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 Автор: GIJO



Pēc Albēra Lamorisa filmas


Rīga 1971

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Обложка книги Better Late Than Never Better Late Than Never

 Автор: Kaye Marilyn

 Серия: Gifted

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Обложка книги Brian's Hunt Brian's Hunt

 Автор: Paulsen Gary

 Серия: Brian Robeson

Millions of readers of Hatchet, The River, Brian’s Winter, and Brian’s Return know that Brian Robeson is at home in the Canadian wilderness. He has stood up to the challenge of surviving alone in the woods. He prefers being on his own in the natural world to civilization.

When Brian finds a dog one night, a dog that is wounded and whimpering, he senses danger. The dog is badly hurt, and as Brian cares for it, he worries about his Cree friends who live north of his camp. His instincts tell him to head north, quickly. With his new companion at his side, and with a terrible, growing sense of unease, he sets out to learn what happened. He sets out on the hunt.

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Обложка книги Brian's Return Brian's Return

 Автор: Paulsen Gary

 Серия: Brian Robeson

As millions of readers of Hatchet, The River, and Brian's Winter know, Brian Robeson survived alone in the wilderness by finding solutions to extraordinary challenges. But now that's he's back in civilization, he can't find a way to make sense of high school life. He feels disconnected, more isolated than he did alone in the North. The only answer is to return-to "go back in"-for only in the wilderness can Brian discover his true path in life, and where he belongs.

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Обложка книги Brian's Winter Brian's Winter

 Автор: Paulsen Gary

 Серия: Brian Robeson

In Hatchet, 13-year-old Brian Robeson learned to survive alone in the Canadian wilderness, armed only with his hatchet. Finally, as millions of readers know, he was rescued at the end of the summer. But what if Brian hadn't been rescued? What if he had been left to face his deadliest enemy-winter?

Gary Paulsen raises the stakes for survival in this riveting and inspiring story as one boy confronts the ultimate test and the ultimate adventure.

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