bureau in London, takes on a mission kept secret even from the head of the Bureau himself. Its code name is Salamander, its theater of operations Cambodia, its target Pol Pot, the architect of the infamous Killing Fields. Even as he arrives in the steaming heat of Phnom Penh, Quiller knows that he can trust neither Flockhart, his control in London, nor Pringle, his director in the field. His only ally is Gabrielle Bouchard, a young Eurasian photojournalist, who is waging her private vendetta against the murderous guerrillas of the Khmer Rouge. Endangered at every turn by Flockhart's reticence and the treacherous jungle, Quiller undertakes a suicide mission in the hope of saving Phnom Penh from an eleventh-hour attack by the Khmer Rouge intended to reinstate its bloody rule in Cambodia.

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