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Обложка книги On liquide et on s'en va On liquide et on s'en va

 Автор: Dard édéric

 Серия: Le Commissaire San-Antonio

Ah ! si M. Prince n'avait pas fauché le truc magique du tueur pendant que M. Adolphe s'envoyait Mme Eva, rien de tout cela ne serait arrivé.

T'aurais pas eu droit aux coliques incoercibles de Pinuche, ni au coït flamboyant de Béru, non plus qu'à l'hécatombe ci-jointe.

Et à moi, ça m'aurait évité 250 pages de déconnage.

Mais t'es pas forcé de les lire.

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Обложка книги On t'enverra du monde On t'enverra du monde

 Автор: Dard édéric

 Серия: Le Commissaire San-Antonio, Spécial Police

— Eh bien ! Eh bien, Béru, t'as des vapeurs ?

— M'en parle pas, balbutie-t-il, je suis un mec terminé !

— On en reparlera quand tu seras dans ton costar en planches, dis-moi un peu ce qui ne carbure pas ?

— Ma femme a disparu, lâche le Gros.

Et de ponctuer cette révélation par un bannissement qui fêlerait une plaque de blindage.

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Обложка книги Once a spy Once a spy

 Автор: Thomson Keith

 Серия: Drummond Clark

Обложка книги Operation Moon Rocket Operation Moon Rocket

 Автор: Carter Nick

 Серия: Killmaster

America's astronauts were the targets. Four had been killed so far — with their murderers conveniently found dead just a few hours later.

The enemy was known. Red China. But China's mastermind in the U.S. was a mystery. There were five possibilities.

Dr. Joy Sun, the beautiful NASA scientist, with a voracious sexual appetite… Alex Simian, the multi-millionaire, with the strange "friends" in China… Major Sollitz, the career officer, with luxurious tastes his meager salary couldn't satisfy… Candy Sweet, the sensuous playgirl, with a lust for bizarre kicks… Reno Tree, the crippled hood, with ambitions to take over a Mafia empire.

One of them was in the pay of Red China. But which one? Nick Carter could only wait — with himself as the bait.

Killmaster had made his usual bargain with death!

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Обложка книги Operation Petrograd Operation Petrograd

 Автор: Carter Nick

 Серия: Killmaster

The Petrograd submarine, Russia's newest and deadliest war-toy, is NATO's worst nightmare. So, when a Russian naval officer offers the sub's plans and maintenance manual for sale, the CIA station chief in Tokyo jumps at the chance. Both get more than they bargained for. Hours later Russian-seller and CIA-buyer are dead-gunned down by the KGB. But the microchip with the plans has vanished.

With the plans up for grabs Tokyo becomes a chess board of intrigue in a deadly game of Far Eastern espionage. But the Killmaster is playing for higher stakes. As Soviet and Western agents clash, N3 goes after the sub itself…

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Обложка книги Operation Snake Operation Snake

 Автор: Carter Nick

 Серия: Killmaster

Nick Carter didn't believe in an abominable snowman — that is, until high in the heart of the Himalayas, in the face of monstrous evidence, he was forced to…

Nick Carter didn't believe there was a woman who could shake his cool — that is, until he met the beautiful Khaleen and she made him want to…

Nick Carter didn't believe it was possible for one man to stop the Chinese from taking over a country — that is, until he got the assignment in Nepal and realized he had to!

Killmaster's logic is no match for ancient superstition in this electrifying espionage adventure that plunges AXE's top operative into brutal Red Chinese intrigue deep in the Himalayas!

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Обложка книги Opération apocalypse Opération apocalypse

 Автор: De Villiers érard

 Серия: SAS (fr)

Обложка книги Out of Time Out of Time

 Автор: Ryder Cliff

 Серия: Room 59

One last mission

When crisis looms and politics and red tape conspire against effective measures, the International Intelligence Agency plays its hidden hand. Now the spymasters of Room 59—dedicated, dangerous and willing to push the limit—get the green light to eradicate the threat.

One last chance

Room 59 agent Alex Tempest has a secret: a degenerative illness that may end his career as a field operative. But first he accepts one final mission. And…it's personal. A research facility in China has built the ultimate biological weapon. Alex's job: infi ltrate and destroy. His wife works at the biotech company's stateside lab, and Alex fears danger is poised to hit home. But when Alex is captured, his personal and professional worlds collide in a last, desperate gamble to stop ruthless masterminds from unleashing virulent, unstoppable death.

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