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Обложки нет M Is for Magic

 Автор: Gaiman Neil

Обложка книги Macbeth Macbeth

 Автор: Jo ø,

Обложка книги Machines Like Me Machines Like Me

 Автор: McEwan Ian

Britain has lost the Falklands war, Margaret Thatcher battles Tony Benn for power and Alan Turing achieves a breakthrough in artificial intelligence. In a world not quite like this one, two lovers will be tested beyond their understanding.

Machines Like Me occurs in an alternative 1980s London. Charlie, drifting through life and dodging full-time employment, is in love with Miranda, a bright student who lives with a terrible secret. When Charlie comes into money, he buys Adam, one of the first batch of synthetic humans. With Miranda’s assistance, he co-designs Adam’s personality. This near-perfect human is beautiful, strong and clever – a love triangle soon forms. These three beings will confront a profound moral dilemma.

Ian McEwan’s subversive and entertaining new novel poses fundamental questions: what makes us human? Our outward deeds or our inner lives? Could a machine understand the human heart? This provocative and thrilling tale warns of the power to invent things beyond our control.

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Обложка книги Magic Flutes Magic Flutes

 Автор: Eva Ibbotson,

Обложки нет main

 Автор: Unknown

Обложки нет main

 Автор: Unknown

Обложка книги Maisie Dobbs Maisie Dobbs

 Автор: Winspear Jacqueline

Обложка книги Make Good Art Make Good Art

 Автор: Gaiman Neil

Обложки нет Makedonskii_i_Atropat.indd

 Автор: Verstka_w81

Обложка книги Maktub Maktub

 Автор: Coelho Paulo

Обложка книги Maldeamores Maldeamores

 Автор: White Mara

Обложки нет Malenkye Angliyskye istoryi

 Автор: Ekaterina Lapidus


Обложка книги Malice Malice

 Автор: Steel Danielle

Обложка книги Mallory And The Mystery Diary Mallory And The Mystery Diary

 Автор: Martin Ann M

Обложка книги Mallory On Strike Mallory On Strike

 Автор: Martin Ann M

Обложка книги Mallory Pike, No.1 Fan Mallory Pike, No.1 Fan

 Автор: Martin Ann M

Обложки нет Malnovaj grekaj mitoj

 Автор: ŝka Eduard

Обложки нет Man and boy

 Автор: Parsons Tony

Обложка книги Manuel Du Guerrier De La Lumière Manuel Du Guerrier De La Lumière

 Автор: Coelho Paulo

Обложка книги Manuscrit Trouvé à Saragosse Manuscrit Trouvé à Saragosse

 Автор: Потоцкий Ян

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