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Обложка книги Parker Pyne Investigates Parker Pyne Investigates

 Автор: Christie Agatha

Обложка книги Partners in Crime Partners in Crime

 Автор: Christie Agatha

 Серия: Tommy and Tuppence

Обложка книги Passagier nach Frankfurt Passagier nach Frankfurt

 Автор: Кристи Агата

Aus dem Englischen von Leonie Bubenheim

Hachette Collections

Die Originalausgabe erschien unter dem Titel PASSENGER TO FRANKFURT

© 1970 Agatha Christie Limited, a Chorion Company.

All rights reserved.

Passagier nach Frankfurt

Übersetzung von Leonie Bubenheim.

Copyright © 2008 Hachette Collections

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Обложки нет Photo Finish

 Автор: Marsh Ngaio

 Серия: Roderick Alleyn

The Sommita lay spread-eagled on her back across a red counterpane. The bosom of her red biblical dress had been torn down to the waist and under her left breast, irrelevantly, unbelievably, the haft of a knife stuck out. The right arm, rigid as a branch, was raised in the fascist salute. She might have been posed for the jacket on an all-too-predictable shocker…

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Обложка книги Piedzīvojums Kristportā Piedzīvojums Kristportā

 Автор: Imermanis Anatols, RULIS RS

Обложка книги Pilgrim’s Rest Pilgrim’s Rest

 Автор: Wentworth Patricia

When Columba and Janetta Pilgrim think it unwise to leave their ancestral home after their brother suffers a fatal fall only days after talk of selling it, and Roger Pilgrim barely escapes two nearly fatal "accidents," Miss Maud Silver is called in to look into the case.

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Обложки нет Poirot Investigates

 Автор: Christie Agatha

 Серия: Hercule Poirot

Обложка книги Poirot's Early Cases Poirot's Early Cases

 Автор: Christie Agatha

 Серия: Hercule Poirot

Обложка книги Postern of Fate Postern of Fate

 Автор: Christie Agatha

 Серия: Tommy and Tuppence

Обложка книги Prisoner's Base Prisoner's Base

 Автор: Stout Rex

 Серия: , Nero Wolfe

Readers who have long followed the adventures of Nero Wolfe will surely agree not only that this is one of the neatest murder puzzles ever set down by Rex Stout, but also that it is the most exciting, adventure-filled, and breathless story he ever told.

Nero Wolfe has represented some pretty unusual clients in his time, but in this one, his client — believe it or not — is the fast-talking, hard-hitting, skirt-chasing assistant and companion to Nero, Archie Goodwin himself.

We’ll make three bets with you abut Prisoner’s Base: First — you won’t solve it. Second — you’ll agree that no author ever played more fair with his readers. Third — when you finish it, you will feel as if you have been on a forty-eight-hour, breath-taking, danger-filled chase up and down the avenues of New York, into some of Manhattan’s darkest and more terror-filled alleys.

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