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Обложка книги Callsign: King Callsign: King

 Автор: Ellis Sean, Robinson Jeremy

 Серия: Chess team mystery

Обложки нет Cards on the Table

 Автор: Christie Agatha

 Серия: Hercule Poirot

Обложка книги Case of the Beautiful Beggar Case of the Beautiful Beggar

 Автор: Gardner Erle Stanley

 Серия: Perry Mason

A beautiful young woman seeks the help of the world-famous lawyer to free her frail, wealthy uncle from the clutches of a conniving half brother. But the police believe she may be a murderer. Could they be right? Or will Perry Mason and his clever assistants, Paul Drake and Della Street be able to prove her innocence?

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Обложка книги Cast in Order of Disappearance Cast in Order of Disappearance

 Автор: Brett Simon

 Серия: Charles Paris

Обложка книги Ceļojums ar slepkavu Ceļojums ar slepkavu

 Автор: Birgerss Erls Ders

Обложка книги Ciemna Jaskinia Ciemna Jaskinia

 Автор: Сломчинский Мачей

Обложка книги Clouds of Witness Clouds of Witness

 Автор: Sayers Dorothy L

In this classic mystery, murder strikes close to home. Lord Peter Wimsey's brother is accused of murdering the man who is about to marry their sister. The body has been found at Riddlesdale Lodge, the Wimsey family retreat. Lord Peter must solve the case and clear the family name. The Los Angeles Times called Sayers “one of the greatest mystery writers of the 20th century.” “First-rate… [A] marvelous reading.” – Chicago Sun-Times

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Обложки нет Clutch of Constables

 Автор: Marsh Ngaio

 Серия: Roderick Alleyn

While Agatha Troy Alleyn is on a river cruise and enjoys true Constable landscapes, her husband Superintendent Alleyn has to investigate a murder most foul amidst the same clutch of Constables...  

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Обложки нет Collected Short Fiction of Ngaio Marsh

 Автор: Marsh Ngaio

Essays and short stories of Ngaio Marsh, edited and with introduction by Douglas G. Greene

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Обложки нет Color Scheme

 Автор: Marsh Ngaio

 Серия: Roderick Alleyn

New Zealand, Maoris, murder… Who is better qualified to write about them than Ngaio Marsh?

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Обложка книги Complete Short Stories Of Miss Marple Complete Short Stories Of Miss Marple

 Автор: Christie Agatha

 Серия: Miss Marple

Обложки нет Contes De Terreur

 Автор: Doyle Arthur Conan

Une entité malfaisante dévore des pionniers de l'aviation par delà les nuages… – Un mystérieux objet, un entonnoir en cuir, nous révèle, grâce à la psychologie des rêves, sa terrible utilisation… – Une petite vengeance amoureuse entre deux archéologue dans les catacombes romaines… – Un homme, une femme, son amant et un scalpel… – Et autres contes de terreur…

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Обложка книги Cordially Invited to Meet Death Cordially Invited to Meet Death

 Автор: Stout Rex

 Серия: Nero Wolfe

Wolfe is hired by a society party planner to find out who is writing poison pen letters about her and sending them to her clients and potential clients. Since it appears that the letters are coming from a member of the party planner’s household, Archie is sent up to her Riverdale mansion to investigate. The client dies a few days into the investigation. Was it an accident or murder? Is there a connection between the death and the letters? If it was murder how was it done?

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Обложка книги Crooked House Crooked House

 Автор: Christie Agatha

Обложка книги Curses! Curses!

 Автор: Elkins Aaron

 Серия: Gideon Oliver

Обложки нет Curtain

 Автор: Christie Agatha

 Серия: Hercule Poirot


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