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Обложка книги I, Said the Spy I, Said the Spy

 Автор: Lambert Derek

Published for the first time in digital, a classic spy story from the bestselling thriller writer Derek Lambert.

Each year a nucleus of the wealthiest and most influential members of the Western world meet to discuss the future of the world’s superpowers at a secret conference called Bilderberg.

A glamorous millionaires just sighting loneliness from the foothills of middle age… a French industrialist whose wealth matches his masochism and meanness… a whizz-kid of the seventies conducting a life-long affair with diamonds, these are just three of the Bilderbergers who have grown to confuse position with invulnerability. A mistake which could prove lethal when a crazed assassin is on the loose…

‘Lambert certainly keeps the action moving with surprise plot twists thrown in every now and again to unsettle the reader’ Liverpool Daily Post

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Обложка книги Illegal Action Illegal Action

 Автор: Rimington Stella

 Серия: Liz Carlyle

The new installment in Stella Rimington’s series of “frighteningly authentic” espionage thrillers (Chicago Tribune) featuring the fiercely intelligent, ambitious MI5 officer Liz Carlyle.

Liz has been transferred to counter-espionage—the hub of MI5 operations during the Cold War, which has been scaled back as anti-terrorism has gained priority. But there’s plenty for her to do: there are more spies operating in London in the twenty-first century than there were during the height of East-West hostilities. Even the Russians still have a large contingent, although now they spy on the international financial community and on the wealthy ex-pat oligarchs who make England their domain.

In her new assignment, Liz quickly uncovers a plot to silence one of these Russians: Nikita Brunovsky, an increasingly vocal opponent of Vladimir Putin. The Foreign Office is adamant about forestalling a crime that could become a full-blown international incident, but there’s not a single clue as to how the assassination will be carried out—and Liz is solely responsible for averting disaster. So she goes undercover, attaching herself to Brunovsky’s retinue: racing against the clock to determine who betrayed him and suddenly facing a wholly unexpected second task—unmasking a Russian operative working undercover alongside her.

Dame Stella has once again distilled her experience as the first woman Director General of MI5 into a spy novel of arresting psychological complexity and unflagging suspense.

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Обложка книги Istanbul Istanbul

 Автор: Carter Nick

 Серия: Killmaster

If it had been only opium smuggled across the Turkish border, or even the savage murder of!the girl Mija of the notorious Cinema Bleu, it would not have involved Axe, America's super-secret intelligence agency.

But the stakes were far higher- nothing less than the total security of nations at the brink of World War III.

It was the climactic assignment for our ranking counter-espionage agent, the man with the frightening miniaturized weapons — Nick Carter, called by his fellow-agents Killmaster.

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