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Обложка книги Tales of Ancient Rome Tales of Ancient Rome

 Автор: Turney SJA

Обложка книги Tödliche Feindschaft Tödliche Feindschaft

 Автор: Guben Berndt

 Серия: Der Pfeifer

Bei den Dschaggas am Fuß des Kilimandscharo finden der Pfeifer und seine Gefährten Erholung von den Strapazen eines langen Ritts durch den Urwald. Sklavenjäger aber tragen Unruhe in das friedliche Land, und wieder einmal muß der Pfeifer unschuldigen Menschen in ihrem Kampf um die Freiheit helfen. Auf dem Schiff des Kapitäns Dieuxdonné kehrt er schließlich nach zehnjähriger Irrfahrt um die halbe Welt wieder nach Deutschland zurück. In seiner Heimat hat sich nicht viel verändert, so daß die Sehnsucht nach der Freiheit, nach den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika lebendig bleibt.

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Обложка книги Templar's Acre Templar's Acre

 Автор: Jecks Michael

 Серия: A Knights Templar Mystery

Обложка книги The Abbot The Abbot

 Автор: Scott Walter


Обложка книги The Afgan Campaign The Afgan Campaign

 Автор: Pressfield Steven

Обложка книги The Alexandrian Embassy The Alexandrian Embassy

 Автор: Fabbri Robert

Обложка книги The Antiquary The Antiquary

 Автор: Scott Walter

Обложка книги The Art of War The Art of War

 Автор: Scott M C

 Серия: Rome

Обложка книги The Barbary Pirates The Barbary Pirates

 Автор: Dietrich William

 Серия: Ethan Gage

Обложка книги The Best of Men The Best of Men

 Автор: Letemendia Claire

 Серия: Laurence Beaumont

Обложка книги The Black Arrow The Black Arrow

 Автор: Stevenson Robert Louis

Novel which is set in the time of the Wars of the Roses, telling a tale of murder and revenge in medieval England.

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Обложки нет The blask rood

 Автор: Lawhead Stephen

 Серия: Celtic Crusades

Обложка книги The Blood of Alexandria The Blood of Alexandria

 Автор: Blake Richard

 Серия: Aelric

Обложка книги The Bomb Vessel The Bomb Vessel

 Автор: Вудмен Ричард

 Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater

The fourth book in the Nathaniel Drinkwater series

In The Bomb Vessel, a young Captain Nathaniel Drinkwater is given command of the old VIRAGO, to be sent to the Baltic as a cargo ship. Drinkwater's ambition is to turn VIRAGO back into a fighting ship, but he is thwarted by Lord Nelson. At the same time, Drinkwater's brother appeals for help in his desperate attempt to escape the gallows. As Sir Hyde Parker's fleet approaches the Danish coast, the VIRAGO is nearly caught in their destructive path. Amid gales and ice, Drinkwater strives to save his ship and his brother. In the spring of 1801, Napoleon had reached supreme power in France and allied himself with Tsar Paul of Russia. Against this hazardous backdrop of the Baltic expedition, Drinkwater's actions in the complex and bloody battle of Copenhagen are crucial.

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Обложка книги The Book and The Sword The Book and The Sword

 Автор: Yong Jin


In the Book and Sword, Louis Cha revives the legend about the great eighteenth-century Manchu Emperor Qianlong which claims that he was in fact not a Manchu but a Han Chinese as a result of a "baby swap." The novel is panoramic in scope and includes the fantastical elements for which Cha is well-known: secret societies, kungfu masters, a lost desert city guarded by wolf packs, and the mysterious Fragrant Princess.


Like the martial art heroes that he writes about, Louis Cha is a legend in his own time. Better known to his Chinese fans by his pen name of Jin Yong, Cha is the unrivaled giant of the modern martial arts (wuxia) genre. His novels were initially written for serialization in his own Ming Pao newspaper, which was published in Hong Kong. However, they became so popular that they were reprinted in Chinese newspapers around the world. His novels, which total fourteen, were subsequently published in book form. His accomplishment was magnified by the fact that during this time Mainland China was a literary desert because Communist rigidity only allowed publication of titles that conformed to socialist realism, i.e, it had to help build socialist ideals. Definitely, no room for escapist kung fu adventures there.

Alas, in spite of his stature, his works were only accessible to Chinese readers. Although the novels were initially written between 1955 and 1972, it was not until 1997 that the English translation of "The Deer and the Cauldron" was published by Oxford University Press (and that was only the first volume of three!). Although that translation of Cha's last and, many argue, his best novel was excellent, it still left something to be desired because "The Deer and the Cauldron" was not representative of the genre. Therefore, it is with great excitement that we awaited the publication of the "The Book and the Sword", Cha's first novel earlier this year. The novel was initially translated and published on the web by Graham Earnshaw in 2001 but it was picked up by Oxford University Press in 2003 and edited by Rachel May and John Minford. Mindford was the translator for "The Deer and the Cauldron". The book finally became available earlier this year.

"The Book and the Sword" takes place during the reign of Emperor Qian Long (1735-1795) of the Qing dynasty. The Qing dynasty had been founded by the Manchus almost 100 years earlier. By this time the Manchu rulers, whose homeland was in the north east of present day China, had been thoroughly sinicised. Qian Long himself was a great patron and practitioner of Chinese culture. Nevertheless, there were still resistance groups formed by the Han majority. The story follows one of these secret societies, the Red Flower Society, whose members are determined to overthrow the Qing. The members of the society are a colorful bunch of characters, most of whom are men but they also include several women in their ranks (the woman are all beautiful and deadly, of course). The members come from a cross section of the society but have been brought together by their wilingness to risk life and limb to protect the weak and fight for justice. The newly elected leader of the society, Helmsman Chen, is an unlikely hero whose manners and knowledge reveal a priviledged upbringing as the son of a former prime minister. We join the group as they repeatedly fail to free one of their own, Rolling Thunder Wen, who is being escorted to the capital under heavy guard. Rolling Thunder, you see, happens to know about a deadly secret: that the emperor was actually born to a Han family but swapped with a Manchu baby girl. Helmsman Chen discovers this secret himself soon enough and hopes to convince the emperor himself to evict the Manchus. What Chen doesn't know, however, is that the origin of the emperor is related to his own selection as the leader of the Red Flower Society. Much of the action actually takes place in the western border of China in present day Xinjiang, home of the Uighurs, whom Helmsman Chen befriends and helps on various occasions. Since Qian Long was in the process of bringing the Uighur land under his empire, the Uighurs and Chen had a common enemy in the emperor. It is through these relationships with the Uighurs that Chen encounters the book and sword of the title. Although these two items are not directly related to his quest for the Manchu overthrow, they do lead him to two beautiful Uighur sisters and later painful choices between love for a woman and love for country.

Those who have never read a wuxia novel are in for a surprise. Although frequent fight scenes featuring incredible acrobatics, swordmanship, and good old kung fu skills are present as expected, they are really not the most important part of the story. In fact, the book is very much like a typical Hong Kong movie where the movie director has never bothered to decide whether the movie is a comedy or drama, a kung fu spectacular or a tender love story, an uplifting message-filled narrative or horror movie. It is simply all of that and it switches between them at great speed. In this case, "The Book and the Sword" features several romantic pairings between leading characters. A theme central to all wuxia novels, that of loyalty, is tightly woven into the novel. Not just loyalty to the cause but also to the group and to one's kung fu master. The plot moves a mile a minute across various locales throughout China and spends quite a bit of time in the desert of Xinjiang, a area featured quite prominently in the "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Hero" movies. Louis Cha clearly is a student of Chinese history and has interwoven several real life personalities of the time, including the legendary Fragrant Princess, an Uighur girl so enchantingly beautiful that she naturally smelled like flowers. The core of plot itself, that Qian Long was a Han Chinese, is a well-known but unsubstantiated rumor. I only wish that Cha had spent more time describing Qian Long's own struggle with his new found identity. At it is, he seems to be too eager to sweep it under the rug, which seems incongruous with the historical fact that he became a great emperor admired by all Chinese. In contrast, Cha presents Emperor Kang Xi (Qian Long's grandfather) in a more positive light in "The Deer and the Cauldron".

In summary, we strongly recommend "The Book and the Sword" to all readers. The book is about 500 pages long which is much more accessible than the three-volume "The Deer and the Cauldron". The long wait has not been in vain. Now if they would just hurry up and finish translating the other twelve novels. In my lifetime.

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Обложка книги The Coming of the King The Coming of the King

 Автор: Scott M C

 Серия: Rome

Обложка книги The Commodore The Commodore

 Автор: Forester Cecil Scott

 Серия: Hornblower, Horatio Hornblower Series

In this ninth installment in the Hornblower series, the incomparable Horatio Hornblower, recently knighted and settled in as squire of the village of Smallbridge, has been designated commodore of his own squadron of ships, led by the two-decker Nonsuch and bound for the Baltic. It is 1812, and Hornblower has been ordered to do anything and everything possible, diplomatically and militarily, to protect the Baltic trade and to stop the spread of Napoleon's empire into Sweden and Russia. Though he has set sail a hero, one misstep may ruin his chances of ever becoming an admiral. Hostile armies, seductive Russian royalty, nautical perils such as ice-bound bays, assassins in the imperial palace—Hornblower must conquer all before he can return home to his beloved new wife and son, as his instructions are to sacrifice every man and ship under his command rather than surrender ground to Napoleon.

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Обложка книги The conquest of Gaul The conquest of Gaul

 Автор: Turney S J A

 Серия: Marius mules

Обложка книги The Corvette The Corvette

 Автор: Вудмен Ричард

 Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater

The fifth book in the Nathaniel Drinkwater series

Commander Drinkwater's experience of battle was what mattered when Earl St Vincent entrusted Drinkwater with his new command — as escort to the Arctic whaling fleet on its annual expedition to the Greenland seas. With the French established as masters of the war upon trade, violent action ensued.

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Обложка книги The Courtesan The Courtesan

 Автор: Tranter Nigel

 Серия: Master of Gray

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